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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 25, 2017 2:15pm-2:30pm CET

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thirteen it has become the spanish league's all time leading goalscorer. and to tokyo now where despite initial setbacks and soaring costs the city appears to be on course to having everything ready for the twenty twenty games is just unveiled the first of eight venues the forests what plaza will host badminton modern pentathlon and fencing as well as basketball for the paralympics the building has a capacity of ten thousand the remaining venues are expected to be completed in two years' time. and that's all from the news this hour you can catch up with us at the top of the hour and do remember to log on to our website for more info that view dot com and you can also follow us and also show media we are exporting. they know what. i'm still just
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a piece of. scientists around the world are working to measure our emotions. so hopefully i can be helpful piece of software virtual person as a therapist or a robot as a teacher neither would have human empathy. what does a machine need to do to create empathy and a medical context where i disclose more information to a person or to computer in this case. algorithms finster the feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth t.w. . to some crypt forms the bedrock of german steel making but the company's planned merger with tata steel has left employees feeling like they're on shaky ground. the tie. it's likely to result in about two thousand job losses in germany. for
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months to some krips stuff have taken to the streets to protest the merger. the new steel operations will be based in the netherlands which will mean changes to company policy. because in the netherlands are not allowed to sit on supervisory boards so. that means employees participation is much lower at that than in germany is complete but the issue has even sparked debate in the german parliament members of the social democrats say the government should have intervened earlier. on. it's unclear if this merger will help secure steel production in germany and europe. it seems as if this is about shutting a profitable part but one that's no longer of interest to the group as
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a whole new. steel production accounts for well over seven billion euros of income each year to syncro steel made products like elevators are worth almost as much products made for the car industry and so-called industrial solutions are also new creative. but the biggest unit by far is material services. emerge as the company's response to overcapacity in the steel market well why it. to syncro and tata believe a joint venture will make them more efficient but workers feel their futures are being put on the line. nearly a year ago suffered a massive data breach that impacted some fifty seven million customers and drivers . not only to know about the hack and keep it from authorities it paid the thieves
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one hundred thousand u.s. dollars to keep quiet. firms in the u.s. and u.k. are required to disclose breaches to the government could face hefty fines. it also raises more questions about the management following a string of scandals under found and former c.e.o. travis cullen already trying to shed its reckless reputation. the fact that they refused to tell people that tens of thousands of driver's licenses that all of this personal data was around floating around outside of its control only reinforces the impression that people have this is a company that doesn't care about what happens to it users data customers say the latest revelations make the money say. it's a little disappointing i mean as a consumer i mean i. had no idea. but will they actually leave. valued at nearly seventy billion dollars the company is already the largest write
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sharing service in the world and it's continued to grow despite the controversies. as the new president. wants to see zimbabwe flourish again. the country has the foundation for economic growth plentiful resources good public infrastructure under solid work force. but under mugabe the country's economy went downhill it stuck. today in one nine hundred ninety seven when the government began seizing land from white farmers a setback for a country that relied on its our cultural exports economic growth almost hard over the decade it was the strongest contraction of its kind in a peacetime economy according to the world bank. inflation hit five hundred billion percent poverty rate surged throwing a fifth of the country into extreme need. things began to improve in two thousand
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and nine up to zimbabwe abandoned its local currency and began accepting multiple currencies the economy has struggled again lately and inflation fears about investors have plowed their money into stocks in recent months as the mugabe government began printing a currency cool notes the new government will face difficult questions once the euphoria subsides can it bring back a local currency come it so a liquidity crisis economists say zimbabwe has the structures in place to succeed. the chinese social media and gaming giant ten cent has overtaken facebook and terms of market value it reached five hundred thirty billion dollars on tuesday on the hong kong stock exchange making it the first asian company to exceed the half a trillion dollar mark. easyjet is hoping to profit from the
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takeover of bankrupt len it will now be offering more flights to exploit its stronger grip on the market things are changing fast in the sector as a competitor ryanair has dropped flights and other rivals including monaco i'm no longer in the business. ballons new poll was supposed to have opened in june twenty twelve but has faced a series of construction issues gemini safety authorities now say there were problems with the sprinklers and fire safety system. boston wants to announce a new opening date by mid december experts say the airport's design may already be outdated. confidence in germany's booming economy is reassuring to many despite the country's difficulties in forming a new government the liberals recently walked out of coalition talks saying there was no hope and there's more trouble ahead if uncertainty lingers businesses and
