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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 23, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin breaking germany's political deadlock after the collapse of coalition talks president steinmeyer hopes to persuade the leader of the social democrats to join chancellor merkel in forming
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a government we'll go live to rylands presidential palace also coming up police move in to clear an australian run immigration camp in papa new guinea the cap as officially been closed but more than three hundred asylum seekers are refusing to leave. also big promises from zimbabwe's incoming president addressing crowds in harare amberson god was says he'll bring democracy and prosperity back to the country in the wake of the mugabe era but will he deliver. also coming up feeling that he still giantess and group reports better than expected earnings but continues to face flak over its controversial merger plans that will lead to job losses. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us here in germany the press.
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didn't is due to meet the head of the social democratic party to try to break the deadlock over forming a new coalition government that's after the collapse of talks last weekend between chancellor angela merkel's conservatives and two other parties now the leader of the social democrats martin chals has so far ruled out any possibility of joining a new coalition under chancellor merkel but some in his party of race questions about that stance a president from foster steinmeyer is now expected to urge him to reconsider no idea if he is political correspondent hans brandt has been following all of this for us he is outside the presidential palace where the two men are meeting hi hans good to see you there were some suggestions today hans that the s.p.d. is marching schultz might be considering or threatening to resign now what more can you tell us about that. well obviously there's a lot of pressure both on the social democratic leadership and on the shows in particular because there have been saying for weeks in fact since the night of the
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election in the end of september they're saying that they're not interested in entering another grand coalition with the conservatives of anger then are now the situation has developed that if germany is to have some form of government this is one of the only possibilities are just open to germany and as a result the pressure on the social democratic party on schultz himself has increased rapidly and in this at this moment it is the german president who's also putting pressure on his party colleague martin chose to reconsider that decision it is not clear whether the stretch to resign is really a threat or the choices may have been a lot of rumors going around of around poland today and certainly this is not being confirmed but after this meeting here with the president the s.p.d. the social democratic leadership is meeting shows has called his leadership to come together in the party headquarters here in berlin and certainly there will be very serious discussions going on. about how to respond to all of this pressure what to
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do about the idea of entering after all into another coalition with the conservatives hans with all of that pressure what can we expect from this meeting between steinmeyer and schultz. wrote steinmeier the president himself is a social democrat he was germany's foreign minister for many years in this just all it's going grand coalition with i'm going to nationals party so he knows exactly what he's talking about what he's expecting of his own party by saying that it should once again consider such a grand coalition in the past the social democrats have managed to put their issues in. grand coalitions they've managed to have their ideas implemented but i'm going to america has taken credit for that and the social democrats have in fact been punished by their voters in the last election they had the worst election result for decades so the question is whether the party's interests are to be put
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forward put her head here or whether the interests of germany as a country are more important if the surgery verma could should decide once again to enter into discussions at least. there is a danger that they would lose further support from their voters. reporting from outside the a presidential palace for us there on thank you very much. let's get more on what all of this means for germany and its future let's talk to a political analyst van apostle from the university of dresden to put all of this into perspective mr puzzles thank you for joining us now the option of a minority government is still on the table something that's been discussed a lot is it really as bad an option as people here have been say. i do not think said a moan or a government would be as bad as many people pretend to believe and to fear so the simple cause is that we never had a minority government on german national level but we had minority governments on
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state levels and to all of them have quite properly probably and in other european nations we have minority governments so the only reason to shy back from a minority government in germany is present situation is that germans used to shy back from things said to do not yet know but maybe we should end of his experiment well the chancellor herself a said she would not be in favor of a minority government and that would mean new elections if that does come to pass who stands to win and who stands to lose. well first of all there is no optima to swim towards new elections because neither the political parties know chancellor merkel can initiate elections elections can be only done if a minority chancellor has been elected by the fullness talk and if the federal president decides who decides the business talk instead of nominating the minority chancellor chancellor with will already so all these talking about elections is
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without a substance in reality things have not yet developed as far as the question of elections will be a serious one and in addition to having elections only because the result of the preceding elections a couple of weeks ago. are such that the politicians do not feel comfortable with him well that's not a long after more credit reasoning i fully understand the chancellor merkel dislikes a minority government because governing would be much more difficult in such a situation then it has been during the last grand coalition but it's not for the personal comfort of the chancellor that we want to have a government but for the best of the country and if there is no majority in the parliament where there is no majority and the minority government has to collect majorities for whatever bill to be passed you mentioned minority government is not favored by the chancellor because it would be a more difficult governing process for her where do you think all of this chaos leaves her and her standing. well johnson merkel has
