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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 22, 2017 7:00am-8:01am CET

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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin a new era begins in zimbabwe. she will ation as president robert mugabe resign as the man who once proclaimed only go up will remove me steps down after thirty seven years in power so what next for
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zimbabwe last our correspondent in the capital harare. also coming up a bird it does do this morning in the war crimes trial of the right code law bitch to serve warlord who terrorized balls in the one nine hundred ninety s. is expected to be convicted today for the last genocide committed in europe. and his cover up of a massive hack data of fifty seven million customers were exposed but the ride hilling firm kept quiet and then paid the hackers to delete the stolen information . also coming up in the next hour qatar accuses saudi arabia of undermining security in the gulf region in the exclusive interview with g w compost foreign minister slams what he calls reckless behavior by his nation's gulf neighbors and reject accusations that contact is financing islamist organizations. then in
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football but dark out of the champions league after losing to the english side tottenham will go through up through the fallout with our sports correspondent. oh i'm terry martin good to have you with us inhalation on the streets of zimbabwe citizens have celebrated late into the night after president robert mugabe announced his resignation ending nearly four decades of rule the shock announcement followed a tumultuous week that saul a military takeover of mass demonstrations and a desperate move gaba claiming to power in the face of impeachment proceedings. underneath on the streets of harare thirty seven years of robert mugabe's rule has come to an end d.w. correspondent christine one on hand to witness history.
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that. just minutes earlier members of the zimbabwean parliament listened as to speaker of the himes fred i do statement from robert mugabe i. intend. to see one all because of them bob we're here bond. as the president of the pub where we immediate effect. the speaker went on to read mugabe's reasons for stepping down. my. throat. is what i'm talking on my blog and will michael
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say ok well you know people who bought over my desire to ensure. more peaceful and nonviolent song. but on the. national security. piece and. mugabe's departure marks the end of a crisis that began last week when the military intervened to stop the rise to power of mugabe's wife grace that then developed into a popular revolt. i knew her will be named within forty eight hours but for now zimbabweans are enjoying what marks the beginning of a new era in their country. and we can take you now live to the zimbabwean capital where our correspondent christine is standing by for us christine it's been a historic night for zimbabwe ins they must be glad to see this crisis ending
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peacefully. yet terry. that was one of the things that mocked this produces the fact that it was very peaceful life hunting huge moment in the capital in the midst of what was the military coup essentially be the soldiers who are making peace of order prevailed friendly suits to the citizens this is something that the ordinary man in the street is not used to there she is full of feel for he's off soldiers off police but the peacefulness with which this happened is what really got to the people of zimbabwe these are very feel poor people the reason why zimbabweans often don't take out to the streets is in fear of that that they will be violence and so for this to happen in such a peaceful way a really means a last minute of people here. of course everyone is wondering where does it go from here former vice president emerson. is widely expected to take over from the
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opposition leader morgan tsvangirai has been expressing his views on money and god well let's listen to what he had to say. isn't that is an unknown. product and the only their product that is. that defines him assumes that. he comes under very strong personality. of it on a compromise and on this. and i don't think that's what we need to leave the country so years teaching that kind of. institute if they'd read. the ad that you made or the goods you had to mugabe's human. opposition leader morgan tsvangirai they're speaking about emerson milingo agoa who could take over in zimbabwe describing him as ruthless it seems the opposition is not really happy with who might replace mugabe christine. sorry why go so
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that's what the opposition is calling for at this point in time is the constitutional for the country to be upheld now what that dictates is that innocent should stay thin and take over got the full the remaining to offer that comes to an end next year and the country is due to hold a general election so the opposition they say what he needs to do is only take over for that time it will remain as well a five year long transitional government the opposition opposes that but you're quite right emma said not what is a problematic figure this is been pulled out his right hand man for a very long time. and fortunately if you if we take a look into he's he's poss a problem actually report prosecuted when it comes to human rights abuses and violations he has been linked to various horrible incidents in this country most recently the election violence of two thousand and seven two thousand and eight and further back the killing of thousands of people in the south of this country it
