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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 21, 2017 4:00pm-4:16pm CET

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no no no. it has to be. slavery in the twenty first century. story december second on g.w. . this is utopia news live from berlin can she hold on go america under pressure as germany plunges into political uncertainty after the collapse of coalition talks the german chancellor says she would rather run in new elections that lead
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a minority government is a post of miracle era about to begin also coming up. german police arrest six syrian refugees in a series of raids across several cities they are suspected of planning a terror attack on the christmas market will get the latest from our political correspondent. and coming to an end zimbabwe is preparing to usher in a new era with that country's parliament putting to a vote the impeachment of long feared president robert mugabe. great to have you along we begin this broadcast here in germany this country is in political limbo after talks to form a new coalition government collapsed chancellor angela merkel has been in office for twelve years but for the first time. time her future looks uncertain and even
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ordinary germans are split on what should happen next in a national poll conducted by the german broadcaster a r d fifty seven percent said they were disappointed to see the coalition talks collapse while thirty one percent were pleased when asked what they want to see happen next only twenty nine percent they supported a minority government while more than sixty percent will like to see new elections for anglo-american future fifty eight percent say they would prefer her to stay on as chancellor while forty one percent would like to see her go well i'm glad miracle is says she were dipper fer to run for chancellor again in a new election rather than try to lead a minority government. at least the masters in german as parliament can stick to their regular routine they cordoned off areas for t.v. interviews and prepare for the upcoming session otherwise nothing here is business
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as usual when this type presidential voiced his concerns. start to give out good form for a whole state power comes from the people the people have spoken to us with these elections and now we must act in accordance and responsibly and what the game although the failed coalition talks were not officially on the agenda america was under close scrutiny today would she try to persuade the social democrat leader martin chose to join a new grand coalition that would be the easiest way out of the great luck of the s.p.d. doesn't seem willing to help the chancellor. for macromedia one goal merkel has failed miserably with the coalition she wanted she cannot lead a princely she has lost her touch and now parliament can try but self to make progress perhaps it will even be better for the people when he took a few near the pro-business free democrats have also had enough of merkel for the moment they walked out of the talks on sunday and although party leader christian little is due to me german president steinmeyer on the afternoon he and other party
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members seem reluctant to go back to the negotiating table this binding displayed until now and nothing was achieved in the talks we weren't able to bring change and reform into german politics it wasn't an easy decision but it needed to be taken to avoid losing credibility. i don't demand that. the brains meanwhile find themselves getting closer to america and her conservative bloc. think it was make most sense for parties involved to resume negotiating we are ready to talk. but at the end talking alone will not be enough in order to form a stable government chancellor merkel will have to find a clear majority within parliament and many here believe that the only way to do that are fresh elections and. so much to discuss here and we can do that we do have these political correspondent thomas spare who is at the bundestag thomas let's talk practical matters first a chance so for first a snap election how soon would that be and does it guarantee that the issues that
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are now at the table that they will be resolved. the chancellor said she preferred the snap elections instead of minority government that's something that she said yesterday in an interview on on television and that's because the minority government possibility is one that is not in agreement with germany's political culture but if she had to choose i'm going to would certainly choose trying to form a coalition here and that's why she also stated that now the next step is in the hands of a german president from quite touched on my own who is in discussions with the different leaders of the parties to see if there's any way they can find common ground so would you describe the current situation as germany being in political turmoil or are there still political parties out there prepared to make a deal well it depends who you ask there are certainly people who are talking already about the beginning of the end for angela merkel but other people are
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trying to be more more careful in fact you heard from the speaker of the german parliament mr scheuer here who said that this was not a state crisis but a perseverance shows that it was certainly a challenge but it was also a challenge that could be resolved so from that perspective it certainly depends who you are pending on who you ask you'll discover whether the crisis is seen as something very serious or one that can be solved in a rather different way are you referenced that there are already thomas there are jitters here and in the european union that this could be the beginning of a post americal era are people too quick to write her off. indeed i think it is still too early to say whether this is the beginning of the end we can clearly say that this is a very difficult challenge for angela merkel but there are also analyses that have stated later that it is precisely in these kinds of environments when the situation is particularly difficult that angle of merkel really presents true character and
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really manages to try and forge those alliances and come to a decision so it is still too early to say what this all means for merkel but we can definitely stress that this is a very big challenge for her and one that will require all her political capacities to try and find common ground among the parties all in case of new elections that could take place in april or something that's being discussed here that would also require all her political capacities to try and become again the strongest party if that comes to that situation that again is something that she wants to avoid. political correspondent thomas sparrow reporting from the in a stag thank you all right want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. russian president vladimir putin and his syrian counterpart bashar al assad have revealed they met yesterday in sochi the two leaders agreed to switch their efforts in syria for military operations to the search for a political solution to the country's civil war. a chinese court
