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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 23, 2017 7:00am-8:01am CET

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learn german for free with d.w. just. this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin they were fused to go but australia's prime
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minister warns he won't be pressured police and immigration officials move into clear almost four hundred refugees from an immigration camp they're seeking asylum in all straight leo but they fear for their safety at the alternative accommodation offered to get a live update also coming up emmerson in god while returns home promising full democracy in zimbabwe he'd pledge to south africa after being fired by robert mugabe what happens next will go live to harare. germany in political deadlock after talks to form a governing coalition failed but could the social democrats be reconsidering their refusal to rule together without going back as conservatives have the latest. also coming up in the next hour in turkey tensions rise between locals and refugees some syrian refugees had to be back you waited following recent planning clashes turkey . nearly three million syrian and iraqi refugees we bring you an exclusive report
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from istanbul. and afghanistan in kong playing as the islamist taliban take over more areas of the country the u.s. is to massively step up air strikes we ask what chance of success. and i want to welcome i'm terry martin good to have you with us police and immigration officials in papua new guinea have moved in to clear almost four hundred asylum seekers from an abandoned immigration camp the camp. was closed at the end of october but some of the inmates refused to go they feared for their safety the alternative accommodation offered the camp was closed after a powerful new guinea supreme court ruling last year that australia's policy of
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housing asylum seekers there was unconstitutional. they want to kill us they chant this mobile phone footage captures asylum seekers in a controversial australian run detention center in papua new guinea one that was officially shut down three weeks ago now police have entered the compound they owe it to those remaining to leave. shocking scenes have to stress the crowd tries to revive one man who has collapsed. and. these pictures show police attempting to clear the madness island center almost four hundred people have refused to leave the camp citing fans for their safety many tried to evade the authorities. australia detained refugees arriving by boat in the controversial facility and shut it down after papua new guinea court ruled
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it unconstitutional australia now wants to rehire as then and not the camp on the island to say that the people at the. mannus regional processing center which has been closed by the p. and g. authorities should leave and go to the alternative accommodation that has been provided that they should out by the law and the lawful authorities of poppy new guinea. there are alternative facilities that have been made available with food water security and medical services. supplies that is sorely lacking at minus refugees say police destroyed their belongings and took away food and water stockpiles adding to the ata squalor in which they have been living here . a correspondent data how mine is covering the story from sydney
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tell us more about what's happening there on the ground at the menace island camp where we learn to be very very careful with the information coming in because we do not get all the information we want to actually in australia but as far as we heard is that to really the camp is cleared meanwhile that the three fifty or four hundred refugees are out of the camp we do not know if there are already arrived in the new camp with that which is not far away from the old one but definitely this does turn detention camps seems to be cleared just by the way a military installation ok so you say the camp has been cleared and that the inmates there or the asylum seekers are being moved what about the new camp that they're supposed to go to they objected to conditions there. well this new camp seems to be the main problem the refugees say that the new camp is not safe for
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them and rights organisations say there's no not enough portable water there's no electricity in that camp and that camp is not ready to move in this camp is in the old german colonial town called luton go on the on the madness island and this campus is open for everybody it is not closed so the people can move out other people can move in and a lot of refugees know that they are not very well come in papa new guinea so they are scared they are afraid of violence from the population but this is quite a complex detail with people seeking a salem asylum in australia but being held in a camp and papa new guinea is australia letting another nation do its dirty work it looks like that yes actually i heard there on a member of parliament saying while ago it looks like australia is dumping refugees on foreign shores. and i think that's in fact true there are two refugee camps or
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at that is definitely one and they're on the island of narrow and there is one more or less detention camp on mondays island now and a lot of refugees are in there without any rights and they will never ever reach australia definitely not. it is a problem for these people because they cannot ask for asylum is not possible because they will never ever see a public servant from australia they only see people from pop on the ginnie or from now and this is indeed a kind of blame game naru is saying australia is responsible for all that and australia is saying no or is responsible or p.m.g. is responsible w.s.d. to how it's going back and forth thank you data data have on their reporting from sydney. to zimbabwe now where the
