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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  November 24, 2017 5:02am-5:30am CET

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as part of the busiest shopping day of the year. black friday sales are closely watched by many retailers as a gauge of the buying good going into the all important holiday season. soon bob y. is on the cusp of a historic transition after weeks of turmoil the man who was poised to be president emerson mangala is promising a forcing democracy and a bright future for everyone no one is very important and yet. here is that yes. yes me through our economy. we went to prison our country we went to your.
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i'm sorry harmon in berlin this is the day thanks for joining me on friday so i'm bob why is said to get a new president bringing an end to the decades long mugabe air former vice president emerson monk agua who just reeks ago was forced into exile after mugabe fired him will soon be sworn into office for many in zimbabwe this transition is a reason to be hopeful. it's business as usual in harare. and time to digest the excitement of the past few days. focus has briefly shifted to the announcement that robert mugabe and his family will be immune from prosecution feelings are divided. we believe they should let go of him and his family no problem but we also feel people also feel that they should be some accountability a lot has happened people have been oppressed. negative things have happened.
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differently the laws have been instituted which we are just people which of course so people need to hear from him maybe he should come on t.v. and apologize maybe to the nation. but zimbabweans are trying to put their country's past behind them under hopeful for the future. i think he is going to do things. you know it being done by the past but it's been. you know we want that president to be you know that the people be there that continents so that we can build our country. incoming president emerson was welcome back to zimbabwe on wednesday as a hero in an emotional speech he promised a brighter future for the country and asked his people to help them improve the economy create jobs and stamp out corruption. the final preparations are being made
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ahead of non-god was swearing in ceremony on friday zimbabweans will see a new president for the first time in thirty seven years. christine language joins us now from harare christine you just heard that report the first new president in almost four decades how is my managing expectations there in zimbabwe. sarah emerson was the designate president has evolved he has been saying all the right things last night when he addressed a huge crowd outside the party's headquarters he told the support of his that he was going to bring jobs to this economy he told people that he was in touch with with regional neighbors as well as international countries who expressed of the day interest to supporting zimbabwe and growing the economy so he's certainly speaking to people here because several causative estimates have it that eighty percent of the involved wins are unemployed and that really is the case i've been traveling
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this country now for the past couple of days speaking to young desperate people who just have no hope for the future and so he is talking about creating jobs he's talking about bringing investment back into this economy and these are the exact things that people want to hear so judging him by his words such as also good according to the balkans so some lofty promises there but the opposition has been skeptical of mungo what role will they play in the news and bob way. so we don't expect that the opposition will be involved in any way in the transitional government that will preside. between now and september two thousand and eighteen next year when general election now and then go will announce he's cabinets tomorrow as far as we understand he's not the boss he has not had any engage in gauging his whole discussions with any opposition members so at this stage we can expect that the opposition then move in trying to question the peace i spoke to just two days ago told me that they will be doing is really preparing for that
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general election that is expected next year one of the things that they will be pressing the on is the electoral reform and making sure that there is going to be a democratic feet free and fair elections that will be held next year in september and now we know that sunapee as has committed itself to honoring that election and so because we can expect that the opposition is going to start taking the submission is he to campaign rigorously ahead of the us ok where if we also learned today that robert mugabe is not going to be prosecuted you've been speaking to people there in zimbabwe do you get the sense that they're ready to move on and forgive and forget. certainly and sara i know that this might sound difficult for a lot of people to understand but a lot of people still rizzio as one who liberated this country and they have great respect for him one presumes that they can you know speak very harshly about him to all of this is the form of this lady and so many zimbabweans are ok with the idea
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that he isn't going to face prosecution of any kind that he's going to live out the rest of his days in this country that he's going to have military protection they're quite happy about that what they do take issue with is the amount of wealth that the family has amassed over the is i'm talking cute commercial farms i'm talking mines lost amounts of man's zimbabwean saying surely they don't need all of that that's and that could be built some of that it's nice to be brought back into the economy so yes these are people looking forward looking to improve their lives grudges aside looking to the future looking to the future in zimbabwe that's christine one in harare thank you. here in germany the pressure is growing on a leader of the social democrats to reconsider his rejection of a new coalition with chancellor angela merkel's conservatives schultz says he'd rather see fresh elections than serve under miracle as junior coalition partner again but after the talks collapse between the parties over the weekend the only
