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this is day to every news live from about in indonesia was that a major eruption of a volcano on file they could be in that it will start to use a phrase that looks at the heights that a lot of the tens of thousands of people to leave the area immediately thousands of tourists a struck also on the program. by francis businessman ma i was told not to use the word right in jest so well the cries of i'm in mosque persecution of this muslim minority of a shot of his visit. generally shocked by increases the pressure on the social democrats to reform that grand coalition the social democrats ought divided about how to respond. also coming up it's official friends are tired of go fight back and mochel and i'm still not it early next year. to crunch games in germany is but in this league i'm the comment hoffenheim but it was a difficult not to focus at home again. that's
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a ballot. i'm forgetting all welcome to the program indonesia is warning that a volcano on the tourist island of bali could be about to erupt the government has ordered the evacuation of more than one hundred thousand people from the area and close the island's international airport i go has been rumbling since august and he's not spewing out smoke and love for the second time in three months bali is on high alert. and there is a high possibility that a bigger eruption could happen. both or as he said now extended exclusion zone to areas within a ten kilometer radius of mount crater. over one hundred thousand local
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residents have been ordered to leave their homes and stay in evacuation centers instead. of the i thought that the problem was such that we're so afraid up to seeing the huge black smoke rising from the volcano. so those of us who live in the danger zone decided to leave. the. airports in bali and lombok have been forced to close leaving thousands of tourists and business travelers stranded. that made it difficult to get to fifteen minutes ago and. never. got that much. we got from a ship because the gate to the ticket has been. there so we don't know what's the most likely to be overnight. the country's geological agency
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says the volcano is now spilling out lava and that indicates a major eruption could be imminent. correspondent chris christie wagner her joins us from the intonation capital jakarta welcome how dangerous is the situation. it's the most volatile it's been on here because direction is changed just last night from mostly steam to magma so while the book you know has been threatening to blow for a while now it's really looking like. ok so around a hundred some one hundred thousand people have been told to leave the area is that going smoothly. it seems to be going pretty smoothly according to the disaster agency and one reason why is that they've had some practice already they've already evacuated the villages around the ok you know in september and october so for most
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of the people who are living near the volcano it won't be the first time where other being evacuated to. they're being evacuated basically two camps disaster management camps that have by indonesia's disaster management agency just outside the okinawa's radius and that's all going smoothly as you say that you've had a bit of practice over the last few months that's right so the major airports have been shut down how likely is this situation to persist. at this point since it's moved into the mathematic these these knology agency is saying that eruption is almost certainly going to happen soon the last time the volcano erupted in one nine hundred sixty three it took several months for it to finally are out and right here was seeing it has taken in about three months
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already so it seems on par with the course so it laster up today in one nine hundred sixty three i'm guessing that the island is much more prepared this time than the one hundred percent a lot changed in two thousand and ten when the volcano mount merapi in job lights floated and there were a lot of casualties in yogyakarta which is a major city so in the last seven years the disaster management has gotten light years better indonesia critic of the jakarta thank you thanks for having me. but francis has met with me and most powerful army chief in an i'm shy jools meeting at the start of his historic trip to the country less than one percent of the in-law identifies as catholic and francis is making the first ever papal visit there to try and encourage this small community is also expected to use meetings with the country's civilian and villages leighton's to highlight
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the rare hinge a refugee crisis hundreds of thousands of men lost muslim minority face persecution and violence many hope the pope's visit will highlight their plight. papal souvenir is on sale in front of the st mary's cathedral in young gone. this is the pope's first visit to me and. christians are a minority here just like the muslim or hindu who for months have been fleeing persecution in the country's west it's a sensitive topic that threatens to overshadow the pope's visit when we have so many conflicts in our country i hope the pope brings peace and strength for the christian minority. he shouldn't bring up the wrong issue that would just anger the buddhist majority here they don't want him to get involved. i think it's ok if he just makes a general reference to the situation and that everyone should have equal rights. and they move from many catholics are afraid of being discriminated against just
