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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 26, 2017 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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pist for a robotic as a teacher neither would have human empathy what does a machine need to do to create empathy and a medical context what i disclose more information to a person or to a computer in this case. if you listen let's feelings of the instruments that steer us and whoever can control these feelings has great power over us think about algorithms instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth on t w . this is deja vu news life from berlin
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a make or break moment for america with the social democrats now open to coalition talks the german chancellor rejects the idea of pressure elections and says she wants a new government as soon as possible also coming up. is a most hard liners turn up the heat on pakistan's government with calls for a general strike after six people are killed in violent clashes. and a powerful blast of one of china's biggest ports killed at least two people and injured dozens more now police are trying to figure out what blew up. i'm gonna welcome to the program germany's post-election deadlock may be nearing an end with signs another grand coalition could be in the works chancellor angela merkel is currently meeting with leaders of her c.d.u.
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parsi in berlin to discuss their options after coalition talks with the greens and the pro-business f.t.p. collapsed she says and the decision must be made quickly and is expected to call on the second largest part of the social democrats to form a new grand coalition something the s.p.d. has repeatedly ruled markel says he'll turn of of new elections would be far worse going back to voters and telling them that they have to vote again i don't agree with that. we work well together so now we need to talk about the things that didn't work and try to do the even better. i'm just joined now by correspondent hans brant here in studio four a look at what you just said and you know america is aiming for a grand coalition would that be a good thing for germany considering we've just had four years of virtually no parliamentary opposition is not a healthy thing for the country you can say it's healthy in the sense that it's
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a sign of stability in germany and certainly something that people outside germany and europe and elsewhere in the world are looking for at the moment with the situation in such a fluid state that those nobody really knows where it's going to end up so the prospect of what we've had so far being repeated probably for a lot of people will be welcomed of course another prospect would be fresh elections why are germans so afraid are rather reluctant to hold new elections well elections and the first thing is that they're expensive for the political parties themselves they don't have a large amount of money left after just having run an election campaign also there is a sense that the seven hundred members of parliament that have now been elected don't really want to give up that position now and go back to the to their constituencies go back to the house things and have to try again so there is a sense of having established facts which militate against new elections and of
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course there is a political reason people are saying well the electorate has voted in the way that it has voted that is a mandate to open to tickle parties that have been elected into parliament and one cannot simply go back to the voters if one is dissatisfied with that mandate well worst case scenario if they were to go to the polls today what kind of a states are the c.d.u. and what kind of a state are the other parties in it's very difficult to say there have been a few polls. opinion polls in recent days and they seem to indicate that the larger parties both the christian democrats the conservatives and the social democrats are not likely to see much change in their support there might be a variation of a percentage point or two but for them there is not much prospect of doing better in a fresh election whereas the smaller parties especially the right wing populist alternative for germany which has just entered parliament with a spectacular showing one has to say that is they are hoping that they would do
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better in a new election so it would be in favor of the smaller parties rather than the larger parties. how important is it for europe to see germany form a government. obviously it's important germany's very important player in germany in europe and in the world of course we do have a government in germany at the men who have an acting government and it is able to take decisions is able to keep things going is not of as if germany is at a standstill but for the very large shame potent decisions that are being planned especially in europe reform reforms of the european union financial reforms in the european union all those kind of very substantial decisions need a new government in germany so that they can also be supported from the side from the stronger state in europe and i'm just going to ask you briefly it's a question that people are not asking in germany but they are asking our side of germany if i'm going to mark of job on the line well we're remain chancellor she's
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chancellor at the moment she will lead a new government whatever form it takes a minority government grand coalition she will be chancellor but we all know this is her last period of office. in the next four years if it goes that far one would expect her to either resign or to be pushed out her job is not exactly on the line but at the same time one is not expecting her in fact to remain chancellor for the full to. thank you very much for your insight. in pakistan islamist hardliners have called for a general strike following new clashes with security forces similar violence yesterday left six people dead and almost two hundred injures the demonstrators have been rallying on the outskirts of the capital islamabad demanding the resignation of a government minister day accused of blasphemy they have blocked the main routes
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into the city for almost three weeks now on saturday pakistani police and parliamentary forces fails to disperse the protesters despite a violent crackdown. well earlier d.w. spoke to journalists. about we asked him what exactly the protesters are hoping to achieve. as far as they're concerned the first dream on the day has is that they want the federal law minister the headhunter to resign now this is based on allegations that he committed last me by introducing an amendment into an electoral law that removes a certain referent which they deem to be softening the state's position against em of the muslim now that was where they started from now it is unclear what they're what they're demanding and what they want further than that because the government it seems is even date in that condition on board and they're going to go shooting with them on this the real crux of the matter out here is that this is a relatively small fringe group the generally has not had the ability to turnout
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numbers or especially elect already has not been very relevant to their party but they're led by a hard line clerical has for years campaigned on this issue and off me and gained notoriety in fact to the tune of their remarks and rhetoric inciting violence against particularly the end of the community but others as well and they seem to move and receive the player in question is using these sort of and using the issue of law something which is a compass a hot button issue but this on in the last few years he's using it to gain political prominence and as far as he's concerned obviously it's worked out very well he's managed to got the capital for two weeks and now even a police operation unable to dislodge him. and these two people have been killed and thirty injured after a powerful explosion in china brought down buildings and flattened car as the blast took place at a factory in the fords of ningbo about one hundred kilometer a stack of shanghai but so far the cause remains on chair. that
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aftermath of a massive blast while investigators are trying to figure out what caused these buildings to collapse and to send smoke rising over the city of new. at least two people died in the explosion. the badly injured were taken to hospital . but it could have been much worse the building seemed to have been previously evacuated as police say they were already slated for demolition this footage from chinese state television shows the extent of the damage the force of the blast shattered windows as far as a kilometer away cars were flattened and holes were punched into the sides of buildings. loosened for cement of safety regulations means accidents like this are common in china but the government has promised to step up its enforcement efforts . and to some of the other stories making news around the world.