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started to become a lame duck she lost the election for her party. somehow successful in hiding for a fact that she was the loser of this election and she lost her bargaining overture microcode. now it's obvious there she is not that strong leadership figure there she pretended it was supposed to be she may have been a strong leadership league on the european level but her strength in german politics came only from the fact that there is such a huge majority in the bundestag which has now been faded away due to her policy mistakes in particular due to her wrong decisions on immigration all right so difficult road ahead you're saying for chance america analysts are puzzled from the university of dress and thank you for joining us. now to some other
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stories making news around the world mean more in bangladesh have reached a deal on the return of roh hinge refugees living in bangladesh more than six hundred thousand have fled their homes and me and mara met a violent military crackdown this year some details of the deal were being unclear but the two countries agreed that repatriations are to begin in about two months time. palestinian political rivals fatah and hamas say they've agreed to hold elections by the end of two thousand and eighteen they'll be joined by eleven other factions the last parliamentary elections were held in two thousand and six and were won by hamas sparking a palestinian civil war the two sides have been meeting to firm up a reconciliation agreement. conservationists in china have released a two captive bred pandas into a nature reserve the aim is to increase the giant panda population in the wild the two pandas were born in two thousand and fifteen and completed two years of survival training to help them adapt to life in the wilderness. doesn't bob noyce
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former vice president emerson is set to be sworn in on friday as robert mugabe's successor and doug was addressed his supporters outside the headquarters of the ruling zanu p.f. party after arriving back in the country on wednesday the leader would fled to south africa earlier this month after being fired by mugabe pledged his service to the people and urged the barbarians to come together. or is. that. going forward. we wanted prison or a country no one to join. let's bring in christine she's joins us from harare with more on this story christine we heard there speaking of how much how big is the challenge that he is
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facing. or it looks like we're having some trouble with that connection to harare and our correspondent christine milne well we'll try to get her back on the line a little bit later in the show well zimbabwe's new president also have to jumpstart the country struggling economy and helena is here with more on that now absolutely receiving poverty at around seventy percent of the population so there's certainly a lot to be done and with the end of robert mugabe's presidency comes the hopes for better livelihoods for many zimbabweans the i.m.f. said is involved way has cleared its credit arrears with the institution but any financing in the future requires more reforms in the country with mugabe gone can the new leadership bring a turnaround. zimbabwe has lingered eons for economic growth planned for resources solid public infrastructure and plenty of human capital but under mugabe the country's economy took
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a detour from its stubborn african neighbors it began in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven when the government began seizing land from white farmers the jolt for a country that leaned on its agricultural exports the result was an economy that nearly folded in half over the next decade it was the strongest contraction of its kind during peacetime according to the world bank inflation hit five hundred billion percent poverty rates surged throwing a fit the country into extreme need things began to improve in two thousand and nine after zimbabwe abandoned its local currency from outside currency regime they call me has struggled again lately and inflation fears are back investors have plowed their money into stocks in recent months as the mugabe government began printing a quasi money called bond the man on god blog government faces difficult questions once the cheering subsides can it bring back a local currency can it solve a liquidity crunch i suspect that everyone knows that fixing the economy is a very very edge and giving confidence to jobs giving to the
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investors what can with the rest of the world so that what it will get and get from anywhere in order to get our country going once again economists say the structure for zimbabwe's success is there now the question is whether the leadership will be and christine one joins us from harare now christine how big of a challenge is now facing. a very big challenge. more than eighty percent of zimbabweans are unemployed this economy is effectively at a standstill things like cash shortages the public's health sick to for example is in disarray. businesses closing down on a regular because of the challenges that they face and face recent the i.m.f. warned that there is a crisis in this country if things don't change very soon and so this is the
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challenge that is facing unemployed people essentially most of the people in this country without work and huge reforms have been called for christine but was president mugabe's right hand man for many years as in bob wayne's not concerned that his administration will simply perpetuate the status quo which surprisingly not a lot of zimbabweans very hopeful about the fact that in the in his and will turn things around yet they say that while deputy president he was nominated as to what he could actually do and that perhaps the fact that he was deputy he couldn't find the president so to say but they quote for instance the fact that he had been negotiating for example with the chinese government on behalf of zimbabwe and they say that he's a businessman and that several programs that he has initiated and presided over have been successful in this country although not enough to get this economy going the way that it needs to but they say that they've got a negotiated business met somebody who understands the language of the white men
