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the main thing was to keep your head down and your mouth shut of course of the face like this i could never completely disappear if you see the steel types on it because it gets you. to do something for your country but you're still the black swan. afro germany starting december tenth w. this is d w news coming to you live from berlin a new chapter for zimbabwe but will the past come to haunt its new president of the
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working to get up a bus that to seventy is what's changed and they bring. with the incoming president closely linked to former leader robert mugabe zimbabweans are wondering if anything will change. also coming up the leader of germany social democrats martin schulz under pressure to enter a coalition with chancellor merkel's conservatives he says he won't but some in his party reckon it's time to think again. and ukraine marks four years since the orange revolution but european union leaders deliver a tough message closer ties yes but no membership just yet. hello i'm terry martin thanks for joining us. emerson is to be sworn in as him bob
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weighs president shortly but after the euphoria of removing robert mugabe from power and was returned to harare people are starting to wonder whether he's the right man to steer the nation back to democracy and rebuild its battered economy he is after all mugabe's former deputy and longtime comrade. they call him the crocodile partly because of his hooded eyes but mainly because of his fearsome reputation and now emerson is the crocodile who snapped back sacked by the ousted president robert mugabe earlier this month returned in triumph this week after the military forced an end to mccartney's thirty seven year rule. jamie five zero zero zero is the only good.
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for years a key mcgarvie ally been got poor help direct zimbabwe's war of independence in the one nine hundred seventy s. in the eighty's he became the country's feared spine master during its years of civil conflict he saw himself as a natural successor to his aging mentor the two finally fell out when it became clear mugabe wanted to install his wife grace instead. even among the crocodile supporters not everyone's convinced everything will now be different. superficially changes but what can we expect from them you know i'm really asking myself what we're going to get out of the bus that is seven years what's changed and they're bringing a lot of people would be happy or all will i expect to be delivered and that the new dispensation that robert mugabe's decades long drive to confiscate white owned
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farms has left him bob was ruined economy in ruins business leaders hope can use his international connections to revitalize business activity. expectations. the new. president used without. doubt. the market. markets. the crocodile is promising zimbabweans a new era of democracy hopes are high but changed with real doubts about what lies ahead. zimbabweans are gearing up for the designated president's swearing in which is expected in the coming hours tens of thousands have been pouring into the national sports stadium on the outskirts of the capital harare to witness the inauguration of a reports that former president mugabe may attend the ceremony but officials have
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not confirmed his participation foreign leaders have also been arriving to witness the swearing in. but more now let's cross to harare where our correspondent christine what is standing by for us christine is about to be sworn into zimbabweans feel they're on the birds of a new era. a lot of people here do terry the very fact that we have a new president in this country is enough to inspire hope in office and his and in a lot of zimbabweans there is a lot of excitement i was around the area of the stadium people are coming in in the best snows in the. cautionary to transport each other you see the waves the flags being waved a lot of excitement with that the swearing in of this president so there is a renewed sense of optimism in this country but there is also a healthy sense of skepticism off to roll up what is known in this country as a fetus and one who has been crushing on dissent one who really was an enabler of
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the mugabe administration for the past three decades and so there is excitement that a lot of people will still step back and are able to say that hate it's given a chance but we do know who he is and there isn't sufficient evidence just yet that not god what is going to be any different than we have seen in the past as you're speaking there christine we were just looking at some pictures from the stadium where that inauguration is about to take place all the preparations there the stadium is filling up i understand it has a capacity of sixty thousand the whole country must be watching this event. essentially it is it is the talk of the town everywhere you go people have mounted they radios there they are supposed by television sets up as well most people are making their way to the stadium at the others traveled overnights at syrian buses we understand that the ruling party paid for people to be sorry to the stadium today brought in by bus through a different one as of this country so there is
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a loss on this people are going to be listening closely to what nagual will say when he addresses the country weenie addresses the wolves off to being sworn in they're ready looking closely at things like what is he going to say about how he's going to change things from the status quo people want to know about priests freedoms people on this ng in closely about the economy and just what he's going to do about that and whether or not this country is going to be the democratic country that the constitution provides for. what about robert mugabe the man who was president between nineteen eighty since independence and and just now do we know where he is if he might attend the inauguration of been some speculation about that. there was any speculation and i was wondering myself whether he would be at say the ceremony today it was very much alike scenario because of the sort of reconsidered a tree tone that managua has struck through all of this is to actually we do
