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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 20, 2017 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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and the last thing on its. visible hands. slavery in the twenty first century. starting december second on d w. this is d w news live from berlin germany is on of america says she's ready to lead her party into fresh elections if there's no deal on forming a new government americal told german television tonight that she does not favor
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a minority government africa aleutian talks collapsed last night now germany's president is in a last ditch battle to persuade potential coalition partners to rethink and cut the deal. also coming up is that zimbabwe's president robert mugabe preparing to do a deal the military says mugabe is in talks with his designated successor this even as zimbabwe's ruling party is preparing to impeach him. i bring golf it's good to have you with us tonight germany has been thrust into political uncertainty talks to form a new coalition government collapsed late on sunday after four weeks of marathon negotiations the german president says that he will meet with the leaders of all the parties and press them to try once more to cut a deal meanwhile chancellor angela merkel is weighing her options tonight she says
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that she's ready to run for chancellor again in the new elections if necessary. the german chancellor would have gladly spared herself and germany from this walk of shame but after the collapse of coalition talks it's up to the german president to decide the next step. is a new government is always a difficult political process one involving struggle and disagreement but the task of forming a government is very important possibly the most important task that voters give their representatives with in a democracy and this task remains. of talk blight. maya plans to meet up for talks with the various parties over the next few days my refuses to accept that they are incapable of fulfilling the voters' mandate his message is also addressed to his own party the social democrats who are still
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insisting they will join the opposition after their poor showing in the elections. by expect everyone to be willing to participate in talks and make it possible to form a government in the foreseeable future. those who hope to gain political responsibility in an election cannot shirk that responsibility when they have it in their hands. we're not going to pull our ministers out of the serving government so there is all the time in the world to find a solution thoughts what we're offering our way of taking on responsibility. the far right are not concealing their glee in their election campaign they demanded that uncle americal step down now they see themselves one step closer to that. we're pleased that this coalition has failed that would have been a coalition that did not represent social change it would not have heralded the start of a different type of politics instead the coalition would have represented business
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as usual. but german voters don't understand why the four way talks failed they had a task and still were not capable of coming to a compromise that is a shame this is horrible these politicians can't agree the f.d.p. announced their withdrawal from the negotiations saying it would mean too many compromises and would betray the promise of change they've made to their voters. that if the f.t.p. had agreed to what was on paper it would have had to abandon its basic political position in this situation we saw it as our responsibility not to join the government but to ensure democratic diversity in our country is retained and reinvigorated but the greens believed they were on the verge of finding a compromise even on migration. compromise would have been a good thing for our country this and responsible action is just reopening old wood not just the idea when the. chancellor angela merkel insists that even in this
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phase germany remains a stable country. i'm not planning on a minority government but we will have to wait and see what happens in the next few days time the path to fresh elections is one way. but according to polls the results of new elections would find the c.d.u. their sister party the c.s.u. and the s.p.d. with about the same number of votes as last time. and we want to pull in our political correspondent thomas berry now he joins us from outside the german parliament here in berlin good evening to you tomas so we've heard that the german chancellor angela merkel she favors snap elections if it comes to that and on the other hand we've got the german president pushing the political parties to try one more time to to compromise in to reach an agreement or on a coalition government what do you think is the most likely scenario here. well
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these two different views just showed the level of uncertainty that germany is currently facing brant i think the idea of snap elections is one that most parties would like to avoid because it is seen as returning the responsibility to the voters instead of taking that responsibility by the parties as something that the german president funk quite. clearly said today and that's probably also why german chancellor angela merkel stressed today that the next move was in the hands of mr steinmeier who will now be talking to the leaders of the different parties precisely branch to see if there's any possibility of finding common ground or finding a compromise it is at this point unlikely because there are clearly different perspectives in many cases the parties are diametrically opposed but at the same time it is not impossible so obviously these discussions these debates in the next
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few days will be very important to see to what extent german political parties are willing to form that coalition in a party that's not in these talks the party with the second largest number of seats in parliament yesterday the social democrats their party says it will not enter into a grand coalition we heard that again today. was that the final word though that no that we got today. not necessarily but it is a word that they've been repeating time and time again and that has to do with the fact that they had a very very bad result in the election on september twenty four a result that was partially blamed on the fact that they had already been grand coalition with angela merkel a grand coalition where they failed to have a clear profile where even though they passed some of their proposals and often took the credit for them so that's why they are very skeptical about entering a new grand coalition that's why they've been repeating on various occasions that
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they're not going to do it and that's why you heard today again that that's going to be the case but obviously they said they're also open to talking to the german president and it is up to the german president to try and see if he can move the speedy to maybe reconsider that position again it is unlikely but we will just have to see what comes out of these discussions all right thomas barrow our correspondent outside the german parliament tonight force thomas thank you very much well there is nothing investors hate more than uncertainty but the political crisis here in berlin it seems to be having little impact on equity markets germany's benchmark dax index rose in monday's session on the back of strong economic data. confidence in germany's political system and its booming economy are reassuring to many who look at the current impasse but there's trouble ahead if uncertainty lingers businesses want to belittle investors need certainty and germany europe's largest economy has
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a lot on its plate. as if the holes faltering forgive the economic challenges are hughes just what does it mean for the e.u. economy it's in the for international trade digitalisation education infrastructure payment for germany's energy transformation there's so much on the agenda and we need answers all too often. one answer that's feared by many economic stakeholders is new elections it's a process that would lead to months of uncertainty new elections are so unattractive to german business that on monday representatives across germany's economy including the engineering and chemical industries and the export sector each publicly urged for a continuation of coalition talks there's concern also that the e.u. level were ministers await action on several economic proposals including euro zone reforms a common finance minister and a common budget think french president a man well mccraw has a particular stake in a new german government put his quest for a more economically integrated european economy hinges upon german support.
