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disappear if you see the steel types going because it's good to see you. do something for your country but you're still the black you're talking. afro germany starting december tenth d.w. . this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin they were fused to go but australia's prime minister warns we won't be pressured police and immigration officials move in to clear almost four hundred refugees from an immigration camp
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they're seeking asylum in australia but they fear for their safety at the alternative accommodation being offered will get a live update also coming up emerson in god what returns home promising poll democracy in zimbabwe is due to be sworn in as president today he pled to south africa being fired by robert mugabe what happens next we'll go live to harare. and germany's president prepares to turn the screws present time but as new to me the leader of the social democrats mountain shoals to persuade him to join transfer uncle not in government will the president prevail. hello i'm turning march and good to have you with us. police and immigration officials and pop. when new guinea moved in to clear almost four hundred refugees
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from an abandoned immigration camp the camp was on mannus island which is part of popular new guinea it had been used to house refugees hoping to get to australia but it was closed at the end of october that was after the powerful new guinea supreme court ruled it unconstitutional some of the inmates refused to go because they feared for their safety at the alternative accommodation being offered. they want to kill us they chant this mobile phone footage captures asylum seekers in a controversial australian run detention center in papua new guinea one that was officially shut down three weeks ago now police have entered the compound they ordered those remaining to leave shocking scenes of distress the crowd tries to revive one man who has collapsed. oh my. god.
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these pictures show police attempting to clear the man s. island center almost four hundred people have refused to leave the camp citing fears for their safety many tried to evade the authorities. australia detained refugees arriving by boat in the controversial facility and shut it down after a papua new guinea court ruled it unconstitutional. australia now wants to rehire has them and not the camp on the island to say that the people at the. menace regional processing center which has been closed by the p. and g. authorities should leave and go to the alternative accommodation that has been provided that they should have by the law and the lawful authorities of poppy new guinea. there are alternative facilities that have been made available with
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food water security and a medical services. supplies that is sorely lacking at manas refugees say police destroyed their belongings and took away food and water stockpiles adding to the utter squalor in which they have been living here. for more now we're joined by kate shots from amnesty international in brisbane thanks for talking with us this morning kate tell us more about what's going on on the ground at the man asylum camp. thank you today we have the authorities moving to the camp and also a number of the four hundred refugees that are still remaining then we're very concerned because the family the they were in general it's. for a number of hours a day before they released him at another brick detention center the same thing i
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think what we've got the holding for is their freedom and that safety and we still night that camp new facilities the strength of many sending them to and not yet fully they don't have consistent power supply at them and they're dramatically reducing the medical staff that they're providing to the mansion they may post it to town in addition they have safety and security concerns one of the facilities doesn't have a built around it and the like which of course have been protesting the maid of refugees place it's down well what are you suggesting then that a sword to do with these asylum seekers kate if they if you don't feel that the the other facility that they're offering is really ready for them well i mean that was no reason to shut down these camps and that services on the day that they did it was entirely opportunity and it was a crisis of the strain governments are in making it was deliberately designed to make things much look for the rich and increase the suffering that they've already
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experienced before and i hope now what these men need is they need their safety and they need their rights protected and they need to bring them to the strike here or resettle i mean it may not show them around on mount a silent which is a very remarkable isolated traditional community and any. so what are you saying that the about the australian government the australian government claims that they are treating these people who mainly you are claiming otherwise why do you feel that australia is treating these people in this way. yes jam has a well known policy of terror in which punishes refugees think going up the list that's been well nine for the last four or five years that these policies have been up and running if you sit at the cat three times now they're up policies in place that don't make any sense of them being there to. increase the hot shit and
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the suffering that. it's isolated out voice it is about to tiny them ease about isolating them from the rest that well we still are a number of refugees have been firing taken from them today so they couldn't report on the condition they wouldn't report on the planes coming in they wouldn't report on what was going on on the ground this strain government wants these people out of sight out of mind so that they can you know do what they want them and the west them to back time but up the new thirty five years that that's not going to happen these people don't have the opportunity to go back home because they were they need protection somewhere and company cannot provide it ok thank you very much for talking with us today ok so they're from amnesty international embarrassment australia. thank you. sim ball boys former vice president. has arrived back in harare to take power after president robert mugabe's
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resignation. has had fled to south africa earlier this month after being fired by mugabi the incoming president addressed his supporters outside the headquarters of the ruling zanu p.f. party upon his return. crown's in harare welcome home the hero. and innocent man and god why didn't fail to deliver. it didn't take him long to connect with the supporters. was. the embassy. the u.s. senator who was was you for joining me once you have the exact you know how did. we were good i was you know yeah.
