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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 22, 2017 1:00pm-1:31pm CET

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singer and. schumann making their that'll be fun to watch. this is deja vu news live from berlin rothko lot it's the so-called butcher of bosnia is found guilty of genocide and war crimes a u.n. tribunal sentences the former boss knew and served commander to life in prison for
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atrocities committed during the bosnian war we'll go live to our correspondent in the hague. also coming up a new era begins in zimbabwe. jubilation as president robert mugabe resigns the man who once proclaimed only god will remove me step down after thirty seven years in power so what is next for zimbabwe we'll ask our correspondent in the capital harare. saad hariri back home in beirut lebanon as prime minister makes his first official appearance since unexpectedly resigning from a bar abroad we'll go live to the capital. and hooper's coverup of a massive back down a fifty seven million over customers were exposed but the ride hailing from kept quiet and then paid the hackers to delete the stolen information.
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i'm sorry so much going to thank you for joining us judges in the hague house found the former bosnian serb army chief called lot of guilty a war crimes crimes against humanity and genocide and of sentence him to life in prison the charges were related to the massacre of thousands of muslim bosniak men and boys in the town of stubborn it's on one thousand nine hundred five that was carried out by serb troops under lot of his command here's what judges in the u.n. tribunal said as they read out the ruling a short while ago. the chamber finds ruts coma and each guilty as a member of her has joined criminal enterprises of the following cones count to genocide count three persecution a crime against humanity let's go right to our correspondent catherine martin's she is standing by outside the courthouse in the hague and has
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been following the story for us hi catherine so rock a lot of found guilty on ten of eleven counts tell us more about how today's hearing on folded. well the chances started on the very top of the average ten a.m. here in the hague in the ice city while just behind me they started to read out. the facts they're committed war crimes without referring immediately to the risks personal responsibility of retcon large their first status that there have been war crimes against humanity regarding the siege of sarajevo then the second key question was if all criteria will meet for a genocide of seven it's or this was the case the judge the judges confirmed that there are seven is a massacre is qualified as a genocide so this was in a first time. the virtue of the judges today in the second time they wanted to.
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really to talk about the personal responsibility of ruskell large but then lot of himself who was present in the court just asked to step out of the courtroom in order to go to the toilet this was granted in a first time for of the by the judges and then it turned into a kind of situation because this little break of five minutes trying to be over an hour and it turned out that it was a strategy of the defense to drop the proceedings against large this is something we have seen several times here at the ice city why this is fitting in the snow corp of moderates for a long time here in the eyes city right but finally the judges really decided they will continue the proceedings they will read the verdict and this is and there we
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are today here at the eye city right catherine of these charges relate back to the atrocities that happened in the mid early to mid one nine hundred ninety s. let's take a look back now at what led to this point. srebrenica the small town in eastern bosnia-herzegovina has gained infamy as the scene of a war crime in july in one thousand nine hundred five bosnian serb forces massacred more than eight thousand men and boys here they were acting on the orders of radical melodic the former army chief following the collapse of yugoslavia he made plans to create a greater serbia together with the right of one carriage the bars political leader melodic carriage divided the walk of war between them carried it gave the orders mullard it carried them out. former head of the british army and ex nato general some mike jackson was at that time commander of the allied rapid reaction corps in the balkans and got to know all right cool melodic passionately. he
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was ruthless trowbridge the obvious one is. hard pulling their scene is without a doubt the panicle of melodic just cruelty in july nine hundred ninety five his troops forced to we enter srebrenica which had been declared a safe haven under un protection in front of the cameras here sure bosnian muslims that nothing would happen to them. shortly afterwards his forces expelled the women and girls and killed the men and boys. and their support it came face to face with melodic that summer she was passed out of town as soon as he walked into the bus i covered my head like this. today she can only endure the trauma. during that last offensive my father and my brother were killed it seemed to me like my whole world collapsed apart from my children and my husband these two were