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feasible way for germany to get a government with the selling majority is if the s.p.d. takes part now schultz held talks with german president frank fighter steinmeier today but it isn't known what they talked about john meyer has called on all parties to respect the wishes of the voters and september's elections and work to govern instead of going to the polls again sold later met with members of his party leadership to discuss the best way forward. well for more on this i'm joined now by michelle and don meyer he was an s.p.d. campaign advisor to the canvas care hard shorter and parish time buck and you're currently a board member of a political consultancy console us welcome to a place to have you any guesses what steinmeier and chills talked about today is of course we know that time i want to avoid new elections so we will call on the responsibility to all parties and especially to day responsibility for the sort of democratic to come to
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a stable government in germany how receptive do you think schultz is to that message that calling on this sense of responsibility so democrats are always responsible they took it for twice we had a grand coalition with the c.d.u. and both times we had afterwards we lost. the elections but now it's a new situation firstly we saw it is better to get to john mica coalition but now it's a new situation and the s.p.d. has to consider the new deal the jamaican coalition it our viewers don't know was of course the possible coalition with merkel's conservatives the greens and the pro-business f.t.p. that fell apart over the weekend now the esp a day in the conservatives are really all that's a lot when it comes to majority government do you envy martin shelters position right now of course not because everything was prepared to go to the opposition and that was the normal decision after the election and we have to remember what has
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happened in september both parties the cd you as well as the social democrats last together was fourteen percent i think so the voters say we don't want any more grand coalition and to the strength of the right wing party has something to do with a great coalition and that was the reason that so democrats say ok now we need a strong opposition in germany and that is the sort of democrats we don't want to be the left wing party being the strongest. position in the podium and i think sometimes this is forgotten. earlier this week schultz pushed their decision that the social democrats would prefer fresh elections to a new coalition with the conservatives how can you step back from that and keep his position as party leader you can keep his position as a party leader it is a new situation all and all decision made. in the party made on i'm asleep twice on the day after the elections and on monday so it is the discussion in the
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whole party and all members have to make up their minds you know and it is a big discussion and that has nothing to do with his position as the leader of the us but there are of course rumors swirling right now in berlin that schulte is going to step down but your take on that is rumors in the political class unburden between john alist and some politicians is normal i see in the party a big discussion on the members just discussing how to come to a stable government in germany and what the role of the a speed is that in the future and that is a very serious discussion and will take some time to come to a decision what's the best way for the country and for the s.p.d. when it comes to the s.p.d. both of their big problems is in that last coalition they were obscured by miracles conservatives
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a lot of people said i don't really know where the conservatives and the s.p.d. starts how can they enter another coalition and maintain that distinction that we are a left leaning party and that is our experience everybody to make a coalition with merkel has to fear it and to the roots made the same experience and i told you. we had to grant coalitions the next twelve years and we lost in the elections two times. and the liberals lost as well so it's very dangerous to make a coalition with her but on the other hand we see the big problems of world it is germany needs a stable government we see what happens in the u.k. what is in france now is the micro is waiting for us and we have to solve the problems of europe and the problems in germany and so we need a good government and one possibility is the grand coalition with us would he but there are other possibilities we should consider
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a minority government germany is not used to have a minority government and america doesn't want to minority guess of course but she has to consider again not only the shows the democrats has to consider about the new situation she as well and i think that mr schultz talk to us. about a minority government as well i see some possibilities there so for democrats maybe it is possible to take responsibility in the parliament where you are not a member of i don't know if the government i think in all issues having to do with europe social democrats will support minority coalition for example of conservatives and the greens do you think that martin child has been hard done by because when the coalition talks broke down this week in the three way coalition talks it didn't involve the s.p.d. it wasn't his fault he'd said from the beginning the s.p.d.
