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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 21, 2017 11:00am-11:31am CET

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invisible. slavery in the twenty first century. story december second column d. w. . this is the w. news live from berlin angela merkel under pressure as germany is plunged into political uncertainty after coalition talks collapse the german chancellor says that she would prefer fresh elections over trying to lead a minority government we will ask does this mark the end of the merkel era. also
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coming up impeachment proceedings are set to begin today against robert mugabe but the zimbabwean president resisting calls to step aside his former friends and foes are united in their calls for him to quit. and a damning new report by amnesty international accuses me on mars military of crimes against humanity in iraq i'm staked out of this is now calling on the u.n. to hold a special session on the rope into crisis. plus washington is threatening to scupper a mega merger between eighteen t. and time warner but with president trump the outspoken dislike for the time warner news channel c.n.n. critics say that the move could be politically motivated. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program it is great to have you with us. germany has
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been thrust into political uncertainty talks to form a new coalition government collapsed late on sunday after four weeks of marathon negotiations the german president says that he will meet with the leaders of all parties and press them to try once again to cut a deal meanwhile the german chancellor angela merkel is weighing her options she says that she is ready to run for chancellor again in a new election if necessary. the german chancellor would have gladly spared herself and germany from this walk of shame but after the collapse of coalition talks it's up to the german president to decide the next step. another. new government is always a difficult political process one involving struggle and disagreement but the task of forming a government is very important possibly the most important task that voters give their representatives within a democracy and this task remains. plans
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to meet up for talks with the various parties over the next few days my refuses to accept that they are incapable of fulfilling the voters' mandate german voters don't understand why the four way talks failed they had a task and still were not capable of coming to a compromise that is a shame this is horrible these politicians can't agree chancellor angela merkel insists that even in this phase germany remains a stable country. i'm not planning on a minority government but we will have to wait and see what happens in the next few days on the path to fresh elections is one way. but according to polls the results of new elections would find the c.d.u. their sister party the c.s.u. and the s.p.d. with about the same number of votes as last time. let's get more
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now from de w. political correspondent hans bronte is standing by for us at the german parliament good morning to you hons we know the parliament is now in session and of course some of these lawmakers they have just been elected now they might have to face fresh elections in just a few months time what is the mood there today. well obviously the break of coalition discussions on sunday night is causing its shadow over this session of parliament the agenda that was prepared is being followed but at the same time in practically all the discussions that are taking place in parliament on various issues one can feel that there is tension between the parties they are being barbs are being exchanged the atmosphere is really very tense at the same time parliament is a little bit left in the loo in the lurch is not quite sure how to operate under these circumstances because these are unprecedented in modern german history so the
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parliamentarians are trying to find a way to continue some sort of work some are even saying well we have a kind of independence from government rule now from government preconditions which gives us a lot more freedom than we would normally have why don't we try and use that so there's a whole lot of fluidity in the situation at the moment no one is quite quite certain how parliament is going to operate in the next few months with the prospect that problem would have to dissolve itself again pretty soon if there are fresh elections and given that fluidity of their hands given the fact that this is never happened before the headline in the past twenty four hours has been that germany is now plunged into the political unknown if you could just tell us how dire is the situation really and what can we expect over the coming weeks. well the situation is not dire in the sense that there is a state crisis in germany or that german governing will collapse or anything like that the german government remains in power angle or marco remains chancellor
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acting chancellor as ministers remain in charge as acting ministers but of course what they can't do is really start new political initiatives to. start anew new laws to bring new laws into parliament and so on so that a normal process of governing of deciding on things and making them pushing those decisions through parliament that is in fact at the moment suspended so parliament and government in a sense are kind of administering the situation the way it is at the moment keeping the states ticking over without being able to take really firm new initiatives that kind of sit waiting stay the whole of germany is in is obviously something that also affects the whole of europe because there is at the moment no government in germany that can take firm new decisions and we know that a bit earlier angela merkel but she addressed the speculation about her political future as chancellor of germany she says that she wants to continue as chancellor