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like the right into here and me and my people refer to the muslim minority as bengali or illegal immigrants from bangladesh even mentioning that wardrobe as the pope often hence is considered taboo. in the himself his boss not only requested to not to expect this work because in this time of history that something unwanted consequence may have been so he lost face forces possibly lost last week me and mine bangladesh signed an agreement stating that refugees will soon be repatriated back to me and. the details of the agreement however remain unclear advocacy groups for the british people say the agreement is too vague for just the monitors that should be involved and involve them so that the donkeys. that get their citizenship know this that it will pass a patient and a future. but the question remains how political can the pope be and me and man and
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how much moral authority can he show because he won't want to offend the country's deeply buddhist population. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the. other results from honduras as presidential elections remain a leftist challenger salvador nash run with just over half the votes counted he has a five point edge over incumbent president fine orlando hernandez vital results expected to be close both candidates have already declared victory. cubans have been voting in local elections designed to begin the process of choosing a successor to president raul castro who says he will step down in february but ex-president will be the first person outside after a family to leave cuba for sixty years. while chinese authorities say a septic tank was at the center of a huge explosion that rocked the horse city of knowing both on sunday killing two people and injuring at least nineteen two more are still missing septic tanks are susceptible to the buildup of highly flammable gases such as may think germany's
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chancellor is stepping up the pressure on the center left social democrat c s d p to start talks on forming a new coalition government after soche with other parties collapsed last week chancellor merkel says the new grand coalition of the s.p.d. and her conservatives is the best option for germany and you didn't get into my opinion forming a stable government after elections is an intrinsic value in and of itself and maybe all parties are considering the fact that this is important for the people for our capacity to act on the european playing field when it comes to foreign policy and when it comes to solving problems there isn't a problem. now the social democrats had previously ruled out any role in another coalition after september's elections but today their leader mohsen shots appear to have changed its tune. for where we're entering discussions without
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knowing where they will lead you. kind of see all know what sions have been ruled out. british of us have been on it but it's possible we'll come to an arrangement the likes of which have never been seen before in germany but it's nothing to be afraid of. and that's why we need to stay calm and levelheaded i am birth of a by this. political correspondent is thomas sparrow and joins us from our parliament studio welcome thomas we just heard the s.p.d. leader martin short saying that no options have been ruled out at the election after the election the first option he ruled out was forming another coalition government what's changed well in the one hundred situation has obviously changed back then it seemed possible that there could be a so-called jamaica coalition fell between the conservatives the greens and the
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liberal does obviously now of the table on the other hand the german president fun vive recently met with mr shows and asked him to reconsider his opposition to joining another grand coalition to reconsider that firm opposition at least they're still not very convinced that's the best case for now at least the social democrats and that's what we heard from mr schultz are going to sit at the same table and try to see if there is a common ground those are the two big elements that changed and that helped shows if you will to change course and reject that strict opposition to another grand coalition so what will the chancellor have to promise them off of them a lot of them back. probably issues on social justice which have been the key issues of the social democrats in recent years also in the election as a temp twenty four we're talking here about pensions or schools or taxes those are
