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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 22, 2017 9:00am-9:31am CET

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the humans on scene are microphones who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is john paris and i work a day doll and. fly from berlin this is d.w. news a new era begins in zimbabwe. jubilation as president robert mugabe resigned as the man who once proclaimed only god will
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remove me steps down after thirty seven years in power so what next for zimbabwe we'll ask our correspondent in the capital harare. and a verdict is due this morning in the war crimes trial of rocco blondish the serb warlord who terrorized balls new in the one nine hundred ninety s. is expected to be convicted today for the last genocide committed in europe. and failed coalition talks are looming large over german politics will ask the deputy leader of the social democrats why his party isn't stepping up to form a government with on the back as conservatives. well i'm terry martin thanks for joining us. elation on the streets of zimbabwe citizens have celebrated late into the night after president robert mugabe and now it's his resignation ending nearly four decades of rule the shock announcement
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followed a to mull truest week that saw a military takeover mass demonstrations and a desperate move they clinging to power in the face of impeachment proceedings. to me and relief on the streets of harare thirty seven years of robert mugabe's rule has come to an end d.w. correspondent christine one on hand to witness history. that was. just minutes earlier members of the zimbabwean parliament listened as to speaker of the heinz fred i just ate a mint from robert mugabe i wrap it up and then in terms of night to see
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one all because two thousand of them bob we're here by for my tender my resignation as the president of the republic of the way we immediate effect. the speaker went on to read mugabe's reasons for stepping down. my decision to design is one on top on my part and rising from my cause. for the welfare of the people of them bob their my desire to ensure is more peaceful and nonviolent found. that on the. national security peace and stability. mugabe's departure marks the end of a crisis that began last week when the military intervened to stop the rise to power of mugabe's wife grace thought then developed into
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a popular revolt and you there will be named within forty eight hours but for now zimbabweans are enjoying what marks the beginning of a new era in their country. and we can take you now live to the zimbabwean capital where our correspondent christine is standing by for us christine it's been a historic night for zimbabwe ins they must be glad to see this crisis ending peacefully. yet terry. that was one of the things that this proves that the fact that it was very peaceful life huntin you well maybe in the capital in the midst of what was the military who is same city the these soldiers who are making peace and order prevailed frenzy suits to the citizens this is something that the ordinary man in the street is not used to there see a full all feel for he's off soldiers off police but the peacefulness with which
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this happened is what really lost the people of zimbabwe these are very few people the reason why zimbabweans often don't take out to the streets is in fear of that that they will be violence and so for this to happen in such a peaceful way they really means a lawsuit out of people here of course everyone is wondering where does it go from here former vice president emerson. is widely expected to take over from the opposition leader morgan tsvangirai has been expressing his views on modern god well let's listen to what he had to say. isn't that is an unknown. product and they will need their product that is to that defines him assumes that. comes under very strong personality. of it on the compromises but with a little twist. and i don't think that's what we need to do is currently so years
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making that kind of. institute if they'd read. the ad that you made to the bridge you had to move as a human. opposition leader morgan tsvangirai there speaking about emerson milling gargoyle who could take over in zimbabwe describing him as ruthless it seems the opposition is not really happy with who might replace mugabe christine. sorry why go so that's what the opposition is supporting for at this point in time is the constitutional country out now what that dictates is that innocent should stay thin and take over got the full the remaining to offer that comes to an end next year and the country is due to hold a general election so the opposition they say what he needs to do is only take over for that time it will remain as well a five year long transitional government the opposition opposes that but you're quite right emma said not what is
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a problematic because this is been pulled out his right hand man for a very long time. and felicity if you if we take a look into he's he's poss a problem actually report particularly when it comes to human rights abuses and violations he has been links to various horrible incidents in this country most recently the election violence of two thousand and seven two thousand and eight and further back the killing of thousands of people in the south of this country it political violence so the opposition is swearing off this character like many other people ah in this country here well what will happen to robert mugabe and his wife grace. that's the big question we we don't really have the details of the agreement that was reached with president will got the but we do understand that it's most likely they have been brought to its community they are unlikely to face any had to face a q.c.
