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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 26, 2017 9:00am-9:16am CET

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is c w news live from above then a massive explosion in one of china's biggest oil police are investigating the blast that killed at least two people in flash to buildings in an industrial area of the eastern city of hope is for safety to play we'll get the latest from our correspondent in beijing. also on the program aid agencies say their concern for the safety of the hinge of muslim is set to return to me on my under an agreement reached earlier this week many of the refugees don't want to go back. and what's next for germany as it faces weeks of political turmoil with the social democrats now open to coalition told chancellor merkel rejects the idea of fresh elections and says she wants a new government this soon as possible. war. hello
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and welcome my name is christopher spring a good to have you with us there's been a powerful explosion in eastern china with at least two people killed and thirty injured this is the scene of devastation at the site of the blast occurred at a factory in the port city of knowing both about one hundred kilometers south of shanghai the force of the explosion was strong enough to flatten nearby buildings and damaged vehicles emergency crews are on site but police say the cause of the blast has yet to be determined. we're going to get more background on all this now from to double as much as burning in the japanese the chinese capital beijing rather. is there any speculation about what may have been the cause of this blast. yet christopher we love very little about the course of this loss the only information the u.s. origin is have released that it was not a gas explosion it seems to have happened at the factory but we it seems to be an
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industrial blast that's all we know and there's no really further speculation that would lead us to words any reason. so so this is. presumably an industrial accident how strong is china's record as far as industrial safety is concerned these kind of industrial explosions happened quite regularly i think every week or every two weeks there is news about an explosion happening somewhere most of them not of this scale fortunately china has the relevant regulations to ensure industrial safety but these are poorly in force so industrial safety is a big concern in the country and mature tell us a little bit more about ningbo city where this explosion occurred.
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ningbo is this third biggest port of china the pool fourth biggest port of the world it's one of china's most industrialized zones it's one of china's industrial heartland it's where we have a lot of factories the structure of these factories in this area is mostly small privately owned factories so that might be one hint that can give us more information about what has been happening these small factories often do not have the funds or do not have the conscience to to enforce safety regulations and these small factories in the back plants they are the ones that where when these accidents occur almost ok monte has many thanks for that much as building of that reporting from beijing turning to pakistan now where the government has called in the are made to help disperse hundreds of islam as
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protesters from the capital islamabad itself the serious clashes with police left at least six people dead and over one hundred wounded the religious hardliners have blocked the main routes into the capital for almost two weeks demanding the resignation of a government minister they accused of blasphemy. police using tear gas and water cannons fight running battles with militant islamists the protesters from a little known hard line group of been blocking the main route into islam about for nearly three weeks green parts of the capital to a standstill the dispute centers on an oath sworn byelection candidates which leaves out a reference to the prophet mohammed that's blasphemy say the demonstrators. we muslims are united to the sanctity of the prophet heard all my muslim brothers are united on this issue and we are supporting those who are protesting. we are protesting against the cruel action by the government we curse them and
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demand that they stop clearing the protesters immediately. the authorities had been slow to act against the city and reluctant to provoke the violence which is now broken out even before the clashes a child died because an ambulance could not get through to a hospital. it is good that the government is taking action against these protesters at least now the roads will open some patients have died because the road was blocked by protesters and public transportation was closed. protests have spread to other cities including karate and lahore critics say the government has allowed a minor issue to escalate into a full scale confrontation. i'm not catch up with some of the other stories making news around the world people in nepal of voting in a general election today the country's first since the civil war ended ten years ago tens of thousands of police have been deployed to protect filling stations
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voting has been mostly peaceful but local media reporting several small explosions that have so far caused no casualties. cubans have been marking the first anniversary of the death of their former leader fidel castro they paid homage to the communist revolutionary with an evening of music and political speeches that's ahead of the elections that will end with a change of government in february of next year. and a volcano on the indonesian island of bali has erupted for the second time in less than a week mount a growing sending ash and steam three kilometers into the sky disrupting international flights to the tourist destination the volcano's alert status is at its second highest level now aid agencies are concerned about the safety of range of muslims facing repatriation from bangladesh to the native the two countries signed a pact on thursday agreeing to begin returning the refugees within the next two