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former vice president emerson in the god walk has arrived back in harare to take power after president robert mugabe's resignation and gaga has fled to south had fled to south africa earlier this month after being fired by mugabe he addressed his supporters outside the headquarters of the ruling zanu p.f. party upon his return. crowds in harare a welcome home their hero. and emerson and guy failed to disappoint. it didn't take him long to connect with his supporters was the. general said. the u.s. senator who was. the. journey through to them but you know how did you know when you were good it
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was. was going to be. it was during. his return follows a historic day in zimbabwe on tuesday the speaker of parliament announced that robert mugabe had resigned after thirty seven years in power. harare celebrated the beginning of a new chapter in zimbabwe's history. today though all eyes were squarely on the one guy. he's expected to be sworn in as interim president on friday. in the midst of political changes the african union took a more cautious approach. is a transition must be a short term one as to constitution provides for elections in july and these
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elections must be free democratic inclusive where everybody is allowed to run. the vote is expected to be held by september two thousand and eighteen what shapes and by the way will be and by then will depend a lot on this man. well let's get the very latest on this developing story from zimbabwe's capital harare christine joins us from the christine everson live in god was forced to flee the country just a couple of weeks ago now he's returning as its leader how big of a challenge is he facing. sorry he has a huge challenge ahead of him there are about eighty percent of zimbabweans without work as as we speak terri graduates leaving university face the prospect of not finding any work when they complete they studies government is essentially the biggest employer and it often struggles to pay civil servants on
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a daily basis private companies shutting down in this country so that is the immediate challenge that he faces his cost to get this economy go you get there is a massive cash shortage i've spoken to people yet not held a physics physical cash now in months and it just tells you how desperate things are the public health six for example is falling apart hospitals not able to give people adequate treatment if they cannot pay for it upfront this is the public sector so there is a lot that needs to happen the bottom this economy and that is he's a bigger challenge huge challenge huge expectations delivered a rousing speech upon his return i understand even on the streets gathering some reactions let's listen in to some of that. you can tell me but you know i don't like news if you don't live there or you go down looking functioning well it's all for president i'm not here who've been through a month ago trying to be either phillip or professionalism did not try to during
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the time with the first of them did or for that minister for actually placed himself that he's going to be at that event to say of the people that use knots how hungry the agilent was fired you complicated and you left but for the level of this continent for the love of these people he came back to all us to get us so that the person with people that hot. so big expectations indeed is there widespread confidence christine that men and god will steer the country toward positive change . there is terry and when i asked involved means why they're so confident about that they tell me things like well he's being backed by the way they are pushing governments from the united kingdom government from the governments from the united states to say if they all supported me and they're willing to talk to him they're willing to invest in zimbabwe and open up our economy they quote for example the fact that he presided over
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a program he had suppose an agricultural program in zimbabwe called come on agriculture that the gentleman referred to at that we've just listened to it was a new program that essentially souls involved exporting maize for the first time in our ages so that means a lot to people and when he was speaking yesterday to the crowd he indicated that he was already talking to people that were interested in supporting zimbabwe's economy and helping people in this country and so that randi that the crowd received that very well a lot of people say you see he's a businessman he's business minded he is the person that's going to do this for us as christine was reporting from harare zimbabwe thank you so much. now some other stories making headlines around the world today argentina's navy says it's investigating a new lead in the search for a submarine that went missing last week with forty four crew members officials are looking into an unusual sound recorded a week ago in the ocean several hours after it last communicated with the best. a
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former sports doctor for the u.s. olympic gymnastics team larry nasser has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting young girls and women he now faces at least twenty five years in prison star gymnast gabby douglas and other olympic champion say they were among his victims. palestinian political rivals fatah and hamas have agreed to hold elections by the end of twenty eighteen they'll be joined by eleven other factions the last parliamentary elections were held in two thousand and six and were won by hamas sparking a civil war the two sides been meeting to confirm through her mouth a reconciliation agreement. german industrial giant to some cope is in the spotlight today presenting its latest earnings figures christophe has more that's right terry and apart from revenue and profit the strategy of the company will draw special attention after
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a grueling negotiations to some group and indian competitor to top out have agreed to merge their steel divisions together the two companies argue they'd have a better chance in a market that has been flooded with cheap steel from china now workers here in germany fear that the merger will eliminate more than two thousand jobs and they ask themselves why get rid of a core business that remains profitable in spite of the turmoil in the market. thyssen krupp may have solid foundations but the company's merger with tata steel has left employees feeling like they're on shaky ground the tie up is likely to result in about two thousand job losses in germany. the issue has even spoke to bait in the german parliament members of the social democrats say the government should have intervened. on. its fun clear if this merger will help secure steel production in germany and