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i was going to be the guy was not going to be you joe the. it's return follows a historic day in zimbabwe on choose dead the speaker of parliament announced that robert mugabe had resigned after thirty seven years in power one was the runner and celebrated the beginning of a new chapter in zimbabwe's history. but now all eyes are squarely on man and god one was he's expected to be sworn in as interim president like it's a day. in the midst of political changes the african union took a more cautious approach to the. there's a transition must be a short term one as to constitution provides for elections in july and these elections must be free democratic inclusive where everybody is allowed to run. the
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vote is expected to be held by september two thousand and eighteen what shapes and bob i will be in by then will depend a lot on this man. but let's get the very latest on this developing story from zimbabwe's capital harare christine joins us from there saying i'm assuming god well was forced to flee the country just a couple of weeks ago now he's returning as its leader how big of a challenge is he facing. sorry he has a huge challenge ahead of him there are about eighty percent of zimbabweans without work as as we speak terri graduates leaving university face the prospect of not finding any work when they competes they studies government is essentially the biggest employer and it often struggles to pay civil servants on a daily basis private companies shutting down in this country so that is the
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immediate challenge that he faces he's cost to get this economy go you get there is a massive cash shortage i've spoken to people you have not held a physics physical cash now in months and it just tells you how desperate things are the public health six for example is falling apart hospitals not able to give people adequate treatment if they cannot pay for it upfront this is the public sector so there is a lot that needs to happen regarding this economy and that is easy to challenge huge challenge huge expectations delivered a rousing speech upon his return i understand i've been on the streets gathering some reactions let's listen in to some of that. you can tell me but you know i don't like news if you don't live there or you go down looking functioning well it's all for president i mean i'm dog here i moved through a month ago just to you shortly i fear for professionalising did not try to during the time with the first of them it was for the minister for actually placed himself
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that he is going to be at that moment to say of the people that use knots how hungry the agilent was fired you complained and you left but for the love of this continent for the love of these people he came back to all us to get us so that the person with people that hot so big expectations indeed is there widespread confidence christine that men and god will steer the country toward positive change . there is terry and when i asked involved means why they're so confident about that they tell me things like well he's being backed by the way they are quoting governments from the united kingdom government from the governments from the united states to say if they all supported him they're willing to talk to him they're willing to invest in zimbabwe and open up our economy they quote for example the fact that he presided over a program he had suppose an agricultural program in zimbabwe called command agriculture that that the gentleman referred to that we just listened to it was
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a program that essentially souls involved exporting maize for the first time in the largest so that means a lot to people and when he was speaking yesterday to the crowd he indicated that he was already talking to people that were interested in supporting zimbabwe's economy and helping people in this country and so that really that the crowd received that very well a lot of people say you see he's a businessman he's business minded he is the person that's going to do this for us as christine was reporting from harare zimbabwe thank you so much. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today how dystonia and political rivals fatah and hamas say they're they've agreed to hold elections by the end of twenty eighteen they'll be joined by eleven other factions the last parliamentary elections were held in two thousand and six and were won by hamas sparking what amounted to a civil war the two sides have been meeting to firm up
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a reconciliation agreement. activists in germany have built a replica of berlin's holocaust memorial in front of far right politician beyond her because home the move comes in response to a controversy herc a touched off in january he can bend the memorial and suggested germany should be more positive about their history. and conservationists in china have released two captive bred pandas into a nature preserve the aim is to increase the giant panda population in the wild those who penned us were born in two thousand and fifteen and completed two years of survival training to help them adapt to life in the wilderness. good luck to them here in germany the president is due to meet the social democrats to try to break the deadlock over forming a new coalition government talks between chancellor i'm going to michael's conservatives the greens and the liberals collapsed last week and two months after
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the election so far the social democrats have stepped possibly refuse to consider joining merkel in government but some members of the party are advocating a different approach the conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. bloc working together with the social democrats and the federal government will the only team also form the new one there's already support for a new edition of the grand coalition the conservatives want to stay in power. you know what we need a partner who at the moment still refuses to go along the s.p.d. needs to quit pouting so far s.p.d. party leaders have shown no interest in governing on election night they ruled out joining a grand coalition something they reiterated after the collapse of the recent coalition to go she ations. we remain unafraid of new elections in view of the results of this year's elections on september twenty fourth we will
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be available to enter into a grand coalition. united goes. but germany's president is increasing the pressure he even alluded to the s.p.d. is a rigid stance during a visit with schoolchildren visit. those who barricade themselves behind assertions as we're now witnessing can only be reached with great difficulty later . there are even rumblings within the s.p.d. itself not everyone is thrilled with the possible role and the opposition president president steinmeyer has made a very clever announcement he said that we now have been called upon to talk i always very much favor coming to decisions at the end of talks and not at the beginning. i'm on point. even the would be governing green party thinks the social democrats should not refuse in spite of everything.