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political violence so the opposition is swearing off this character like many other people ah in this country here well what will happen to robert mugabe and his wife grace. that's the big question we we don't really have the details of the agreement that was reached with president but we do understand that it's most likely they have been granted immunity they are unlikely to face any kind of face accused and i think the big question is really what that they will choose to do to stay in zimbabwe a way that they will take force to live in it's out these are people who have a quiet property and welcome to the years they have properties all over the world. so it would be possibly a tough choice to decide where to live out the rest of the years it's not clear that will stay in how to hide it but if they do choose so most nike and
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a very comfortable conditions without the prospect of any prosecution team thank you did obvious christine while they're reporting from the zimbabwean capital harare. well our reporters are on that story for you will have live updates following us on if you want to follow us on twitter and d.-w. news you can also have your say on what you think is next for zimbabwe join the conversation on facebook at d w africa. it's take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world today lebanon's prime minister saad hariri returned home to beirut on tuesday more than two weeks after announcing from from saudi arabia that he planned to step down or already drove straight from beirut airport to visit the grave of his father rafique ri-ri lebanon's former prime minister who was assassinated in two thousand and five. heavy rains have triggered flash floods in jeddah stranding motorists and causing
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school council a sions in saudi arabia's second biggest city dozens of people were plucked from vehicles trapped in the water more heavy rainfall is expected. disney animation chief john lasseter has announced he's taking a six month leave of absence due to what he called mischief steps including unwanted hugs that made employees uncomfortable u.s. media have reported on accusations of sexual misconduct against the oscar winning pioneer in commuter anime computer animation. and u.s. singer and actor david cassidy has died he was sixty seven he was admitted to hospital last week after suffering multiple organ failure cassady rose to fame in the one nine hundred seventy s. as a star in the partridge family television series before going on to become a teen pop idol. you're watching d.w. news still to come closing a chapter in the brutal balkans conflict
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a verdict is due today in the war crimes trial of the former serb commander rotten lot it will report from strabane it's a scene of the worst atrocities committed during the bosnian war in the one nine hundred ninety s. . ride sharing company over is coming clean about its cover up of the year old hacking attack christoph as more that's right terry and the hack is another country controversy for over on top of sexual harassment allegations against former executives a lawsuit alleging trades secrets theft and multiple federal criminal probes oversee all across the hari confirm the company suffered a massive data breach that affected fifty seven million customers around the world the theft happened last year but didn't inform customers that their personal information like names e-mail addresses and mobile numbers could have been stolen revelation is likely to do more than just harmful words reputation in many
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countries companies are required to disclose data breaches to authorities so the right healing service could end up facing fines. equal access online that's been the aim of net neutrality but the rules currently in place are set to be scrapped that's under new plans revealed by the german chairman of the us common occasions regulator f.c.c. internet providers must currently treat all traffic across the web equally no matter its destination new rules that allow internet companies to swaddle speeds to individual websites charging users to get better access or even blocking some sites altogether critics say the move would make a few large companies gatekeepers of culture knowledge and online communication advocates say it will boost investment in broadband infrastructure and competition . bike sharing services have revolutionized urban transport in china
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and armed with hundreds of millions of dollars of venture capital asian operators are now ready to conquer europe cities like singapore start up or bike which has recently dispersed as bicycles all over the center of berlin i see them every day when i leave my apartment but these bikes may be a convenient drive it's the times when they're not in use that's a growing concern for city. you can't mess it up the no frills bright yellow bike with no gears lots of plastic and thick solid group attire as it's a decent short distance bike you can rent one for a year or an hour using an app that shows you where the nearest bike kids. have never used one which has been station the speed for this one like i think yours has g.p.s. or something attached to it so it looks very interesting next bike the publicly funded bike sharing platform has fixed parking stations and it's these loose bikes
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could cause chaos they look neat and tidy now but who knows when they'll be broken wheels lying around or blocked subway entrances and pavements. companies who use public space go where there's the most demand not where it makes most sense in terms of traffic being struck here at least once and for its most. if bikes start to accumulate they're supposed to be collected and redistributed a geo fencing program on your find shows where to park and when not to park the out also saves the route to the bike the german manager wants to dispel accusations that it's all a way to collect customer data. you have to read the data protection policy when it clearly states that we don't pass the data on it's used internally to develop the app and our services ones are so. reporting been done to thank you most and.
