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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  November 27, 2017 9:30pm-10:01pm CET

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you dot com beat the germans. your children like chocolate. you can't live without your smartphone. or tomatoes in the supermarket. as we go about our daily lives june writes often the last thing on our minds. invisible hand is slavery in the twenty first century starting december second on d w.
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the pope is in me and more the asian country that has quickly become home to the world's fastest growing refugee crisis in francis he's been more referring to the refugees as row him could do more harm than good tonight the pontiff predicament how to speak to those suffering without speaking their name i'm bringing off in berlin this is the day. i. got in on himself possibility requested to not to expect this one because in this time of his he did something on one of the consequences might have been i don't know how he will see how such a situation that they get out of will you ever get that if we are suffering a lot right now i don't even have any worried about it a living so we're very grateful that he's coming. also
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coming up he is no longer the most eligible royal bachelor britain's prince harry made public today he's marrying his yankee girlfriend the scoop on the nuptials that's coming up later in the show. we begin the day weighing more than usual each and every word uttered by the pope pope francis has begun his visit to me and mar under stern advisement to construct his message very carefully francis is the first pope to visit me in mar less than one percent of the country identified as catholic local catholics are not expected to be the main focus of pope francis' state us it is me and mars muslim minority the real hinges which have become a lightning rod not only for the pontiff prayers and concerns but also for his critics and some of those critics have advised francis not to use the word when he
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meets with me in mars' leaders much of me in mars buddhist majority population they reject that term and they refuse to recognize that our hinge as me and mar citizens or as a separate ethnic group the racan state muslims know that is the preferred term referring to the southern state in myanmar where most were hinges have lived for centuries of this past summer more than half a million fled their homes for neighboring bangladesh overnight refugee camps turned into refugees cities of rohinton who had escaped what the u.n. calls ethnic cleansing terror so how will the pontiff speak to a people that he called persecuted brothers and sisters just a few months ago our coverage begins tonight in me and maurice capital un go. papal souvenir is on sale in front of the st mary's cathedral in young gone. this is the pope's first visit to me and. christians are
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a minority here just like the muslim or hindu who for months have been fleeing persecution in the country's west it's a sensitive topic that threatens to overshadow the pope's visit when we have so many conflicts in our country i hope the pope brings peace and strength for the christian minority. he shouldn't bring up the issue that would just anger the buddhist majority here they don't want him to get involved. so i think it's ok if he just makes a general reference to the situation and that everyone should have equal rights i mean more work more many catholics are afraid of being discriminated against just like the right into here and me and people refer to the muslim minority as bengali or illegal immigrants from bangladesh even mentioning that woodrow hinge or as the pope often hands is considered taboo and got in the himself his boss not only requested not to expect this work because in this time of history is it something
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on one that consequence may have been so lucky or lost faith my sources last last week me and mine bangladesh signed an agreement stating that for him to refugees will soon be repatriated back to me and. the details of the agreement however remain unclear advocacy groups for the british people say the agreement is too vague for just the monitors that should be involved and involve them so that the donkeys. that it will get their citizenship. is that give us a patient and a future. but the question remains how political can the pope be and me and my and how much moral authority can he show because he won't want to offend the country's deeply buddhist population. you know those are some very important questions that. and here at the big table by religious affairs correspondent martin gak martin's always good to have you on the show so how can the pope not refer to the or hinge
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as roe hinges i mean anything other than that would belittle them and his credibility wouldn't but i don't know if that's necessarily true i mean i think that there is a sense that you know we have become quite accustomed to thinking that actually being called whatever one wants to be called is actually a great leap forward and quite clearly the vatican seems to think in and many people would agree that preserving lives is considerably more important so even if he has to talk to the main mar government in terms that they actually can accept and the population can accept then it might be a worthwhile sacrifice to leave the name out for the sake of actually mobilizing the population bring them into the game so in other words speak to the truth by speaking almost around the truth i think that this has been more or less how the vatican has operated in international politics and other spaces for the last like you know three years or so i mean the fact is that they don't really quite say the