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wants to go into the opposition those talks fell apart and yet now he's the one who's being pressured to perhaps resign do you think that's fair no it's not fair but that's politics it's not always fair and he didn't expect that would happen like you would see it on sunday but now it's a new situation and we have to act now it's a new situation that is michelle donna liar it was an s.p.d. campaign advisor for many years in the past thanks for being with us. man maher and bangladesh have signed a deal to return go hinge on muslims to their homes and man are hundreds of thousands of people from the muslim minority group a flood across the border to bangladesh recently in order to escape what many are calling an ethnic cleansing campaign against them but it's still not clear how many of these refugees are going to be allowed to go home and whether they even want to . they fled to relative safety here in bangladesh bringing stories of
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homes burned to the ground and family members raped and murdered at the hands of our security force says now they're deeply skeptical of going back. i don't trust the myanmar government they're always like this. this is my second time leaving home and my husband has left three times. they live in a massive refugee camp but despite the appalling conditions some say they'll only return home if myanmar meets their demands. we'll go back if they stop harassing us. and if we can live free like the buddhists or the other ethnic minorities are allowed to do. children should also get government jobs just like the others. for months now the un has been calling me on mars treatment of the ethnic cleansing
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on wednesday washington finally followed suit the organization human rights watch has welcomed that decision. the big question now is what is the u.s. going to do about it what they should do is have targeted sanctions looking at the key military commanders that were in charge of this ethnic cleansing and also the people up the line in the command of the burma military but in myanmar there is still lots of support for the military and its actions and a little love for the role hinge or. many in the majority buddhist nation view them as illegal immigrants now the injured are facing a return to myanmar with no clear guarantee of their safety. turkey hosts nearly three million syrian and iraqi refugees but violent clashes between refugees and locals are growing increasingly common across turkey for
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details we can get more from our correspondent doreen jones in your sample. well daryn you've been looking into this story to tell you more gets host of refugee you have turkey has been hosting the world's largest amount of refugees in the country we have to realize most of these aren't in camps they've been dispersed across towns and cities in particular in istanbul and by and large despite there's been cultural tensions and the problems of integration it has been largely contained and i think that's an indication that there was a great deal of sympathy among turks but now in the fifth year and the fear is that many turks patience is starting to run out and my report revealed that there's a new point of tension because some of these syrians have been quite successful opening businesses finding jobs and with that assertiveness and that success as this report shows is causing more problems. the not seen
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barbershop is popular among syrians nearly everyone who works here is from syria this is the owner twenty four year old mom look. he stumbled has been good to him although he left syria only five years ago with his brother's help he now has a barber shop a restaurant and a clothing company. of course syrians can do business here syrians are not generally on successful syrians are ambitious sure a few cause trouble but they don't represent the majority. there are too many rumors about what syrians might have done and how the turks have responded but they're just badmouthing syrians casting them in about. anyone who has dreams and goals can come and make them happen here. mom what's restaurant like all of his businesses is in the ethane lead district it's one of his down bowls poorest and most densely populated areas out of the
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heart a million inhabitants there this petition say as many of the fifty assyrians like mahmoud many therians have opened up businesses in effin unless the government made it easier for the syrians to set up shop by waving the restrictions non-citizens normally face. but that success is starting to cause an ease among some locals turks. after a while they got used to being here and started opening more and more shops they've slowly started to establish their own sectors and now they only go to syrian shops but within our community they form their own internal market and their stock trading with us and. the situation has not been helped by the media a recent study showed that syrians are the second most criticized ethnic group after jews in the turkish media earlier this year clashes erupted between syrians
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and turks in a district near. the situation is making the syrians increasingly nervous. i haven't been affected so far i go from home to work and straight back from work to home i don't get involved in things that are happening outside. the turkish government's hosting of syrian refugees is an increasingly contentious issue for turks in essence. they have a jeweler store up there you see they don't pay their taxes they're given all the breaks but when we want to open a shop the state is harder and else we're not given any of the benefits they get. this tea shop owner angrily tells us to stop filming and leave the argument is just one sign of what local officials admit to a show but not everyone sees the syrians as a threat to. those syrians are all working they have families they are muslims living among us we don't look at the situation as syrians and turks but as one