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and being number one without a partner is not good and mccraw has also been elected to revive the european project to push you a p.r. it was supposed to be a matter of weeks before mccraw had his german partner now the timing is anyone's guess. and our political team is of course following events for you for a while but bates you can follow them on twitter and instagram at d w politics and you can also check out our website for in-depth analysis that's d.w. dot com. well now to the spoils of bricks it the city of paris has been picked a host a key institution after britain leaves the european union in twenty nineteen the european banking agency is currently located in london the competition to acquire the e.v.g.a. had been fierce dublin and an early favorite frankfurt both lost out in the vote by e.u. member states amsterdam has been chosen as the new post writes
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a location for the european medicines agency. earlier we spoke with our very own charlotte shells and pills in brussels and we asked her why paris won the right to host the european banking agent's and i think a lot of people really are wondering why frankfurt wasn't the winner for the a.b.a. it had been a front runner and a lot thought that it was going to take the lead it didn't though it was knocked out it did reach the final three alongside dublin then came down to dublin and to paris and then in a tie break the names were picked out of a hat and paris was the n.s.a. was something of a bit of luck for paris with dublin left incredibly disappointed but that does not do it down paris of course is something of a financial hub it's already home to the european security markets agency that might played a role ultimately the ne win this had to prove various criteria one of which
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being that they were ready to take over is seen as the u.k. left the e.u. and immediately hosts the e.p.a. that something obviously paris proved that it was able to do. and there was our charlotte show some pills there reporting from brussels here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world u.s. president donald trump has declared north korea a state sponsor of terrorism trump said the move to blacklist the regime again was long overdue pyongyang was removed from the list in two thousand and eight and the u.s. are at loggerheads over kim jong un's controversial nuclear program in argentina his navy says its search vessels have picked up noises on sonar which could be coming from a submarine that went missing days ago in the south atlantic relatives of the submarines forty four strong crew are waiting for news at the naval base in ma del plata the navy said the noises came from
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a position in line with the path the submarine would have taken. the ruling party in zimbabwe has moved to begin impeachment proceedings against president robert mugabe the embattled leader's refusal to quit following a military intervention has plunged the african nation into crisis his zandu p.f. party says that impeachment proceedings are likely to start tomorrow. and in a new twist the army says that mugabe is in contact with his ousted vice president who is set to be his successor now in a statement that was issued this evening the head of the army said that former vice president running god is working with the president on a solution to the crisis with mid fit the consultation with the president to a. mip on that very situation in that country. i
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buy new developments we. want that to be true the president and the form of vice president committed. in the country shortly thereafter the nation will be advised to one day. of talks between the two that was constantino showing that they are the head of the zimbabwe military the earlier we spoke today with the director of human rights watch for southern africa and i asked him if these talks could be the first steps towards mugabi resign. it could very well be yes but what is clear also is that from doubt that. he had no intention of removing it from what they had wanted to do which they have achieved was to. this. piece did. it
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also to talk this wide grace because it's. for nobody i mean here's a cheap today i'll call it is quite possible that they would agree with that you would be eased out of obese. sometime next year july next year and we'll have the latest tomorrow if and when those impeachment proceedings against robert mugabe begin in harare you're watching the news live from berlin for all of us here in berlin thanks for the company will see you again very soon. every journey begins with the first step and every language but the first word i looked in. germany to learn german why not learn.


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