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areas where social democrats have certainly focused and those are also areas that some members of the social democrats have already started to mention however it is important to say that is only the beginning and it's only the beginning of possible negotiations as we just heard from martin shows there although they will see it probably at the same table that does not mean that there's already a clear answer to what they're looking for to thomas paratha here now is here with a business update on the breakthrough in the e.u.'s we've killer case it sounds like a scary one dozen of filth the member states a big wrangling over this for months there were protests by environmentalist sang consumer groups why gleiser say could cause cancer but the european union's now approved a five year license for the controversial pesticide which is widely used by farmers some countries argued that banning its use could have caused food prices to start
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rocket after martin's joins us now from brussels correspondent there catherine you've been covering this story for years is a surprise. well indeed it's really a breakthrough for more than two years the member states were not able to deliver in this question it was really a so-called hot potato here in brussels and it's really a surprise in terms of who really moved regarding the member states according to diplomats the key swing vote came finally from germany making it possible that there is the needed qualified majority in order to make a decision so now that it's a program to say it's a decision there is no ban but three have five more years of the read killer on the european fields and this is really the dave or this never ending story has and and now we really have to see if it's unhappy and for some or for others what it really
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represents their look gives us a five year break from having to talk about the issue again but only a partial victory so far as the chemicals conflicts. well we have to know that life as that is has been reduced over forty years of the european farm was across the european union so of course they hoped to really have a fifteen years extension of the weed killer in terms of production in terms of. food supply chains of olive to destabilize the agriculture sector but of course they realized that fifteen years is not possible so the five years for them it's at least a period where they can prepare for example for another week killer because they are their argument was all the time if we have an immediate ban on gluck guy for side it does not mean that weed killer stress does appear from our european fears it just mean that we take another weed killer in this could even be more dangerous
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for the health for the bottom line of the night's decision is really that member states afraid to destabilize the great agriculture sector in order to destabilize the agriculture sector and to say you know it's a key sector for us and we really prefer to have a five year extension of the life is that in order to prepare maybe a return to this now after what's correspondent on that breakthrough in the e.u. we killed a case from brussels thinks the founder of the bankrupt european drugstore chain has been let off lightly but not his kids a fraud trial into adults that has collapsed company has ramped up the german court sentencing the seventy three year old tycoon to two years probation for bizzle and a two year prison terms for his children laws and michael. just like a brand is well known across europe at the company's peak operated fourteen
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thousand stores in thirteen european countries a portrait of a self-made german multimillionaire hung in every branch of what was once one of the biggest family dynasties in germany no court in stuttgart has sentenced the him famous businessman to two years in jail which it suspended for two years his children lars and maracas lekha go straight behind bars for nearly three years comes down to the money once it became clear to slicker that his company would go bankrupt his siphoned off sixteen million euros from his company the court says that money belonged to the drugstore chains creditors one of the main beneficiaries of the transaction happened to be a logistics company that belong to his children and was part of the schleck an empire the logistics company had been making losses for years yet the two withdrew seven million euros from it just before it declared bankruptcy but the real losers of a second scandal are its workers its demise left more than twenty five thousand people
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mostly women without jobs and they all have to blame for their fate he had invested too little in the stores till they were no longer attractive to customers and bad working conditions added to his bad reputation putting off customers and accelerating the company's collapse. let's talk to our financial correspondent in frankfurt about this daniel cope so daniel a tycoon shoveling away money to basically try to make a cushy life for his kids despite a failing business empire and they've ended up in jail and he's been let off. well many people here in the financial world are calling this trial also the trial of the year and they're saying that there's just one winner today and that's not. his image will be probably ruined for ever they are calling that the winner off today is actually his lawyer norbert child a lawyer that has been also in the past in volved with cases with big c.