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they go as far as saying who will be able to talk to waste and governments who will be able to secure the much needed investments that is needed in this country that also goes to policy changes. also policies that will not invest a friendly that have to be worked on before isabel they could see the kind of investment that needs to be here to see this economy growing again and has it become any clearer what is going to happen to the former president robert mugabe and his wife grace. well helena we now know that the former president and former first lady have been granted immunity they will not speak facing any persecution of any kind we also know that the military has filed suit to give them protection we also expect that they will live the rest of the days here in zimbabwe i said this the other day on the prison full of president robert mugabe spoke of zimbabwe with a certain sense of ownership but i couldn't imagine that he would want to develop the rest of his days anywhere else other than his so we know that they will be in
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the country many zimbabweans ok with that especially when it comes to robert mugabe but a very angry with the first lady for example and say maybe she should have been shielded from persecution they say that they can stay and they'll even look after them but some worried about the fact that the amount of wealth that they have. accrued over the is maybe some of that should be given back to the country we're talking about minds here in that we're talking about huge commercial farms people say surely they don't need all of that and some of that should go back to the people of zimbabwe. christine when reporting for us from harare great to talk to you. well let's dig further into that economic perspective now with a journalist you're going to learn and he's been reporting from zimbabwe for a decade the i.m.f. is warning that zimbabwe must act quickly to dig its economy out of what you know is and die an economic crisis. is
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a myth among going to be able to do that. well i think mr mann i got was the only person at the moment who could do it well specifically will have that lima agreements there is a good possibility that mr mullen god well can solve the problem of the lima agreement and since he's the only able person on the back of a person being backed by not only the security forces but also by the party and perhaps not even more or less by most of the people i think these he's the ideal and the only candidate to promise the people that he can solve that problem immediately and he has to and for those of us who are not familiar with the name agreement would you just briefly explain what that means place well the limited reason more or less is an agreement saying that zimbabwe has to reduce costs specifically reduce costs in the public sector now what needs to happen and
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do you think he can move quickly enough to push through these reforms that have being called on it at a time when he may also be facing a divided party i think he's got no other chance to push things through extremely quickly he has to prevent the national budget by next week and of next week twenty third of november yes to present the budget to parliament and so he has to act exe trini quickly and where are the areas action. well there is a virgin actions of men full he has to actually read install. the national banks he has to make sure that the rule of law is back at least will be restored in a way he has to make sure that there is a kind of reengagement with other countries he has to make sure that people do trust him and that people believe that the bill be a free fair and credible election next year so there's lots to do it's not only the financial sector well he has to also try to at least give the impression that this
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is now a new policy in zimbabwe we're going to see i'm not the mills on the path policies of fear and intimidation let's just go back to the financials then but because it is involved way urgently needs the cash injection has been bought from borrowing a sense that they felt it in one thousand nine hundred ninety can we expect a return to international markets now. and i think there is a chance for the it's vital for zimbabwe to start or to get that financial injection then bob is beg i'm spec'd to the international community now it's a pariah state and no international rest of the really come into the country and invest lots of money in it and the only possibility for zimbabwe is to convince the economies of the world and the possible investors of the world that it's an interesting place to invest to and that there will be returned investment soon yangon and langen thank you very much for your insights thank you. well the
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controversy over australia's immigration policies are now coming to a head sumi has more on that that's right helena police and immigration officials in papa new guinea every move dozens of asylum seekers from an abandoned immigration camp and are ratcheting up the pressure on more than three hundred others to leave the un has urged calm after receiving reports that force was being used the camp on man a silent has been used to house refugees hoping to get to australia but it was close at the end of october after the papa new guinea supreme court ruled it unconstitutional well many of the migrants have refused to leave because they fear for their safety at the new camp where they're supposed to be re housed. they want to kill this picture and this mobile phone photos captious asylum seekers in a controversial australian run detention center and papa new guinea. one that was officially shut down three weeks ago. now police have answers to compound they ordered those
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remaining to leave. shocking scenes of distress the crowd tries to revive one man who has collapsed. and. these pictures show police attempting to clear the minus island center dozens of refugees are reported to have left but hundreds determined to stay many try to evade deal thora. australia detained refugees arriving by boat in the controversial facility and shut it down after a power point new guinea court route and constitutional. australia now wants to reach house them in another camp on the island. the people at the. regional processing center which has been closed by the p. and three authorities who leave and go to the alternative accommodation that has
