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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 22, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm CET

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this is g.w. news live from berlin rothko lot of the so-called butcher of bosnia is found guilty of genocide and war crimes a u.n. tribunal sentences the former bosnian serb commander to life in prison for atrocities committed during the bosnian war we'll hear more from our correspondent
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. also coming up a new era begins in zimbabwe. jubilation as president robert mugabe resigns the man who once proclaimed only god will remove me step down after thirty seven years in power so what is next for zimbabwe. saad hariri back home in beirut lebanon as prime minister makes his first official appearance since unexpectedly resigning from abroad will get more. and over a covers up a massive hack data from fifty seven million over customers exposed for the ride sharing company kept it quiet and then paid the hackers to delete the stolen information.
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someone's going to get to have you with us judges in the hague have found the former bosnian serb army chief wrote coladas you guilty of war crimes crimes against humanity and genocide and they have sentenced him to life in prison the charges were related to the massacre of thousands of muslim bosniak men and boys in the town of srebrenica in one thousand nine hundred ninety five and was carried out by serb troops under modest just command here's what judges in the u.n. tribunal said as they read out the ruling earlier today the chamber finds rights coma at each guilty as a member of first joined common enterprises of the following counts count to genocide count three persecution the crime against humanity well not just wasn't actually in the courtroom when the verdict was read he had been removed following an angry outburst directed at the judge well that's after the judge denied
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a request by modish his lawyers to delay the proceedings because their clients blood pressure was rising let's listen in. mr milosevic. has them let it sit. mr. mr knight if you. if you continued like this. mr. we we we adjourn and we. missed we adjourn we adjourn mr knight a chill be removed from the courtroom. is that i'm getting mr mr milosevic we adjourn curtains down mr miller will be removed from the courtroom. our correspondent catherine martin's has been covering the trial after the verdict she spoke with serge brammertz the chief prosecutor for the international criminal
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tribunal for the former yugoslavia. as a prosecutor off the ice city why. how much of a landmark is that trial today this is definitely one of the most important trials in the history of the tribunal. courage and knowledge are both considered the the architects of the large ethnic cleansing campaigns in the ninety's in the form of in particular in in bosnia herzegovina so it's definitely one of the most important trials which which ended today wide took it so long to bring law. as prosecutor off the i city. folk a looks like we're having some technical problems with that interview there that was katherine martin's the speaking to serge brammertz the chief prosecutor for the
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i.c.t. why now the atrocities committed by right commodity took place in the early to mid one nine hundred ninety s. during the bosnian war let's take a look back now at his role in that conflict. srebrenica the small town in eastern bosnia-herzegovina has gained infamy as the scene of a war crime in july in one thousand nine hundred five bosnian serb forces massacred more than eight thousand men and boys here they were acting on the orders of radical melodic the former army chief following the collapse of yugoslavia he made plans to create a greater serbia together with radovan carriage the bars political leader melodic heritage divided the work of war between them carried it gave the orders mullard it carried them out. former head of the british army and ex neato general some might jackson was at the time commander of the allied rapid reaction corps in the balkans
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and got to know all right cool melodic passionately. who was ruthless trowbridge the obvious one is. hard to portray their scene is without a doubt the panicle of melodic just cruelty in july nine hundred ninety five his troops forced to we enter srebrenica which had been declared a safe haven under un protection in front of the cameras here sure bosnian muslims that nothing would happen to them. shortly afterwards his forces expelled the women and girls and killed the men and boys. and this appalled it came face to face with that summer as she was bussed out of town as soon as he walked into the bus i covered my head like this. today she can only endure the trauma. during that last offensive my father and my brother were killed it seemed to me
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like my whole world collapsed apart from my children and my husband these two were the most important people in my life. for survivors like knesset and their relatives this verdict has delivered the justice they've been hoping for to zimbabwe now where people are celebrating after president robert mugabe announced his resignation a day after the shock announcement that ended almost four decades of rule the focus now turns to his successor emerson zimbabwe's next president is a hardliner with ties to the military who could prove as authoritarian as his mentor and former boss. wherever you look in some capital the news of robert mugabe's departure. for some barbarians
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a new era has begun thirty seven years of mugabe's true has come to an end reason for celebration for many. this. is. a new. captain with me. now oh i saw turning to mugabe's successor. leadership should create jobs employment and they must not revert back to the same system of leadership that we had. a day earlier in relief in the streets of paris after word of mugabe's her sick nation spread. to correspondent christine moniba was on hand to witness history.