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so now it's still in the test phase. whether or not be a bikes can stand up to the competition. i need time to tell. now that familiar smell of fresh roasted coffee westing down the street has been drawing customers into cafes for years now but insiders know it's not just the beans that are responsible for the not iraq it's the bean roaster that is key to the process of producing a great cup of coffee the explosion of coffee shops and urban centers around the world would have been impossible without a german company called pro backed. competition no is just one way to enjoy coalface and it's a popular choice in germany but coffee isn't just coffee there are many different styles and flavors stuff approach no coffee inside out danielle any of it see as a roasting ex-pat embraced in the role coffee as
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a science in itself part of that makes roasting machines among other equipment a two hundred degree celsius the beans go in a timely for about five or six minutes these beans are for life priced filter called faith so they don't need long. the end flavor of the coffee depends on how it's rice did arrive as soon fell over him. yet it's now so good right now the cells are broken up which releases the gases it's refreshed you can smell the gases it tough for a day or two it will come down and smell like really our coffee just like it should . bursting coffee requires skill that this company has honed it's a medium sized business that turns over one hundred fifty million euros a year and controls two thirds of the global market the recipe for success keep investing in development says c.e.o.
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being the current focus is energy efficiency they also work closely with universities and customers. so few. years we've been performing partnerships in many areas of the supply chain. that way we can meet the exact needs of our customers. and we can keep moving forwards in our research so we know what will still be important in five years or what will become important is with us and for your information which different. customers including big international corporations bring coffee by for a trial roast. these beans are from a saudi arabian company that's interested in buying a machine a giant can cost up to a million euros they don't only produce in germany but also in the u.s. brazil and india coffee consumption in china is on the rise but so is the competition. come on. machines can be copied but
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expertise can't and the knowledge we've acquired over one hundred fifty years is so deeply embedded that for at least ten to fifteen years i won't be worried about copies. and after that we'll say. about was founded one hundred fifty years ago hidden emirate on the dutch border right on the river rhine it was announced on tape just location even then now ninety percent of pride about sales and made to brew it in the wilds love affair with coffee is only getting stronger. a u.n. court will hand down its verdict today in the trial of the bosnian serb military leader rocco lot each tear his story that's right it was charged with war crimes against humanity and genocide many of the charges related to the massacre of thousands of muslin bosniak men and boys in the town of srebrenica in one thousand nine hundred five the massacre was carried out by serb troops under a lot of his command this report now from its revenues striper nitsa the small
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town in eastern both now had to govern a has gained infamy as the scene of a war crime. in july nine hundred ninety five both me and serb forces massacred more than eight thousand men and boys here. for many the search for evidence goes on to this day. did you take a look at the i beat you in my opinion it's on a level with the trials held against nazi criminals. the accused in this case is one of the main people responding for all of the worst atrocities ever committed on the soil of former yugoslavia and above all in bosnia herzegovina. one of the chief alleged perpetrators is right come a large he was the army chief of the bosnian serb forces following the collapse of yugoslavia he made plans to create
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a greater serbia together with the ratified encourages the bosnian serbs political leader. and carriage which divided the work of war between them carriage it gave the orders carried them out. former head of the british army and ex nato general so mike jackson was at that time commander of the allied rapid reaction corps in the balkans he got to know ratko melodic each person. moving free. who was ruthless. there is no doubt whether we like it or we don't but it was for the fact commander in the field. but. his behavior particularly shall we say over the. so-called protected areas trowbridge the obvious one his behavior was quite appalling. this scene is without a doubt the pinnacle of mullard it's just cruelty in july one thousand nine hundred
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five his troops forced their way into separate which had been declared a safe haven under un protection in front of the cameras he assured bosnian muslims that nothing would happen to them. shortly afterwards his forces expelled the women and girls and killed the men and boys under his command both me and serb troops also perceived the city of sarajevo. the siege of sarajevo. and was very vicious civilians were killed that it was right outside from my point of view right outside the geneva conventions. despite an international arrest warrant for genocide war crimes and crimes against humanity that it managed to live a normal life in serbia for sixteen years sheltered by influential friends within the church and security forces and by his family many saw him as
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a hero. in two thousand and eleven he was arrested by serbian police and extradited to the hague where he went on trial at the international criminal tribunal for five hundred thirty days of proceedings and five hundred ninety one witnesses followed after the war. but it is undoubtedly a victory for international justice. too many dictators have been able to live out their days you happily in exile. to go this verdict signifies a paradigm shift. as you were there the cigar. the fight for justice is all that's left to the mothers sisters and wives of the murdered man for them that means blood it is guilty for life. our reporter catherine martins is standing by forest just outside the courthouse in the hague where we are expecting that verdict to be announced this morning