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been provided. the they should have by the law and the lawful authorities of poppy new guinea. there are alternative facilities that have been made available with. border security and medical services but n.g.o.s report that the new camp is not fit to be inhabited yet and refugees say they are not safe there there's a history of violent attacks against them by locals who want them off their island and the new detention center is not as secure as the old one staying doesn't seem to be an option though supplies are sorely lacking here refugees say police destroyed their belongings and took away food and water stockpiles adding to the utter squalor in which they have been living here. let's get more on this story with. me from melbourne she's a human rights lawyer and a campaigner for the human rights group get up thanks for joining us tell us more
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about what is happening on the ground at the man asylum camp. this iteration is absolutely horrifying as you know what it shows today and fortunately now we have more than four hundred refugees who have been languishing in a day commissioned detention seem to mean and evil based on medicine being forcibly moved to alternative facilities in a town they face a dangerous assault in that town and the protests of locals who feel that this is a strategy as problem and then during not as of having six hundred man pushing to their town so we have refugees now facing a very very horrifying choice which means a slow day to try staying inside the detention centers and potentially a rapid one outside facing violence and instability on an assignment shared activists as yourself have been very critical of the australian government's practice of sheltering effigies on man
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a silent the government however says it is trying to stop people smugglers and to deter people from making the crossing from indonesia to australia don't they have a point cruising by sea is dangerous but ultimately will be struggling to government has been doing is violating international law and spending almost nine getting in a struggle in dollars to deal with true thousand people who've come by boat to strike and not as you well aware in europe the numbers go up a refugee crisis are far beyond that and what you see in a struggling is i small country very trying the problem massively overacting slightly violating international law with impunity and detraining unlawfully two thousand men women and children in absolutely despicable conditions for the four years. and that was a summary from human rights groups speaking us get up speaking to us a little bit earlier now the m e two movement has spread like wildfire across the
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globe with women sharing their stories of sexual assault and harassment after hollywood and high profile politicians a new hash tag is now putting the spotlight on the church and federico bodger from our social media desk has been looking at that story for us federico what can you tell us so sue me you can pain church to church to it started when an american poet emily joy decided to open up about her experience she said the need to movement gave her the strength and the courage to do that and in a serious of tweets she describes what she went through she says she was groomed by a so-called youth leader in her evangelical church in illinois when she was sixteen and that story caught the attention of another woman. writer hannah pascha who recognized the joy wasn't alone and crash wrote on twitter as emily joy puts it a day of reckoning is coming for the church as it is with washington and hollywood
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share your story using the hashtag church too and so many thousands of people have been doing so this is just one example this woman might get it that she says when i was brought over family problems a priest and professor of mine used my vulnerability to try to slowly erode my boundaries and to groom me for an affair he wanted a protege. someone who he could sleep with and this woman then goes on telling you know how much had that experience messed with her and with that with her head she later attempted suicide multiple times and thousands of women are describing similar situations and priests or pastors trying to exploit them believe they were in their abilities whether it was a family issues or it's in disorders and in a priest are often regarded as moral authorities within their coup. it is so people tend to trust them as with hollywood and also washington we're talking about serious abuse criminal acts here why is it that people are sharing this on social
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media not perhaps going just to the authorities well assuming it's important to stress that many of these victims are saying that they did speak out in the past when they tried to and some of them reported the abuse within their communities within their families some of them reported them to the police but churches are very i mean they're very powerful institutions and a lot of these women are saying that in the past they were they felt like they were really taken seriously and sometimes reporting abuse even backfired against them or against their families for instance we have a woman here she says she's from chicago and she says i was thirteen and the pastor's daughter a prominent church member molested me and i reported him to the church the church covered it up fired my father and made the church member and now there are so many women are really feeling completely powerless when they experience things like that and another problem that a lot of them are describing is the culture within the church itself and especially
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within the most conservative communities and often these communities stressed the need for women to be to be pure and many women are saying that they grew up learning that if they were raped for instance it would be it could be their fault because of because they were dressed attempting so there is a bit of this culture of shame in the victim that and that's often why they haven't been speaking out before our entire social media editor federico bhatia thank you for sharing that story with us. you're watching t.w. still to come a group calling themselves the center for political beauty of rex a replica of the bill are in berlin holocaust memorial in rural eastern germany we take a closer look. health . and hearings to law. solidarity.