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the. jubilation too and some bad ways parliament has to speak of house read out a statement from my decision. to resign and. what went on and on my blog and russell crowe my calls. for the welfare of the people who were involved with. the ninety three year old leader and is a crisis that began last week when the military intervened to stop the rise to power of mugabe swythe grace the move touched off most protests against mugabe. his successor will be full of a vice president allison and then gala who fled the country earlier this month after mugabe fired him with the new leaders set to take over the reins on friday many are hoping for a break with the past. well let's bring in eddie cross a member of parliament and one of the founders of the opposition movement for
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democratic change as a party led by morgan tsvangirai mr cross thank you for joining us now the former vice president emerson gaga has long been a long time confidant of mugabe and now he's going to take over as a new president well anything really change or i think this very much in his hands he knows exactly what he's got to do i'm sure he's under no illusions about what he faces here time he comes back on friday to massive problems which are going to be in his lap on monday if we're responsible for finding solutions i think to come back to an international community here led by local diplomats who are frankly very skeptical and are going to want to see a substantial change in direction of policy before they begin to talk about realigning their own attitudes towards about. our correspondent interviewed morgan tsvangirai yesterday and he called magog war ruthless a do you really think he's
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the kind of leader that zimbabwe needs right now in this time of transition the chinese have a saying that if you can't ride the tiger you shouldn't attempt to do so otherwise if you for if you get eaten. this was going to come back and he's going to run right to talk again this is a very tough job i think he's one of the few men in the country who could really handle the responsibilities of life if i personally think also that he he had many ways he knows exactly what to do and i think that he were to do it but i must say i'm not a majority in that respect many people here are deep and deeply concerned about what he's going to actually do it becomes a bit redundant long to wait he'll make a statement when he's you know he wrote it on friday and i'm sure that we'll have
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some carrots you know after that you mentioned he's facing a host of new challenges when he takes office as a new president what are those challenges. well those top of the list would be the budget which should have been presented on thursday this week to the national assembly you have to take that on the hand he's he's the minister mr sinus has been sidetracked is into tension so he's going to appoint a new minister of finance quickly and begin that process i have to review the budget very carefully because that's the only option that's the only policy option he has intended directing the country like betsy on the steering wheel. then he's got to deal with the question of the engagement of the diplomatic community of the international community international partners particularly the germany united states u.k. european union and big countries like india and china i don't think that actually
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will be a problem because they have a very accommodating and i think that germany and the united states are going to be tough to persuade because they have a very principled position on survivor and they would more than some previous to words of mr krugman have no action before the what about the what about they are doing surely that's also a challenge you know it was partly the army's intervention that forced robert mugabe to resign how a political will the army be now it's never been a political been a problem for twenty years but remember that money is the boss he's the chairman of the joint operations command this is the man who's been directing the army and believe me the army was not acting on its side they were under action and i think i've got no doubt that money guard was pulling the strings from johannesburg all the time so for he's one man who can handle the the army on the other hand our army is a professional force if you've seen this you see that there's been no indiscipline
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troll they've maintained their position they have not used excessive force they have treated the public with dignity they've allowed complete freedom while they've been in charge and insects and governments have all fat and have more freedom in the last few days than they've had in thirty five is the middle class want to know what about robert mugabe himself and his legacy what should happen to him and his wife grace at this point. will give him a dignified exit in that retirement we once we were in prosecuting him or anything is why this is a different ballgame if i was grace mugabi i'd be standing my my exit to somewhere far away to live in comfort on the spoils of white short history as the sense leaves about her right eddie cross a member of parliament and one of the founders of the opposition movement for democratic change mr krause thank you so much for joining us on
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a program asia you're watching news is still to come a daring escape or show you footage of a north korean soldier crossing the border under heavy fire as he defects to the south. but first in the midst of bragg's it talks a highly anticipated budget plan in the u.k. helena's here with more on that that's right stephen britain's finance minister in fact his know it the growth outlook for the next five years in britain that stu's all that uncertainty surrounding the u.k.'s exit from the european union philip hammond made the comments as he unveiled his or to budgeting includes plans to set of three billion pounds for brakes that contingency plans the country's system to quit european union has resulted in a shortfall in sterling and an increase in inflation. now it has admitted it suffered a massive data breach last year stole the names e-mail addresses and phone numbers
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of millions of its customers around the world and to make matters worse the paid off criminals to keep them quiet the firm says it's fine to people over the instant regulators say that needs to come with higher fines. the revelation that knew about a massive data breach but did not inform of already has left the ride sharing company facing some tough questions found. if you knew the hackers were there why wouldn't you simply report them to you that's the question we're now has to answer is worth nearly seventy billion dollars making it by far the leading ride sharing service in the world. the latest revelation has left some customers feeling uneasy trust and to them i feel uncomfortable for them now it's a little disappointing i mean as a consumer i mean i you are now i did i had no idea that. in the u.s.