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catherine some observers are saying this verdict will set a landmark why is it so important. well it is a landmark in terms of international justice it's some the law is says that war criminal are held responsible for their crimes and this counts in international justice regarding the victim families this is the only compensation they can get in their quest for justice and also it's can be. regarding the region the ridge region is still deeply divided so this trial could be a chance to close the chapter and that there could be recounted v.a. ssion in this region this has been a long time in coming catherine why has it taken so long for justice to run its course in the blockage case. well the
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indictment itself didn't take so long and war is already nine hundred ninety five so exactly our cyber wars is shared by a large truck on large it was sixteen long years on the run so why was that possible he was not here whence he didn't went into hiding immediately so this means he was openly living in belgrade for example he repeatedly was seen in belgrade moving kinds of like a free man and that was only possible because he was protected not only by his family but also by the army and by the church for example so there was a powerful serbian elite who took care. who took care outfits and who protects him and this only changed around over the new serbian at least coming into power
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with the prime minister targets for example who really wanted to go forward with the accession talks of serbia towards the european union so this was one of the reasons why turks so long to really finally arrest lauda in serbia and to get him in before the trial in the hague. if if. is found guilty what sort of sentence to expect. could expect to spend in jail. well as the indictment. states that. held responsible personally for the crimes committed. the prosecution calls for a life sentence which would mean forty years we already have a person case with covered chits who got forty years so we could expect
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a life sentence for forty years catherine thank you very much catherine martins there reporting from the hague. the united nations secretary general antonio terrace has condemned a suicide bombing attack in nigeria that killed at least fifty people the attack took place at a mosque in the town of movie in the south in the northeast of the country police said a teenage bomb or targeted worshipers as they were gathering for early morning prayers there has not yet been a claim of responsibility for the attack dramatic footage has emerged of a north korean soldier who defected over the border to the south earlier this month the images released by the u.n. show the soldiers racing towards the border at high speed. north korean soldiers then run towards the vehicle which crashed near
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a tree. soldier jumps up as his pursuers arrive on the scene and opened fire. soldiers captured lying on the ground some of footage shows south korean soldiers crawling up to the man and dragging him to safety. he's still being treated for hospital in hospital for his injuries doctors say he has now regained consciousness . you're watching news still to come failed coalition talks are looming large over the german bonus talk we'll take a look at what uncle of macros will next move will likely be. and in football here emerick above me i couldn't save dortmund's champions league campaign defeat to tottenham saw them crash will still ask what this means for him bosch. don't forget you can always get d.w.
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stories aplenty the. spotlight on people. focus on europe on t w. and just in time he says that's what i've been i think it's really important to give a bit of time and love back to the fans who make so much effort. welcome back you're watching d.w. news i'm terry martin our top stories people in zimbabwe are celebrating up to run president robert mugabe announced his resignation the ninety three year old the gobby ruled zimbabwe for nearly four decades. a verdict is due this morning in the
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war crimes trial of rato blooded she served warlord who terrorized bosnia in the one nine hundred ninety s. is expected to be convicted today for the last genocide committed in europe. ride sharing company over has admitted to covering up the hacking attack one year ago a massive breach last year exposed the personal information of about fifty seven million fifty seven million tuber accounts but over didn't inform customers and then paid the high. to delete the stolen information. to the political crisis in germany now german president. has been seeking a way out of the deadlock created by the collapse of talks aimed forming a new coalition government on tuesday's time i held meetings with the man whose party scuppered those talks christiane of the liberal f.t.p. the co-chairs of the green party were also some into the presidential palace in berlin is pressing the parties to return to the negotiating table so fresh
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elections can be avoided chancellor and get a machall has already said she would rather run again in a new election then lead a minority government it's an unprecedented situation for germany something very much in evidence during yesterday's parliamentary session. newfound trust between germany's conservative alliance and the green party. between the conservative alliance and the social democrats these uncertain times the collapsed coalition talks loom large over the bundestag oh out of frustration there needs to be understanding for this difficult balancing act which means everyone who bears political responsibility should shift away if only partially from their election plant friends for a compromise that would benefit the majority this is neither a failing or a weakness but the parties he referred to the business friendly f.t.p. and the social democrats through the plane at each other. don't miss to let you