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understand that the two gentlemen will god and not of what spoke yesterday in person that they both came to the conclusion that prison full of prison robert mugabe needed to rest really from the events of the past week and a half and that he would be staying home for the inauguration but we do understand that he gave his blessing to and and offered him his support christine thank you so much christine meanwhile there reporting from harare. of course we'll be bringing you more on that inauguration when it happens here in germany the president is pressuring the social democrats to reconsider whether or not to join a coalition government with chancellor i'm going to michael and her conservative party s.p.d. leader scholtz has so far ruled it out but other leading social democrats say they're open to dialogue they say the party has a duty to the nation to help end the political deadlock. the man of the
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moment s.p.d. leader martin childes arriving for his meeting with the german president frank walter steinmeier reportedly pressed the social democrat to reconsider forming another grand coalition with conservatives after the meeting however no indications of an outcome. in the day address protesting employees of tech giant. while there he hinted at what he thought of and conservatives. mrs merkel and mr zero four can address siemens directly if they don't they may have a different opinion to mine. an opinion schultz is afraid will be drowned out in a grand coalition but within the s.p.d. of there are other voices emerging than the. ones that if we have the right ideas and can really employment then in the grand
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coalition is the better option for in germany. but with schultz as party leader coalition talks seem difficult he'd rejected the idea the night that parliamentary election results became known rumors that he will step down as party chief have now been rubbished. the other parties couldn't form this jamaican coalition and now you ask if martin schultz will remain party leader they need to answer for their actions fast friends and. later in the evening his speedy members met at their headquarters in between the long deliberations a brief update for the press. for going to discuss the meeting between martin short and president. we need some time to analyze that and.
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we can't solve in a few hours what others have taken two months to mess up. it's a tough choice for the s.p.d. to take political responsibility or chart a new course. warner let's talk to political analyst and journalist about a sauna he's with us here in the studio this morning good morning donna good morning the pressure it's on the s.p.d. right now to reconsider its position about forming a government with the conservatives and chancellor merkel how divided is the party on this issue the party is very much divided debate is absolutely against a new grand coalition at least most of them but the party leadership is meeting way into the night as you just saw and they have not made a firm decision but because it's pretty clear they want to go towards a new grand coalition now earlier in the week come out in shoals of the party's
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leader who we just saw behind you in there there in that picture he said the social democrats would not be joining a grand coalition they would prefer fresh elections to that he pushed that through as a party decision and it was announced earlier in the week if the s.p.d. turns around on that one it damaged that credit their credibility definitely it will damage their credibility specially as a party base but nevertheless only twenty four hours after the made this very firm decision this position started to crumble and now there you hear more and more voices here in berlin among the s.p.d. leadership to move to move towards a new grand coalition martin short's the leader of the social democrats a former president of the european parliament he was the social democrats chancellor candidate in the election and in the end the party got a very poor showing in that election some say he should step down do you think he
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will i think he will the party will have a convention in two weeks time and my guess is my educated guess is that we will see a new leader then now there there is a lot of discussion going on right now about how will germany get a new government and it's been two months since the last election within the us. bt some are now talking about a completely different coalition one involving chancellor x. conservatives the social democrats and maybe the greens what you make of that i think is very unlikely it doesn't really make sense. grand coalition with d.s. but you would have a clear majority not as big as it used to be but big enough and it doesn't make sense was interesting i was at an event where it was us night and she talked about a minority government at least she did not rule it out i thought that was interesting but i still think it's moving towards that renewal of
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a grand coalition or a minority government would be something new for germany it must be said german president. he is now the man of the hour he's talking to all the parties saying go back to the negotiating table reconsider your positions try to give germany a functioning stable government what options does he have at this point well he is the monster of the process but in reality the parties have to decide what that will do and what he wants to avoid at all costs is fresh elections and there is no at the time. for that chancellor merkel you mentioned seeing her last night today she's in brussels she has european council meetings she's meeting with other european leaders and leaders from eastern europe as well what is her status at those talks in brussels now that germany is in fact in political limbo right it's their first meeting in brussels and europe sees a lot of uncertainty about leadership and everywhere and you're of people expect