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companies are required to disclose data breach information to the government so the ride share service could end up facing fines from the u.s. authorities and also other countries for hiding the information the revelation could also potentially expose guber to lawsuits from affected customers that could have a significant impact on its bottom line. well for more let's bring in our tech editor constantine klein he joins us from data studios in bone good to see you now we're talking about the days when he had to fifty seven million uses. the hakas to keep this hotshot we know what's happened to this data now. but frankly we don't the authorities haven't been involved until now norris have been made and although who has paid the ransom money of one hundred thousand dollars. no assurances have been only assurances have been obtained that the data have been wiped we still
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don't know who the perpetrators are in real life that leaves them with plenty of time to do whatever they wanted with the data in addition to the assurances which we have to believe or not. has released a statement saying they haven't addicted and it terms of frauds using those state are. also we have to always keep in mind that the pending on the quantity of stolen records the data could be worth more than the one hundred thousand dollars that was paid for the silence i mean can we actually take this insurance is it face value because it let's be honest is not exactly been operating in the most transparent way. actually has indulged in acting like a bad guy a start up company bending the rules at every corner ignoring the regulations this pattern has evolved under its founder travis kind unequal has been replaced after a series of scandals by a current c.e.o. of. course russia. now basically is tasked with cleaning up the mess restructuring
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the company and in doing so he has fired the chief security officer of his had met olsen a former general counsel with them is a no less and has started connecting him to contact and it is around the world the tech editor constantine klein in bonn thanks for that. well data security is certainly one of the pitfalls of the new sharing economy here's another one if you share something you don't own it if you don't own it you really feel responsible for it that's the issue many cities are confronted with when it comes to bike sharing services concerns a growing among city plan is that the bikes not being used to clogging up public space despite that a company from singapore now wants to take on the competition right here in germany . you can't mesut the no frills bright yellow bike with no
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gears lots of plastic and thick solid rubber tires it's a decent short distance bike you can rent one for a year or an hour using an app that shows you where the nearest bike is. i've never used one which has been station the speed for this one like i think it's has g.p.s. or something attached to it so it looks very interesting next bike the publicly funded bike sharing platform has fixed parking stations and it's these loose bikes could cause chaos they look neat and tidy now but who knows when they'll be broken wheels lying around or blocked subway entrances and pavements. companies that use public space where there's the most demand not where it makes most sense in terms of traffic. and for its us. if bikes start to accumulate they're supposed to be collected and redistributed
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a geo fencing program on your find shows where to park and where not to park the out also saves the route to the bike the german manager wants to dispel accusations that it's all the way to collect customer data. you have to read the data protection policy when it clearly states that we don't pass the data on it's used internally to develop the app and our services or news also reporting be done and. for now it's still in the test phase. whether or not the only bikes can stand up to the competition. only time will tell. little crisis now with sumi thank you helena lebanon's prime minister saad hariri says he is putting his resignation on hold after the country's president asked him to reconsider and allow time for more dialogue attended independence day
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celebrations in the capital after returning to lebanon late last night it has been nearly three weeks since he suddenly announced his resignation while in saudi arabia lebanese officials accuse saudi arabia of forcing her to resign but he has yet to confirm those allegations. let's bring in ben to sheller she's the beirut office director of the heinrich bird foundation that's a german political foundation but a thank you for joining us so he has postponed his resignation as we said why and what do you make of this move. well as you mentioned in two days since the bridge to independence day just changed the message to really hand was exactly to this right through this. nonspecific nation from song response to shock her living and also big and its independence and therefore. here you are insisting you're critical here not that interesting his message is. to