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europe. it seems as if this is about shutting a profitable. one that's no longer of interest to the group as a whole. crude stand accounts for well over seven billion euros in turn over each year at thyssen krupp steel made products like elevators almost as much products made for the car industry and so-called industrial solutions are also lucrative but the division that is worth the most by far is material services. the majah is intended to battle over capacity in china which has been putting steel makers elsewhere under pressure. thyssen krupp and tata believe a joint venture will make them more efficient but what because i feel their future is being put on the line. and we'll be talking to chris and chris chief financial
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officer about the company's strategy here next hour employees of bankrupt airline are well enough taken to the streets of the german capital berlin to protest against job losses the future their futures hang in a balance of the company's new owners and use egypt. they say they've been forgotten hundreds of former air berlin employees took to the streets to vent their frustration the airline's insolvency has left them in a peculiar kind of limbo. and here mission began the party today were calling on politicians to take responsibility this is a company takeover as the facts stand today eighty percent of us here are flight crews we've no work anymore we were let go conditionally which means we're not entitle to social welfare because we weren't officially fired i don't think people realize. it's a good job for me and more than anger especially at the decision to guarantee
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payments of up to four and a half million euros to former air berlin c told must think i'm on. many people accuse the company of breaking promises. to restore back to square one people need to apply for new jobs from scratch not other companies which makes sense but we've been counting on being kept on with the same salaries as had been promised this hasn't happened and that's a great shame. the protest took place as air berlin's bondholders learnt that they're unlikely to recover more than one percent of outstanding debt as a result of the company's insolvency meanwhile the future of thousands of workers remains up in the air our next story is about the buffalo very versatile fellow a protein rich little are very which is used. now it does company breeding the buffalo worm on a big scale has found another area of use for it between two hamburger buns.
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at first glance it looks like a normal hamburger but it's not just any old burger because half of the meat patty consists of ground up insect larvae student bureau buckle mint taste of the box burger for us. that's nice flavor i would definitely think i would recommend it to my friends. the main ingredient in via is box burger is ground buffalo worms the lover of the darkling beetle production of the insect burgers begins here in the dutch town of. the manufacturers have been breeding insects here for about forty years mainly for animal feed and the cosmetics industry. but recently they've been producing more and more larvae for human consumption nico root is plant manager of protein farm he performs regular checks on the quality of his worms.
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and two billion people around the world eat insects every day but it's still a big to boo in europe. i think that within five years it's quite normal to eat in six. insiders and agree that in the i think. we're in five years i think we all it's just a couple of times a year. the worms are a sustainable source of nutrition containing fifty percent protein. they only need a fraction of the space water and feed the breeding higher orders of animal requires under c o two emissions are minimal. the environmental benefits were decisive for the book's bogus creators. max creamer and barry schurz all set up their bug foundation in twenty fourteen with only ten thousand euros venture capital they
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spent over a year developing their burger patties the ground buffalo worms are mixed with peas water and a secret spice mixture. i for this often in the same time we're hoping will become a model for other countries for instance in developing countries where they used to eat insects but stopped doing so in order to adopt the western lifestyle and eat beef burgers following the mcdonald's lifestyle. next year it becomes legal to sell processed insects in germany the two young businessman hope that books will give them a head start on any competitors but the worm burger is not exactly a cheap snack belgian and. the exotic delicacy charge between twelve and seventeen euro for the pleasure. i think it's going to take more than five years until i well that's all your business for now back to you terry take one right now but hungry myself thanks kristoff now two months after the election germany is
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still without a new government talks between chance for michael's conservatives the greens and the liberals broke down last week and now the focus is turning to the social democrats they've ruled out entering into another grand coalition but that's not written in stone and some members of the party are advocating a different approach. the conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. bloc working together with the social democrats and the federal government will the only team also form the new one there's already support for a new edition of the grand coalition the conservatives want to stay in power. so we need a partner who at the moment still refuses to go along the s.p.d. needs to quit pouting so far s.p.d. party leaders have shown no interest in governing on election night they ruled out joining a grand coalition something they reiterated after the collapse of the recent coalition negotiations. we remain on afraid of new elections.