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and i think the big question is really what they will choose to stay in zimbabwe only that they will take force to live in its out these are people who have acquired property and welcome to begin as they have property sold over the globe city so it would be possibly a tough choice to decide where to live out the rest of the yes it's not done but if they'll stay in how to but if they do choose so most nike and a very comfortable conditions without the prospect of any prosecution staying thank you did obvious christine while they're reporting from the zimbabwean capital harare the u.n. court will hand down its verdict today in the trial of the bosnian serb military leader right comb lovitt not it has been charged with war crimes crimes against humanity and genocide many of the charges relate to the massacre of thousands of muslim bosniak men and women boys in the town of srebrenica nine hundred ninety five massacre was carried out by serb troops under law to choose
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a man on a reporter catherine martins is standing by for us outside the courthouse in the hague catherine many say this verdict will set a landmark tell us why it's so important. well of course it's important in terms of international justice but what is really important here is it might be a chance to somehow pacify the region the by concerned still deeply divided and i can tell you really you see this deep rooted hostility between the different parties even today here the day of the verdict here in front of the i city boy i just witnessed personally a kind of situation which almost turned violent just behind me you see some representatives of the mothers of said they are here is just standing very peacefully and i was in the middle of talking to one of these mothers who told me
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that she lost her son her brothers and her husband in cyber and it's and suddenly there is a serbian young man just close to us thawing the serbian flag and saying i can show the serbian flag wherever i want and then it turned almost while and they had a fight with the lady of several needs and the serbian man finally the dutch police got. the situation handled the situation and the escalated the issue but this really illustrates how important this verdict is today because it could be a chance to close a chapter to really a verdict on this in the region and to somehow pacify the region all the atrocities being addressed in this trial are deeply disturbing and they're very painful memories as you've mentioned it's been more than twenty years now though since the strabane it's a massacre in which moderate as it were created why has it taken so law for justice
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to run its course in the luggage case. well the i said to you why the prosecution office rendered almost in one thousand five hundred ninety five already the. the prosecution. and they said the indictments the so this was rendered quite quickly but then lot and indeed was almost sixteen years on the run and this incident today shows also why this was possible because we have to fear in mind a large majority back then of the serbian population was protecting large it it was he was seen there a very long time as a national hero so polls were showing that the serbian population wouldn't the majority of the serbian population wouldn't reveal information leading to the arrest of radical moderates in addition to that he was protected by the army by the
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church of course by his family this are reasons why it took so long to really find him arrest him an accident and in order to extradite and here in the hague so this are the reasons marechal modest took it took so long catherine tell us briefly if guilty how long could loutish expect to spend in jail. well the the prosecutor calls for a life sentence we already saw this in the courage a case he got forty years and we can expect we don't know the details yet but we can expect that this could be a similar set around forty years life sentence catherine martin is there reporting live from the hague thank you very much. to the political crisis here in germany now german president punk popish time maya has been seeking a way out of the deadlock created by the collapse of talks aimed forming
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a new coalition government on tuesday held meetings with the liberal f.d.p. and the green party is pressing them to return to the negotiating table chancellor angela merkel has already said she would rather run again in a new election than to lead a minority government pressure is now growing on the social democrats to reconsider another grand coalition with the conservatives. let's bring in ralph stagnant now he's deputy leader of the social democratic party here in germany and joins us from our parliamentary studio mr stagnant thank you so much for being with us this morning on d.w. news germany needs a government isn't it time for your party to step up to the plate and offer to form a government with the conservatives. well first of all good morning i don't think we have a state crisis we have an acting government and that works and now of the situation is a little bit complicated we have seen the failure of angle america and negotiating
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with the greens and the liberals and see if you and that has happened just on sunday and now we have to think about what's what's going to do and there are different possibilities you know on the other side we have had a grand coalition and this soren the people have to decide what they think of this grand coalition and they voted with the miners of twelve percent that wasn't really a mandate to just to go on with a grand coalition as we had it so the sort of democrats have decided on election day that our part is to go into the opposition and things haven't changed since then and no change in their election result no major international crisis or anything just the failure of the talks led by i'm going to america so now talks have to be held with one as president and my and the other parties will see what happens but i don't see the revival of a grand coalition between conservatives and the social democrats now you attribute
