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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 22, 2017 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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with all the time i spent at the salon i know good quality here when i see it and a good story when i hear it my name is elizabeth and i work at. this is deja vu news live from berlin dramatic scenes as rock a lot of the so-called butcher of bosnia is removed from court the former boss and sir commander shouting at war crimes charges that they're lying lot of just accused
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of ethnic cleansing in the one nine hundred ninety s. a verdict hearing is under way at the u.n. tribunal also coming up. jubilation has president robert mugabe to resign the man who once proclaimed only god will remove me steps down after thirty seven years in power so what is next for zimbabwe we'll get an update from the capital harare. i'm sumi so misconduct good to have you with us judges at a u.n. court has issued a guilty ruling in the case of bosnian serb military leader rod colada it. was facing charges including war crimes crimes against humanity and genocide on many of those charges relating to the massacre of thousands of muslim bosniaks men and boys in the town of structure needs on one thousand nine hundred five of the massacre
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was carried out by serb troops under modest just command. we're going to listen in to what one of the verdict here is saying judge the chamber considers that most of the factors raised in mitigation by the defense curry little or no weight. for having committed to crime. the chamber sentences mr up coma. to life imprisonment discomforts the delivery of the judgment the chamber stands the judge. all right way of living. has been watching the images here from the court in the hague is that guilty verdict handed down to wroclaw rod colada it's we have our reporter katherine martin's who's been standing outside the courthouse in the hague and she's been following all of the latest for us as she's on the line catherine
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a lot of drama the court tell us about this ruling that has just been handed down. so regarding the verdict it's a life sentence and saddam was found guilty by the duchesse fog of war crimes committed an act of a savior regarding the siege of sarajevo regarding the genocide of thread britney so this is the verdict so a way to find the victims' families we just passed them here around in front of the current and it is for them the very first reaction a huge relief that finally ruskell nodded at last her to try to. war crimes an actress ever really got a life sentence the maximum. sentence which was possible this is sad it was a very it was very interesting how it went the last thirty minutes just when the judges row about to talk about the personal responsibility of rocks
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a lot of he just made a sign that he wanted to go to the toilet it was granted by the judges for a short five minute break but that it turned out to be more than one hour break because the defense tried to drop the proceedings because they underlie the poor hard conditions of rockets and his blood pressure as they said was so high that it would harm seriously his house just to say that one more time the defense tried the very last option to drop the proceedings rejected it they continued the proceedings and here we have the verdict today twenty five years after the crime catherine we've just been watching some images of the a mothers of streb anita who have also been following this verdict in celebrating the guilty ruling as you said a very dramatic turn of events that we do have the at the moment that that happened
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that outburst to let's watch that for a moment. mr milosevic. mr . mr knight if you. if you continued like this. we we we adjourn. we adjourn we adjourn mr not a chill be removed from the courtroom. and . mr. adjourn curtains down mr will be removed from the courtroom. so those were the images just a short while ago as was removed from the court after that outburst yelling at judges saying that they were lying let's get back to our correspondent catherine
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martin's who's been following the story for us catherine we've also been looking at some images of these mothers of srebrenica as they've been celebrating this guilty ruling tell us more about what this means for them. well they already have sad that . they have first of all they're relieved that the media life was very important i'm because they said of course american large has a certain age so even like twenty years would be kind of a life sentence but you want them all likely that the court here issue is really a judgment which symbolizes here is a war criminal and he has to face a life sentence so they are in this terms really satisfied. and now they say. the important verdict is are only to begun right now in the western balkans because they really are still very concerned about the deep roots attach
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between the ethnic groups and they even told me that the younger generation there are this kind of rise of nationalism again and they say it's a very important departing departing point today to get the work done in the rest of the balkans and to improve the relations you know catherine you can see it's a very emotional moment for them these pictures that we're looking at this is also considered a landmark case for europe why is it so significant. well of course it is a stamp in international justice because the key message today from the i.c. q why is there clubs being no impunity for a lot of criminals so they have to pay that rest sponsibility involved crimes. if any war criminal act to move a convention then this is the only route so this is important for this international justice also for the i.c.t.