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hons can she be confident that that will happen. well at the moment you can be confident that she will remain chancellor in an acting capacity as long as there is no new government obviously her room for movement in that capacity is very limited also her party is very firmly behind her has reaffirmed in the last twenty four hours that the christian democrats the conservatives once would regular macro to continue as party leader and should there be new elections they want. to lead them into those new elections if so then the question is what will happen in your new elections what will be the result of those elections at the moment poll suggests that i'm going to america and her conservatives will remain the biggest priority that would mean that she would also be the chancellor the leader of a new government after next after thrissur lections at the moment in other words it seems that anglo narco will remain chancellor for another four years or so. with the very latest from the german parliament thank you let's get
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a quick check now of some other stories that have been making news around the world police in nigeria say that at least fifty people were killed in a suicide bombing at a mosque in the town of would be a teenage bomb bomber targeted worshipers as they arrived for morning prayers there has been no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack russian president vladimir putin and his syrian counterpart bashar al assad have revealed that they met yesterday in sochi the two leaders agreed to switch their efforts in syria from military operations to the search for a political solution to the country's civil war. american journalist and talk show host charlie rose has been suspended by two networks over a series of sexual misconduct allegations at least eight women have accused him of harassing or groping them rose issued a statement saying that he was embarrassed and apologized for his behavior. zimbabwe's former vice president has urged president robert mugabe to resign
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immediately this after is involve ways willing party moves to begin impeachment proceedings against the ninety three year old the embattled leader's refusal to quit following a military intervention has plunged the african nation into crisis for decades the stude mugabe site no one time allies of the embattled president signed the motion to remove him as their party leader next its impeachment. the party has instructed the chief we have to proceed with the impeachment process is against the mugabe. as it is not to deceive to the anticipated confirmation overuse of this sickness in from this because part of . mugabe has stunned the nation on sunday when he refused to quit plan to hold a weekly cabinet meeting today. meanwhile the general who led this bloodless
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coup said there had been contact between mcgahee and his likely successor the man he said emerson man and guy. there's a. good services. by new developments which include. the president and the former vice president. is expected in the country shortly. for his part says he will not return to zimbabwe until his safety is guaranteed and his former boss has stepped down. as the country's longest standing university for straighted students don't dare to call on mugabe to go. west because i say robert mugabe is more fun we want the new president more protests are planned along a polarizing figure mugabe is now uniting former friends and foes against him.
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and let's get more now on what is happening in zimbabwe we are joined by valerie hirsch a belgian journalist who is currently and harare thanks so much for joining us valerie thank you we have heard that war veterans have called for more protests there today what is going on on the streets of zimbabwe. these words on the reverse the way for the meeting of the parliament. which would start first. of. all we expect a few people then said it's very. you know not how many people we leave the streets because i actually have been told that it is a site it's opposition in society. from tomorrow to see fault forty the parliament you mentioned there those impeachment proceedings
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that the ruling party zanu p.f. has started against mugabe can you take us through that process and let's sort of timetable are we looking at here. it's quite difficult to know how long it's going to take but it's a three step procedure so to do and watch enough non-confidence week. and. called it was a constitution so one could be all it can. promise duty another one would be not respect of the constitution and or so. bad who wouldn't but might actually mind. the fact that he wouldn't have. done his duty and. once actually do we have to demand which grows a constitution which leaves on day fall yesterday as it.
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has. ok that was valerie hersh belgian journalist joining us live from harare and as you can see our connection is a bit porous and we do apologize for that but she was just telling us a little bit more about the situation in the country we know that impeachment proceedings have been brought against mugabe and we also know that there are a lot of questions at this hour in terms of who exactly might succeed him if he does indeed leave power you're watching news still to come on the program a big night for dortmund in the champions league they face threatening a frightening spurs side as they seek to attack iraq a desperate slide in. well the u.s. government has moved to block an eighty five billion dollar corporate merger between me and time warner what is behind this decision christophe cobar joins us now to tell us what it is sarah there's actually
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a couple of layers to this story eighty is the united states biggest telecommunications company time warner a major producer of media content not allowing both companies to merge would mean a concentration of power detrimental to the consumer the department of justice argues however with president donald trump spoke dislike for time warner's news channel c.n.n. some also see a political twist to the story. plans by eighty n.t.v. to purchase time warner one of the leading media companies in the u.s. we're ready controversial when they were announced in two thousand and sixteen even before he became president donald trump was already critical. a deal we will not approve in my administration because it's too much concentration of power in the hands of too few like trump has called c.n.n. which is owned by time warner fake news this is why plans by the department of
