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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  November 24, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am CET

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a mega life sets flava mood it's just a really beautiful moment that you're able to share with people a little. they clog up more air miles than some pilots. like andre every handle because nobody any more. three german d.j. superstars can you get any more bombastic movie come use it didn't exist we had no idea what we want to do here and how to do it ourselves on. the feature back stage rooms self-discipline and a twenty four seven social media presence superstar deejays starting november twenty fifth on d w.
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everyone welcome to another edition of euro max here is a look at what we've got lined up for you today. top talent meet an indoor skydiving champion from poland. picture perfect play on here is a top three d. artist from the netherlands. brief getaway portugal's island tazer region is a fantastic place to chill out. sometimes the best experience is simply happened by accident and that was the case for finnish artist rita i came in and i she wanted to create a project combining nature with elderly people but she needed a photographer and some senior citizens who were willing to pose so she did what any logical person would do she did a google search for photographer and grandmother now the results can be seen in an
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international photography exhibition called eyes as biggest plate. at first glance there's unspoiled nature. but a closer look reveals a solitary figure at one with the environment. each picture in the eyes is biggest plate series transports viewers into a different fantastical world. carlina york from norway and rita it can in from finland have traveled the world staging scenes with real people in natural landscapes they were inspired by norse legends and myths. but of the many in the beginning of the project we were looking at the cation self not the raw phenomenons so we were trying to see how how could a rock be alive how people explained different dangerous like sample that existed in nature and then from there we made that leap over some yes off talking with people all over the world into imagination and how you connect.
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the two artists who. each picture together like here in iceland. makes the portable sculptures while carlina is responsible for the photography. they work with amateur models who don't get paid for their participation and most of them are retired that the age group have a particular sense of liberty with its or the sense of freedom when they are being called a graph there comes a point where they have experience a lot and they have a lot of stories so they are maybe just more interesting people the artists tend to find their models by chance or by visiting senior citizens homes though sometimes they advertise. lucy cartoons dr who's from iceland has posed for them twice now she responded to an ad in the paper four years ago. that human being
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a nature rearm only or speed. train to go that. time. there stems. from the. big. sins twenty eleven carolyn new york and rita you can and have photographed more than fifty people in more than ten countries their project is not just about capturing the moment in a snapshot each photo shoot is different and often involves more than just art. spectacular. social club. some kind of crisis manager. i had maybe some kind of adventure club yes that's a good one adventure club that's what we do it's great that we show these people
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having so much fun it's group that isn't seen so incredibly explosives. funloving it's not only seen as quite adventurous and we really enjoy it that. the two women show their works all over the world right now they have an exhibition in reykjavik their pictures have a strong following online as well they've been able to raise enough crowdfunding money to publish a book which like their project is called eyes as big as plates. it's actually from a folk tale and i we just thought that nordics ok but that was a crow with the ice the size of plates but then there's another mention to it that the people we meet through this project they have all these open spirit and very curious souls so it seemed fitting that they have this open to. the artists are also interested in their models personal lives which inspires them to choose
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the setting for their photo shoots. and we're trying to figure out how we relate to surroundings and i think we might have to go on that quest for quite a few decades more so i guess it's a little bit more humble towards our surroundings and learning from a stranger. with eyes his biggest plates carolyn york and rita you can inspire people to pause for a moment both those in the photos and those who look at them. and now on to a young a dutch talent who is trying to get the general masses excited about art and lay on care counts as one of the most important three d. street artists in the world and as you'll see in our next report there is much more
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to his images than meets the eye. artworks that keep you guessing they play with the viewer's perception sometimes appearing so real that it's uncanny these are all works by dutch street artist play on keer he's built a fan following all over the world despite the fact that he has no formal training he primarily follows the rules of mathematics. at school and was very good in math and ethics but i never knew what i could do it like i find it the kind of use this dinner and all these kind of farming us and all these kind of techniques of mathematics but now if you see this on the scene it's offered to you obviously with it where you feel like i know that you know that you also need it. aside from mathematics his computer is also an essential tool it allows him to play around
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with the perspectives in the two dimensional images and he can then reproduce the images on the ground so that they look perfectly three dimensional in his latest work he's painting three identical girls sitting on a landscape of melting ice. as with all three d. images the spatial effect only works when you're looking at it from the right angle . seen from the side the picture looks distorted and does not immediately make sense. that the most challenging part is that you have to convert your two dimensional sketch into it is that treaty and distorted image so you have to distort it very very widely and in the beginning of the painting so when you're standing close if you point it's it's ok that the distortion but if you are further away from the viewpoint then you have to distort it even more. a line of thread serves as an invaluable aid throughout the entire process it simulates what will