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always here in germany just as former georgia bank c.e.o. boyer and he was always able to get kind of a soft word it for them just now in the case oftentimes lack of with the end would have to go well won't have to go to jail only you will be on probation and when i have to pay fifty four thousand euros which is of course nothing regarding the millions that were spent tell me what about the twenty five thousand who lost their jobs how are they taking it i mean really have to remember thousands of people or lost their jobs and they are seeing all of this today with very mixed feeling i heard one woman saying that she even finds it very unfair that he doesn't have to go into prison and that at the end he pretty much second fired his kids who are now the ones that have to go into a prison and not him that you hope for us on that very interesting story thank you very much
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now word of warning view is be dreaming of becoming a royal princess might find extra stress. thank you yes prince harry at his american girlfriend american markel have confirmed months of speculation and announced they will marry next year how is fifth in line to the british throne american model is an actress best known for her role in the u.s. drama suits the couple only met last july but harry told reporters in london that it was love at first sight. finally after weeks of speculation the secret is out the prince and his fiance posing for the media and what will be their guardian places for all of their. family. of the couple began their relationship in twenty sixteen but kept it under wraps
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for months. markel is a thirty six year old american actress best known for her role in the t.v. drama suits the royal family has given its blessing to the two an embrace to marco a mixed race divorcee who attended a catholic school for many it's proof of how much the monarchy has modernized over the years. in the one nine hundred fifty s. queen elizabeth sister margaret had to give up her true love because he was a divorcee she married someone else two decades earlier king edward the eighth abdicated his throne for a twice divorced american royal watchers see the household attitude towards marriage has changed tremendously. america is marrying a divorced woman and i think people look at him and. remember princess margaret and then turn and the. sad life unlike royals before them prince
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harry and meghan markle have found a less rocky road to happiness the pair are expected to tie the knot sometime next spring. duncan larcombe as a former royal add is that with britain's sun newspaper he spent ten years following prince harry around the world and joins us on the line from london welcome to. do this and actually kind of surprise. well it wasn't actually i was going to have this is not actually kept secret but the confirmation coming today. still has caused the global media frenzy i've been up this. morning and you know there are dozens of satellite trucks and probably hundreds of reporters from around the world covering the story that the markel is going to be a very new source of royal isn't the famous in their own rights american peoples that makes race. yet to. speak in terms of
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people joining rap to kill a family brings with helpfully that sort of new fresh and quite sort of prince harry like unexpected arrival into the into the royal family. i think it's really quite important he has had a very successful career in which he hasn't just been born into a wealthy practitioner socratic family and because she went to the right school ended up meeting a prince and this really has got a sort of fairy tale. which adds to the excitement and i wonder if you can give us an insight into what might have got on behind the in the background because i wonder how much of a battle harry will have had to fight in order to. to get this decision approved. the i to be honest i don't think he would have had a battle i think prince charles. knows best in anyone what happens if you don't marry for the right things. this is
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a marriage that will be formed very close relationship will be quite a short relationship the fact that harry is marrying i think will have consumes the likes of the queen and prince charles that you know it's absolutely the right thing to ask your patience just then said the royal family have had a history of making their own decisions and letting protocol stand in front of people's hearts duncan lock them in london thank you thank you. football on the team struggling most on the bottom of the abundance that table is a collection still docile when the coach sings of a lot of ideas to turn things around this weekend they hosted heads about it. after watching a rare win in midweek the cologne fans witnessed history and their match against heter and injury crisis men's they were putting their faith in sixteen year old defender yan oral basic who became the second youngest player to grace the
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bundesliga stage. unfortunately for the host city didn't take too long for their frailties at the back to be exposed to a database of h. on hand to capitalize on some calamitous keeping now off site spillage leaving a bit of it with the tap tap ins. cologne came close to levelling through say ricky rassi netted the league winner against arsenal on thursday. before horn in part atone for his earlier error by denying a bit of it from point blank range not for pettitte to think about heading into the break but he didn't get any better after half time cloning grassi wanted a penalty for handball but they were denied by the video replay. and then had one one of their own expertly dispatched by that man it is a bitch. to nail was how it staged.
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the boos rang out at the final whistle more history for cologne is down the worst ever start to open this league season. in well hambo took on hoffenheim in desperate need of points to stave off relegation it's an uphill battle often hard but also on the one supposed to keep them in contention at the top. togetherness allied to a bit of elbow grease those are the qualities that hamburg hoped would bring them a second home win in a row and their hard work paid off after just six minutes. the hamburg players surrounded young feta up but it was tough on hinds kevin as popular man who got the vital touch one nil for the hosts. the visits as were ragged in the first half dominated the second period to be with was the night by the post. then all of a bauman kept out a strike from the youngster. show that there was some life and hoffenheim on
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seventy one minutes. but it was soon could not be an a for the visits as. there was a lot of pace on phillips is free kick but this was a horror show from. gideon young still the much needed three male victory for hamburg on eighty eight minutes of first undismayed a strike for the youngster. now has a little bit more breathing space at the bottom end of the table. top story. is that this. is about to get forty thousand people i think i'm going to decide they have been closed. up today at the top of the al in the meantime of course there's always the website
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