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things that everybody seems to be wanting to hear that's true to the left and that's true to the right nonetheless the jesters erik's truly potent and this is a pope that seems to find himself standing always at the right spot at the right time i mean he's underlying a conflict that you know has come to bloom now but has actually been you know essentially building up for many many years he has called for the region just to be recognized as citizens of me and mar who does he make that demand to during this trip well i think that demand is really being placed on the international community i tend to disagree with with you know and the least that thing that this is actually the baby had between the pope and the vatican and the main mara government i mean this is of course absurd i mean you know that got to minorities extremely extremely minute and it. so i mean the relation with got to least some to begin with it's not in the certainly very strong when i think that this is
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a call i mean from the very site by the way very few people able to meet with ranges he's meeting with in just splay singh out of police to the international community to get b.c. and stop what essentially going on and clearly the international community has to agree degree the capacity to do that because over the last two years man maher has been the recipient of enormous enormous funds for the elements on the reconstitution of the mothers as well as a lot of goodwill and international absolutely a lot of goodwill i mean more is on a christian country the pope's power they are automatically limited is he more than we have seen in his papacy so far is he visiting me and maher as more of a representative of the international community maybe even of the you in more so than of the catholic church think that to some degree very much there in reverse and if the international community but i would like to emphasise that i think that way and he's talking to people that are where great beneficiaries of the
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international community efforts like a state counsellor at the very same time i mean so letting her know that this is him bringing the tension of the world over her to earth i think at the very same time is asking the international community well is this really what do you mean by the elements so in a sense i think that this actually many part conversation disfigure is one that has been extremely efficient in geopolitics mainly by underlying and bowing to issues without necessarily saying the words that people are waiting for him to say we know that this trip was planned before the the range of prices really exploded this piss test some or some of the vatican say that the visit should have been postponed and you know you have to wonder too long suit she if she were asked today about the visit would she say yes the way she did months and months ago when she was first. so are we seeing here laid bare for the entire world the at the limits of
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people power with this truth i don't think we necessarily i mean i think that what we should reassess is what we mean by people power and by what we mean by power in journal mean uncensored she's actually a very limited force she might be the poster face for me and maher but she has no control whatsoever over the military the military is not comptroller by the civil government so i think that to some degree which is welcoming his. really the question whether this not at welcome a to actually push the cost of the muck or see where everybody else is taking the position i mean we have seen it for the last couple of years everything is just fine in may and are now well there are huge a crisis has been going on for several years and now what we have is really that it's explosion mark to get to religious affairs correspondent as always martin thank you very much it's ridiculous your insights. in politics the more things appear to change the more they stay the same now
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consider what is happening here in berlin last week two months after the national election coalition talks to form a new government collapsed the unlikely combination of conservatives the liberal democrats and the greens proved too much even for the magic of until america in fact the chancellor after twelve years in power was at her weakest some would say just last week but now a replay of the past may be the fix for the future the social democrats who have spent the past four years in a grand coalition with merkel's conservatives are signaling that they could be ready to do it again and miracle but she likes what she is see. db you don't get into my opinion forming a stable government after elections is an intrinsic value in and of itself and maybe all parties are considering the fact that this is important for the people for our capacity to act on the european playing field when it comes to foreign
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policy and when it comes to solving problems there isn't a problem or are there is there the german chancellor are speaking there was good our political correspondent thomas sparrow going to be do you told us ok help us please thomas what is going on here well i think it has a name and a name it's the german president. who decided after he saw that collapse of negotiations to intervene to try and talk to the different parties involved and see if there's any possibility of finding that common ground that is necessary to form a coalition and he did so by speaking to angela merkel he did so by also speaking to martin shows the head of the social democrats and that's what we're seeing now the social democrats are saying brand that they're not strictly opposed as they had said before to forming a new coalition with angela merkel that they're going to at least try and sit at the same table and they will indeed sit at the same table later this week with the
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german president yeah i mean what a difference a week in politics can make let's listen to what the social democrat the s.p.d. leader martin short's said exactly one week ago when those coalition talks collapse and then we're going to compare that with what he said today take a listen fifteen under despotic view of the election results of twenty fourth of september this year we are not available to join a grand coalition. so for. your show we are not afraid of new elections. british of us have been it's possible that will end up with a constellation that's unprecedented in german history we have no reason to fear that. sounds like he's hinting at you know a one eighty right there what does the speed the social democrats what did they have to gain by. the government in