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later be the viewer's line of vision. giving pier the necessary orientation as he paints his distorted image on the ground. he regularly checks the results of his work from the designated viewpoint. to ensure that his works are not immediately washed away by the elements he uses acrylic paint rather than chalk. on every stroke on every breaststroke you make good you absolutely have to be aware how it looks like from that few points so my my body could be dare painting on top of the painting but my mind is at a few points. here first took up three d. painting ten years ago and he's been perfecting his technique ever since he now spends ten months of the year travelling around the world producing into artwork every week. like this one at the world street painting festival in the dutch city of harness. works by artists from all over the world will be on display here until
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september third. likely on care they're all able to live off their work throughout the year there are numerous three d. street art festival is especially in europe and the u.s. . it is popular because of the internet maggie everybody out one still want to be on the. on the picture and take a photo share them on their facebook or on a social media god and therefore you will get a lot of lives. once he's finished he marks the ideal spot for the viewer to look at the painting it's taken him four days to complete this one. like all his works it's been designed so that people can become part of the three d. image when they pose for photos. leon cares next job is already waiting in norway his work and our numb will survive for
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a few months until the rain and the street cleaners let it fade away. my focus is on creating a piece and when it's and when is there when is the final result i take a photo put it on the net but i don't know get it anymore it's just i'm focused already on the on the next awkward and that's going to be even better bigger. his artworks on the street may have long since disappeared but they live on in the internet and on the smartphones of passers by the world. and now for a sport that is uplifting to say the least indoor skydiving now inspired by real skydiving it allows you to forgo the parachute and jump out of an airplane because it takes place in
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a vertical wind tunnel now maya couzin sca of poland has been at it for four years now and we met up with her in her hometown of watts laugh. this floating dancer earned by a place in sports history with the first ever title of junior world champion in the indoor sky diving. the air in the wind tunnel blows it up to three hundred kilometers an hour yet her every move is perfect. and the wind doesn't bother the seventeen year old polish athlete she likes it. obviously it kind of feels like sticking your whole body out of a moving car like it's just the same kind of like air pressure but you can control it so it's like super cool because whatever you do your body does and the area boy in the space unit. she takes her moves from other sports.
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fast dynamic twists come from figure skating. long stretches and figures from acrobatics. when my it combines them it looks like she's flying. her favorite figure is the pistol. she devises many of her moves in the tunnel because she has a completely different sense of her body when she's airborne. i've had that i don't know on the ground i'm really. so with flying it's not like you don't catch translate anything from ground to fly there's no like skills that except things like flexibility. she was inspired to take on the sport by her father a huge fan of extreme sports. maya joined him for her first parachute jump when she was just ten years old.
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her father supported her from the beginning this sport isn't exactly cheap fifteen minute. in the wind tunnel cost up to seventy euro's in poland my has been training several times a week since she was thirteen indoor skydiving has become the focus of her family's life. and those of the systems built on those things but i do this more to. have someone for to accompany my every step of the way. my own trains outside the wind tunnel to and completely without professional coaching. i don't really need it any more i could come up with my own things the people who are at the top of the sport right now are at the top of the sport so we look at our own routines and we're the best judges so we know what's good. maya lives in what she has a tight schedule she rarely has time to stroll around in town every weekday she's
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in school till three o'clock then she trains or has media point and so. on weekends she often travels to competitions. there's no time anymore for leisure pursuits. i do miss it sometimes but i think what i'm doing is definitely worth it so. the media and social networks celebrate my as a prodigy. her performances in the wind tunnel or follow the world over some seventy thousand fans follow her on facebook. she took third place in an international championship this year but her ranking isn't all that she's interested in. i want to try to gravitate to more dynamic type of flying i want to be able to show really beautiful moves but at the same time mix them up with like super dynamic fast moves just you know have like my own different style.
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a veritable star of european indoor skydive. achieving a michelin star status is a goal which many chefs work hard towards now this profession is still tends to be dominated by men but now the number of female chefs achieving michelin stars is on the rise here in germany twenty seven year old yulia cum has reached this status as the country's youngest female chef she works her magic at a restaurant near clones so we went along to find out what inspires her call an airy creations. beneath the mint yogurt foam scallops resting on a bed of eggplant most. lamb with chickpeas crunch pistachio pomegranate cream and a persian lemon sauce. tuna and a chinese and pastry pockets and finally a dessert of olives and chocolate. germany's youngest female
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mission on style chef often adds an oriental touch to the dishes she creates. a fascination with arab culture and cuisine began when she was a child which was not so long ago given that she's now just twenty eight. and would not always gone to the orient on holiday perhaps i wouldn't be so interested in all these countries perhaps i would have trained to be a chef who knows good manners what i saw there is that grandmothers and mothers would dry chilies on the roofs of their houses and grind them and invest a lot of love that's what we do in our kitchen we cook with love otherwise we could not survive that's what sensitised. come work that the restaurant in the fifteenth century lives felt consul west of cologne she became
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a chef almost by chance. yes but i used to go with my grandparents to nice hotels and i really liked it there so i did an internship at one i wasn't so keen on waiting tables and the girls were often catty but the kitchen was really cool i could try my handed everything they wanted me i don't know he's been interested in food and whenever they sent me into the cold room i always came back with the right stuff it was fun my. last year out of the blue she was appointed head chef at liz felt she was recommended by her predecessor within her first year there she cooked away. to mission florrie yet as is done with the first star was a huge surprise my biggest wish had come true since the day i started training i had been dreaming of that and working toward it always pushing myself. and when i heard the news it was like a huge weight off my shoulders. while i was teaching this for the first time in my