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in view of the results of this year's elections on september twenty fourth we will be available to enter into a grand coalition. but germany's president is increasing the pressure he even alluded to the s.p.d. as a rigid stance during a visit with schoolchildren visiting. those who barricade themselves behind assertions as we're now witnessing can only be reached with great difficulty later and. there are even rumblings within the s.p.d. itself not everyone is thrilled with the possible role in the opposition as president president steinmeyer has made a very clever announcement he said that we now have been called upon to talk i always very much favor coming to decisions at the end of talks and not at the beginning. i'm on point. even the would be governing green party thinks the social
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democrats should not refuse in spite of everything. probably won't work to their advantage to enter into a grand coalition again that's the dilemma but this general refusal to negotiate is unacceptable. s.p.d. chief martin shultz has probably started to reconsider suddenly he is reported to have said that the s.p.d. will put the country's interests ahead of its own shorts is due to meet president on thursday or for more let's cross over to david be a political correspondent who's standing by at a parliamentary studios hons there's pretty leadership initially ruled out another coalition with michael's conservatives but could they end up changing their minds. yes it looks as though the stonewalling is starting to crumble if one or more and can mix one's made to first like that for instance we have
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a quote from one speedy social democratic parliamentarian your hundred cars let's listen to that quickly i think the social democrats sort reconsider what the president said that all parties have the duty to talk with each other before they go into another election and that's what we are going to do so we are talking about all the issues that we having there were parts of our election campaign and we're looking for partners and nobody knows it will end if we have a new election a grand coalition or if you have if you tolerate some other coalition without a majority so that was your highness cause a member of parliament for social democrats social democrats he's a representative of a more conservative group within the social democrats and they've been pushing very hard in the last twenty four to forty eight hours for the party leadership to reconsider their refusal to enter into another grand coalition now understand that
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s.p.d. leader martin schultz is going to see president steinmeier today the president is pressuring all prospective coalition partners to try to form some kind of government how do you think that conversation between the time and schultz will go . well we have to remember here first of all that these two people know each other very well the president is also a social democrat for many many years he was germany's foreign minister he was also involved in a grand coalition with or in a coalition with angle america with the with the conservatives you know very well what he's talking about when he's pushing the current leader of the social democrats to reconsider his refusal to enter into talks again and as we've just heard there is some sense that shows as reconsidering his position that he's starting to swing a little bit towards the opinion that the interests of the country might into being more important than the interests of his party once explain to our viewers why
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these social democrats are so reluctant to enter another coalition government led by medical the problem is that everyone who works with america in government ends up somehow disappearing into the background even though the democrats in these past four years of grand coalition government pushed through a lot of the issues a lot of the plans that they had a lot of social democratic content actually was turned into law in germany yet at the same time when the voters had to make a decision on whether they liked the social democrats whether they would vote for the social democrats as a result of such a grand coalition they did not the social democrats lost a lot of lost a lot of support in the end so democrats fear that being in the coalition will end up hurting the party thank you so much the w.'s hands on there from our political
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desk at our parliamentary studios watching the news still to come we have an exclusive report from turkey where there's been tension between turks and syrian refugee to find out what's behind them. and afghanistan's forgotten call inflect as the islamist taliban take control of more areas of the country the u.s. military has to step up aerial strikes against it what chance of us success will ask an analyst. and we also have more on germany's political crisis all that and much more still to come.