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focus on domestic politics to. new parties and we've been seeing some pictures there of him taking part in those independence day celebrations ben to this is a very complex story can you explain to us what has happened until now and how saudi arabia is involved. this is one of the counties that is very vulnerable to external influences of regional powers mainly and here we have saudi arabia on the one hand saudi arabia mainly assad heavy and his future movement and of course we also have strongly involved here and i think currently tensions between these two are very high in the region so one of their formal retching rebuttal is london what could happen next. we've only to see understand that you have another series of omega of how do you and
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president our different stakeholders here all of them have expressed in recent weeks and they are determined to support peace and stability unity afloat and then and to hold elections next year for me we're expecting parliamentary elections and privies of course it is important to have the same setting in which they can happen then to sheller with us on the lebanese prime minister's return to the country ben to thank you for that insight. the u.n. the secretary general has called for urgent action after a recent video emerged of african migrants being sold as slaves in libya c.n.n. broadcast footage of what it said was an auction of men offered to libyan buyers as farm hands they were sold for four hundred dollars. these ivorians are returning home the home they left to seek
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a better life in europe on their way many suffered unimaginable horror as an abuse at the hands of smugglers in libya one hundred fifty five migrants were repatched to to abidjan on monday each with a story to tell. and what they're telling is slavery is real. people come off they sell men in libya even fifteen year olds they're in a car armed they kidnap you sell you for one or two hundred dinars and then others resell you that's the truth. so that it was prison they take you they tell you to pay money if you don't pay you stay in prison when you pay they free you but then someone else takes you. through. their accounts confirmed the images of african migrants being auctioned off in libya in a recent t.v. report it sent shock waves through the world but it didn't come as
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a surprise to the people working here. to secretly push it's an open secret many people knew what was going on in libya we've talked about the abuse of the migrants women in particular time and again in our awareness raising campaigns in ivory coast we're trying to tell people in our country that it's time to open our eyes and see that the tragedies of irregular migration are not just the deaths there are other tragedies too. from. you know to slavery they chant news of the slave auction sparked protests outside the libyan embassies and paris and across africa libya is a migration not far from europe with some seven hundred thousand migrants within its borders it's a lawless place where exploitation is rife and the revelations have brought more
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international scrutiny upon it. including from the united nations secretary-general who condemned the human rights abuses. i abhorred these appalling acts and call upon all competent also to choose to investigate these activities without the light and to bring the bad potatoes to justice. libyan authorities have launched a formal investigation but for many it's too late. now dramatic footage has emerged of a north korean soldier who defected over the border to the south earlier this month the images released by the un show the soldiers chief were racing towards the border at high speed. the north korean soldiers then run towards a vehicle which crashed near a tree the soldier jumps out as his pursuers arrive on the scene an open fire
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soldier is captured lying on the ground here and thermal footage then shows south korean soldiers here a crawling up to the man and dragging him to safety he is still being treated in the hospital for his injuries doctors say he has now regained consciousness. you're watching the news still the calm failed coalition talks have catapulted germany into unprecedented political uncertainty but is berlin really facing a political crisis or person it takes to the streets of the capital for a closer look. plus last night's champions league action will have the highlights stay with us. so no there's no reason to stay at home. you can get rid of it. when she's out. there get over it. and if nothing else will you just completely
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the topic of canadians russian and japanese do it and they should know that it's wheelchair on three continents forty five minutes on. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing a little fire meant for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's inspire each other. to do whatever go farming magazine. long d.w. welcome to quadriga. and they are going to look like there's music are you ready for this blue cold you visionary and she women's talk long t.w.
