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afro germany starting december tenth d.w. . this is due to be a news live from berlin rothko a lot of the so-called butcher of bosnia is found guilty of genocide and war crimes a u.n. tribunal sentences the former boss knew and served commander to life in prison for atrocities committed during the bosnian war we'll hear from our correspondent in the hague. also coming up
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a new era begins in zimbabwe. jubilation as president robert mugabe resigns after thirty seven years in power his successor armor sent him in god what is expected to be sworn in on friday. saad hariri back home in beirut lebanon as prime minister makes his first official appearance since unexpectedly resigning from abroad we'll hear more from the lebanese capital. and who covers up massive hack data from fifty seven million customers exposed but the right company kept it quiet and then pay the hackers to delete the stolen information. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us judges in the hague have found the former bosnian serb army chief fred kolata sht. guilty of war crimes crimes
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against humanity and genocide and they have sense and sam to life in prison the charges were related to the massacre of thousands of muslim bosniak men and boys in the town of srebrenica in one thousand nine hundred five that was carried out by serb troops under lot of his command here's what judges in the un tribunals said as they read out the ruling a short while ago the chamber finds. guilty as a member of first joint criminal enterprises of the following cones count to genocide count three persecution the crime against humanity let's go right to our correspondent catherine martens she is standing by outside the courthouse in the hague and has been following the story for us hi catherine so right coladas found guilty on ten of eleven counts tell us more about how today's hearing on folded. well the
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judge has started on the very top of the average ten a.m. here in the hague in the ice city while just behind me so they started to read out. the facts they committed war crimes without referring immediately to the risk personal responsibility of rock on large their first status that there have been war crimes against humanity regarding the siege of sarajevo then the second key question was if all criteria will meet for a genocide of seven it's or this was the case the judge the judges confirmed that the seven is a massacre is qualified as a genocide so this was in a first time. the verdict of the judges today in the second time they wanted to. really to talk about the personal responsibility of ruskell large but then lot of
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himself who was present in the court just asked to step out of the courtroom in order to go to the toilet this was granted in a first time for of the by the judges and then it turned into a kind of situation because this little break of five minutes turned to be over an hour and it turned out that it was the strategy of the defense to drop the proceedings against a large the something we have seen several times here at the ice city why this is fitting in the snow corp of moderates for a long time here in the eyes city right but finally the judges really decided they will continue the proceedings they will read the verdict and this is and there we are today here at the eye city right catherine of these charges relate back to the atrocities that happened in the mid early to mid one nine hundred ninety s. let's take a look back now at what led to this point. srebrenica the small town in
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eastern bosnia-herzegovina has gained infamy as the scene of a war crime in july in one thousand nine hundred five bosnian serb forces massacred more than eight thousand men and boys here they were acting on the orders of radical melodic the former army chief following the collapse of yugoslavia he made plans to create a greater serbia together with radovan carriage the bars political leader melodic carriage divided the walk of war between them carried it gave the orders mullard it carried them out former head of the british army and x. need to gen some might jackson was at that time commander of the allied rapid reaction corps in the balkans and got to know all right cool melodic passionately. he was ruthless trowbridge the obvious one is. hard pouring.
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their scene is without a doubt the panicle of melodic just cruelty in july nine hundred ninety five his troops forced to we enter srebrenica which had been declared a safe haven under un protection in front of the cameras here sure bosnian muslims that nothing would happen to them. shortly afterwards his forces expelled the women and girls and killed the men and boys. and their support it came face to face with melodic that summer and she was bussed out of town as soon as he walked into the bus i covered my head like this. today she can only endure the trauma. during that last offensive my father and my brother were killed it seemed to me like my whole world collapsed apart from my children and my husband these two were the most important people in my life.