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they fall by the wayside when the gap between rich and poor grows. life in an equal societies. in forty five minutes on d w. love from the get go.
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if you never use my nose it's a child who's who who truth can do nothing before movies news can read i do note of programs they drop out of the school because they really do nothing when coming from home that could have easily been us. at any one of those. polls. welcome back you're watching get out your news our top stories here in berlin the leader of the social democrats martin shows his meeting with the german president as part of efforts to try to break the coalition deadlock presidential fires hoping
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to persuade childes to join a chance for uncle michael in a new government. and the police and immigration officials have moved in to clear almost four hundred refugees seeking asylum in australia from an immigration camp and pop a new guinea the camp has been shut down by the migrants are refusing to leave saying they fear for their say. yes the alternative accommodation that officials are offering. now one of the world's biggest steel companies with some good numbers today helena some good numbers but that think the company's one good numbers come as job losses are in the offing at towson cook at sea more revenue a big leap in earnings before taxes and german industrial giant has had a solid financial year overall but this controversy brewing at the german industrial giant management is pushing ahead on merging to encrypt the european steel division with one of its indian competitors that tata steel workers here in
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germany are fearing that the merger will eliminate even more jobs than the company claims. things are looking good for german steel giant too soon corporate earnings are up losses are down mostly thanks to its booming steel business but the company's c.e.o. has warned employees that a merger is on the horizon isn't we're totally convinced that a merger with tata steel is the best or teaching option for our company staff and shareholders. and he had this message for workers we already has to come to an agreement with employees. that will be difficult for months to some cope staff have taken to the streets to protest the merger they're afraid for their jobs and voice within a merged company the new steel operations will be based in the netherlands. in holland with us wonders in the netherlands are not allowed to sit on supervisory boards so. that means employed participation is much lower there than in germany is
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complete the union also fears for the industry in germany that's because the new joint venture would start out burdened by a huge mountain of debt it's an unsustainable situation they say but the board disagrees he says join venture. it's totally sustainable that's why we're doing it and even if the steel business our innings weren't sufficient in terms of capital they were always positive. i'm absolutely certain that we'll be able to create a sustainable joint venture. sean financial it was supposed to be set up in twenty eighteen but a dark cloud has hung over talks between to sync up management and workers some still believe that the merger is destined to fail. let's get the market reaction with our financial correspondent con about a bill isn't it frank but conrad let's be honest negotiating this merger was a nightmare it took eighteen months union representatives say they're going to vote
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it down anyway so what are investors making of that. all this really has scared off a lot of investors in the course of this year shares in to some crude trading significantly lower than at the beginning of january and if you compare this with the german dax which has gained more than thirteen percent since the beginning of the i think it's becoming pretty clear how much. you know investors are hesitant to really believe in. a very soon materializing merger of the steel section of this group with tata steel but if you talk to analysts and if you read their reports a majority of them believe that eventually this merger will happen the pressure from the side of investors of shareholders of to some group is immense and also you know not all of the board members at this from which representative which represent
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workers represent steel workers there are for example the representatives of the workers of the car parts maker of the elevator maker and they might eventually change their mind conrad briefly we've seen a bounce back in the steel market recently so is now the moment to downsize. you know the future is not very bright for the steel sector with all those over capacities and you know a porton client of to some crude steel the car makers for example they produce more and more in china they produce also in the united sates this is where they need the steel factories those clients of his group conrad in frankfurt thanks for that. well meanwhile siemens workers have taken it to the streets of berlin to protest plans to slash thousands of jobs their news of those cuts came shortly after the company posted a record profit that has sparked fury among staff members who accuse the
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engineering giant of failing to live up to its responsibilities. they're determined to let their voices be heard siemens workers turned out in droves to protest plans to cut almost seven thousand jobs and closed two factories in eastern germany. ready to move is very low there's a lot of uncertainty and insecurity this is about livelihoods and families consider that the plant and like he's going to be shut down completely and in gurlitz where there's very little other economic activity people are horrified and scared and gangs. it's an especially bitter pill to swallow just weeks after siemens posted a record profit of over six billion euros. the company says it has to respond to changing market conditions even if overall growth is stable.
