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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 24, 2017 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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and autonomy. three careers three german d.j. superstars. do it by their fans across the world for their own electrifying live sex. enters the room to the stables and backstage parties took place when no one attained stardom just like the. superstar deejays starting november twenty fifth on d w. as a state of the news coming to a live from for land on the massive attack in egypt's sinai peninsula state media
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says at least two hundred thirty five people are dead militants involved in last during friday prayers and then opened fire as worshippers tried to flee. also coming up we'll germany's social democrats ballot of pressure to solve the country's political crisis their leader agrees to talks on a possible coalition was angling marigolds conservatives i will quote myself. with the way he pulls you back there and it's. sold out to go through emerson mungana why is sworn in as zimbabwe's new president shared on by tens of thousands he promises democratic elections and reaches out to his rivals to work with him to rebuild the economy.
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i'm sorry welcome to the show it's good to have you with us it's one of the worst attacks and egypt modern history militants target a packed mosque on the sinai peninsula detonating explosives and spraying worshipers with bullets more than two hundred people are dead scores wounded there's been no claim of responsibility yet but the so-called islamic state is waging an insurgency in sinai and egypt's president has promised a brutal response he also declared three days of mourning inside a mosque the bodies of those who were killed the attackers detonated their explosives here then opened fire outside on people running away and finally took flight themselves never before have so many people lost their lives in a terror attack on egyptian soil. hasn't had this this act was meant to destroy
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to break our will but this terrorist act will make us even stronger and we will combat terrorism that this act is a reaction to all of our efforts so far. we're heading in that have the sinai peninsula has seen heavy fighting between the egyptian army and a splinter group of islamic state for some years now the terrorists have carried out more than one thousand attacks here during the past four years primarily on security forces. the army says it managed to shoot some fifteen terrorists responsible for the attack as they were fleeing it is intensively searching for their attackers. earlier i spoke with our correspondent in cairo. and i asked him why this particular mosque was targeted. well that's several serious behind of course you don't know any bill but you claimed responsibility yet so you don't know of the real motives of the attackers but there there's speculation about
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why this mosque and two series the first series that it is. a look that is frequented by stories are followers of islam that follow a kind of first appearance of an interpretation of islam and this is the reason why they're very much hated by the religious islam is to have a more rigid. everything. the other theory is that this village where the whole thing happens is a tribe living there that is known to cooperate with the security forces and that might be the reason why the most part it is that they were just old scores settled in this attack. this sinai region is known to be a volatile one why is that. where there's a small scale war between militant islamists and the state going on since many many
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years going back to the times of hosni mubarak but this will escalated in the last . years in the last months we always had attacks against the security forces hundreds of soldiers and policemen lost their lives in northern. sinai we also had this year attacks against christians for the trial of the big exodus of the christian population from oh sorry but this attack on a mosque and you call it the first time the gun mosque is attacked and return the president has promised a bortle response what do you think he means by that. well i don't think he has much left to do because he already there is a book in the wall already going on is not of china. actually air force one from positions no sign up but this is also not the first time so one wonders
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what the president can really do which is already done the most. serious of course that there really really good again proving again is again that they can not get this area under control. well we know we're looking at these pictures the attack occurred as worshipers were attending friday prayers karim painted a picture of what it would have been like at the last today. when there is conflicting reports some of them said that there's a bomb that exploded the most skilled people were escaping and were fired upon. other reports that basically the most words surrounded by armed men and there were started firing to the most given at least. they must have had a lot of pride because there are also reports that they fired upon the ambulance cause to try to approach the most the other two. were injured people so it must've
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taken quite a long time until the forces are right there or the militants were forced to. or an absolutely tragic situation for those people kareem algo hari thank you for being with us today from cairo police in london have now withdrawn from the busy area surrounding oxford circus after an apparent false alarm earlier in the phasing news the police operation sparked panic authorities told people to avoid the area and they closed the busy office and circus underground station on oxford street serving were shots fired before they said they didn't find any evidence of that. here in berlin the german president has made a new move to resolve the coalition crisis president. has invited chesser on the american and social democrat leader martin schulz to talks next week on forming a coalition government there so a big gap to close out yesterday had previously been strictly opposed to joining
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a coalition with merkel but a meeting with the president seemed to produce a change of heart. for martine schultz another term for the s.p.d. in a grand coalition is not an appealing option after the election he repeatedly stressed the need for the party to undergo a period of renewal in the role of opposition. now sense agreed to enter into talks but he's promised the grassroots the final say. so should such talks leaders to participate in a government in which have a form however such a government would look it will be the party members who get to vote on this. the s.p.d. faces a crucial test at a meeting with german president. shultz was reportedly pressured to reconsider forming another grand coalition with the conservatives one s.p.d.