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her to take up this role again and to form a stable government and therefore be very interesting to see how the house or she will be received in brussels today. and i thank you so much ben a zona veteran political journalist and political commentator thank you so much for being with us thank you for having me now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today several hundred suydam seekers who had refused to leave an australian run detention center on madison avenue when they get a have been evicted from the facility one of the asylum seekers posted video showing authorities violently clearly people out some former detainees claimed they were beaten with sticks and war torn yemen is facing another potential health epidemic with at least fourteen people dying from the area many of the victims are children world health organization has warned that least
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a million children are at risk of contracting the bacterial disease or than two thousand people have already died from colorado. you're watching the news still to come ukraine is marking four years since the orange revolution that swept away the regime of viktor yushchenko bitch but is the nation ready to join the european union e.u. leaders are likely to deliver a tough message at a summit today. well it's just one month till christmas and retailers have high hopes christophe hasn't terry revenue traditionally shoots up in these crucial weeks and the u.s. friday after thanksgiving or black friday officially kicks off the shopping spree the philadelphia police coined the phrase black friday back in the one hundred sixty s. when friday after thanksgiving sales created traffic jams and drew so many unruly shoppers that it darkened their work day and much of the high price prevailed in
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new york city macy's started its black friday discounts a day early as a lot of shoppers rushed into the department store on thursday night many retailers have started the holiday shopping season thursday to boost cost of the traffic and sales. retailers here in germany you may be interested to know have created their own version of black friday but is it is a hard sell many consumers believe it's just some of the tricks to make a normal sale and often it is. there may not be tents out on the german high streets but there's definitely a black friday bug in the retailers even have black week at the tightening seven days of rock bottom prices opinion on the street is mixed. with them i like discounts on electronics i'm happy to join in. on that. there's no point. people who buy things whether they're cheaper now or not it has. taken this on from america and it's. the internet is also
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a special office experts predict additional sales of one point one billion euros on friday in germany alone. as we can draw from all styles that's an average of a hundred and seventy per person on friday and on cyber monday another one hundred twenty. that's a big incentive for retailers especially in electronics or pretty nearly twenty eight hundred. shop with caution say consumer protection groups not every discount is a bargain dramatic price cuts of forty fifty or even eighty percent might be too good to be true. keep a cool head do some research and use price comparison websites to check if it's really a good offer and whether or not to go for it. in a sample test only half the products were genuine bargains a quarter of them were listed at market value and for the rest shoppers paid more
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than they would have elsewhere. bring in our financial correspondent stan yoko pairs out in the shopping area of germany's. capital frankfurt very did you bump into any excited bargain hunters yeah well good morning chris oh well shops will be opening in about forty five minutes here in frankfurt and i'm here on that side of the busiest shopping street here in frankfurt and yeah if we look at a little round i don't see any of those big lines yet so let's see if this is going to change when shops are opening at ten o'clock but of course i checked my email this morning i can admit i can be shopping victim as well i had about fifteen different emails from companies advertising their black friday sales today so yeah it's a big day for shoppers also here in germany and how much hope are retailers putting in this year's holiday shopping season. well we just heard in your report added an
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additional one point one billion euros i expected in sales today and yes experts are saying that even though this is sort of a hive coming from the united say that they are seeing a change after shopping behavior also here in europe traditionally shopping for the christmas season usually started in the beginning two weeks off the assembly or now they are really seeing the shifting to the end of november of course mostly the e-commerce business is going to be benefiting from all of this but even shops here in frankfurt are trying a different strategy also this year i saw a sign in front of her shop this morning saying if you buy your christmas gifts here inside of the shop we're going to give you we will give you a better offer if you do it on line people who might be buying something on amazon might have to wait a little bit longer because we are hearing that today on black friday they're going to be a strike a different district centers here in germany as well keeping his eye on black
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friday then you're caught in frankfurt thank you so much china's trade with north korea prolongs last month with imports falling to their lowest level in years underscoring beijing stands to enforce u.n. resolutions and reigning in pyongyang misao and nuclear programs after two intercontinental ballistic missile tests in july the united nations and post sanctions on north korea earlier this week air china had announced it would suspend regular flights to the isolated neighbor. how do you knock out an opponent north korean soldiers show their guest from china how to do it over the weekend but the beijing delegation knows who really controls the ring or in this case the economy even a visit to a shoe factory in pyongyang can't hide the fact that china is importing less from north korea than it has in yours. as late as this summer trade between the two nations had reached a new high four hundred twenty six million u.s.