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a lot of smart women. smart told things that we broke the record. smart state making fans cheer the most in the next report you'll find out just how this way about. d.w. made for mine. he doesn't have issues with it i think it's really important to give a bit of time and love back to the fans who make so much effort. welcome back you're watching news our top story judges at a u.n. court have found the former bosnian serb army chief franco a lot is guilty of war crimes and genocide and they have sentenced him to life in prison under lot of just command of serb troops massacred thousands of muslims
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bosniak men and boys in the town of stubbornness in one thousand nine hundred five . now failed coalition talks here in germany have catapults of the country into on precedented political uncertainty berlin has long been an example of stable leadership but now uncle michael is the first german chancellor since world war two to fail to form a government so is germany really facing a political crisis war correspondent took to the streets of the capital for a closer look. this is a symbol of turmoil in germany is his story but it's also a symbol of peace it's the brandenburg gate in broad. a lot of countries looked on germany as a big hope in these uncertain times to the brics it with rising far right parties and populism for many people rolled wives germany is a safe club and a guarantee of stability but is that still true. many european visitors in berlin say yes i'm from spain and was. germany most they were.
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spain or catalonia because spain is going through the seams now so just for that and one economically i think it's also more stable with mainland and we consider him a lot more stable contrary to the may even yet mr because i've seen him back say is happening but since to pro-business free democrats broke off coalition talks germany's political stability is starting to look. all of a sudden it's unclear which party would govern germany and what will happen next a minority government new elections and what does this all mean for chancellor merkel the chancellor it's been michael's home for the past few years but her grip on power is weakening her future uncertain a lot of journalists rolled warred have been trying to understand the secret recipe of chancellor angela merkel success that's kept her in the driving seat of politics
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one of those journalists is my colleague hans brant who's not just standing by here is basically covering this entire mayhem for days now hans what is your take what comes through the political status quo of chancellor merkel is she needed for stability for security in june any well certainly she's doing very well she's been in here for several years she's feeling at home there if new elections were to be held it's very likely that she will win with her party she will continue to be chancellor for another four years or so on the other hand i'm going to knuckle should give up or should i be forced to give up that doesn't mean that chaos will break hans takes me to the bundestag just across from the chance hilary that too stands for stability but since the election in september germany's parliament is looking more fragile they don't quite know how to handle the situation they're starting now to put together committees which. to the real working in any parliament but i can't really put together the exact committees because the exact
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cabinet will be behind that so there's a great sense of uncertainty in parliament as well and what does chelsea or more close say to all of this nothing. useful i get to do it. when it comes to the time of deep reflection hans when it comes to the future of germany anything to add absolutely is not going to try to say look things are in my hand you can be real be assured that i will look after things in my hands things will develop without any problems everything will be ok i don't worry too much i'm in charge but in fact things are very uncertain we don't quite know how this is all going to play out because things on certain everything and anything is possible this could be even the beginning of the end of chancellor merkel's political career . so where do things stand now let's go right to thomas sparrow he is standing by for us at the bus stop with the very latest thomas if you
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can hear me there are we any closer to resolving this. well sumi officially the parties haven't moved to much from the opinions that we've been hearing in the last few days but what does seem to be happening is plenty of internal discussions within the parties as to whether they should stick to those positions or perhaps be more flexible as some of the political leaders in germany the german president found out that the speaker of the parliament for contraband have been insisting and this is particularly true for the f.t.p. the liberals who actually left those conversations in the first place and also for the social democrats who have been insisting time and time again that they want to be in the opposition and don't want to form a new grand coalition with angela merkel's conservative bloc whether they would actually change that is still unclear but we can say that there are internal discussions regarding this issue meanwhile thomas you know the far right a.f.e.