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why itself because it was just found it in order to bring this case that's a factor with slave yet you just so this is not it's just the last case in front of the class court which will be close finally because it has no more war criminals to touch so this was an important landmark today for international a society i think to watch a day do you know these catherine martin for us at the hague as a guilty verdict and a life sentence have been handed down to bosnian serb military leader broad komati on charges of war crimes crimes against humanity and genocide catherine thank you very much. let's move on to our other top story now in zimbabwe where people are celebrating after president robert mugabe announced his resignation the shock announcement ended nearly four decades of rule it followed a tumultuous week that saw a military takeover mass demonstrations and
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a desperate mugabi clinging to power in the face of impeachment proceedings. joy and relief on the streets of harare thirty seven years of robert mugabe's rule has come to an end d.w. correspondent christine munda on hand to witness history. just minutes earlier members of the zimbabwean parliament listened as the speaker of the hives read out a statement from robert mugabe. in terms of going to see one all because two thousand of them bob we'll hear bond for monday.
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in motion as the president of the republic will. we immediate effect. the speaker went on to read mugabe's reasons for stepping down. my decision today. is what i'm talking on my on and out rather well michael said. for the welfare of the people of zimbabwe over my desire to ensure. more peaceful and nonviolent song. that's on the. national security. and. mugabe's departure marks the end of a crisis that began last week when the military intervened to stop the rise to power of mugabe's wife grace that then developed into a popular revolt. our
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correspondent christine moaned well in that report and she joins us from harare with more as the focus that turns to mugabe is long time deputy hi christine good to see you so emerson i'm in god why is widely expected to take over now and he set to return there to harare soon and we have heard reports from the state broadcaster that he would be sworn in on friday what more can you tell us. well that is a tsunami and we are awaiting his arrival here was he had fled the country fearing for his slice he is now due to return from south africa any moment now and yes he is expected to be sworn in on friday that is the initial plan at this stage how are people been reacting christine. people are excited in fact i was walking around the streets of the capital this morning and you know the revelry.
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has has died down much less gone back to normal but it is still the talking points that everybody you know it's is really having the discussion about the future of this country a lot of people still in shock believe that really we're talking about the first day with republic mugabe not president of the focus of the excitement is still there but life is continuing as sunni people are looking forward to the return of innocent now go to to take over and run this country going forward at least for the short term sunni looking to that future christine what cans them barbarians expect will anything change under a new leader especially under someone who was actually closely linked to the mugabe regime. the city the way this is all paid out you know zanu p.f. right now in the eyes of the people is the party that's the liberation thing from from robert mugabe and guys and innocent and that general who we saw a week ago making the announcement that the army had taken over constantine jim and
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that these are two very controversial figures in this country to fit people people who have been known to to be ruthless people who have been known to to to really be in forces off mugabe is full of mugabe's term and so right now because robert mugabe has gone there you know people are also. almost glossing over all of that right now but that the reality is that the future is very uncertain and those who can take a step back a worried now about these characters coming in and taking the fall because questions are are they going to change or they simply going to be worse some people see it than what we saw with robert mugabe many people even saying an old man will prosecute this morning and say you know i actually think not go is worse than then will god be but it remains to be seen really but what the constitution sais is that none of us should own you really stand as president for the remainder of her up macleod based him off to which the country must go to a general election that would mean up until july next year ok and christine just
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briefly if you can where does all of this leave robert mugabe what's happening happens to him and his wife grace. well that's a question everybody's asking we know that this family has amassed incredible wealth of the is i'm talking about owning huge assets like mine she commercial farms prophecies in all corners of the world essentially at least waited all sanctioned so they have the option ready to take calls and go anyway they they can choose where they're allowed to go and it seems as if they have been guaranteed immunities here that they would be prosecuted and that for the most part they wealth isn't going to be touched so we don't know who gets about the fate of the mugabe's whether they'll choose to remain in zimbabwe or they'll choose to go broad and if they do choose to go abroad we can only guess ways. christine money reporting from harare christine thank you for that update and we want to remind you about our breaking news that we brought you a few minutes ago a judge is that a u.n.
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court have found the former bosnian serb army chief. guilty of war crimes and genocide they sentenced him to life in prison under a lot of his command serb troops massacred thousands of muslim bosniak men and boys in the town of srebrenica in one nine hundred ninety five. now over covers up a massive data breach christof koch or has the details coming right up and business . your children like chocolate.


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