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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 25, 2017 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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the supermarket. as we go about our daily lives human lives oh often the one student loan or loans. in google hands. slavery in the twenty first century. student december second on d w.
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this is d w news live from berlin egypt launches and strikes in response to friday's deadly attack in the sinai peninsula footage released by the military is set to show the gyptian just talkative suspected militant hideouts the mosque attack during friday prayers has claimed more than three hundred lives also on the program. in pakistan far less iraq's in the sum about as police move and on hundreds of islam's protest has that been blocking access to the nation's capital for the last two weeks. and after a failed coalition talks seem to shatter their chances of being in chancellor angela merkel's new government the greens on the eating to decide what comes next our correspondent brings you an exclusive interview with the pot is according to.
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q money it's good to have you with us egyptian warplanes have hit back at militants suspected of carrying out friday's attack on a mosque in north of sinai the jets struck vehicles and hideouts said to be used by the militants in mountains nearby now the death toll from yesterday's attack has gone up to three hundred five so far no one has claimed responsibility but prosecutors say the militants were carrying flags of the so-called islamic state. their images which are intended to reassure our shaken nation the military says it shows egyptian fighter planes bombing those responsible for yesterday's attack officials say they also struck a number of the militants vehicles and property but the details of the strikes are almost impossible to verify. that the military action was part of president abdel fattah el-sisi his promise of swift and resolute retaliation.
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retaliation for this a house of prayer turned into a place of carnage. yesterday egyptian t.v. showed images of the horror of what went on inside the al wrote a mask. the attackers came in off road vehicles surrounded the mosque and bombed it washed up as were fired upon as they tried to escape. more than one hundred were injured many were rushed to nearby hospitals some even had to be taken two hours away to the city of is my live one of those who managed to escape recounted what he had seen. for one moment when the shaikh said in the name of god the most merciful and compassionate to begin the sermon i heard gunshots and sub bombs being thrown and for his people all of them say referring them everyone within the us will. some friends and families of the dead have already said goodbye to their loved ones. regardless of the government's latest show of military mind
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they're still coming to terms with how a place of peace can become a target of such hate. well we're now joined by journalist karim. the egyptian capital of cairo karim it's good to have you with us do we know any more about the motivation behind this attack. we don't know or details about how it happened because. the general gave more details he was saying that there was a twenty five to six pack of. day came with the most cases he said carrying electric ice and then moving towards the most well over. twenty. to the most so that he didn't get people interested he turned into a cook the big hairy. we don't. appreciate. what.
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they want. he's like an offspring of isis in the sinai it's called sign up is something that is forced. to. leave iraq now karim you're painting a very image from the sinai region which is of course not new to volatility why is this region so troubled and in light of yesterday's attack can they gyptian government do much about it. well that's exactly the security question because we had a big show for you to hear from the airport. from the. final . but. you. really carry prison. pretty close. you know always
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been taken. didn't mention manage to. mention. the trip. that's going to be there from. this thing that you did they should. probably create. other places other places. who really nobody knows what it is to continue situation in order. karim el go harry joining us from cairo thank you pakistani forces have launched an operation to clear hundreds of islamist protesters from the capital islamabad police fired tear gas and water cannon to disperse the demonstrators by setting fire to police vehicles and throwing stones the religious hardliners have blocked the main routes into the city for more than two weeks they're demanding the
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resignation of a government minister that they accuse of blast. joining us now from islamabad is journalist. good to have you with us so two weeks of protests why is it that just now violence has broken out. yes wasn't mentioned the standoff has been going on for a while the government is actually sent several negotiating teams to meet with the protest leaders over the time period at one point they even assembled a team of religious clerics to go share it with them but all of that was dissolved now earlier this week the sabar high court ordered the city couldn't station they don't have to clear the protest saying that it would cause a huge amount if it could be used to sit in the building i think a brinkman city of rawalpindi now the government also that attempted yet another round of negotiations and when that failed it seems that their patients ran out on saturday morning housing the police and were deployed to storm the protest site and to fire tear gas rubber bullets water cannon that the protesters the protesters forced back as well but it was all to no avail it seems that they were not
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dislodged and i was a protest site about an hour ago and they're still at least a thousand people there and they're they're vowing not to leave a very resilient group of protesters who are from a relatively new and also hard line islamist party tell us more about this grouping how much support does it have. yes so the person who's leading this process is a man named cardinals and because we know what the risk really is a cleric who is well known in the northern and central java programs as a hardliner who's made his name campaigning and rallying support around the issue of blasphemy he's very well known in that region but nationally he's not really a famous figure but blasphemy has always been a hot button issue in pakistan and more so in the last ten years i would say that's one on which is very easy to galvanize a widespread public support if there's ever a question of islam big a suspect or a perception that this might be the case now it seems clear the newsreels using this and he's got closing on the fact that both mean something that can really bring people out onto the streets and he's using it to resupport for himself and