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know i think you should be very quiet today you don't take any responsibility for having long planned your exit and then you put on such a show that question nerve. see you who could barely wait for election results or that you could cowardly throw in the towel you have a cheek to blame us for anything. the most miserable often uncertainty has arisen in a country used to stability when the acting defense minister emphasized that has long been regarded as a given. by germany stands for reliability ladies and gentleman applause only came after repeated prompt. distinctly. dyke's line germany stands for reliability ladies and gentlemen. yes yes that is perhaps not so easy in a situation. the specter of fresh elections is overshadowing the bundestag is work
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under what we see you know just an uncertainty in people's eyes what will happen in three or four months not can change. if you must let us move how do you go on as normal what do you do with your staff a lot of jobs and dependent on members of parliament if you mention that and might have to my special focuses digitalisation i want to deal with the future and that will last being put on hold. new elections within a few months or a minority government without a stable coalition both would be a first for the bundestag and for germany. or for the very latest let's cross over to our political correspondent hans blount who joins us from our parliamentary studios given the failure of coalition talks many including chancellor merkel are pushing for a fresh election even though polls suggest a rerun could produce a similar result is a minority government not really a viable alternative could it works fine in other countries. yes indeed it is and
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there is more talk in these last twenty four hours about the possibility of a minority government from the side of the governing party anglo-american herself has said that she would prefer a new election and she would not like to be the leader of a minority government because it is inherently unstable and because that would mean that for every major decision in parliament she would have to look for a new majority in parliament so there is no assured majority in parliament on the other hand during these failed coalition talks there has been a certain amount of trust built up between the conservatives and surprisingly the environmentalists greens who are rather more on the left of the political spectrum and there is some idea that these two parties the conservatives and the greens could form the basis of a minority government in fact many commentators today are saying that might not be such a bad option because in fact it will strengthen parliament parliament will have a larger much stronger role to play in making decisions in germany now uncle
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michael has already announced that she would run for office again if a new election were held but is her position within her own party still a strong as it used to be. well paradoxically i think one can say that it is stronger now that these coalition talks have failed party has come. behind her has put its force behind her quite unequivocally in the last couple of days after the failure and i think the failure of the talks is not really being blamed on angle americal most of the parties that were involved in these talks say that her moderation the way she conducted these talks the way she brought in compromises on all sides and respected all parties in these talks was in fact very successful it was the market liberal free democrats that made these talks collapse and they said that they had been to some extent ignored by macro but that's not an opinion
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that's taken by any of the other parties involved in these talks. the german government right now is in limbo no solution in sight how can keep decisions be made about this country's future is germany capable of showing any leadership at this point domestically or internationally well on the one hand you have to say i'm going to america remains chancellor even though in an acting capacity in other words germany is not with art and government a government and that's a government that can take decisions and major decisions have to be taken by parliament we do have a parliament and even in this situation of such a something really of crucial importance has to be decided and i'm sure that majorities can be found in parliament the way it is constituted at the moment so it's not as if germany is incapable of taking decisions but of course very long term decisions that are normally prepared by a government would have to wait until there is a new government in place a political correspondent hans blood thank you. now in an exclusive interview with
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g w news qatar's foreign minister has accused saudi arabia of undermining security in the gulf region shaikh mohammad bill of tani met his german counterpart sic my god in berlin the two men open to kentucky cultural center germany has taken an active role in diplomatic efforts to end a blockade of content by other gulf states including saudi arabia speaking to christopher spring day tunney rejected saudi allegations that qatar is financing and aiding islamist organizations. so and so you criticized saudi arabia last week for what you call reckless leadership wasn't that a little bit undiplomatic i wasn't talking specifically about saudi arabia i was talking about the region that it's the main problem we have that there is at least with the ship there is a pattern of behavior which is happening from the blockading states and other nations which are now undermining very general security and stability and we are
7:39 am
not saying this just and this is for the sake of a criticism but we are alerting that there is a growing concern in the region that affect and impact right away. the stability of the region and we are letting the international community since the region is very important for of it for a bit about the end or. the saudis and their allies say that qatar sponsors extremist groups that destabilized the middle east is that the case it's not the case at all i thought i was an active player and there was a guest actually we've been one of the founding members of the global coalition and we are hosting the center for the global coalition and everybody you know started to realize that it was just a smokescreen to justify the blockade again and again to start it and they know very well they nor the reality of our contribution to the fight again are stirred up this narrative has been used by by saudi and u.a.e.