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on my song curiosity. sixteen. crime fighters the new season of radio crime thrillers begins. in. motion domestic violence cyber crime and human trafficking for investigative cases that will keep you on your toes try to frighten stories of the best idea ever so every young person needs to listen to crime fighter and share tell a friend tell a friend to fight crime fighters don't miss it. me. he's
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a doctor what kind of diseases can be healed spawns at a reporter so what harm is implied as being side of the year and what part is outside. draws on a wealth of insight totally different experts and whole foods. i just wish. you good shape. and just in time he says that's when i think it's really important to give a bit of time and love back to the fans who make so much effort. i. welcome back you're watching t.v. news i'm terry martin our top stories police and immigration officials have moved
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in to clear almost four hundred refugees seeking asylum in australia from an immigration camp in papua new guinea they fear for their safety at the alternative accommodation. and germany is in political deadlock after talks to form a governing coalition failed pressure is now mounting on the social democrats and their leader martin shoals to reconsider their refusal to join a government with uncle max was concerned. turkey hosts nearly three million syrian and iraqi refugees but there have been a growing number of violent clashes between refugees and locals across turkey dorian jones joins me now from istanbul dorian you've been looking into the story tell us more. well that's right from the most refugees in the world hundred thirty million syrians right now what you have to realize is that most of the syrians are locking them. because if you across the country many in down
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below here on the part that have any tensions and problems of integration from what was going down the base you know patients often if you running up among many and take everything seriously companies have. been more confident and mark my work over the all that we can use for a pension here in istanbul to not seem barbershop is popular among syrians nearly everyone who works here is from syria this is the owner twenty four year old. he stumbled has been good to him although he left syria only five years ago with his brother's help he now has a barber shop a restaurant and a clothing company abandon of course syrians can do business here syrians are not generally unsuccessful syrians are ambitious sure
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a few cause trouble but they don't represent the majority. there are too many rumors about what syrians might have done and how the turks have responded with second but they're just badmouthing syrians casting them in about. anyone who has dreams and goals can come and make them happen here. and there at the restaurant like all of his businesses it's in the ethane lead district it's one of his down bowls poorest and most densely populated areas alcohol million inhabitants they're both visual same as many of the fifty assyrians like mahmoud many therians have opened up businesses in s. in left the government made it easier for syrians to set up shop by waving the restrictions non-citizens normally face. but that success is starting to cause an ease among some locals turks. after a while they got used to being here and started opening more and more shops they've
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slowly started to establish their own sectors and now they only go to syrian shops . within our community they form their own internal market and they stop trading with us and. the situation has not been helped by the media a recent study showed that syrians are the second most criticized ethnic group after jews in the turkish media earlier this year clashes erupted between syrians and turks in a district near. the situation is making the syrians increasingly nervous. i haven't been affected so far i go from home to work and straight back from work to home i don't get involved in things that are happening outside. the turkish government's hosting of syrian refugees is an increasingly contentious issue for turks in essence. they have a jeweler store up there you see they don't pay their taxes they're given all the
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breaks but when we want to open a shop the state is harder and else we're not given any of the benefits they get. this tea shop owner angrily tells us to stop filming and leave the argument is just one sign of what local officials admit to ation but not everyone sees the syrians as a threat to. those syrians are all working they have families they are muslims living among us we don't look at the situation as syrians and turks but as one muslim community. so in the spirit of the district's motto a city of peace and hope the people of s. unless you are still striving to resolve their differences amicably with their syrian neighbors. ok so tensions clearly have been building between the syrian refugees and the local population in turkey dorian but how much
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how much potential is there for this to boil over into something more dangerous. really need to be concerned here in turkey given the size and everything now i'm in present in towns cities all across the country the potential it is a nationwide problem and we have been dying to hear an example there's a very nasty confrontation a few months ago after a series of flame of killing yourself if you all tonight the violence in the phrase not far from has been there but my reporting from and that was all the moment three hundred syrian afghan refugees being removed from the area of the over all the most attacks using kanya another vigil this interview by residents must stop the shops with syrians but it has been a series on for this could become a month to get issues because up until now the bench of comedy been doing pretty well and it is convincing well going to war this is a country south boston globe and people predict that all will fuel on the fire and