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the most important people in my life. for survivors like innocent and their relatives this verdict has delivered the justice they've been hoping for and let's go back to catherine marks who's been covering this trial for us in the hague catherine as we saw there's been very emotional for survivors and relatives of the victims and some are watching from strieber needs that today how important has this verdict been for them when i had the opportunity to talk of some of the mothers the so-called mothers of severin and so they are here and there followed of course the verdict and there is all in all is huge for leave regarding the verdict of lauded that one of the last perpetrators of the crimes committed in exodus navia
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that finally this was brought to justice i spoke with one mother who sat. every day i live the celebrated summer massacre once again in my memory it is a daily of my life and it's my only compensation today that there is justice they also thank the international community and especially the court here for all this virk they have tun in the markets case but i heard also some critical voices they said yes this is an important step for the large case today and the verdict but we still want also justice regarding the nato bombings in serbia for example and also. the responsibility of the darts as un forces who kind of latents happen in front of them the seven it's
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a massacre so there are the two points as you to relieve important step but on the other hand they still they say it's not all the trust us we have to continue that work to have use catherine martin reporting a from the hague thank you catherine. to zimbabwe now where people are celebrating after president robert mugabe announced his resignation a day after the shock announcement that ended almost four decades of rule the focus now turns to his successor emmerson him in god zimbabwe's next president is a hardliner with ties to the military who could prove as authoritarian as his mentor and former boss. wherever you look in some capital the news of robert mugabe's departure. for some barbarians a new era has begun thirty seven years of mugabe's true has come to an end reason for celebration for many. i've been.
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reading. a new. captain. now oh eyes are turning to mugabe's successor. leadership should create jobs employment and they must not revert back to the same system of leadership that we had. a day earlier in relief in the streets of paris after word of mugabe's her sick nation spread. correspondent christine moniba was on hand to witness history. the. jubilation too and some bob waste
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parliament as to speak of house read out a statement from mark the syrian border iran. won't talk on my blog and will roll my cause. for the welfare of the people of iraq will. the ninety three year old leader answer crisis that began last week when the military intervened to stop the rise to power of mugabe swythe grace the move touched off most precious against mugabe his successor would be former vice president allison and the gala who fled the country ellie of this month. after mugabe fired him with the new leaders to take over the reins on friday many are hoping for a break with the past. now lebanese prime minister saad hariri says he is putting his resignation on hold after the country's president asked him to reconsider and allow time for more dialogue hariri attended independence day
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celebrations in the capital after returning to lebanon late last night it's been nearly three weeks since he suddenly announced his resignation while in saudi arabia lebanese officials accuse saudi arabia of forcing her to resign but hariri has yet to confirm those allegations let's bring in ben to sheller she's the beirut office director of the heinrich bird foundation that's a german political foundation but a thank you for joining us so he has postponed his resignation as we said why and what do you make of this move. well as you know in today's britain independence day and to sustain the message that have you had was exactly as right through this. non-specific nation from saudi arabia is going to shock her living and also big and its independence and therefore. here you are into
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something very critical here. and i think his message is to focus on domestic politics to. the other parties and you know we've been seeing some pictures there of him taking part in those independence day celebrations ben to this is a very complex story can you explain to us what has happened until now and how saudi arabia is involved. this is one of the counties that is very vulnerable to external influences of regional powers mainly and here we have saudi arabia on the one hand saudi arabia maybe backing assad heavy and his future movement and of course we also have run strongly involved here and i think currently tensions between these two are very high in the region so one of their formal reaction rebuttal is lebanon what could happen next.
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we don't need to see understand that you have another series of omega of how do we and president our different stakeholders here all of them have expressed in recent weeks that they are determined to support peace and stability unity if not and then and to hold elections next year for maybe we are expecting parliamentary elections and pretties of course it is important to have the same setting in which they can happen that the shell are with us on the lebanese prime minister's return to the country ben to thank you for that insight. thank you very much. you're watching d.w. news still to come a daring escape we'll show you footage of a north korean soldier crossing the border under heavy fire as he defects to the south. and anger mounts after reports of a thriving slave trade in libya we'll hear the stories of some of its victims as the u.n.