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dollars according to chinese customs that was despite u.n. sanctions it began falling noticeably in september after the first missile tests by october trade was in a dive. that means no more trucks to be seen carrying coal iron ore or fish across the friendship bridge separating the two countries u.n. sanctions have forbidden the products for months it was only after u.s. president donald trump openly threatened to boycott chinese firms for the country's business with north korea the trade began its dive now there are only north korean airlines to see at the airport air china has stopped their flights north korea disputes that sanctions are working it also hopes that the more than one hundred thousand tourists who visit the country each year can help fill coffers. and that's all business news back to terry for more world news thanks very much chris we've got six former countries of the soviet union six members of the so-called eastern partnership the leaders of those countries are in brussels today to discuss. the
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cooperation to create stronger economies and governance and belarus moldova ukraine georgia armenia and azerbaijan the meeting with european union leaders there ukraine is marking four years since the my don protests that swept away the regime of victory on a coach and it has high hopes of moving towards membership. walking the streets of kiev if you could be forgiven for thinking that ukraine was already a fully signed up member of the european union. this week ukraine marks four years since protests here on my ten square swept president viktor yushchenko beach from office but before you left for exile in russia his crackdown on protesters claimed the lives of at least one hundred people. the spark that ignited those protests was europe under pressure from russia president jenna covert shocked many when he refused to sign the long awaited a u.s.o.c. ation deal. the man who called people out onto the square with mustafa nyima
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then a journalist for the skipper of the newspaper is angry facebook post set the ball rolling and brought hundreds of people out to protest for years on a naive is now on the inside and trying to make his mark on ukraine's politics as a member of parliament. has all the upheaval ukraine has seen been worth it or has the country paid too high a price. i think it was only one chance to escape the. destiny of the russian for example to escape in. this soviet style government no country for the future does he think his country's journey leads to e.u. membership i would say that now we are much closer to europe. in real life but in the form of life like during the cold of course we see that all those obstacles do you believe that there will be any mention of ukraine at some point i hope so i think that it should be happening in my age. ukraine has already moved
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closer to the union on a number of fronts armed with new biometric passports ukrainians can now finally travel to europe without needing a visa. but what does o.c.a. sion with the european union mean for ukraine is this the end of the line or just a step on the path to full membership brussels it seems can't make up its mind while the commission refuses to give any promises the european parliament says that mere association cannot be the final goal one thing though is clear as britain prepares to leave the union a large majority of ukrainians would be more than happy to take their place. in soccer colone put their bundesliga woes behind them with a narrow victory over arsenal in the europa league striker seru one and scored a second half penalty that are in the german side of one nil victory the result
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moves cologne up to second place in group h. and means their qualification fate is now in their own hands arsenal are through as group winners despite the defeats. and two other bonus legal teams were also in action on thursday and both have crashed out of the europa league hoffenheim fell three one to portuguese club braga ending their chances of marking of making the knockout phase and in spain how to berlin blew a two one half time lead and italy losing three two to let a bilbao two converted penalties from better and striker are its roots made all the difference for the hosts ending how to european dreams in the process. of cricket for e.u. where the world's oldest sporting rivalry has gotten underway australia are hosting england in the ashes competition first played back an eighteen eighty two first test in brisbane has drawn thousands of fans through the gaba stadium where
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a party atmosphere has quickly taken over the home side have ended day two on one hundred sixty five for four with a match perfectly points. england's fans have landed. the fancy dress. and the bobs are in full flow after one of a stretch said he wanted to end the careers of england's. all the banks with your long lost weeks no media tells me that you know that frightens england won the last ashes series go into this one as favorites to reclaim the famous trophy. but the odds haven't entered the confidence of england's fan group. although i think i can rejoice that it's a weekend bowling attack if you go boys if you go. australia's fans are just as
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upbeat. paving the way for a competitive contest both on and off the pitch. you're watching t.v. at the news coming to you live from berlin we have more for you at the top of the next hour and everything online a d w dot com thanks for. my
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laundry got the international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week the big question in german politics now is how stable is the country following the dramatic breakdown coalition told us will that be fresh elections and how dangerous is the crisis for chang some other angle about go find our own country. quadriga next d.w. . is the south pacific island nation of doomed. the sea is encroaching ever farther on to the land. what can people do when their home turf fumbles beneath their feet. nobody here is thinking of giving up. the party a drowning paradise in the south pacific. in forty five minutes long doubly.
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