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seems like a contradiction with posting profit in the areas of growth we have many of those but in areas where the market is being we've structured and we're seeing lots of action is needed. as more countries in braids renewable energy the demand for gas turbines has fallen dramatically that's put the companies power and gas division under pressure and presence of jobs on the line. trade unions and even some politicians have called on siemens to rethink its decision they say the company has a responsibility to its workers even when times get tough. times foresees now with me thank you to some football news and the last of match day five in the champions league bundesliga leaders byron munich had already made the knockout stages but won two one belgians on the left to give them a chance of top spot the big drama came off the field though as byron fans through fake money on to the pitch and held up banners to protest against one hundred euro
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cost of tickets robert the love and aussie opening the scoring after fifty one minutes under last rally though equalizing through so fianna honey on sixty three minutes but it minutes later current time to leave so bagged the win for byron it's their ninth straight win since coach of kindness took over the reins last month. let's take a brief look now at all of wednesday's champions league group phase results as we saw byron beating under left group rivals p.s.g. slam seven past celtic elsewhere shall see book their ticket to the next round with a win over. roma no goals between you ventus and barcelona that puts the spaniards through and their wins for sporting basel and c s a moscow. let's talk about all of that would be an expect from v.w. sports with us here in studio high on it first of all what do you make of that fan protest that we saw in that byron game yeah i mean i think it's a strange way to protest paying three hundred euros for the ticket that you're
3:39 pm
protesting against but in a way it's understandable because this is the only way the bond fans can i guess get their message out the you know it from the television screens and it is understandable that the bond fans are upset they used to german football where you can buy tickets to the biggest matches for twenty euros so it's a huge jump for them in these champions league games and the club also subsidize the tickets so that the fans only have to pay seventy euros but as the fan groups say that's not a long term solution they want us to come in they say that was in breach of us food regulations by charging so much for the ticket and so they want to see some changes made but it's also i think on the clubs to make that change they have to realize that it's unsustainable to keep rising keep increasing the price of tickets not to talk about what happened on the pitch where does byron stand after the win last night yes so i mean they're already through to the knockout stages they have one match left against p.s.g. they would have to be ten mil to take top spot that's pretty unlikely but this game
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is more about progress football and they last appears to be earlier in the champions league three nil and they need to make a statement to show that they're still a club that can challenge at the top of the european leagues at the europa league. we're just looking at those champions league standings they're now at the top of our group you see what you're just talking about with byron and p.s.g. there but the europa league is back in action later tonight and heritage huff and i both know that they'll be out if they lose what about cologne can also still have a chance to progress the knockout stages but they are facing. who are the premier league heavyweights and this is going to be a tough match for cologne to win they're already really struggling in the bundesliga sitting bottom with only two points. twelve games and they're also bottom of the europa league group but a win against arsenal would regret their hopes of progressing to the knockout rounds. and it's not surprising that cologne coach peter shergold is under pressure after his side or from start to the season but he's hoping
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a win against arsenal could kickstart their campaign. right now we have one more opportunity to build some faith in ourselves with positive results. on the one side for the europa league group but also for this sunday's bundesliga game but the arsenal match is about a very special opponent in a very special coaching a great setting here and simple it will be a great game and. a great game but also a really difficult one for cologne do they have any chance of winning i think it's going to be pretty tough to be honest to me sounds quite confident under pressure they haven't won in the bundesliga they've lost ten only drawn two but i did get their first win in the european league earlier this month against forest of and they say they won five two and they've had troubles in front of goals so it was nice to see them score a few but top same and it's going to be a bit of a struggle i think hopefully they can get something a draw or such but i think they're going to find it tough what about the coach we
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saw there could this save his job it could i mean i think cologne would also not be to displace going out of the europa league if it meant that they could stave off relegation from the bone as they go going out of europa league isn't exactly a disaster getting relegated definitely is whether win against us is going to save his coaching career at cologne i don't know i think it's great the cologne of stuck by him it shows you the kind of club they are too often coaches and sacked at the first sign of trouble so i hope you can turn this around and i think he's the best man to do it the right can expect from you sports thank you for that analysis. to china now where hundreds of millions of people have been lifted out of poverty in the last forty years since the government began allowing free market policies china is working to reduce the number of people living in poverty even more by two thousand and twenty but often it uses questionable methods to do so we look now at one project that has a citizens' initiative and aims to revolutionize people's lives in one impoverished