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probably won't work to their advantage to enter into a grand coalition again that's the dilemma but this general refusal to negotiate is unacceptable. s.p.d. chief martin shultz has probably started to reconsider suddenly he is reported to have said that the s.p.d. will put the country's interests ahead of its own shorts is due to meet president on thursday. christmas bring a medal leading member of acting chancellor angela merkel's conservative. acting defense minister also have on the line and that was yesterday she too called on the s.p.d. to enter into talks on the line is germany in a state of national crisis no because we do have a constitution that is wise and realizable and that is working with a lot of checks and balances so we have an unusual situation but it is manageable.
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do you think the s.p.d. is going to be able to continue refusing to join at least exploratory coalition talks with your party with the conservatives here in germany well my personal opinion is that if you have been elected as a party your voters wanted you to fulfill a program you have been voted for so i think all of us the democratic parties. are obliged to at least talk to each other and to try to sit down at the negotiation table and this is what i expect from the social democrats so you think they're going to come and talk to you i hope so tomorrow the leader of the social democrats will see our president and i hope that he will after that meeting he will be accepting to enter in at least talks to explore whether we could go into coalition talks and what would the conservatives what would chancellor merkel be able to offer the social democrats to get them into another government well i'm pretty experienced with coalition negotiations it's where fifth time i'm sitting
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now with that so this is a long process so you don't start by offering big things but you start by talking and to find a common position from which a new develop projects for the future what germany needs what europe needs where our responsibility for the world is and then you define the details the other option of course will be a minority government is there anything that you find attractive about the perspecta. of a minority government in germany i'm very skeptical about a minority government because my experience is that you need a stable strong government first of all to push forward common projects but also in a moment of crisis and we have seen many crises the euro crisis the refugee crisis we have different other difficult situation you need a very strong and a government that is determined to step forward and for that a minority government is not sure that one last question there has been criticism
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of chancellor merkel style of negotiation that it perhaps hasn't been effective enough you were in these negotiations what's your view of her style of negotiation i have seen her i've seen are highly concentrated very balanced actually the greens were very satisfied with her style of negotiation and liberals as long as they have been in the negotiations were very satisfied too. she was acting in the same way we know her from international negotiations and we know that she and most of the cases was able to find a good solution why was she not a able to find a good solution this time because it's not only depending on the chancellor there are four parties and all four of them must have the will to govern together are you suggesting the liberals never had that well. you have to ask this question to the liberals at the very beginning and we've been sitting together for four weeks i was
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convinced that there was a strong will and all sides so it was we were quiet surprised when they walked out of the room on sunday night this is from the line thank you very much for talking to dublin yes thank you so much. john industrial was in the spotlight today presenting its latest earnings figures cost off as more right terry and these figures came in stronger than expected earnings before tax up . almost a third at one point nine billion euros and in clubs european steel business contribution a big chunk to it however it's precisely these operations that the company wants to merge with the steel business of indian competitor workers here in germany fear that the merger will eliminate more jobs for the company says tyson crip may have solid foundations but the company's merger with tata steel has left employees feeling like they're on shaky ground the tie up is likely to result in about two
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thousand job losses in germany. the issue has even spoke to bait in the german parliament members of the social democrats say the government should have intervened. is this morning. there it's fun clear if this merger will help secure steel production in germany and europe. it seems as if this is about shedding a profitable. one that's no longer of interest to the group as a whole. the scientists did create stan accounts for well over seven billion euros in ten ivory cierra thyssen krupp steel made products like elevators it was almost as much products made for the car industry and so-called industrial solutions are also lucrative but the division that is worth the most by far is material services . the magic is intended to battle over capacity in