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calls for urgent action. but first the big controversy surrounding kristoff has more to be a big problem indeed over has admitted that last year it suffered a massive data breach hackers stole names e-mail addresses and phone numbers of millions of the right hailing service customers now to make matters worse paid off the criminals to keep everything under the rock. the revelation that knew about a massive data breach but did not inform of already has left the ride sharing company facing some tough questions. if you knew who the hackers were. the question. is worth nearly seventy billion dollars making it by far the leading ride sharing service in the world. the latest revelation has left some customers feeling uneasy. it's
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a little disappointing i mean as a consumer i mean i. had no idea that. in the u.s. companies are required to disclose data breach information to the government so the ride share service could end up facing fines from the u.s. authorities and also other countries for hiding the information the revelation could also potentially expose guber to lawsuits from affected customers that could have a significant impact on its bottom line. for some more analysis let's bring indeed obvious tech editor constantine klein constantino personal data of fifty seven million who were customers has been compromised here what more can you tell us about the case. well according to what tells us no financial data has been lifted no credit card numbers no bank account numbers and no attempted fraud has been detected yet of course disappearing data off with personal e-mails and phone
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numbers is bad enough in addition to that has lost the data of six hundred thousand u.s. based drivers containing their driver's license numbers which is significant in a country where driver's licenses amounts to a personal i deem a note on the technical side was stored its databases not in all server but in the cloud as a modem company it's supposed to do so it also starting formation the necessary to access those database in the database in the cloud which in itself is not unusual it just requires that extra bit of security to make it a safe practice now constantine and i got these revelations regulators are calling for heftier fines for companies consuming these data breaches well yes although it may be facing legal proceedings around the world now new york's attorney general eric schneiderman has already launched investigations authorities in australia and the philippines are looking into that matter and britain's top or
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data security officer james deployed johnston said the entire matter raises huge concerns which in britain amounts to a possible fine of up to five hundred thousand pounds which for you and me is a lot of money but not necessarily for a company which on one side has never made any money money on the other hand has a market value of over seventy million dollars billion dollars on something line you don't hear tech other thank you so much. data security is certainly one of the pitfalls of the new sharing economy and here's another one if you share something you don't own it and if you don't own it you rarely feel responsible for it that's the issue many cities are confronted with when it comes to bike sharing services concerns among city planners is growing over not unused bikes clogging up public space nuts but these issues a company from singapore now wants to take on the competition in germany. you can't
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mesut the no frills bright yellow bike with no gears lots of plastic and thick solid group of tires it's a decent short distance bike you can rent one for a year or an hour using an app show you where the nearest bike kids. have never used one which has been station the speed for this one like i think it's has g.p.s. or something attached to it so it looks very interesting next bike the publicly funded bike sharing platform has fixed parking stations and it's these loose bikes could cause chaos they look neat and tidy now but who knows when they'll be broken wheels lying around or blocked subway entrances and pavements. companies who use public space where there's the most demand where it makes most sense in terms of traffic being struck here at least once and for it's us. if bikes
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start to accumulate they're supposed to be collected and redistributed a geo fencing program on your find shows where to park and when not to park the out also saves the route to the bike the german manager wants to dispel accusations that it's all the way to collect customer data. you have to read the data protection policy when it clearly states that we don't pass the data on it's used internally to develop the app and our services ones are soccer ball to be done mostly. for now it's still in the test phase. whether or not the only bikes can stand up to the competition. only time will tell . the first round of nasa talks has come to a close on the three countries involved if you have to resolve any major differences u.s. officials brought up some thorny issues at the meeting. donald trump made revamping
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the trade agreement which he's called the single worst deal ever approved a key element of his election campaign but throughout the goetia asians canada and mexico have continued to resist u.s. the man's in areas of car manufacturing and agriculture where there are still no signs of solutions the next round of talks will take place in december. dramatic footage has emerged of a north korean soldier defecting to the south sumi thank you chris after those pictures show this soldier a racing across the border under fire from former comrades a soldier is now recovering in a south korean hospital this is one of the most heavily guarded places on earth and this is a north korean soldier about to make the most dangerous and dating decision of his life to defect to the south as he career's past a north korean checkpoint his comrades raise the alarm and get chased.