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politician who would welcome another grand coalition. who's clearly been enjoying his job as foreign minister. nonetheless he cautions against unrealistic expectations. now will have to hold negotiations it's also tricky for your it because an unstable germany creates difficulties for europe but no one should expect the s.p.d. to immediately iron out the problems caused by the failure of the previous coalition talks. coalition talks might be difficult with shultz as party leader as he has repeatedly rejected the option of a grand coalition rumors have been circulating he might step down members of angela merkel's conservative c.d.u. are hopeful the impasse is over. the president's appeal to every policy has to end show that there will be a stable government in germany has had some impact we have to start talking with
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the s.p.d. as soon as they're ready and form a new government soon. martin schultz now faces a tough choice cooperate with angle americal and break his promise or put the political stability of germany at risk when germany struggle to form a new government isn't only creating uncertainty here at home for as european partners are also a little on nor are facing a challenge of calls to reform the bloc the e.u. as always look to merrill to lead the way and as a leaders gathered in brussels today the german chancellor was back on the scene for the first time her message don't worry. chancellor merkel arriving at the e.u. summit in brussels it was her first foreign engagement since the talks to form a coalition government in germany broke down.
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a little later and the chancellor was nowhere to be seen during the traditional family photo it was a simple explanation angela merkel had other more important commitments but the fact that germany still doesn't have a government was unsettling to many at the summit. germany's one of the leading nations we all hope that the government can be formed quickly we'll see whether or not that can happen in the coming weeks. and we need a german partner with a stable government and i really hope that we can quickly find a partner here in brussels who will also have a majority in parliament that's important for all of us for germany but for us as well as an option of opulence of. a stable and effective germany has never been more important not least because of the ongoing negotiations and plans for reform in brussels. meanwhile the chancellor has tried to reassure her european partners
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to be beneath them when they hear from one of my colleagues from the european council asked me about what is happening in germany i was able to tell them that as an acting federal government we can of course fulfill our european obligations. and that we are always engaged in dialogue with our parliament so that we are capable of making all the necessary decisions here. and nevertheless some projects will have to wait for a new german government e.u. council president donald tusk wanted to get the ball rolling on reform but those plans are now on hold. well it's a landmark day for zimbabwe emerson has been sworn in as the country's new president after nearly four decades of rule by robert mugabe tens of thousands of people and the ips for across the continent gathered at the national stadium and harare to witness the ceremony the new president promised to introduce democratic
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reform and kick start the country's ravaged economy. i'm assuming one guy was inauguration ceremony went off with a bang and a massive military salute his fearsome reputation earned him the nickname of the crocodile and after he was sacked a month ago by ousted president robert mugabe he has snapped back to take power his inauguration comes after the sudden end to make up a thirty seven year rule but he paid tribute to the man he replaces. is doing. things through. to run the house and groom to serve run for the foundry in front of. the whole nation. comrade got him. you know this you know was too good for national independence his support is not so surprising the years it was a key ally helping direct zimbabwe's war of independence in the one nine hundred
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seventy s. in the eighty's he became a feared spine master during his years of civil conflict he was longing to just make up a successor but he fell out with his aging mentor when it became clear mcgarvey wanted to install his wife grace as president instead. despite the obvious support not everyone's convinced that things will be so different. superficially changes but what can we expect from them you know i'm really asking myself of what we can to get out of the bus that. what. we're not what people would be happy with my expectations be to leave on that the new dispensation that is certainly a lot to do simple ways rural economy has been wrecked by robert mugabe's decades long drive to confiscate white owned farms business leaders hope can use his international connections to revitalize activity. the crocodile is promising
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zimbabwe it's a new era of democracy hopes may be high but there are also doubts about the head. has your mind or the top story we're following for you right now egypt's state t.v. says at least two hundred thirty five people have been killed in the attack on a mosque in the country's sinai peninsula scores more wounded militants detonated bombs and opened fire on worshippers as they try to flee so far no one has claimed responsibility. for a landmark the top of the hour for now i'm sara harmon thanks for watching and all seemed very sad to take care.


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