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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  November 27, 2017 12:15am-12:31am CET

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several thousand people were affected by flight cancellations in the close your of lombok international air force indonesia has raised its american level for aviation to read that's the highest possible warning. and just a reminder of the top story that we're following for you. germany's post-election deadlock may be nearing an end with signs another grand coalition could be in the works chancellor angela merkel has been meeting with leaders the first lady of party in berlin to discuss their options after coalition talks with the greens and the pro-business f.t.p. . that's your new iraq coming up next it's probably hopefully las will have all of the goals from sunday's going to take a soccer action cat hamburg and cologne turn around their night refuse ins or will they descend deeper into relegation danger. that in just one minute to stay with us if we can.
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hello and welcome to the bundesliga here on the w i'm pablo foley and yes much day thirteen is done and dusted and joining me in the studio today to discuss this week's hot topics we have. former bundesliga player michelle didn't say our very own jonathan crane so let's take a look at what's coming up in the show. after a disappointing exit from europe in midweek hoffenheim were hoping for a good in this league of boost a way to hapless hamburg the hosts were praying for a better look after just one win in their last ten games they'd need to find their shooting boots if they were to stop the rot. colognes form this season has been criminal a run of twelve games without a win has put coach under immense pressure because of billy goats break their duck against the visitors really. well hamburg are
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having another shocker of a season with. losing eight matches this season a victory is needed to help drag them away from the dreaded relegation zone their opponents are in dire need of putting their disappointing exit from the europa league this week behind them their performance this season has been considerably less consistent and the pressure to remain among the leading pack is growing let's see how they got up. togetherness allied to a bit of elbow grease those are the qualities that hamburg hoped would bring them a second home win in a row and their hard work paid off after just six minutes. the hamburg players surrounded young fit to up but it was hoffenheim to kevin akpo kumar who got the vital touch one nil for the hosts. the visitors were ragged in the first half hamburg dominated the second period to bollywood was that night by the post. then all of a bomb kept out
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a strike from the youngster. nico schulz showed that there was some life and hoffenheim on seventy one minutes. but it was soon goodnight vienna for the visitors. there was a lot of pace on phillip cos she's free kick but this was a horror show from keep about him and. gideon young silva much needed three no victory for hamburg on eighty eight minutes of first bundestag a strike for the youngster. coach marcus still now has a little bit more breathing space at the bottom end of the table. when it's time for the match day thirteen chat with my two sunday guest former bundesliga player michelle did say and bundesliga reporter jonathan crane and i'm going to start with you michelle now it was obviously
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a great result for hamburg but we're not going to talk about that for now i want to talk about hoffenheim because earlier in the season it appeared like they were going to be there with the leading pack but they've been quite inconsistent do you think that perhaps you man has sort of perhaps lost his touch a little bit with the team death struggling if you see the game on the european cup they lost and all everything is gone now for the moment the team looks not very good. looks not. not strong in a moment and they have to change he has to change something now because. no he does football is not this football what they expect from the moment it's not it's not working for him do you think second season union man you know one win in the last seven games tells the story there. stingley average today against hamburg and if this is some kind of decision for now goldman to get by and drop at the end of the season then he's really going to need to improve his own performance because i will
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be taking a look at this and thinking i'm not sure if this is the right guy for the job awful as you said they struggled in europe they're out of europe no response would be looking out as well because they want some that can take them on in the champions are they so it's not looking good and he will need to change something you know when you were talking as well as mentioned by and there of course days left open finally but it's getting quite interesting up at the top of the table because we're seeing teams that perhaps where we've kind of got used to not seeing their shell. are they really contenders for this year's title michel it's early to say but for now just three points and everything is happened so that's a good position it's good for us of course because we are happy that the league is so close together and yet we will see that in the end of. the next two games are very important to see how christmas is coming and and all the coaches defocus is is there and obama nick it's not easy is the point from the mall from now i know
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things have to come to an end nine wins in a row for byron and the pine because it was going to stop at some point and glad about with the team to do and i have to say glad back played really really well yesterday even when they were tuneup by and came out the my bed in the second half but they with stood the storm for most of it by and didn't really look that threatening and i think the interesting thing about this is other teams when i look at pine and think watch they are beatable and it will give other teams not just plowed back you know other teams at the top of the table your shall because in your life six and they'll think ok if we can get some results together and keep up the pressure there will be every chance that we could catch them now we haven't mentioned one team in particular that of course is dortmund they slipped up again we can say i mean they didn't lose but i mean they practically they almost lost that game. must be incredibly worried. yeah i mean we were talking we were talking before the game about him being under pressure meant to be for no up draw for i mean it will feel like a defeat even though it was