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i think there is an even number by some to make us believe that the syrians and there are going to leave and local officials i spoke to say in the only way of resolving this is this hearing starts to go by. dorian thank you very much w. story and jones there reporting from istanbul. the u.s. war against terrorism has been focused almost exclusively on the so-called islamic state and al qaida but far less attention has been paid to the deteriorating situation in afghanistan where the islamist taliban are battling against the government may be about to change as the trumpet ministration is set to massively increase airstrikes on taliban targets will be talking to an expert about this in just a moment but first this report on power taliban is taking control of more areas in the country. northern afghanistan is a wasteland it's scattered villages directly face the taliban. is on the front
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line the house is riddled with bullet holes the whole place repeatedly bombarded it's one of the most dangerous parts of afghanistan. the taliban have been trying to take the village for years sometimes they manage to get in sometimes we're able to fight them off with just try to survive two months of taliban rule. the elders from the surrounding villages meet together for the first time for the moment the taliban have once again been driven out. in our village the bridge has been destroyed who's going to rebuild it we have no money. i've been trying to get the court to hear my case where they've actually destroyed the court house itself. the taliban have targeted the local administration here in particular foreigners and nato troops and not their main targets that enemy is the afghan government. these were the judge's chambers and the prosecutor's office and
7:39 am
back there the archives all burnt out the documents destroyed the taliban rampage through here every day life is only slowly getting back to normal in which fear and mistrust are everywhere perhaps the extremists are still in hiding here. but i have seen the hate in their eyes they killed my neighbors and ruined our fields. i was trapped in my house the whole time i was just too afraid to go outside to. sit in front of his shop with what remains of his savings burnt out banknotes the fundamentalists set fire to his shop fifteen residents were killed in the most recent taliban attack another twenty injured. they shoot everything indiscriminately it doesn't make any difference whether they've broken the laws or not they kill their fellow citizens. you know. the village
7:40 am
school is a bit further out the taliban have always despised boys and girls being taught together now the classroom is half empty because any of the boys come to school the girls stay at home because their parents are afraid for them the calm in the classroom is deceptive. up till now we've always managed to get the children home from school on time i don't know how long we'll be able to carry on doing that. let us know. just behind the school is the start of no man's land the taliban have pulled back for the moment but the villages can still hear the fighting the extremists are visible all around. peaceful daily life remains a distant dream and the taliban still has northern afghanistan in its grip. well here with me in the studio to talk about all this is nicole birch she is an
7:41 am
afghanistan most with the german institute for international and security affairs thanks for being with us this morning thank you for inviting morning now you've just returned from kabul understand you've been talking to authorities there what do they think is the best strategy for stopping the taliban from terrorizing the. tree now the government goes forward to a fourth approach one is fighting the taliban on the other hand set fire to prepare for position solution. many of us so it is i have spoken with expect they told me the taliban are as strong as the government is weak i think this shows the situation in the country the taliban is not just wrong when it's your wife they are sequential influence some say fifty percent of the country and one third of the population is living under taliban control of influence so they provide to zippy put a additionally and force manned and then sometimes they run schools and health clinics
7:42 am
and so people even say that they are less corrupt if the government of the us has been deeply involved in afghanistan obviously we've been getting mixed signals from the u.s. government as to how to deal with the taliban right now the u.s. military has decided to expand its bombing campaign against the taliban do you think that will achieve the desired results i don't think so but it's obvious that the u.s. military is going after taliban commanders taliban leaders and just sunday spec say for the first time bomb bombs. so they are trying to finance financial means for the taliban says a definitive would like to weaken the taliban movement and maybe it could go it was a good two big move them that they are ready to go to a peace negotiations led to a particular solution so this could be the preliminary step to maybe moving towards
7:43 am
negotiations while afghanistan has experienced decades of conflict several countries in the past including britain and russia have tried to impose their rule on the country or create some sort of stability and failed what needs to happen in afghanistan in your opinion for that country to become a. stable peaceful prosperous place where basic human rights are respected yeah that sounds like a nice idea and a nice dream i think it could be possible about that's a long way. to have a stable country. respecting human rights but i think for the first it's important that the government is really taking care for the people not just security of eyes but they provide that they providing a government public services to the people and to respect the needs of the people and i think that's very important because we have learned that in god and taliban controlled areas so people have a far off theni compliance to the taliban because they are providing much more stability in comparison to the government so i think this is very important to look