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china which has been putting steel makers elsewhere under pressure. thyssen krupp and tata believe a joint venture will make them more efficient but workers feel their future is being put on the line. so let's talk some more about this and crop its earnings and the company's strategy with coffee is to screw ups to some groups chief financial officer good morning to you sir explain to me if just encrypts european steel business is profitable and its contribution heavily to profits and the overall results why do you want to merge it with tata. well thank you for the question i mean one thing one clearly has to say about steel markets if we look at the recent past i'm going forward as well it is a volatile market so you see periods of good good earnings and of worse earnings
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and the underlying issue of that is that we still have overcapacity in europe and in china and what we want to address with the joint venture is clearly these underlying things to make it a stronger business in europe overall and therefore more sustainable ok but still markets have recovered do you not have any faith in this recovery in rising prices . no clear i mean clear this year what we see and what we see throughout the industry is that we're in an up market and that companies are recovering we're now about to earn our cost of capital but if you take a look at the average of the last years there's always been periods where we made it but there have been periods i know average we have never made it for our cost of capital and very often these good situations have been lost after a short period of time because of the overcapacity there are always people than addressing this and then the market goes down again now union leaders say they fear
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that more than the two thousand jobs that to sync up is talking about will be lost with this merger are these fears justified from your point of view. from our point of view the joint venture will have a much stronger position and will have advantages that we cannot realize on our own that means we can have synergies around better capacity utilization on r. and d. that we cannot do stand alone and if we have to survive in this market stand alone i think and i expect that the cuts we will have to take on our own might just be stronger because we cannot with a with the possibilities we do have an adjoining venture so therefore the underlying idea that in a situation like now nothing will have to change going forward in steel i think is unrealistic and with a joint venture we can address it in a much better and more appropriate way because we will clearly be a strong number two in the european smacked and we're combining strong assets in
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the flat rolled business a period in the market and therefore we should have indeed a strong position and a better position compared to being standalone all right you know character of chief financial officer of pison group thank you for a time this morning. it's an important time in european football at the moment champions league action by in munich already made the knockout stages but one two one belgians and aleck to give them a chance of top spot the big drama came off the field though as by anne's plans threw fake money on to the pitch and held up banners to protest against the one hundred euro cost taken its live and open the scoring after fifty one minutes on the left rally those equalising through sofia honey on sixty three minutes but minutes later koren ton totally so bag the winner for by him is their ninth straight win since
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coach your prime kiss took over the reins last month. and here's a quick recap of all the wednesday's champions league group phase results as we saw by and beat the lect where as group whereas group rivals p.s.g. slams seven past celtic elsewhere chelsea book their ticket to the next round with a win over a car a bog and let it go beat roma no goals between event is and barcelona which puts the spaniards through and their wins for sporting basel and c.s.k. a moscow. forgo just a reminder of the top story we're following for you here today on the news police and immigration officials have moved in to clear almost four hundred refugees seeking asylum in australia refugees have refused to leave an immigration camp in pop what new guinea they say they fear for their safety at the alternative accommodation being offered and emerson go ahead as promised full democracy ahead
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of being sworn in as in bobby's new president on friday he just returned from south africa where he fled after being fired i robert mugabe. so you news for now thanks for watching. enter the conflict zone this week conflict zone is it the us on the swollen first training area is
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a very real i would guess is lieutenant general ben hodges comando of the some thirty thousand u.s. soldiers in europe with such comes home to come on the in chief in washington many people in europe are wondering is america still a reliable partner. next on w. when cities are engulfed by the sea. then temps longs and costly protective measures with me and. so let's challenge now a future in forty five minutes on d w. if you. just think. with the senses. recognize. and
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experience the inexpressible. the cultural magazine. twenty one. g.w. . with different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters d. w. made for minds. this week conflict zone is at the us on. training air yet you know they're real all again.


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