7:40 am
mainly to justify him to gain sympathy with the west. as far as the conflict in the tensions between saudi arabia and qatar your country what are you doing to deescalate those tensions since the beginning we've been calling for for dialogue since the beginning we want to understand what are the concerns of those countries if it's a security concern then it will be our own consent as well so i need took to sit with them on the table in order to understand they are. using a different attitude which is skittish and they. did all the illegal means against my country they blockade the only land border suddenly when we got up in the morning there was no access for our supplies without food or of medicine for our people they exposed our people they separated the families they expelled students from their universities there are more than twenty six thousand human rights violation conducted by saudi and u.a.e. and and behind. because of because of the illegal measures and what they are doing
7:41 am
they are continuing the same attitude they they submitted a list of demands and ultimatum which is no country north of the mission accept other countries to impose any demands that we can we didn't escalate against anyone we act with a. matter of maturity and we thought we told them that we are ready if you want to engage in a serious dialogue without touching the sovereignity or. international law we are fine we are willing to engage other than that they want to remain with the stalemate and they want to. get to qatar and to submission this is will never happen so you're saying that the saudi arabians have refused dialogue with you they did actually the saudi arabia and you and the head and egypt the blockading states . they didn't want to engage in dialogue we have been very cooperative with the emir of kuwait and with you know i states when it comes to the dialogue we have
7:42 am
issued more we have fifty fifty different assessments by different officers from all levels about calling for dialogue if you will can their. statements about dialogue you would find them if you will find they will find it's very few other of them that cannot do more if they are going to start. what was the victim we were subject to a cyber attack to start and to create this entire. crisis and now they are claiming that they just they are minimizing the issue and they up. it's very minor and small issue this very minor and small issue it is this the gulf countries does destabilizing that region and that means that they're minimization is really that they don't care about the stability of the region and the security of the region they don't care about the g.c.c. as an organization which meant to be for collective security are you in direct contact with your saudi counterpart with the saudi arabian foreign minister
7:43 am
absolutely there is no contact they have cut off they have closed all the lines of communication since the side but i think started and we didn't we didn't see any responses from them though in the context we have. with the mediation. here excellently thank you very much for talking to the news. and that was my colleague christopher spring gate there in conversation with the foreign minister of shaikh mohammad been out on me now the u.n. secretary general has called for urgent action after a recent video emerged of african migrants being sold as slaves in libya c.n.n. broadcast footage of what it said was an auction of men offered to libyan buyers as farm hands they were sold for four hundred dollars. these ivorians overturning home the home they left to seek a better life and you're up on their way many suffered unimaginable horror as an
7:44 am
abuse at the hands of smugglers in libya one hundred fifty five migrants were repacholi to abidjan on monday each with a story to tell. and what that telling is slavery is real. the muck they sell men in libya even fifteen year olds they're in a car armed they kidnap you sell you for one or two hundred dinars and then others resell you that's the truth. so that it was prison they take you they tell you to pay money if you don't pay you stay in prison when you pay they free you but then someone else takes you. through. their accounts confirmed the images of african migrants being auctioned off in libya in a recent t.v. report it sent shock waves through the world but it didn't come as a surprise to the people working here. to secretly
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push it's an open secret many people knew what was going on in libya we've talked about the abuse of the migrants women in particular time and again in our awareness raising campaigns in ivory coast we're trying to tell people in our country that it's time to open our eyes and see that the tragedies of irregular migration are not just the deaths there are other tragedies to. from. you know to slavery they chant news of the slave auction sparked protests outside the libyan embassies and paris and across africa libya is a migration not far from europe with some seven hundred thousand migrants within its borders it's a lawless place where exploitation is rife and the revelations have brought more international scrutiny upon it. including from the united nations secretary-general