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voters and one dora's are going to the polls in presidential and parliamentary elections in the surveys pointed to a clear lead for incumbent president juan orlando hard days as first term crackdown on gang violence is seen as having helped bring down the country's murder rates which is one of the highest in the world. israel's ultra-orthodox health minister has resigned after a dispute over the sabbath the jewish day of rest. colds the government's approval of saturday railway maintenance work a desecration of the sabbath but his party will for now stay in prime minister benjamin netanyahu is fragile coalition. pope francis is set to visit me on mar and bangladesh on monday the plight of the range of muslims is expected to loom large over his six day trip hundreds of thousands have fled to bangladesh in the wake of
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alleged persecution from the myanmar army on thursday the two countries agreed to begin returning the refugees within two months but many were then just say they don't want to go back. fatima the two and does what she can to keep her flimsy shed clean life is hard as a refugee and the memories of what she saw in me and my whole entire continuum. here she demonstrates how me and my troops and legibly through door hinge your children into fire. number one. but now after an agreement between bangladesh and me and my hundreds of thousands of bro he could be headed home in the next two months. i cannot trust them in my government if the international community promises to keep us safe and if there are people that to protect us we will go if they send us back without this guarantee we will be persecuted again. and the united nations refugee agency agrees the present
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conditions in me and most rocking state and not in place tonight will say and sustainable returns refugees are still fleeing and many have suffered violence rape and deep psychological and physical harm some are witness that there are so family members and friends most have little or nothing to go back to. since august more than six hundred thousand rohingya have fled me and martin neighboring bangladesh they have been housed in camps such as this one in coffs is bizarre but resource poor bunker there she is struggling to support them fatima hotaru knows this all too well. but to return to a country that hounded out is for the moment a troubling thought. volcano on the indonesian island of bali has a series of or options covering the nearby resort resorts and villages with ash and
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sensible conic ossian's steam six thousand meters into the sky disrupting international flights to the tourist destination several thousand people were affected by flight cancellations and the closure of international airports indonesia has raised its alert level for aviation to read the highest possible warning. so sports day's day and in the bundesliga have secured so much needed points with a surprise win over hoffenheim and i'm conceited and own goal after just six minutes for the cost it then made it two nil and give joan seals the win for with and you know their goal just before the final whistle and sunday's late game had got the better of cologne. opened the scoring before getting a second to put the result beyond and he. said it's going to round up of all the for the sake of results this weekend there is confirmation of those wins for half
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that it was an eight gold trailer between dortmund and shell and gladbach ended by and unbeaten rohan leipsic beat braman fibered up some much needed points against mind frankfurt last day to laver coups in august one against fallsburg and on friday hand over to drew let's have a look and see what that is actually doing to the bundesliga standings the well by and the lead at the top has been cooked to three points after that defeat. leipzig back up to second shell down a spot after their draw would dortmund leverkusen and moving steadily up the table some changes as well at the other end with better braman moving back to and fibered moving up. to formula one now a mercedes driver valtteri bottas has stormed to victory at the final growing prix of the season in abu dhabi started from pole and kept control for the entire race
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his team mate me was how milton put on a late charge but couldn't get close enough to challenge for the lees to make do with second far east of us in fact and finished a distant courage the results had no impact on the final standings how wilson had already roughed up the championship two races ago. that's it for me for now you are watching the news coming to you live from berlin and we will have more at the top of the air in the meantime don't forget you can always get the latest updates and the time you want us from our web sites on the dot com stay with us if you can.


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