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your party's poor performance in the previous election to having served in a coalition with chantel back of the grand coalition as you just described the previous government but still do you not feel a sense of responsibility at this point to put the interests of your country over those of your party and give germany a functioning government. when no party in its history has more taking responsibility for the state than compared with the social democrats and we have taken responsibility the last time going with twenty five percent only and a coalition with the conservatives they had almost an absolute majority so nobody has to tell us anything about responsibility yet there are different ways to. have purse points ability being leading opposition party and not giving back to the rightwing party in the end the problem is one thing and the talks just have began
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begun and there are different possibilities i don't know why the people don't put more pressure on those four parties that have negotiated for weeks and have put on a big show and no results and i'm going to mark this response to the responsible for that but also hard to see how the greens and the liberals and i think the pressure has to be put on them because they wanted to go the government and they failed there was only. p.r. to be seen last weeks and therefore i think they are the first to take responsibility now you began by saying that you didn't feel that germany is experiencing a state crisis but again right now germany has only added ministration that is operating not at full capacity shall we say there's the prospect of either fresh elections or more negotiations this could go on for months are you not worried about the implications of political deadlock in germany perhaps also for germany's
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partners outside of the country. well we see in europe basically all over the continent that there are minority governments and much more instability than you could ever see in germany i would think therefore i think we should wait whether there is a minority government or whatever happens but i'm not worried that we run into a crisis we don't want to have new elections but if they were to come we don't fear them either so we'll see what happens we will be part of the talks there's a big important role for when this president and the other parties and we see what happens is your party ready for pressure elections well if there are elections we have to be ready there is no choice we don't want it's but if it happens we have to be ready and we will and finally who do you blame for the coalition talks breaking down between the conservative democrats and the greens are the free democrats to blame i don't think that is really reasonable to play the
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blame game here. look at the things through a bipartisan through a partisan. view but i think i'm going to macrophage she was the one to lead the negotiations and she failed and with her all the other parties as well well stated deputy leader of the social democratic party in germany thank you very much thank you. it watching t.v. news still to come anger mounts have to reports of a thriving slave trade in libya we'll hear the stories of some of its victims as the u.n. calls for urgent action. embattled ride sharing company has more bad news to deal with kristoff has more terry indeed and this piles on to the sexual harassment allegations against former executives a lawsuit alleging trade secrets theft and multiple federal criminal probes now new
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oversee odor akasha harvey says the company suffered a massive data breach that affected fifty seven million customers around the world the theft happened last year but were didn't inform customers that their personal information names e-mail addresses and mobile numbers could have been stored revelation rule do more than just harm over's reputation and many countries companies are required to disclose data breaches to authorities so the right hitting service could end up facing fines the first round of nafta talks says come to close in three countries involved have yet to resolve any major differences u.s. officials brought up some thorny issues at the meeting on the trumpet made revamping the trade agreement which he has called the single worst trade deal ever eight key element of his election campaign but throughout negotiations canada and mexico have continued to resist u.s. demands in areas like car manufacturing and agriculture where there are still no
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signs of solutions the next round of talks will take place in december and it's got some assessment on these talks from our financial correspondent frank konrad booze and frankfurt conrad no progress in these nafta negotiations how much of a concern is this to markets. you know it's a concern for economists it's a concern for people who look at international trade relations how they're managed how fair they are for investors on the financial markets. the potential failure of the nafta negotiations is not a big concern at least not for now the rally on the stock market has picked up in new york the dow jones industrial average and the nasdaq index reached new record highs yesterday in asia stocks are in great demand so it really looks like that head of the thanksgiving weekend in the united states investors remain very
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optimistic for companies and for company valuations nakano stock markets have been on the rise predominantly in the last couple of months despite political crises other economic concerns and risks drawing is this a bubble we're seeing here. you know christophe one analyst in his report puts it that way he writes this might be a bubble but if it is it's a very long lasting one and i have to say many of the twenty eighteen forecasts which are currently coming out one by one from the different banks remain very upbeat for twenty eighteen the equity strategy team of goldman sachs for example predicts that the s. and p. five hundred index in the united states next year will gain another eleven percent and the goldman sachs people they found very nice wording for their prediction they