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who condemned the human rights abuses. i am the heart of these appalling acts and call upon all competent all started to see investigate these activities with all the light and to bring the better potatoes to justice. libyan authorities have launched a full mind best case and that for many it's tonight. football now on a mixed night for the german sides in the champions league it was crunch time for development they needed a win on match day five and they took the lead against tottenham with returning striker america balmy and scoring the first goal but tottenham hit back through harry kane and human song to win two one result means dortmund go out of the tournament although they may still go into the europa league but it was
7:47 am
a better night for rb leipsic you also needed a win when they travel to monaco team about it was like six hero on the night he scored twice in the first half to help his side to zero or one victory lights are now level on points with second place porto in group g. and a win in the final group game could see them for grass to the next round. well for more on champions league the champions league as it winds toward the round of sixteen i'm joined by back from sports desk k.-max dortmund they've crashed out of the champions league tournament in the group stage how big of a blow is that it's a massive blow i mean you can talk about the expectations not being high cause they were in a tough group a draw a group of death with real madrid and tottenham hotspur but last year they were in a group with real madrid and they topped it and they remained unbeaten so the expectation was certainly to at least make a good go of it as it is they didn't win a single game they have two points and then now even fighting for the chance of
7:48 am
getting into the europa league with because you have by a. one of the worst team in that group and one of the west in the competition so they're going to be playing real madrid opened on the last day they have nothing to play for so they need to win that to get in through the league and that's where peter bush last season did so well which got him the open job he got into the final with a very young and it looks like that will be a stomping ground again this season on his champions league experience has not been really good for a pay to have boss the dortmund coach how precarious is his situation well it's not looking good i mean he made three changes ahead of the game didn't do much for him although they played a good first tough obame on scoring and hold on bucky actually making some saves for a change instead of picking the ball up outside of his own net but it didn't help them the bundesliga and champions league form is desperate eight games no wins it's just a very poor the last league win came in september and now they could redeem themselves
7:49 am
in the europa league but it's not as glamorous as the champions league and peter bosch i think unless he beat south on the weekend the big local rivals he could be sacked before christmas that could help meanwhile leipzig live to play another day with a very convincing victory over monaco yeah i mean monaco not quite the side they were last season they've been gutted by some of the big big clubs in terms of their best players leaving but that group also. a tricky one you know they've had four teams do all within a shot of qualifying at the start of the campaign and now they're level on points with porto in second place so a win on the last match they could see them progress that going to be playing the best team in the group the leaders but even so they are already qualified for the europa league if they don't manage to make it through a second in the group the champions league knockout stages not bad for a debut campaign in europe stay with us max going to take a look at some of tonight's champions league action one of the champions league match ups tonight features bundesliga champions by munich they've already reserved
7:50 am
a spot in the sweet sixteen of the champions league and now they're expected to steamroll over belgian club on the left in brussels as they attempt to take first place in their group. but what can records with buy ins take it to the knockout stage is already signed sealed and delivered if i guess now is on topping that group helped by the goals of robert levin duffy they've won eighteen right under coach chip hein kids. and it's just two months of i don't think the team will relax just because we've already qualified for the next stage call if it's time to for i think the team will want to keep moving forward of i don't know when and europe won't allow them to relax to listen to us to get some clinics up for training. he scored a brace in the weekend victory over and scoring shouldn't be a problem against great whipping boys and their legs but if by and do you want to win the group it's likely they'll need to put four goals past leaders paris and your man on the final match day to back to the french side head to head.
7:51 am
if you want to look ahead to the game against perry said. then i have to say we also want to win that game. because psychology plays a big role in football social influence must be don nickles a lot of even and elects coach was asked how by and will fare against p.s.g. we didn't think it i think they can beat p.s.g. but they would need to beat them for nil but being germans they always believe they can. that's for the match at hand recent history favors by and the last time they played and liked in brussels they won five now. max is still with us from sports to ask how important is it for bond to finish top of their group in this champions lane well it's a bit of a luxury problem really i mean they're likely to finish second because p.s.g. are unlikely to lose tonight and against p.s.u.