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months they also agreed to take help from the united nations refugee agency to enhance the safety off that repatriation program many ranges however say they don't want to return. thought the market to him does what she can to keep her flimsy shed clean life is hard as a refugee and the memories of what she saw in me and my whole entire continually. here she demonstrates how me and mark troops allegedly through door hinge your children into fire. number one. but now after an agreement between bangladesh and me and ma hundreds of thousands of rohingya could be headed home in the next two months. i cannot trust the me and my government if the international community promises to keep us safe and if there are people that to protect us we will go if they send us back without this guarantee we
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will be prosecuted again. and the united nations refugee agency agrees to present conditions opinion miles rocking state and not in place to enable safe and sustainable returns refugees are still fleeing and many have suffered violence rape and deep psychological and physical harm some are witness that their family members and friends most have little or nothing to go back to. since august more than six hundred thousand rohingya have fled me and martin neighboring bangladesh they have been housed in camps such as this one in caucasus bazaar but resource poor bunker there she is struggling to support them fatima how to knows this all too well. but to return to a country that hundred is for the moment the troubling thought. and
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on the line now from a mass capital young going to use deja ham on deja bangladesh have agreed to involve the united nations refugee agency as they repatriate range of refugees will that be enough to calm the worries over this program of repatriation. father refugees no definitely not the streets yesterday on songs which the defacto leader of the country promised that she when and other and you know people were allowed to go into rhythm at the right kind of day it was a totally different military was preventing them to entering the right kind of state so they're still out so i think you can still check anything so the refugees know they are not happy with the system. and what more do we know. about the security security situation at the moment in rock island state where these refugees of course come from and will presumably be returning to. actually we do not know a lot because this is off limits the whole area is off limits for foreigners and
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that includes journalists of course so we have no chance to go there as far as we know the military is still more or less a ruling in this area and to people there are. people all across mainly of the military and of certain buddhist monks who are militant. pope francis is going to man march tomorrow bangladesh the day off to one of the expectations of his visit. well he is very welcome here the streets are full of flags flying with his face to look like and saying he is the pope of peace and love. i'm sure i'm pretty sure he can not do a lot of things for the range of people this is what he does what the pope does is the demonstration is very clear demonstration to show the people that there is only one way to come back to peace and that is negotiating. to have been reporting from
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yang gone in myanmar many thanks to you detail here in germany will be meeting leading members of conservatives later today for the talks on resolving the political stalemate after september's inconclusive federal election macko has rejected calls for a fresh election and welcomed the prospect of talks on another so-called grand coalition with the center left social democrats yesterday had ruled out continuing that partnership with the now reconsidering their stance off the coalition talks between the conservatives the liberal democrats and the greens collapsed last week . the merkel speaking political base at a party conference in northern germany voters here want to know what's going to happen next in berlin merkel says she does not want new elections and felt so we're going back to voters and telling them that they have to vote again i don't agree with that asshole that's why she's now reaching out goods that we work well
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together so now we need to talk about the things that didn't work and try to do them even better. but the social democrats aren't so sure one of their most senior members of the party's youth willing to take a long hard look at themselves and their party in very. it's still not clear how much of what happened is our responsibility we shouldn't let anyone put us under pressure will feel like we need to dance to anyone else's chin in. order the amanda's start since the party's vice chairman ralph stagnate takes a similar view. if the german president says the party should talk then that's what they should do. the free democrat leader christian lynn who broke off talks with the conservatives and green says the s.p.d. is duty bound. if we can be in talks for weeks on end then so can the s.p.d.
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ministers the still sitting on the government benches it's not such a long way back into government for them. the german president is now in the driving seat he's invited the party leaders back for more talks next week. some sports news now german boxing has its first heavyweight champion since one thousand nine hundred thirty two shot beating russia's xander used off last night to take the w.b. a heavyweight crown he's the first german to take a world title since max schmeling on home turf in oberhausen child took the title on a unanimous decision it's a remarkable turnaround for the german boxer back in twenty fifteen he survived a gunshot wound and he's also just recently had a double aeration. in formula one must say his drive about thirty bought us has claimed pole position for the final race of the season today's abu dhabi grand prix bought us putting in a blistering lap in qualifying edging out his teammate lewis hamilton by less than
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two tenths of a second ferrari sebastian fettle wasn't far behind the messiah these. will be in the second row the pressure will be off hamilton in the race of course he wrapped up the championship two rounds ago the fourth formula one title of his career. and in sailing spanish yacht my freya has won the second leg of the volvo volvo rather ocean race its crew playing catch up for most of the seven thousand miles from lisbon to cape town where they took the lead in the closing stages the win gives maffra the overall lead in the competition next leg so he's set sail for melbourne australia. and just a minute it's time for the bundesliga pavlo folie with all the action so far this weekend including bruce you don't want and shall come fighting out and eight gold thread. is up next here on news.


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