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region. you know one province the land south of the clouds as it's known here in china is famous for its lush landscape but beneath this ideal it surface there is more than meets the eye the southwestern region is home to some five million people living in abject poverty earning less than two hundred ninety year was a year. this was the case for most people here in the town of happy and then two years ago lee's show yoon a professor of agriculture had an idea. i wanted to find a structural solution that would help lift the town out of poverty. a solution that was tailored to the people here to stop looting a type of industry that everyone would profit from. for leave the answer was to transform the entire town into one big hotel with the help of the locals he
3:44 pm
and his team started building lavish your traditional residences word soon spread all the way to beijing today the government is holding it up as a shining example of private initiative and fuelling the project with interest free loans lee also received backing from private donors. altruism or charity is increasingly becoming part of the public d.n.a. here in china we're moving away from the days when people only cared about their own problems four thousand two hundred people donated money to this project every window and every toilet has been paid for by crowd funding. to get you but changing an entire town won't happen overnight for many here and how b.n. the transition from farming to tourism is a slow process until are new houses done new shoe jan's life remains largely unchanged she still cooks over an open fire like so many here she can't wait to get
3:45 pm
access to electricity and running water. doesn't mom until. we want to make our town a nice place to live and we want visitors to feel comfortable here. jan and his wife belong to the people and ethnic group living off the land of the lush hillsides. such as eggs from wild chickens they don't come much better than this grade a free range in light of recent food scandals eggs of this pristine quality are considered a rare luxury highly sought after by china's rich urban elite. just a few years ago pun lived almost completely cut off from the rest of the world
3:46 pm
today he's sending his eggs to customers thousands of kilometers away. we used to just eat the eggs ourselves now we sell them we serve customers as far away as beijing and shanghai demand far outstrips supply and following. once the eggs have been carefully packaged a courier collects them and delivers them to their customers in the big cities at seven euro's for ten eggs there are a symbol of the growing gap between the rich and poor here in china there are about one million millionaires in this country of over one billion people but there are even more poor official figures put the number of chinese living in abject poverty at forty three million the real number is believed to be much higher the government has pledged to end poverty completely by twenty twenty but their methods have raised serious concerns millions of people have been forcibly relocated an
3:47 pm
inconvenient truth papered over by beijing's propaganda machine if only more words lucky is the people here and how b.n. where they are now ready to receive their first guest. forty two year as per night for this room including a private bathroom no. that's a lot of money in this part of china. but for the country's coastal elites it's a small price to pay to escape the stresses of urban life simple pleasures like clean air and returning to nature have become a prized commodity. this room is made completely of wood we integrated it seamlessly into the house all the furniture here is made of locally sourced wood. like this bedside table made
3:48 pm
by the locals here. kind. shell eunice proud of what he's built here for the past two years he's been commuting between beijing and you know on a trip of nearly three thousand kilometers still he knows it's a huge gamble what if no one comes to visit and will the townspeople be able to adjust in the long term. you know i make decisions that aim to boost efficiency not everyone here likes that. but unless changes are made they won't be able to put food on the table and then once we're done building houses and roads we're going to have to start talking about democracy. as more and more chinese escape poverty and experience increased independence the demand for democracy is likely to grow louder
3:49 pm
for a socialist president xi this could pose an even greater challenge than eradicating poverty. now a controversial art stunt has provoked praise and outrage here in germany a group that call themselves the center for political beauty have erected a replica of the holocaust memorial at the monument located in the center of berlin that serves as a reminder to the more than six million jews killed by the nazis during the second world war let's get more on the action am the controversy with our culture editor scott roxboro hi scott what did this group do and why. do you know the original holocaust memorial center berlin and sort of a field of concrete slabs as opposed to evoke sort of a cemetery feel of a cemetery very very powerful work of our. this group made a copy of it a much smaller copy that we can actually see here and they are directed it in
3:50 pm