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a grand coalition why depends brant how they present that because they could present it as them being the saviors if you will of them being those who who made it possible germany to avoid new elections or or a minority government of i'm going to call if they presented that way they could even go to the negotiations of a grand coalition with a series of proposals and with probably better handed i'm going to merkel although it's also important to say that the conservatives would be the main party in such a coalition on the other hand it is also clear that the s.p.d. is facing a lot of internal problems when it comes to to what the cause of the party should be whereas some say yes which was hit at least at the same table we should take heed of what the german president has said and least talk to each other there are those who say that would be terrible for social democrats because it was already
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proven after four years in a grand coalition that the results as we saw in the election on september twenty fourth one thousand are very good for social democrats and that's partially to blame that's their view on the grand coalition that they form in terms what's your opinion here let's say this grand coalition comes into being yet again we'll angle america with a well the social democrats to enjoy the title of savior or rescuer of the political process. i don't think that way that will be the case it's. that if they do form another grand coalition the conservatives will have to include some proposals by the social democrats and some big proposals by the social democrats as well that could be the case in areas of social justice pensions schools. health insurance those areas that at the same time i'm going to michael wants to make sure if there is another grand coalition that she is the one who is leading that grand
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coalition and she's there for the one that to a large extent made that possible of course the question remains open can america will survive another great coalition or other political correspondents almost there on the story for us tonight almost as always thank you very much. or one of the issues that dominated the campaigns leading up to germany's national election last september was migration and immigration how to deal with migrants and refugees injury europe from northern africa well our next report takes us to one of the poorest countries in the world located in the middle of the sahara it is also a reason that some now call the sahara desert a bigger sim a terrier for migrants then the mediterranean sea. rest in peace brother reads the text above the only photo david van gogh has of his friend a few weeks ago they tried to cross the desert from the jet to libya but the truck got stuck in no man's land for nine days. some of my friends even put it under the
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pews does no food no water no even see it when in the night the breeze which. is not really was because when my friend came in to see him iran's two island died in my hand through. and over the years. from now being good staying in a camp and i got is run by the international organization for migration. he was rescued by soldiers but his friend died of thirst more and more migrants are now dying in the desert until two thousand and fifteen human trafficking was tolerated in asia however under pressure from the european union the government is taking measures to combat it and human traffic is a choosing more dangerous routes rather than starting and i got as many begin their long journey further south in zone there.
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he works at the bus station and so on there. he's responsible for registering foreigners on behalf of the sultan of on there one of the most powerful religious leaders in the region. so lay attempts to record the details of every migrant who enters or leaves the city. but his powers and other view are limited telecom when it almost an argument going to the people from the region consider us to be the traditional authority. we talk to them. and they usually agree with us. so the overall number of people moving away from here is declining. to one yet but the people from outside the now using new routes and don't pass are here anymore so many of them. and you group is just arrived they intend to cross into northern africa. so lay wants to convince them to stop their
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journey. he's promised them a food donation as an incentive though he's uncertain who will find it money is hard to come across in this region is on there also provides shelter to thousands of war refugees many of from nigeria they fled the violence of the terrorist group boko haram so late takes us to meet a nigerian family living in the city. escaped from his village in nigeria. two of his four wives and two of his sons were killed in an attack but. he's grateful for the assistance provided by regional authorities even though his children often go to bed hungry. i just want to return to my village but it's too dangerous if i go back now they'll kill me and my family we have to wait but as soon as we hear that boko haram is no
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longer there we will return. more than anything that could be good just wants to go home like hundreds of other migrants stranded not got is he's abandon his dream of reaching europe and wishes to return to his homeland alive. prince harry and his american girlfriend meghan have confirmed months of speculation in the us that they will marry next year harry is in line to the british throne meghan markle is an actress best known for her role in the u.s. drama suit the couple only met last july but harry has reportedly said it was love at first sight finally after weeks of speculation the secret is out the prince and his fiance posing for the media and what will be their garden place in front of their.