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life and i couldn't say a word to him for people ask me how i felt not a word of what. she's created a friendly atmosphere in her kitchen. yorkie are you going to wife kids but. it's congress you know often a lot depends on the head chef it's always called here of course i can also occasionally get mad but rarely were more friends than colleagues but if i do have to be tough it is hard harder than if i had a team of thirty were everybody just does his or her bring. you your company's ambitious and relishes a challenge one of her aims is to get younger people to appreciate really fine food she works long hours and has a little free time. and infected antidote to the hard work is the daily job at midday. you can switch off and think about things afterwards you feel free and
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refreshed. eggplants meant to stash her dishes pay tribute to the flavors in a romance and counted on her travels to louisiana is like a home away from home for you. she has many friends there the market stalls offer a delightful array of foodstuffs. i like food really spicy it might cause hiccups but it's worth it if. you do your common points to explore the entire north african coast in search of spices and inspiration she has told me once. i'd be the youngest chef in germany to have it in three michelin stars i'm sure she will often have been trained but. at the rate q.b. a comp is going just about anything is possible. and miley we round off the show with
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a trip to portugal is advantageous to region south of the capital liz but now this area is called portugal's gardens and a huge part of it is covered by cork plantations and farmland now alan tasia is full of surprises including ancient roman ruins lots of wildlife and a sweeping atlantica coast which i got to experience personally on a recent trip there. this is one of portugal's best kept secrets come puerto in the allen tasia region its long and solitary beaches stretch as far as the eye can see . the area isn't commercially developed and is often overlooked by european tourists. a big draw on alan tasia is observing dolphins in estuary off the atlantic coast. about twenty seven dolphins reside here. those with patience and sturdy sea legs just might get a chance to see them on
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a special boat tour. well the dolphins are something very special in that the border. close to the sea because it's the only place in portugal where it. is possible to do with dolphin watching for a resident who. resident. very particular and different. another unique site is the historical port of comports with hundreds of an even playing set and wooden stakes it has served as anchorage to boats for over two centuries. allen tasia covers a vast region in central portugal a bulk of the region contains rice fields vineyards and cork plantations agriculture is key to the local economy. located about a two hour's drive east from the coast is the wall town of ever
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a it's home to about fifty seven thousand people here tourism helps boost the local economy ever as more alleyways various architectural examples and it's roman temple helped it burn unesco world heritage status. so we are on the top of the hill where two thousand years ago the romans built that temple and the. depiction of the city that in the short area has examples of two thousand years that these three because directions from different beauty it's up to modern age and this is the reason why travelers must not skip visit the this world everything each city. another fascinating but grizzly tourist attraction is everest the so-called chapel of bones. and i have a message for you it's only for bravehearts the stand here i waited for
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yours told me. this is one of the best known monuments in ever the chapel was meant as a meditation spot for monks but four hundred years ago they decided to move the bones of more than five thousand commoners to this final resting place. back in the land of the living ever also offers a cozy call an area environment it's common to find locals who own and run the restaurants in the center of town. the most important dish from the international the name it's me against their old bread with meat portraits very very people go and also everybody ogled people the old people they eat these every day every week. migues consists of bread crumbs sauteed in garlic and olive oil they're stirred until they soak up the oil once rolled the meat is added and in
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this case pork now this dish may be a common staple for the locals but tourists enjoy it too as part of the local flair . allen tissue is home to some seventy wineries mostly red wind is produced here since the area gets some three thousand hours of sunshine. for year the conditions for growing grapes are ideal. here we have twelve different great varieties we have here it's governess we know we have at it one is also we have to go they have three going to now very well known. as a lot in our. and these are the most well known. from the wine country and culture in everett to the beaches of how important the allen tasia region of portugal offers a relaxing getaway at any time of the year. and with that we wrap
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up the show don't forget to friend us on facebook for more on the program as always thanks for tuning in we'll see you again soon.
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they've been called. on. call the ultimate digital pioneers.
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they've been called work of art. what's the secret of their success. the special edition. right. out in thirty minutes. five keys to see for food. it's. a great draw and cooked foods to avoid cross contamination. cooks thoroughly to kill microorganisms.
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keep food safe temperatures of the cold to prevent bacterial growth. use safe water and safe raw materials to avoid kentucky. food producers are the ones primarily responsible for the safety of the food you buy but you can protect yourself and your family from diseases in the home by plying the five keys to safer to use them you also have a role to play. they're black and living in germany. is reminded what that means on a daily basis presenter john up like this not being able to blend in and i was. taking a holiday group and being you know different than the way. she travelled across germany to meet other black people and to hear their stories. to see that.
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i grew up in a white family in a white neighborhood it was definitely a challenge. she decided to put me up for adoption and sort of. the main thing was to keep your head down and your mouth shut of course of the face like this i could never completely disappear if you see all these stereotypes about africa it's good to see you. do something for your country but you're still the black guy. afro germany starting december tenth d.w. .


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