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they're complaining that president frank foster steinmeyer doesn't want to talk to them but nobody would actually want them as a coalition partner with a that's correct nobody would want them as a coalition partner but they're still important politically they're also represented obviously here in the german parliament and in fact from time i will be speaking next week to the leaders of all the parliamentary groups here in the parliament and that obviously includes the a fifty four now in my has only spoken to the leaders of the parties that could actually form a coalition to give you thomas fair with the very latest from the bundestag thomas thank you very much. you're watching news still to come in football here emerick obama young couldn't save dortmund's champions league campaign defeat to tottenham saw them crash out we'll ask what that means for their coach. and the icelandic pop phenomenon bjork is back with a new album utopia is coming out this weekend shows
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a much softer even romantic side of the singer scott roxboro from our culture desk will give us all the details in just a moment. but first the great firewall of china appears to be growing taller and helen is back with more on that yes that's right that internet blacklist that we're seeing in china seems to be getting longer china's reportedly added skype to its internet blacklists the news comes off to major companies including apple said they had been ordered to remove the from the download stores chinese authorities say skype does not comply with local law but did not specify what rules have been violated the means point to speculation that the government wants to limit access to encrypted services that unless phone rable to monitoring the country already blocks other leading foreign websites including facebook and twitter. and our correspondent linda holmes joins us now from singapore linda google facebook twitter they're already know goes in china v.p.n. so also recently been blocked and now skype i mean operating as a foreign
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a firm in the country must be hugely difficult is this the government's intention do you think. well not exactly i mean for most m.n.c. you know they have software and hardware to be able to reroute the internet such that an employee who's possibly sitting in china could be as good as sitting in one of the company's headquarters and this actually is not a very difficult problem for most m.n.c. east. experts also note that china doesn't intend to block all of the v.p.n. services but only what they call the an authorized once the filter register with the government as well as those that are located overseas so title laws could be seen as hitting the s.m. is harder than the m n c's and it's easy to see why there's a clamp down on the use of v.p.n. because it allows a user to use internet has evolved allows the user to actually use our go into
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prohibited content and china is not the only company you also have iran saudi arabia turkey russia u.a.e. and they all have made similar clampdown on the e.p.a. so this is actually to protect the country rather than to make it difficult for businesses to conduct their operations with the rest of the world right now the news hong kong stocks have hit a deckle decade high what's driving the market so fervently the moment. well today it's been driven largely by energy stocks and chinese developers they have that they're ready but this year has seen the market go up it's actually the tech stocks that have been the hot and favorite if you look at the share price of ten cent for example it's doubled this year and it's actually beat an almost face book to break the five hundred billion dollar value and despite this rally that we
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have seen the housing index this actually fourteen times do reported profits and this is actually cheaper compared to more than twenty times for those stocks europe six hundred index as well as the s. and p. five hundred and if you look at the earnings of asian stocks different really reported much better than last year where we have seen a challenging year and there was a lot of the uncertainties with bread as well as trompe elected the u.s. president so for now the owning have actually sick not actually better twenty eighteen for next year so ok that is actually keeping investors excited alanah singapore. now familiar smell of fresh roasted coffee wafting down the streets been during customers into cafes for years but inside is no it's not just the beans that are responsible for the nutty aroma it's the bin
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roast that's key to the process of producing a great cup of coffee the explosion of boutique coffee shops and centers around the world would have been impossible without a german company called program at. no it's just one way to enjoy coffee and it's a popular choice in germany but coffee isn't just coffee there are many different styles and flavors stuff approach no coffee inside out danielle and love it see as a roasting ex-pat embraced in the role coffee as a science in itself. makes roasting machines among other equipment a two hundred degree celsius the beans go in but only for about five or six minutes these beings are for life roast filter coffee so they don't need long. the end flavor of the coffee depends on how it's roasted aromas soon fell over him . yet it's now so good right now
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the cells are broken up which releases the gases it's really fresh you can smell the gases but after a day or two it will calm down and smell like really our coffee just like it should . roasting coffee requires skill that this company has honed it's a medium sized business that turns over one hundred fifty million euros a year and controls two thirds of the global market the recipe for success keep investing in development says c.e.o. outing the current focus is energy efficiency they also work closely with universities and customers in his home few. years we've been building partnerships in many areas of the supply chain. of thought that way we can meet the exact needs of our customers. and we can keep moving forwards in our research so we know what will still be important in five years or what will become important is with us and