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justice to sue eighteen t. to stop its acquisition of time warner a controversial but c.e.o. has said he will fight the u.s. government's suit in court there's been a lot of reporting and speculation whether this is all about c.n.n. and frankly i don't know but nobody should be surprised at the question keeps coming up because we witnessed such an abrupt change in the application of and i trust law here so any agreement that results in us forfeiting control of c.n.n. whether directly or indirectly is a nonstarter the u.s. has not seen such a high profile antitrust case in decades already many are asking whether the lawsuit is about protecting consumers or political interference in america's press freedoms. a british low cost carrier easy jet says that annual net profit dropped by thirty percent to three hundred forty four million at the end of its financial
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year in september due to tough competition and a slump the british pound but easyjet says things are changing as competitor ryan air is dropped flights and other rivals including monarch and air berlin are no longer in business easyjet says it will now be offering more flights and raising ticket prices to exploit its stronger grip on the market. for some more analysis let's bring in our markets correspondent conrad bosun khana easyjet is eyeing better times on the rise in our investors rewarding this outlook. yes they are the share price of easyjet is on the rise today easyjet has managed to cope with many difficulties that especially the british airlines had to cope with this year and also easy jet is facing the dangers of brakes very actively and very creatively it's opened bays is in switzerland also in
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austria legal seats there it also has read it registers the aircraft in austria just like lifton's out which has many bases in many places of europe so basically easy jet has become a pan european airline and this will allow easy jet to cope with breaks even a hard one which means the possibility that the two sides the european union and the u.k. government eventually fail to find a comprehensive agreement for the airline sector and konrad asia stocks had a ten year high earlier today on global growth optimism but it doesn't look like investors in frankfurt are much of an upbeat mood the german share market this morning pretty much unchanged you know the political uncertainty has the market really in its grip. with you know the
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a failed coalition talks in berlin nachle today talked about how she preferred fresh elections to a potential minority government all this of course has the potential to weigh on business sentiment german industry german chamber of industry and commerce said that business is at the moment much less optimistic that they were than they were at the beginning of this year. in frankfurt thank you. now why would you want to build a solar power plant in a region that gets an average less than four hours of sun a day it's probably a good question unless the region's name mr noble a place looking for a new lease on life after the nuclear catastrophe of nine hundred eighty six which helped put sustainable energy like solar on the map. there are few signs of life in the no go area surrounding the disaster site just an information center selling
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souvenirs and offering tours but a solar power park is now being built here the modules are going up in the thirty kilometer belt of wasteland that surrounds the old reactor a german ukrainian consortium is behind the project which is scheduled to go online in february it will supply significant amounts of clean power to the region. for comparison with this output you can energize approximately two thousand apartments this year as our pilot experiment for their power plant is planned with twenty sixteen we already built one with four megawatts on the bella russian side of the chernobyl zone so delusional was because of. the nearly four thousand modules in the a re will produce around a megawatt of electricity that's about half of what the nuclear power plant wants churned out and all with safety measures factored in the project will cost around a million dollars to complete then the site of one of the worst nuclear disasters
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in history will house a park for sustainable energy. there are new insights into the background of the euro enjoy refugee crisis sara has the story for you absolutely for you first off we're actually going to head to a story now by amnesty international which they've published the findings of a two year long investigation into the crackdown of myanmar's military on the ethnic row hinge of people in iraq and state the findings are hard hitting with amnesty accusing the authorities in myanmar of creating a system of apartheid which is classified as a crime against humanity they're open to have faced state sponsored discrimination for decades according to the report but this has worsened since two thousand and twelve when violence broke out between buddhists and the muslim rohinton minority today the violence has forced over six hundred thousand rohinton to flee to neighboring bangladesh amnesty international has now called for the un human rights
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council to hold a special session on the rohingya crisis in the amar. these are the latest real hinge arrivals seeking safety at the refugee camp in cox's bazaar in bangladesh the camp is run by the international organization for migration it is seen a massive influx of ruhi just since last august several hundred thousand are sheltering here and in the surrounding area violence and persecution in their home country of me and maher drove them here. other busy much. and forced us to work as forced labor taking our identity cards from us. they burned down our houses we cannot live there we had to leave to come here because of that i didn't know they this. back in me in my hour the country's leader son suchi a human has expressed what appears to be support for the brutal crackdowns rates and for that she's been heavily criticized abroad. the authorities and me and maher