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over the bridge of no return the driver is within touching distance of freedom. regime soldiers make one last bed to catch him. just meters from the white demarcation line disaster struck as he crushed his jeep the unmanned soldier had to make the crossing on food with his pursuers firing forty bullets at his back. one even crosses the border before retreating a violation of the armistice agreement start two minutes later the badly injured soldier is seen amongst a bed of leaves and for red imagery shows how south korean soldiers crawl to his. doctors say he is in recovery. the
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u.n. secretary general has called for urgent action after a recent video emerged of african migrants being sold as slaves in libya c.n.n. broadcast footage of what it said was an auction of men offered to libyan buyers as farm workers they were sold for four hundred dollars. these ivorians are returning home the home they left to seek a better life in europe on their way many suffered unimaginable horris and abuse at the hands of smugglers in libya one hundred fifty five migrants were repacholi to abidjan on monday each with a story to tell and what they're telling is slavery is real. they sell men in libya even fifteen year olds they're in a car armed they kidnap you sell you for one or two hundred dinars and then others resell you that's the truth. and it was prison they take you they tell
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you to pay money if you don't pay you stay in prison when you pay they free you but then someone else takes you. through. their accounts confirmed the images of african migrants being auctioned off in libya in a recent t.v. report it sent shock waves through the world. but it didn't come as a surprise to the people working here. to secretly push it's an open secret many people knew what was going on in libya we've talked about the abuse of the migrants women in particular time and again in our awareness raising campaigns in ivory coast we're trying to tell people in our country that it's time to open our eyes and see that the tragedies of the regular migration are not just the deaths there are other tragedies to also from.
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you know to slavery they chant news of the slave auction sparked protests outside the libyan embassies and paris and across africa libya is a migration not far from europe with some seven hundred thousand migrants within its borders it's a lawless place where exploitation is rife and the revelations have brought more international scrutiny upon it including from the united nations secretary general who condemned the human rights abuses. i abhorred these appalling acts and call upon all competent all started to see investigate these activities without delay and to bring the best potatoes to justice. libyan authorities have launched a formal investigation but for many it's too late.
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to soccer now and a mixed night for the german sides in the champions league it was crunch time for dortmund they needed a win on match day five and they took the lead against tottenham with returning striker pir emerick obama young scoring the first goal but tottenham hit back to harry kane and young and so on to win two one the result means dortmund are out of the tournament although they may still go into the europa league. it was however a better night for rb like say who also needed to win when they travel to monaco t.-mo van i was like six hero on the night he scored twice in the first half to help his side to a four one victory leipsic are now level on points with second place porto in group g. and a win in the final group group game could see them progress to the next round if you remember when a fresh faced teenage athlete from germany became the youngest man ever to win the wimbledon tennis tournament this might make you feel old boris becker turns fifty today it was way back in one thousand nine hundred eighty five when bakker took his
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first wimbledon title back and went on to win five more grand slam crowns among his forty nine career singles titles becker has remained busy with coaching business and poker interests while also generating occasional controversy in his retirement . minor in our top story at this hour judges that a u.n. court have found the former bosnian serb army chief guilty of war crimes and genocide and if sentenced him to life in prison under lot of just command a serb troops massacred thousands of muslim bosniak men and boys in the town of. in one thousand nine hundred five. you're watching from berlin don't forget go to our website dot com for all the latest news and information around the clock we'll be right back here at the news desk at the top of the hour. thank you.
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