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say that rational exuberance would be a guiding theme in twenty eighteen that's of course playing with the notion of irrational exuberance which was used in the context of the tech bubble many years ago and remember christophe this bubble at the time burst if it's a bubble it's very long lasting contribution and reporting from frankfurt thank you so much connor. bike share bike sharing services have revolutionized urban transport in china and armed with hundreds of millions of dollars of venture capital asian operators are now ready to conquer europe's cities like singapore startup obeid which has recently dispersed its bicycles all over the center of berlin and these bikes may be a convenient ride it's the times when they are not in use that is a growing concern for city planners. you can't mesut the no frills bright yellow bike with no gears lots of plastic and fix solid rubber tires it's
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a decent short distance bike you can rent one for a year or an hour using an app that shows you where the nearest bike is. i've never used one which has been station the speed for this one like i think it's has g.p.s. or something attached to it so it looks very interesting next bike the publicly funded bike sharing platform has fixed parking stations and it's been these loose bikes could cause chaos they look neat and tidy now but who knows when they'll be broken wheels lying around or blocked subway entrances and pavements. companies who use public space where there's the most demand where it makes most sense in terms of traffic. and for us. if bikes start to accumulate they're supposed to be collected and redistributed a geo fencing program on your find shows where to park and when not to park the out
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also saves the route of the bike the german manager wants to dispel accusations that it's all a way to collect customer data. you have to read the data protection policy. clearly states that we don't pass the data on it's used internally to develop the app and our services ones are some good watering down like most and. for now it's still in the test phase. whether or not the only bikes can stand up to the competition. only time will tell. the reports of a slave trade involving migrants in libya terry is a story as rancorous i was quite shocking actually the u.n. secretary general has called for urgent action after a recent video emerged of african migrants being sold as slaves in libya c.n.n. broadcast footage of what it said was an auction of men offered to libyan buyers as
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farm hands they were being sold for four hundred dollars. these ivorians are returning home the home they left to seek a better life in europe on their way many suffered unimaginable horror as an abuse at the hands of smugglers in libya one hundred fifty five migrants were repotted to abidjan on monday eat with a story to tell. and what they're telling is slavery is real. home from the off they sell men in libya even fifteen year olds they're in a car armed they kidnap you sell you for one or two hundred dinars and then others resell you that's the truth. and it was prison they take you they tell you to pay money if you don't pay you stay in prison when you pay they free you but then someone else takes you. through. their accounts confirmed the images
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of african migrants being auctioned off in libya in a recent t.v. report it sent shock waves through the world but it didn't come as a surprise to the people working here. to secretly push it's an open secret many people knew what was going on in libya we've talked about the abuse of migrants women in particular time and again in our awareness raising campaigns in ivory coast we're trying to tell people in our country that it's time to open our eyes and see that the tragedies of irregular migration are not just the deaths there are other tragedies too. from. you know to slavery they chant news of the slave auction sparked protests outside the libyan embassies and paris and across africa libya is
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a migration not far from europe with some seven hundred thousand migrants within its borders it's a lawless place where exploitation is rife and the revelations have brought more international scrutiny upon it including from the united nations secretary-general who condemned the human rights abuses. i abhorred these appalling acts and call upon all competent authority is to investigate these activities without the les and to bring the bad potatoes to justice. libyan authorities have launched a formal investigation but for many it's too late. and just a reminder the top story we're following for you here today on d.w. news people in zimbabwe are celebrating after president robert mugabe announced his resignation of ninety three year old my god they've ruled zimbabwe for nearly four decades. watching d.w.
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news from berlin for the top of the next hour thanks very much. risk it's part of the business of doing business. but what if an investment goes bad if performance doesn't meet expectations. and one of the
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people get bitten by the gambling block. where managers can learn how to manage risks and what poker can teach them about risk assessment made in germany next on d w. i'm. speculating. as revealed to pheidias the poems the two of for. the paradise. some four hundred journalists around the world spent months sixty to seventy files. providing the jacket. with. paradise. close up in forty five. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing our fire meant for
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