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have accused the real hinge of terrorism and regard them as illegal immigrants their hinchey crisis has also been overshadowing the mission of asian and european foreign ministers in me and mars capital not be told one glimmer of hope china has proposed a three phase plan to end the violence starting with a cease fire. the plan has won support of me and mine bangladesh but that plan if implemented will take time to come into effect and as the negotiations go on the exodus of revenge a look set to continue. and earlier we spoke with laura high from amnesty international in bangkok we asked her what is driving the crisis in iraq on state yes i think everyone we've had. all rights glued to the t.v. screen over the last three months as we've seen the horrific images invited actually inject us let's this who got pink bitch rights in what crimes they were
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not records showing states that actually there is a root cause to dislike and that is a system of institutionalized discrimination and segregation those are hinge on iraq right states meaning that's actually every single aspect is restricted and has been for at least the last five years and we've continued to have to careful review every day and you can analysis that this is a crime against humanity and specifically as the crowd got caught. from amnesty international speaking with us a short while ago two people have been killed in protests after kenya's supreme court upheld the reelection of president who can yatta the court dismissed two legal challenges to the vote kenyatta could be sworn in next week but many opposition supporters are saying that they don't accept the ruling. since the ruling nairobi has become a tale of two cities some people have been celebrating the supreme court decision confirming the reelection of president to hoorah kenyatta or of the jubilee party
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that after he won ninety eight percent of the vote last month. but supporters of the leader of the main opposition alliance have had running street battles with police the diff cost lives the election rerun came after ryan successfully challenged an earlier version ogust that kenyatta who also won the nation remains divided the verdict is what can expect in for the king in expected something that we think that. the body was going to the other site. after the new ruling a lawyer for kenyatta said justice had been served. because. that really there was no case in the first place and there was no rezone. and i think it's good for the country i mean good in the sense that we have gone through a constitutional process. but the opposition leader raul had this warning the
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international community must. this will help to move this country from other ways is going to be turmoil in the country the swearing in ceremony for president a hurricane yet or is scheduled for next tuesday. to football news now and two german teams are in tempe action tonight in the penultimate round of group stage matches which could prove to be decisive dortmund are looking to save their season and their match at home to tottenham this week could prove crucial for their coach peter boss with a game against fierce rivals shawkat this weekend a dismal run of results at home and in europe has left the dutch coach for the brink of dismissal. and the other one is they get side in action tonight are
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champions league newcomers like the bulls are third in their group and still with a chance of advancing to the knockout stage but they first faced a tough game at bottom side monaco leipzig coach ralph harden who is in a somber mood ahead of his side's must win game against monaco the bulls debut champions league campaign has been lackluster to say the least but they are the only disappointing team out there on tuesday much of his fall of sixty both teams will play to win because otherwise their chances to advance are as good as gone if we can't get three points on the road we don't deserve to qualify for the next round that's it end of story but monaco are a far cry from the team that reached the champions league semifinals and were crowned french champions last season the club sold most of their stand up players during the transfer window colombian striker writer and coach leonardo you deem remained behind in the principality dean doesn't underestimate the challenge at
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hand. the goal to qualify for the next round of the champions league is not in our hands but qualification for the europa league is our job is to win this match that's the objective. which. tuesday night is a final showdown for the monegasques and the bulls on the court as you're the winner is virtually assured of extending their european campaign. a quick reminder now of the top stories that we have been following for you here at d.f.w. german chancellor angela merkel says that she would prefer fresh elections rather than ruling with a minority government that is after coalition talks collapsed the country's president. or will now try to persuade the potential coalition partners to return to the negotiating table. you're up to date on your news i'm sarah kelly in berlin thanks so much for watching the scene.
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from. our floor. culture. high hair. for. superman. superfood stylish star long gone don't let of those.
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lifestyle your. sixty minutes d.w. . kick off the bundesliga highlights. dortmund sink deeper into crisis of the dogs and them and down to fifteen the table . going off to go for braman as cruiser trick against hanover. handsome best first win the seat. to go in sixty minutes d w. d w true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on a lot of programming going there you know michel you. know with us our innovations
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magazine for any. of us from every week and always looking to the future fund d w dot com science and research for asia. welcome to quadriga arts right here what is it that it's not about maybe i can tell you about it is this a women's talk w. . more women. more talk when we go to a small station to find out what it's like w. me this. hello everyone and welcome to your among other topics we've got a wry romance in today's show.


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