7:52 am
on the final match day they would have to win by a very high margin and they face the runners up his first place in the group but that's not always not always the best thing to do because recent history shows us some big teams tend to finish second and then face the first place teams last season it was p.s.g. menses the city real madrid and by on themselves who finished second and then faced a first place team so by and i think they're quite alright with the missing second so with the luck of the draw anyway and they should dispatch on the left tonight ok so by a do seem to be in great form at the moment they're probably going to do well tonight only in your estimation do you see them with a chance of actually winning the whole champions league this year well they've been in tremendous form since poncas took over again for i think it's the third or fourth time if you count as cats they could send us it's eight and eight game winning streak since he's taken the reins but with traditional rivals around the edges and boss lerner looking weak they are certainly in with amongst the favorites
7:53 am
but for me there's two teams they would have to get past first p.s.g. and and menses the city who are backed by nasa al khalifa and shake months will respectively and when i say backed it's more money just being poured into these clubs with one aim we want to win the champions league and both those teams looking really dangerous city of one five out of five p.s.g. one for out a full and it could be five out of five tonight so if they have to if they get to the final cost one of those teams they're in with a shout formidable competition max mel from d.w. sports thanks thanks terry. now tourism well it's a source of jobs and prosperity but it can also harm the quality of life for local residents and there's a growing awareness of that here in europe the italian city of venice is planning to divert massive cruise liners barcelona and spain has cracked down on apartment rentals and. in the netherlands is also experiencing what some are calling
7:54 am
a backlash against mass tourism. even the rain fails to put the tourists off in amsterdam an average of seventeen million of them visit each year so the city has adapted accordingly its old center is chock a block with shops selling cheap souvenirs and expensive snacks. attracting exactly the type of tourists that amsterdam has a keen to avoid. behaved in a day five euros for a so-called meal in the waffle shop. then they get drunk make a load of noise and then throw up in my flower pods it's just awful yeah the fin the act the creation the. so now the city council has decided to ban the opening of new tourist shops and as rental contracts run out the council replaces such businesses with normal shops locals jokingly call it operation nutella a reference to the widely held belief that waffles coated in the chocolate spread
7:55 am
are a traditional dutch speciality. chris growing small has lived in amsterdam for forty five years he says tourist outlets have pushed out almost old local businesses only his local pub has survived. if you may have moved on we need more shops for residence so that we feel at home too and not just the tourists you know the labor for the duration but small businesses struggle to afford the monthly city rents of six thousand euros upwards and a skeptical about operation the teles potential success. with this from. you on your all it's a question of supply and demand of course you can put a baker here who sells proper loaves but they will make any money or you can have a shoe store but there are so many online shops it won't last. still amsterdam wants to explore new avenues in the fight against mass tourism whether it'll achieve what it once though remains to be seen.
7:56 am
you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin we have more news coming up in just a couple of minutes including an interview with the deputy leader of germany's social democrats he'll be talking about the political impasse following the collapse of coalition talks to form a new government you'll find more on that in all our stories of course a lot of g.w. dot com thanks for watching.
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home duty today and in the future. driving. thirty minutes double. meet the germans new and surprising aspects of noise and culture in germany. us american news out take a look at germany it is increasing at their traditions every day lives and language can just come out of the highlights of us are so i'm young good. looking guy r t w dot com the germans. as you govern you come to live from but end but the right to our correspondent news in central istanbul i'm joined by michel a couple of you know best political correspondent on those stories in just a minute but first this news just in it's all about the perspective closer
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d.w. no facet of. their black and living in germany. she's reminded what that means on a daily basis presenter young up like this not being able to blend in and i was kind of. taking a holiday group and being you know different than the rest. she travelled across germany to meet other black people and to hear their stories. it seemed that. i grew up in a white family in a white neighborhood it was definitely a challenge. she decided to put me up for adoption. so the main thing was to keep your head down and your mouth shut of course of the face like this i could never completely disappear if you see all these stereotypes about africa it's good to see you. do something for your country but you're still the black and white.
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afro germany. starting december tenth d.w. . this is day w. news coming to you live from berlin a new era begins in zimbabwe. jubilation as president robert mugabe resigns says the man who once proclaimed only gong will remove any steps to.


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