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test sentenced a prominent human rights lawyer to two years in prison for allegedly inciting subversion of state power sharing chan young man disappeared last november while visiting the family of another detained rights lawyer he was held incommunicado for six months before being formally charged police in nigeria say at least fifty people were killed in a suicide bombing at a mosque in the town of movie a teenage bomber targeted worshipers as they arrived for morning prayers there has been no immediate claim of responsibility for the deadly attack. zimbabwe's ruling is the new p.f. party has introduced a motion in parliament to impeach longtime leader robert mugabe and accuses him of allowing his wife grace to quote usurp power the motion is also supported by the opposition people have gathered in front of the parliament to celebrate what they
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hope will be the start of a new political era however parliament speaker jacob said the impeachment proceedings will take place in a hotel while mugabe's refusal to quit following a military intervention as plunge this african nation into crisis for decades in a gobby sight no one time allies of the embattled president signed the motion to remove him as their party leader next its impeachment. the party is instructed. to proceed. we've been pitchman processes i gave. is not going to get. a confirmation of medicine from this because. mugabe has stunned the nation on sunday when he refused to quit plan to hold
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a weekly cabinet meeting today. meanwhile the general who led this bloodless coup said there had been contact between mcgahee and his likely successor the man he did. there's a good defense in security services. by new developments which include. the president and the. boy is expected in the country shortly. for his part. he will not return to zimbabwe until his safety is guaranteed and his former boss has stepped down. at the country's longest standing university for st jude students don't dare to call on the gabby to go. west because i think that my god you know we why don't you raise the do. more protests are planned along
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a polarizing figure mugabe is now uniting far more frames for rules against. all german police have arrested six syrian suspected of planning a terrorist attack in germany on behalf of the so-called islamic state the suspects were detained during raids in the cities of hanover essen castle and. they had all applied for asylum in germany but prosecutors have not revealed whether they were granted refugee status the german built newspaper says the men were planning to attack the christmas markets in essence and that has not been confirmed by investigators. all right in our political correspondent and from their mark is following this story for us fabia what more do we know about these raids that took place. a these rates were carried out today in the morning there were big coordinated raids by five hundred police officers who searched eight flats in four
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different states all over germany we hear that authorities have been tipped off by refugees which is remarkable but not very unusual actually authorities receive quite a lot of information by syrians in germany by refugees not all of them are leading to. very dangerous people in this case though authorities believe that they have found a group of six people that were connected that they were exchanging their radical views and that they have also planned an attack at the solving of what you tell us about these reports said that we've been getting that the suspects were planning on attacking the christmas market in essen as these are so far only media reports said that they could neither confirm these reports but they also couldn't deny them so it might as well be true what is definitely reported by police is that this group planned attacks with weapons and explosives on
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a public target and this of course sounds like a quite sophisticated plan in germany we had so far what authorities call primitive attacks using knives or he calls to attack other people's this sounds like applaud with a hit team of several people trying to kill as many people as possible as we know that these attacks from paris or brussels for example all right and put this a little bit into context for that for us if you will fabio according to authorities how high is the risk of a terrorist attack in germany or right now. well authorities in germany repeatedly said that germany as other european countries is in the focus of international terrorism that the threat would be abstract but of course we've also seen in two thousand and sixteen several islamist terrorist attacks in germany of course most
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severe the one almost a year ago on the christmas market in berlin where a man killed twelve people but ever since then no other attack was successful in germany successful in inverted commas police could plot foiled quite a few plots also may be today but of course police also know is that there are some seven hundred potential terrorists in germany and there's also still a risk of returning foreign fighters from syria and the authorities it's very difficult to have all these people on their radar but it looks as if at least today it might have been that authorities could foil a major terror plot in germany did have used on the mark thank you. i mean for i let you go when remind you of our main headlines this hour. german
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chancellor anglo american says she would prefer new elections rather they're not rule with a minority government that's up to coalition talks collapse the country's president out there steinmeyer will now try to persuade the potential coalition partners to return to the negotiating table and in zimbabwe people have gathered in front of parliament to celebrate what they hope will be the start of a new political era president robert mugabe is facing possible impeachment proceedings today brought by his very own ruling zanu p.f. party. all right on the rock n roll land thanks so much for spending this part of your day with us we'll see you again at the top of the out. into the pieces this one and i think it's really important to give a bit of time and look back to the families who make so much effort.


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