7:44 am
at this issue on the national level it's important i see which i do need us to follow on which i had indeed as the political elite and afghanistan is ready for a political solution and not just fighting each other. and just preparing for a new upon us target so you think the taliban could be part of the solution i think the taliban as a part of the sort of this when ok in a cold afghanistan analyst with the german institute for international security first thank you so much for being with us this morning and thank you for china. where the government has lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty over the last forty years since it began to allow free market policies but twenty twenty twenty twenty the chinese government hopes to reduce the number of living of those living in poverty even more in our next report we look at one project that aims to help people in one impoverished region. you know one province the land south of the
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clouds as it's known here in china is famous for its lush landscape but beneath this idea like surface there's more than meets the eye. the southwestern region is home to some five million people living in abject poverty earning less than two hundred ninety year olds a year. this was the case for most people here in the town of hobby and then two years ago at least show yoon a professor of agriculture had an idea well that. i wanted to find a structural solution that would help lift the town out of poverty. a solution that was tailored to the people here. a stablish ing a type of industry that everyone would profit from. for the the answer was to transform the entire town into one big hotel with the help of the locals he and his team started building lavish yet traditional residences. word soon spread
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all the way to beijing today the government is holding it up as a shining example of private initiative and fuelling the project with interest free loans lee also received backing from private donors. altruism or charity is increasingly becoming part of the public d.n.a. here in china we're moving away from the days when people only cared about their own problems four thousand two hundred people donated money to this project every window and every toilet has been paid for by crowd funding to get those. but changing an entire town won't happen overnight for many here and how b.n. the transition from farming to tourism is a slow process until are new houses done new shoe jan's life remains largely unchanged she still cooks over an open fire like so many here she can't wait to get access to electricity and running water.
7:47 am
doesn't mom until. we want to make our town a nice place to live and we want visitors to feel comfortable here. jan and his wife belong to the people an ethnic group living off the land of the lush hillsides. such as eggs from wild chickens they don't come much better than this grade a free range in light of recent food scandals eggs of this pristine quality are considered a rare luxury highly sought after by china's rich urban elite. just a few years ago pun lived almost completely cut off from the rest of the world today he's sending his eggs to customers thousands of kilometers away.
7:48 am
we used to just eat the eggs ourselves now we sell them we serve customers as far away as beijing and shanghai demand far outstrips supply. once the eggs have been carefully packaged a courier collects them and delivers them to their customers in the big cities at seven euro's for ten eggs there are a symbol of the growing gap between the rich and poor here in china there are about one million millionaires in this country of over one billion people but there are even more poor official figures put the number of chinese living in abject poverty at forty three million the real number is believed to be much higher the government has pledged to end poverty completely by twenty twenty but their methods have raised serious concerns millions of people have been forcibly relocated an
7:49 am
inconvenient truth papered over by beijing's propaganda machine. if only more words lucky is the people here and how b.n. where they are now ready to receive their first guest. forty two year as per night for this room including a private bathroom no. that's a lot of money in this part of china. but for the country's coastal elites it's a small price to pay to escape the stresses of urban life simple pleasures like clean air and returning to nature have become a prized commodity. this room is made completely of wood we integrated it seamlessly into the house all the furniture here is made of locally sourced wood. like this bedside table made
7:50 am
by the locals here. kind. shell eunice proud of what he's built here for the past two years he's been commuting between beijing and unite on a trip of nearly three thousand kilometers still he knows it's a huge gamble what if no one comes to visit and will the townspeople be able to adjust in the long term where you know you know i make decisions that aim to boost efficiency not everyone here likes that. but unless changes are made they won't be able to put food on the table and then once we're done building houses and roads we're going to have to start talking about democracy now. as more and more chinese escape poverty and experience increased independent the demand for democracy is likely to grow louder for a socialist president xi this could pose an even greater challenge than eradicating
7:51 am