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for survivors like innocent and their relatives this verdict has delivered the justice they've been hoping for and let's go back to catherine marks who's been covering this trial for us in the hague catherine as we saw there's been very emotional for survivors and relatives of the victims and some are watching from strieber need to today how important has this verdict been for them when i had the opportunity to talk of some of the mothers the so-called mothers of severin and so they are here and there followed of course the verdict and there is all in all is huge for leave regarding the verdict of that one of the last perpetrators of the crimes committed in exodus navia that finally this was brought to justice i spoke with one mother who sat. every day i live the celebrated summer massacre once again in my memory it is
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a daily of my life and it's my only compensation today that there is justice they also sank the international community and especially the court here for all this virk they have tun in the case but i heard also some critical voices they said yes this is an important step for the large case today and the verdict but we still want also justice regarding the nato bombings in serbia for example and also. the responsibility of the dart's as u.n. forces who kind of legends happen in front of them the seven it's a massacre so there are the two points as you to leave important step but on the other hand they still they say it's not all the trust us we have to continue that work to have you catherine martin reporting from the hague thank you catherine.
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to zimbabwe now where people are celebrating after president robert mugabe announced his resignation a day after the shock announcement that ended almost four decades of rule the focus now turns to his successor emmerson up zimbabwe's next president is a hardliner with ties to the military who could prove as authoritarian as his mentor and former boss. wherever you look in some capital the news of robert mugabe's departure. for zimbabwe ends a new era has begun thirty seven years of mugabe's true has come to an end recently for celebration for many. this. is. a new. excitement now oh eyes are turning to mugabe's successor. leadership should create jobs
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employment and they must not revert back to the same system of leadership that we had. a day earlier and really feared the streets of paris after word of mugabe's herceg nation spread. correspondent christine moniba was on hand to witness history. the. jubilation too and some bad ways parliament has to speak of house read out a statement from mark the season. ron. won't talk on my blog and will roll my course. for the welfare of the people who are
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involved with. the ninety three year old leader and is a crisis that began last week when the military intervened to stop the rise to power of mugabe swi disgrace the move touched off most protests against mugabe. his successor would be former vice president and the gala who fled the country earlier this month after mugabe fired him with the new leaders set to take over the reins on friday many are hoping for a break with the past. lebanese prime minister saad hariri says he is putting his resignation on hold after the country's president asked him to reconsider and allow time for more dialogue however he attended independence day celebrations in the capital after returning to lebanon late last night it's been nearly three weeks since he suddenly announced his resignation while in saudi arabia lebanese officials accuse saudi arabia of forcing her really to resign but her response to
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shock her level and also big and its independence and then for. her into something very critical here now her back and i think his message is. to focus on domestic politics to. the other parties and we've been seeing some pictures there of him taking part in those independence day celebrations ben to this is a very complex story can you explain to us what has happened until now and how saudi arabia is involved. this is one of the counties that is very vulnerable to external influences. regional powers mainly and here we have saudi arabia on one hand saudi arabia. movie and future movement and of course we also have strongly involved here and currently tensions between these two are very high in the region so one of their. this is london
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what could happen next. we don't need to see other story but i have another series of legs my own made of harvey and president our different stakeholders here all of them have expressed in recent weeks. determined to support peace stability unity and and and to hold elections next year for many we're expecting parliamentary elections and privies of course it is important to have the same setting in which they can happen that the shell are with us on the lebanese prime minister's return to the country ben to thank you for that insight. thank you very much if you remember when a fresh faced teenaged athlete from germany became the youngest man ever to win the wimbledon tennis tournament this might make you feel old boris becker towards fifty today it was way back in one thousand nine hundred five when bakra took his first
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wimbledon title is a boyish face as you can see became that of a grown man and backer went on to win five more grand slam crowns among his forty nine career singles titles becker has remained busy with coaching business and poker interests while also generating occasional controversy in retirement. reminder now of our top story at this hour judges at a u.n. court have found the former bosnian serb army chief broccoli lot of guilty of war crimes and genocide they have sentenced him to life in prison under lot of his command a serb troops massacred thousands of muslim bosniak men and boys in the town of srebrenica in one nine hundred ninety five. over covers up a massive data breach christopher koper has the details coming right up and business.
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