a small town in eastern germany for an audience of actually just one single person while we take a look at what they did. twenty four large concrete slabs and a backyard and a small town and through. it's a replica of the berlin holocaust memorial erected outside the house of right wing politician. in january hecker of the far right alternative for germany party called the memorial a monument of shame this response from the berlin based artists collective center for political beauty is meant to show the politician what shame truly means. and we built a monument for her because who lives over there it's supposed to remind him that you can only free yourself from gold once you take responsibility for i'm forty one and. the group known for its provocative political actions spent ten months on the project they rented the lot next to her house and worked in secret only on viewing
3:51 pm
the work this week some argue the group may have taken their artistic license to far as that he. is allowed to criticize politics and politicians to a large extent even in a satirical exaggerated way what are you cannot do is degrade people as one and. the group's crowdfunding campaign has raised more than eighty thousand euros already enough money to maintain the monument and ruin hikers few for at least a few years. ok scott we saw a little bit there but what have some of the reactions been to this very divided as you probably expect for something like this i mean a lot of people who don't like. his politics really love it and think this is exactly the right response to give to sort of what they see as his message of hate but so his supporters members of the alternative for germany party obviously are very offended by it and they the artists here haven't done selves any favors
3:52 pm
because they've also released footage of them observing sort of spying on her with cameras and low. again and so forth and that's of course provoked reaction and the supporters of have said this is illegal this is just like the stars used to do in east germany the alternative for germany party has a lot of support in east germany so i think with that act part of the action of the piece i think they've gone one step too far maybe see that they're really trying to provoke an argument more than more than a debate who is this group had they done something like this before yeah they're actually quite well known i mean this type of our activism has become very very popular now you have people like i way way famous chinese artist that's all he's doing now but these guys that's basically what they've done from the start and they they always take very provocative actions they they had an event earlier last year where they took tigers and put them in a cage outside
3:53 pm
a theater in berlin and then said they were going to throw refugees into the cage to be eaten alive it was obviously to protest the reaction against refugees here in germany with the crisis from last year and so obvious it's again a very blunt political point that they're trying to make with these very provocative actions question is whether or not it doesn't do good what it what do you think of them in this type of political statement yeah i have a lot of problems with it because i think art in its essence should be should be about dialogue and debate and the way they do these type of actions they don't leave much room for debate it basically just becomes a rant if you agree with them you think it's great if you don't you can dismiss them quite easily if there's nothing there's no real dialogue going on i mean i compare them to others and is really an artist who lives in berlin called shock shapiro and he did. an event where he did call that you'll cost and he took
3:54 pm
pictures from social media the people have taken selfies that they had taken at the holocaust museum memorial and he had morphed them with images from the. concentration camps he put online and it went went viral was seen by over two and a half million people and this is a different type of of our activists are this really provokes discussion because what he's saying with this is how do we view history and even these memorials have they not become maybe a part of popular culture so that just them another example of a give another opportunity for self present presentation and so forth so this creates a debate and a dialogue which is i think what archie do a lot of this activist stuff i think is maybe just and i have to say even though i agree with him it's more propaganda so we have more on the center for political beauty and this specific art installation in front of you and her house on a website and a website and the whole debate this is obviously not going to end here there probably be political action afterwards maybe even legal action against that so definitely stay tuned and on the web site on do. all right scott rocks for our
3:55 pm
culture editor thank you for bringing us that story. and a reminder now of our top stories at this hour here in berlin the leader of the social democrats martin schultz is meeting with the german president as part of efforts to try to break the coalition deadlock president steinmeyer hopes to persuade chose to join a chance for america in a new government. police and immigration officials have moved in to clear almost four hundred refugees seeking asylum in australia from an immigration camp in papa new guinea the camp has been shut down but the migrants are refusing to leave saying they fear for their safety at the alternative accommodation that officials are offered offering. and everson and god what has promised full democracy ahead of being sworn in as a ball boys new president on friday he just returned from south africa where he fled after being fired by robert mugabe. thanks for
3:56 pm
watching t.w. news don't forget you can head to our website good every dot com for all the latest news and information around the clock leyla iraq will be right here at the news desk in just a few minutes with another update so don't go anywhere. health
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invisible hands. slavery in the twenty first century. study december second on d w. this is your news live from berlin finding common ground germany tries to break the political deadlock after the collapse of coalition talks president shine meyer hopes to persuade.


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