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investors need stability as europe's largest economy germany has a lot on its plate. for the economic challenges a huge what does it mean for the e.u. economy for international trade than digitalisation education infrastructure payment for germany's energy transformation the so much on the agenda and we need answers with more than one answer that spared by many economic stakeholders is new elections leading to months of uncertainty. on monday representatives across germany's economy including the engineering and chemical industries and the export sector each publicly urged for the continuation of coalition top's. that's concerned also at the e.u. level where ministers are awaiting action on several economic proposals including euro zone reforms a common finance minister and a shared budget french president emmanuel mccrone has a particular stake in
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a new german government his quest for a more economically integrated european economy hinges upon german support. being number one without a partner isn't very interesting and microelectronics on the promise that he could revive europe. it was supposed to be a matter of weeks before his german partner now the timing is anyone's guess. will become the new location of the european medicines agency an e.u. institution currently based in london but britain's departure from the e.u. in twenty nineteen means it needs to be relocated the city of. nine hundred cities were originally in the running the dutch capital now has sixteen months to organize the move at an estimated cost of four hundred million euros well the first staff members of the european medical agency already arrive next summer so that's
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very very soon and then in april two thousand and nineteen we're planning to finalize the conference facilities and on january first two thousand and twenty everything should be ready and we should be welcome all the staff members the e.m.i. currently employs some nine hundred people but estimates suggest that twenty percent of positions could be cut as a result of the me from london. another city in celebration is paris he will host the european banking or thora take the selection was a blow to the german city of frankfurt which had been hoping to cash in on its reputation as a. european banking how. the shadows to banking all of this new stuff on for condo here is a pretty the banking all forty isn't coming to frankfurt fronts just picked germany to the post. but still will get the majority of the british banks that are currently still in london is in frankfurt is and forever will be europe's number one banking location finance plus the mines are all part. u.k.
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banks and london based e.u. institutions the twenty seven remaining member states are already carving up the spoils of britain's departure from the european union. compass is like this are often used for school design and technical applications the biggest components the oems are made from metal that contains lead for some countries thoughts a problem overnight south korea reclassified a compass from drawing a quick mint to a child's toy which isn't allowed to contain lead that's just one of the many measures countries have used to restrict imports. a company like step which exports eighty percent of its product is directly affected by tactics like these. you're going up one of two not really nice we can't really tell if these are protectionist measures or if there are regulations like standards that
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are changed by the e.u. or if there are regulations from other countries sometimes it's hard to tell them we try to react immediately to check our role materials and all the manufacturing processes so we can adjust accordingly i'm almost all value the knowledge of. the company was founded in one thousand thirty four and is now present in one hundred fifty countries. the c.e.o. is worried that the biggest market the u.s. will continue to isolate itself. along with other countries. we can really do something with cutting the entire world map as a market. and we're seeing that in almost every region the non-tariff barriers to trade are increasing duties are rising calculation methods are changing to make imports more difficult it's happening all over the world. wide.
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business is getting tougher in the e.u. as well the safe limits of lead in pencils is being lowered even though you'd have to eat eighteen pencils a year to absorb the current limit all appeals to regulators have been unsuccessful . the company doesn't want to walk away from any market but the increasing demands and higher g.t.s. in certain regions make the products more expensive for the consumer. and they won't pay higher prices for the products if domestic ones are significantly cheaper . and that was a week in review. your own max hit the dance floor at the twenty seventeen german press pool. we look at this year's must have accessories. find out who is behind this year's design
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contest. and check out the scrumptious cuisine. billion high society battle. next. ego at africa the smog solutions for our environment. lions the king of the beasts but when people clash with e.s.p. cancer conservationists have a duty to step in in uganda's queen elizabeth national park mines numbers have plummeted rapidly with the help of local residents conservationists are trying to protect the lines of a go at africa in sixty minutes on d w. d w we speak your language. for content in dari pashto and. prospects for returning our web special refugio journeys of
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