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for your information which to shoot. customers including big international corporations bring coffee by for a trial roast. these beans are from a saudi arabian company that's interested in buying a machine a giant can cost up to a million euros they don't only produce in germany but also in the us brazil and india coffee consumption in china is on the rise but so is the competition. come on. machines can be copied but expertise comes from and the knowledge we've acquired over one hundred fifty years is so deeply embedded that for at least ten to fifteen years i won't be worried about copies. after that we'll say. about was founded one hundred fifty years ago hidden cameras on the dutch border right on the river rhine it was announced on tape just location even then now ninety percent of part about sales are made abroad and the world's love affair with
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kofi is only getting stronger. all right sumi has your sports news now looking at last night's soccer however it was a mixed night for the german sides in the champions league it was crunch time for dortmund they needed a win on match day five and they did take the lead against tottenham with returning striker appear emerick obama young scoring the first goal but problem head back to harry kane and young and so on to win two one that result means dortmund go out of the firm and although they may still go into the europa league. it was all a better night for rb life sick they also needed a win when they travel to monaco t.-mo vanno was live six hero on the night he scored twice in the first half to help assigned to a four one victory laps and are now level on points with second place porto in group g. and a win in the final group game could see them progress to the next round. and jonathan crane of do you have
3:45 pm
a use for it says here with us to talk more about the champions league guy jonathan norman they crash out of the competition in the group stage how big of a blow is this to them it's very disappointing because normally dortmund would expect to reach the knockout stages they were the finalists in trying to remember but it's not entirely surprising given how difficult it was going to be even before the game and actually had they won it had they beaten spurs they still would have made it through because real madrid beat i don't mind to take some positives. and that is goal scoring droughts off the bat being about from suspension and the performance i rule was a bit better unfortunately individual mistakes are costing them we saw that with the goals so now don't we need to regroup and focus on trying to be to that spot in the competition of course ironically. the final with with i.x. and that helps him get the job that he is now at risk of losing yeah is this the beginning of the end for peter brooks is a very precarious situation for him there's no way getting away from that seems strange still to say that given how well dortmund started the season but since
3:46 pm
september it's all started unraveling they've only won one in the last nine games and that was a cup match against a fifth division side so there is a lot of pressure on us he could go a long way to deeming himself at the weekend because. it's a massive job the game arguably one of the biggest matches of the season for the fans and even more so perhaps because shocker ahead of the second in the table the in his news conference after the game said i know it's important we shall hear from my position as well so he knows what's at stake when would give don't mean to massive psychological boost did not last in five dogs against shall because they were recent history is on the side but form is on the right jonathan stay right there we're going to come back in just a moment as we look ahead to the champions league action tonight and one of those matchups tonight features bundesliga champs byron meeting they have already reserved a spot in the sweet sixteen of the champions league and now they're expected to steamroll over belgian club under lect in brussels as they attempt to take first
3:47 pm
place in their group. well that can accords with by and stick it to the knockout stages already signed sealed and delivered the focus now is on topping the group helped by the goals of robert levin dusky they've won eighteen a rare wonder coach chip behind his. just two months of i don't think the team will relax just because we've already qualified for the next stage. and i think the team will want to keep moving forward and europe won't allow them to relax to listen to us to get some clinics up for training. scored a brace in the weekend victory over. and scoring shouldn't be a problem against great whipping boys and their legs but if by and you want to win the group it's likely they'll need to put four goals past leaders paris man on the final match day to batter the french side head to head. if you want to look ahead to the game against perry said. then i have to say we
3:48 pm
also want to win that game. because psychology plays a big role in football. even and elects coach was asked how by and will fare against p.s.g. . i think they can beat p.s.g. but they would need to beat them for no but being germans they always believe they can. pass for the match at hand recent history favors by and the last time they played and liked in brussels they won five nil. ok johnson byron looking good again how important is it for them to finish on top of their theory it is important because then you were seeded in the second leg of the last sixteen in front of your home fans and as you avoid other group winners but as we've seen in previous seasons last year for example by and finished runners that ramage finish line is up to state it doesn't always guarantee you an easy match might improve your chances of getting an easier time but it doesn't always guarantee you can win the champions league this year they're on great form eight matches. they got feel like they can
3:49 pm