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for his newly launched political party that that he can look back what is known who are the ones under whose banner this is actually happening and we have the support it seems to be just another example of the even use this issue to go most border only with it's unclear before we'll see if that actually translates into political support but so far it seems that the position of strength assad has shame in islamabad thank you not just some of the other stories making news around the world un planes have arrived in yemen carrying humanitarian aid workers and desperately needed polio vaccines but the saudi led coalition that's blockading the ports is still refusing to let ships stop with wheat and other medical supplies about seven million people face famine in yemen this survival depends on international assistance. russia's president vladimir putin has signed a law requiring foreign state funded media outlets operating in russia to register
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as foreign agents the bill is seen as retaliation after the united states forced the russian state funded news company r.t.e. formerly known as russia today to register as a foreign agent. here in germany chancellor angela merkel has said she wants to get a new government in place as quickly as possible after field question talks momentum has been growing for another so-called grand coalition of how conservatives and the center left social democrats and merkel has said she is against holding new elections. the people have voted and if we can't make anything out of that result i really don't think much of asking them to vote again and that's not our decision anyway it's up to the german president to decide what to do but as politicians who have received a mandate from our citizens and here in mexico for palm on the cd you directly won all constituencies to then go back and say we can't do anything with this please
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vote again that's something i consider completely wrong. it's with this in mind that we must evaluate possible talks with the social democrats of course we're prepared to talk well as marco eyes another grand coalition with the social democrats the greens are holding a party conference here in berlin they're discussing how to move forward and what went wrong with the field talks that would have made them part of the ruling coalition green party co-leader ostomy or has blamed the liberal party for their collapse. in an exclusive interview spoke to did a correspondent for in denmark. at ten minutes i mean you said not forming a coalition with the conservatives defying the americans the f.d.p. the pro-business f.t.p. would be a missed opportunity why do you think so. i think we could have achieved
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a lot for germany if first of all germany would have got a government debt quick response to president micro in france to commission president we could also do something in the fight against climate change we could do more for social justice in germany we agreed on so many fields including that we have to invest more into digitalisation more into education the kind of things that the liberal said in the election committee didn't matter to them obviously they didn't matter as much as they said. the liberals have blamed i'm glad american for not being able to form this coalition for the wrong negotiation style and things like that what do you think about that is that true well to be honest i'm fed up with you know i hear all the time man complaining about strong women i mean this is so much old school liberal it's lost the last election because of themselves not because of our get american a fourth stint learnt their lesson from the previous election why they couldn't
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pass the five percent threshold in the election before and now they're blaming i'm going to america le guen well everybody's responsible for self for himself we have to fight for our ego points and matter to us and then at the end of today we have to find compromises that's what politics is about if you insist that you have to get hundred percent don't blame others at the moment now we have the option of either a minority government or another grand coalition which is the most likely outcome of that very moment in that case you would be the smallest opposition party how would you want to be heard or do you believe in other options it's difficult so i mean let's admit that it's will certainly not be easy so far it's not clear whether we will get a grand coalition again which would be to first grand coalition and of last four terms i'm afraid we might get into a. austrian situation that the bigger parties get smaller and smaller to the first time when we have to scrounge coalition was two thousand and five when the red green coalition was over seventy percent now they're fifty three percent that's
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a clear message so my opinion is it would have been better to form a coalition that is not a grand coalition but since we unfortunately mr the opportunity now i think we're heading towards a grand coulee issue i said here in the capacity as a party leader we're still willing to take responsibility our position is first a country then to far too you and i have to realize for the liberals is the other way around thank you very much. soccer news now and it was a match to remember as local rivals document and shaka faced off in the bundesliga host stockmen stormed to a four goal lead in the first half but dug deep and levelled the scores in the second naldo netting their fourth goal minutes before the final whistle for all the final score elsewhere leipsic moved up to second in the table thanks to a two no win over up women. getting the goals for the bulls.
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now let's take a look at all of the bundesliga results so far this weekend well there you can see it's confirmation of that draw between document and shocker and that win for leipsic by laver cousin just got the better frankfurt freiburg overcame mines book bit false book on friday hand over and got each got a point host by on a saturday as late game on sunday hamburg taken hoffenheim and cologne face off against him belin. well you're watching the news and more from us at the top of the hour do remember that you can log onto our web site for more information round the clock it's d.w. dot com and you can also join us on our social media we are at news thank you for watching.


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