poverty. football though in the last match day five of the champions league bonus leaders by in munich had already made the knockout stages but one two one belgians and a lock to give them a chance of top spot the big drama came off the field by and fans held up banners to protest against the one hundred euro cost of tickets for open devendorf ski open the scoring after fifty one minutes on the left routed through equalizing through sophie on a honey sixty three minutes but minutes later current on bag the winner for by it's their ninth straight win since your prime kids took over the reins last march. and here's a brief recap of all the wednesday wednesday's champions league group phase results
7:52 am
as we saw by and beat elect whereas group rivals p.s.g. slam seven passed so take elsewhere chelsea booked their ticket to the next round with a win over and athletic go beat roma no goals between event is and barcelona which puts the spaniards through and there were wins for sporting basel c.s.k. moscow. well the esquire from did obvious sports is where this here to talk about buying in the champions league and with just one match days left very exciting getting here towards the end let's first talk about the protests there as the fans aren't really happy it seems so what do you make what is ironic you want to complain about ticket prices on one hundred zero take it price by buying a one hundred euro ticket to them protest about it's ultimately it's supply and demand and elect is a small team playing in a small nation league about revenue generation for them it's a massive payday and if people are willing to pay for those ticket prices go for it
7:53 am
i mean there is a romanticism that football is great a rule to govern is over not socialism it's not as extreme market capitalism clubs need revenues to finance ever more expensive players and mandalay probably thought this is a golden opportunity let's get the money i think by munich fans though they did vent their frustration at the tickets in a very colorful way money and emotion they do meet in football where does this put on talking about the game now looking ahead to the final round of group games next month and the and february's knockout stage what they've got one will game left and unfortunately for by munich is going to p.s.g. i think hopefully we'll have the table up on the screen a moment but as it is they've lost one game they've got twelve points and three point five b.s.j. with a vastly inferior goal difference vastly p.s.g. beat bines three nail in their first encounter so in order to win this group by you must defeat p.s.g. by four points by four goals and they need to do that because if they finish second
7:54 am
in that group they could come up against manchester city chelsea barcelona possibly re-arm madrid is one of those ones where you want to win the group to have an easy a team to play against in the second round and i think german football fans would not like to see buying go out at the last sixteen stage no no definitely not so could you. europa league really say. yeah this is another one isn't it it's one of the games to watch tonight's in europe in europa league action. playing top of the li top of the table cologne at the bottom but as we all know cologne having a rather nasty season over it's there sitting bottom of the ball is they go with just two points and just for goals scored now the hosting arsenal and their coach would very much like to see cologne take night their season with a win over the english powerhouses well it's not surprising though terry that so
7:55 am
he's getting optimistic and come on guys we can do this because he's just maybe on the line however he doesn't really seriously believe a good result against arsenal could in cologne seasonal a world of good and this is why he had to say. right now we have one more opportunity to build some faith in ourselves for a positive result. on the one side for the europa league group but also for this sunday's bundesliga game but the arsenal match is about a very special opponent a very special coach and a great setting here and simple it will be a great game and. guns are going to push. he sounds a little confident i suppose could the europa league really be what he needs because it's a two pronged strategy for peaches to procure in cologne get a good result against arsenal arsenal already through to the knockout stages or openly they invariably field a lot of teenagers so it won't be arsenal's top notch world class squad and clinical home advantage the real test comes at the weekend when colona playing had
7:56 am
to be se berlin in the bundesliga has been public backing and solidarity for stoker from club officials but if he cannot start winning games cologne are going to go down and eventually you've got to use the handbrake and it is a cutthroat business football isn't it stoke ican come up with results solidarity will mean nothing and he'll be out of a job some assuming there will be a spirited display against arsenal and hopefully a good result against her for the weekend results there's choir from good obvious sports thank you so much you're welcome. and forgo just reminder the top story we're following for you here today on d w news police and immigration officials have moved in to clear almost four hundred refugees seeking asylum in australia from an immigration captain coppinger getting they fear for their safety thanks for watching.
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a look back there is music are you ready for this political visionary and she women's talk long t w the get smart women. smart talks about we broke the record. smart state making fans cheer the most in the next report you'll find out just how this what about the. d w made fun mind. your children like chocolate. with your smartphone. to buy your tomatoes in the supermarket.
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as we go about our daily life human rights oh often the last thing on our own minds . invisible hand is. slavery in the twenty first century. starting december second on d. w. . this is the w. news coming to live from berlin they were abused to go but i'll stay.


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