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home the couple of began their relationship in twenty sixteen but kept it under wraps for months. markel is a thirty six year old american actress best known for her role in the t.v. drama suits the royal family has given its blessing to the to an embrace to marco a mixed race divorcee who attended a catholic school for many it's proof of how much the monarchy has modernized over the years. in the one nine hundred fifty s. queen elizabeth sister margaret had to give up her true love because he was a divorcee she married someone else two decades earlier king edward the eighth abdicated his throne for twice divorced american royal watchers see the household attitude towards marriage has changed tremendously. america is marrying a divorced woman and i think people look at him and. remember princess margaret and
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then turn and the sad. sad life unlike royals before them prince harry and meghan markle have found a less rocky road to happiness the pair are expected to tie the knot sometime next spring. imagine being one of about one hour and i'm joined here by rosalie delaney she is a writer based here in berlin and expert on all things royals good to have you back on the show. so this engagement announcement a surprise. if anything a pleasant surprise i think was certainly a time harry has expressed his wishes to settle down i think now it's you know come to many that he's found a lovely woman appears to be very much in love and one now. well i think maybe there's a little bit. you know time to stop a family magazine study six so perhaps a wanting to get in
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a marriage there on that side you think we're going to see some little baby royals from the stayer soon as well as certainly one on the way with the other royal have that i raised yet will be chasing on the on the town with the baby if there aren't saying no we consider meghan markle it means she she has a new sort of royal. needs she's famous in her own right first of all she is she's an actress she's american she's divorced she's mixed race she's raised catholic that's a lot for the house of windsor to digest as it is yes i think there's certainly going to be some adjustments about it she'd that. i mean the adjustments a set may have a jew and yet prince philip might be having a little bit of a hard time coming to terms that. a lot of chang's to the i think one of your i'll
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sarve you think so you think prince philip and queen elizabeth do you think that when they are sitting there all alone and having a cup of tea that they think my goodness this is not the world that we married in yes but i think there might be a few feathers ruffled behind closed doors i think they would sadly a very happy to say sire varian love. prince harry himself he's been described as kind of the reality royal the bad boy of the house of windsor this announcement does this mean that he's as a grown up or those days behind him yeah i think so i mean he's sat lay who was the run of the royal family and there were a few five pas that he made in his use by i think this is you know a kind of a positive step forward that he's you know laving pabst rather you know rowdy
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embarrassing. sonata getting shenanigans find him and yes a means to have found a great match we know that the way he has been announced of the spring of twenty eighteen that is also the due dates the time for the third child of that kate's and prince we so is someone going to be miffed there is someone going to be upstaged yet i'm to say that delicately i mean do you think kate's going to be upset if the wedding well plays then i think as there is to date surprise there will bays sound. a stews while planning coming into coordinates so patently not a devil's drop on the on the same day all right we'll see what happens rosalie delaney as always thank you very much we appreciate your royal insights and even having me . and across social media many are celebrating the engagement and the racial diversity in the british royal family the u.k.
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based model to lose rights as a woman of color i could not be any more happy for prince harry and meghan marco who would've thought that we see the day a black woman would be an embrace royal new york based journalist jim lee writes the woman prince harry is marrying is a divorced biracial american who went to catholic schools even the fussiest of institutions in progress it seems and another tweeter valentino writes meghan markle is more than prince harry's girlfriend she's an actress an ambassador for world vision and a you when human rights at that she is. are the day is almost done the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter you can write to me brant off t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag of the day and remember no matter what happens between now and then or whoever gets married tomorrow is another day.
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but of the six million deaths the brutal reality. a trial against the perpetrators disturbing fiction by the by the congo tribunal is a film about the bloody battles for the d.r. congo's natural resources director milos around screened his work in the conflict zone itself and made an incredible impact global three thousand and thirteen double. their black and living in germany. he's reminded what that means on a daily basis presenter john up i guess not being able to blend in and all this cattle. taking a holiday group and being you know different than the rest. she travelled across germany to meet other black people and to hear their stories. it seems as.
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i grew up in a white family in a white neighborhood it was definitely a challenge. she decided to put me up for adoption. so the main thing was to keep your head down and your mouth shut of course of the face like this i could never completely disappear if you see all these stereotypes about africa it's good to see you. do something for your country but you're still the black guy with an. afro germany starting december tenth d.w. . in untaught to. the deadly storm can be minutes away.
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this is g.w. doos wider from berlin tonight indonesia.


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