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a draw he has the same problems i mean he can only do so much for you how does tactics scrutinising criticized but you have to then at some point rely on your players on the pitch i'm sorry you know when they need a lead as they were on that go in injury time for shower corner comes in everyone's saying oh you shouldn't be conceding goals like that in this level and a mistake of over me young and he have to score at the goal and he didn't and and then. and then he sent of charges coming stronger and stronger back to the game scored both short and lucky because they had two games two goals at least the first goal of now though wasn't wasn't off site and a big save by can follow in this moment so actually they are lucky certainly lucky and also worrying times will say for dortmund they don't really want to start winning games again that's for sure we're going to leave it there for the moment we've got plenty more to talk about later on in the show but let's take a look first at cologne of course cologne start to the season can simply be
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described as a nightmare they're still without a win and coach appears to have run out of ideas on how to turn things around for the billy goats this weekend they hosted had berlin paul di di his team were knocked out of the europa league during the week and have been struggling to find their form in the bundesliga a win against. could give them a much needed boost. after watching a rare win in midweek the cologne fans witnessed history and their match against heter and injury crisis men's they were putting their faith in sixteen year old defender yan oral based sec he became the second youngest player to grace the bundesliga stage. unfortunately for the host city didn't take too long for their frailties at the back to be exposed to a database of its own hand to capitalize on some calamitous keeping now off site spillage leaving a bit of it with the tap tap ins. cologne came close to leveling to say
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ricky rassi we netted europa league winner against arsenal on thursday. before horne in part atone for his earlier era by denying a bit of it from point blank range lots for pettitte to think about heading into the break but he didn't get any better after half time cloning grassi wanted a penalty for handball but they were denied by the video replay. and then had one one of their own expertly dispatched by that man it is a bitch. to nail was how it staged. the boos rang out at the final whistle more history for cologne down the worst ever start to open this league season. well guys another defeat for cologne and i'm going to start with you michel incredibly worrying times for them what do they need to do to change things around. the
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problem is the team they have not been this leader quality definitely definitely not last year if you remember there were so many games there was close games and modestly he finished but in this season you don't have a modester and you are have some strikers there but they don't score and it is a big problem that the moment they don't score even if they have the biggest or the so many chances they don't score and that's why they don't score but they're also letting goals in and it's a problem all round no policy of the whole team is not there it's a good secondary team but not the first league and i think anyone watching will look at this thing at howard. stern and his job because you know eleven points from safety now when the other team to beat two points this stage in the season was eight hundred sixty munich back in one nine hundred seventy seven they were relegated if cologne don't act soon it's going to be far too late i know they may want to bring some of their players back who've been injured get to the transfer window and bring in some new signings but waiting that long it's not going to be
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enough time certainly will they really want to get there together very very quickly because we're going into much day fourteen of course going to change to hamburg we mentioned them earlier but we haven't actually discussed them jumping great results for them are things going to change there are we going to see a sort of and hamburg that's going to back well they'll be hoping they can use it as a springboard to kind of go on to move up the table the home form i mean they've won the last two home games now so that's half the battle if you can win your home games then you're going to start pulling yourself away from danger be rubbing their hands in glee about yon feet because he's been a revelation for them and his goals that he was having and says today will come in very useful it's a new shooting star and everybody's looking at him even though we had a christmas party together on friday so everybody's talking about him. goes well it's time to look at the table and there's been so much movement at the top with leipzig back into second after their win against braman shall come. down after
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their draw against dortmund to continue to move down the table too often i'm also dropped a bit after their defeat to hamburg and down the other end of the table cologne are still without a win and remain bottom but berlin moved up bremen are back to second from bottom while freiburg victory against mind pushes them into sixteenth. now remember you can and you should stay up to date unconnected with d.w. for all the latest bundesliga news on social media be it on t.w. dot com on facebook or twitter the w is the home of german football. and that's full time for the bundesliga thank you two i guess michelle didn't say i'm gay w.'s jonathan crane but for me and the rest of the team here in berlin and he doesn't.
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enter the conflict zone this week conflict zone is it the us army soul in first training area is a very real our guest is lieutenant general ben hodges commander of the some thirty thousand u.s. soldiers in europe with such comes for us a commander in chief in washington many people in europe are wondering is america still a reliable partner. next d.w. . the young entrepreneurs eager to tackle global challenges in our series founders valley. in this episode created for the future radio detzner in indonesia we do have this growing population and the question is how can we feed them all like what we have to do in order to come is like a starting point to feed everyone. in sixty minutes on d w. they know what like they know what we think.
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