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muslim community. so in the spirit of the district's motto a city of peace and hope the people of s. unless you are still striving to resolve their differences amicably with their syrian neighbors. dorian sounds like there's definitely some jealousy there but give us an idea of the dimension of this problem how serious is it when in fact just up the road from where that reporter on the worst confrontations happened early this year when a syria syria new who's accused of murdering a turkish youth and that sold two days of of serious serious violence and it reached a point where over three hundred syrians and afghan refugees had to be evacuated from the area early this month in the provincial city of kanya turkish businessmen smashed up with shops of syrians and even when i was in essen a you could really feel the tension i mean really there's
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a lot of concern that the situation could explode and there was a recent study down the nationwide in turkey and found that took the second biggest issue of conserved the turks was the presence of syrians and this is a nationwide problem because syrians are all over the country he said in that report that turkish media have been stoking some of the animosity towards refugees how exactly are they doing that what impact is it having well yeah i mean in the in sixteen that much of the media is controlled by the government dark or in directly and the recent study revealed the the syrians are often portrayed as thieves as criminals security frets the report said that they are highlighted as a threat to society but the biggest issue that media has been peer into attacking syria is over the economy seizing the jobs of turks is a very popular headline are driving up the rents in houses and commendations and
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this is fueling these ongoing tensions is going to confined to the media and the main opposition parties are also targeting the government syrian policy and in fact today a tweet from a prominent member of an opposition party said that one and a half million turks are living under the hunger line where a quarter of syrians living in turkey are obese. briefly doreen what's the government doing to try and calm this tension. well there are also it's been taken in some parts of istanbul arabic signs of syrian shops have been taken down this is happening and also in many towns and cities across the country but this is largely seen as a cosmetic issue speaking to a local official ines and they say the only solution is that syrians start to return home and they all starting at the several hundred thousand the have returned in the last year but given the fact that it's over three million also refugees in the country it is a major problem and the question is will all the syrians want to go back home now that they have savaged him so themselves in turkey right big questions in dave that
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story and jones reporting from istanbul thank you. well here in germany a far white politician found himself in the spotlight after a criticized berlin's memorial to murder jews your hawkers comments angered many and prompted an artist collective to engage in so great a trolling they built a replica of the holocaust memorial that he criticized right in front of his house here in the heart of berlin the memorial to the murdered jews of europe practically invites political discussion most see it as a fitting monument to the six million jews who died in the holocaust but others say germany should not be reminded continually of its past year and heard of the far right alternative for germany party has called the memorial disgraceful his comment prompted a berlin based artist collective to build a replica of the memorial inside of her because house. you know when.
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he day as an ada in january he made his speech about the disgraceful monument so now we have built an extension of this monument for him right in front of his eyes . we want to help him understand that the guild that he feels is ok and that it's important to take responsibility for the skilled so that he can let it go off on him by he. was unavailable for comment but the many memorial could be there for a while yet authorities say it does not breach any law. well for many of our viewers in the u.s. today is the anx giving a holiday synonymous with turkey and if you are one of those who prefers your turkey deep fried well we've got some good news for you it may not be the
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healthiest choice for your waistline but deep frying might actually be good for the environment scientists say fatty acids that are released into the atmosphere could help clouds form and actually help reduce global warming so taking a twenty pound bird and dropping it into a few gallons of very hot oil might actually be doing some good somewhere we do have to say it's unlikely being on a frying done during the thanksgiving feasting we'll save the planet but that's no reason not to enjoy your turkey however you like it or wishing you a good enough or to eat and if you're celebrating today happy thanksgiving. on the day is nearly done but we can take our conversation on long to find us on twitter either at d w news or tweet me at sarah harman five three and don't forget to use our hash tag today so we can find your comments that's going to do it from us from the home team here in berlin thanks for watching we'll see you back here tomorrow
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for another day. laundry guy international talk show four journalists discuss the topic of the week
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the big question in german politics now is how stable is the country following the dramatic breakdown of coalition told will that be fresh elections and how dangerous is the crisis for chancellor angola macko find our own country. next. health. and hearings to law. solidarity. they fall by the wayside when the gap between rich and poor grows. life in an equal societies. in forty five minutes on d w. your children like chocolate.
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