beat anyone on that day but it's a tougher competition because not only do you have the right spots and around richard you've got teams like manchester city in paris and your money is invested very heavily to win the competition so it's going to be very tough os for them all right jonathan crane from give me sports keeping a close eye on the champions league action for us thank you jonathan. it's not despite australia's national football team success and qualifying for next year's world cup in russia socceroos coach. announced his resignation on wednesday the fifty two year old australian revealed his decision an emotional press conference he said the job had taken a toll on his family life but declined to go into specifics it comes a week after his side qualified for the world cup through the playoffs. and. she's back and as weird as ever icelandic singer bjork releases her new album this week utopia
3:50 pm
is a collaboration with south american electronic artists are. part let's get more on the weird and wacky world of bjork we have our culture editor scott roxboro here with us scott you've listened to this album what do you think you have a very very bjork e i say it's probably it's really i mean she has her own adjective this is this is this is interesting because her last album. was was about her break up with the american artist matthew bernie and it was a very dark very sort of oppressive album this is an olympic see mode again it's very upbeat very sort of joyful full of life but love and it's it's interesting to see such a compelling artist both in your music and visually and we've prepared a bit of a deeper dive into her life as an artist and then also this new album utopia what we take a look at. it's
3:51 pm
all about love utopia marks a change of mood for pure the singer snags studio album offers positive tunes trance pardos to a playful world of life and joy. a love letter to optimism that's an answer to the heartbreak and pain the singer explored on her last album the korea utopia closes the open wound caused by x. part now matthew barney. was. the singer and pop icon has always been adapted to reinventing herself each of her albums as a unique piece of art. was born in iceland and nine hundred sixty five and the raw power of the volcanic
3:52 pm
island from mines a source of inspiration bjork sang and choirs as a child and a punk and bands as a teenager is. in the early ninety's she moved to london to pursue a solo career her first album debut came out in one nine hundred ninety three and made her an instant star soaring to the top of the charts and going platinum and the us. the next few albums were also critical and commercial hits. framus for her videos as her music her nine hundred ninety nine video all is full of love is considered one of the best of all time. it's. this visually musically and technologically pure continues to push forward remaining at fifty two on the creative cutting edge. with utopia the artist gives her fans a taste of her romantic side.
3:53 pm
yes got to understand york is actually calling this her tender album so the on line dating app tender and it seems that technology does play a pretty big role in her music right now yeah not just not right now i mean i think it's always been the big aspect of her music both creatively and also just technically she's she's always been sort of the cutting edge on her music production video production as we said we saw i think what really interests are is sort of the interaction between technology and the natural world but you also as they always been on the on the cutting edge when the first artist to ever have their own website back in one thousand nine hundred four a couple albums back she with each song truly issued least an apt to go with it on our last album along with the music she designed the whole virtual reality exhibit to go with it so it's always this interaction between technology and the human between the natural and the machine that's always been a core part of her it's not just her are singing she's also an artist isn't she
3:54 pm
yeah i think that a real true artist i mean i compare it to like david bowie she's always been really inspired by art and has brought that into into our music and. the museum of modern art in new york they did a whole retrospective of her work couple years ago and you can really look if you look through her career how she sort of turned herself into a living work of art i mean back in say the ninety's she looks fairly ordinary you know fairly normal looking person but then as you go through her career it's just been sort of transformational. she's been fired like japanese are and then things like one of her albums she was inspired by cosmic forms to great images and costumes she's inspired of course by her her partner matthew carney to get more sort of you brought up forms organic forms but in every case unlike say david bowie who would transform from each album somehow she's managed to combine it all and still remain very bjork because use always still herself you know in the end so for a viewers who are interested in finding out more on this album there's more on our
3:55 pm
website www dot com slash culture and we've a great gallery of her looks throughout the years for people who are interested let's listen to a bit more of her music we have some from the gate that's the first single on her new album utopia enjoy. you. ok we just have time now for reminder of our top stories at this hour judges at a u.n. court a found the former bosnian serb army chief brought coladas guilty of war crimes and genocide they have sentenced him to life in prison under a lot of just commands served troops massacred thousands of muslim bosniak men and boys in the town of server nixon in one thousand nine hundred five. and people in zimbabwe are celebrating after president robert mugabe announced his resignation
3:56 pm
the ninety three year old mugabe ruled zimbabwe for nearly four decades. you're watching get over your news don't forget you can head to our web site good of you dot com for all the latest news and information are around the clock her up will be right here at the news desk in just a few minutes with another update stay with us.
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a new leader.


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