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tv   Reporter - Times of Stalemate A German M Ps Story  Deutsche Welle  November 27, 2017 10:15pm-10:31pm CET

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yes is not perfect i can barely let you finish proposing is going to. let me finish this business again and him and those hogs and i have the ring with anger as a time when i give you the rangers boys the ring so not resign it was a really nice my room is just the two of us and i think i'm losing tons cousin by surprise as well so. here's a reminder the top story we're following for you there are fears that this volcano is about to blow up in bali forty thousand people have been evacuated in indonesia the airport has been closed halting travel chaos on the island. you have today with the news live from berlin for all of us here in berlin thanks for the company will be back at the top of the hour with more world to see if.
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philip taught his twenty five and new to the german parliament the border stock a delegate for the conservative christian democrats or c.d.u. he's experiencing one of the most turbulent times in german politics chancellor angela merkel hasn't been able to form a government the liberal free democrats pulled out of coalition talks now a fresh election is a possibility philip i'm tall would prefer a minority government so who will be in charge in berlin and who's to blame for this predicament. well though that worked out what are you doing. posting a short video on facebook about new elections and what the constitution has to say
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about that. it's a good thing to talk about right now and people are interested in. knowing the facts when discussions get emotional is helpful. that's why i made this explanatory video. germany was sent to get its first ever national coalition government of conservatives liberals and green but coalition talks collapsed but what good is a new election would it enhanced ability of the only if new coalition plans or new policy proposals are made. but yes. it is of course conceivable that new elections will be held but if that happens i'm not worried that i won't be elected again i'll be fighting hard for that of course that's part of democracy but i do hope we'll be able to form a stable government. comes from northeastern germany believes that a minority government could be a stable solution. now i have to post this and then we should leave it will just be
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a mom. i'm towards parliamentary group has called an urgent meeting conservative parliamentary chair is giving an interview criticizing germany's social democratic party the s.p.d. they were in a grand coalition with merkel's conservatives but had a poor showing in september's parliamentary election now they're opposed to a fresh coalition with a cd you. i just heard the statement by s.p.d. parliamentary group leader and. i believe that anyone who is unwilling to take part in this task despite the fact that they stood for election in order to assume political responsibility should remain silent at this moment. a clear message to the s.p.d. . and yes right now the s.p.d.
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are being completely irresponsible i already thought it was eyebrow raising after the election. they were sulking and refused to talk about policy and just went into retreat what good are new elections when they won't even take responsibility for germany now why should anyone vote for such a party. i'm to her is to the meeting he wasn't in berlin when coalition talks collapsed he was in brussels with some of his colleagues. when we received the news where there were ten of us start in front of a smaller t.v. in brussels it was all right impulse hotel room though yeah the mini bar was well stocked too so it was ok and what was the mood like. with. the best it's ever been and we were shocked surprised and shocked. and it's not easy. difficult times
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especially for chancellor merkel she's been counting on a three party coalition of conservatives liberals and greens and that failed to materialize. what do philip i'm tall and the two hundred forty five other members of his parliamentary group make of this. list. a new sticker says andrew once new elections no no no she didn't say new elections. i'll stand again i took a message saying she prepares new elections instead of a minority government. that will be difficult. is merkel really in favor of new elections didn't she see philip on tours video. in the conservatives parliamentary chamber there's only one topic the failed coalition talks. and everyone wonders whether the liberal f.d.p. was seriously interested in an alliance at all.
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how did you spend the night. i was thinking. about it and if i watched it live on t.v. so we saw it happening it. was the placing the. i think i really didn't see it coming up. we'll see if this was deliberate. yeah i think that was my impression yesterday it seemed there wasn't much willingness. would have been asked if i'm disappointed but i'm frustrated. with politics isn't about disappointment and frustration it was tough to accept but i did get a night's rest. i had an extra glass of wine we did to. the conservatives are meeting behind closed doors the m.p.'s are presenting a united front saying they support chancellor merkel in this crisis anyone with
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downs is keeping mum. than did anyone call for a fresh start and a new leadership. has on the other night i. know nobody called for that today. to be honest i didn't even hear people talking about that in the hallways. but that wasn't the mood. we support angle america that's how it is. possible. the next morning i'm told is taking part in a chat about the latest news germany's president is imploring party leaders to solve the crisis together he's against snap elections night philip i'm told. is your video popular. twenty three share so far. so it's getting decent attention that's good. sharing it all kinds of people the most surprising is probably that the left wing party link in the town of bogus chair that they have some reasonable local politicians. the far right populist
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party that could be a formidable political threat there bundestag new comers and could benefit from fresh elections. new well the f.t. party has some reasonable people among its ranks somewhere c.d.u. members for many years. but the f.t. hasn't yet formed a coherent set of positions. it is important to confront them over concrete issues . there are main political competitor at least in my electoral district but there are a political threat to us. we need to show what makes us better than them through substantive debate rather than issuing sweeping condemnation. that. is one of seven hundred nine m.p.'s in germany's going to start. he's the second youngest member of parliament and that helps make him a media favorite. he uses that to champion
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a minority government. at the end of the day we have to accept that the authors of our basic law our constitution did not rule out a minority back to chancellor. it's like the bundestag has convened a plenary session to prepare for the upcoming weeks despite lacking a government so what happens next. well i'm glad merkel stay at the helm will the social democrats join a coalition after all. philip i'm torn has mixed feelings about merkel. their electoral districts are right next to each other at the baltic sea in northeastern germany. merkel once gave a young politician advice during a coffee break i'm told recalls their conversation. well at the beginning of the year we talked about what it was like when she
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campaigned in her first general election and. i like that. she enjoyed remembering those times in the one nine hundred ninety s. when she went from one community to the next with a trestle table. she's good at making a personal connection with citizens. but philip i'm told has staked out a more conservative political terrain and merkel many of his fellow conservatives would also like the chancellor to adopt a more conservative stance they believe the c.d.u. would have done better at the polls had they done so. it's clear that looking ahead our party must extend to eight its three major pillars. it's economically liberal stance it's christian social values and it's conservative side i believe everyone in the party agrees we need to strengthen our profile especially when it comes to conservative issues. from tours staking out
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a clear political profile is important and so i was networking like at this meeting with a member of the german military officials union. it's an important topic to me but my grandfather was in the east german army and later an officer in the west german bonus there and the bundeswehr has a big presence in my electoral district in western pomerania. writes christmas greetings for german soldiers on missions abroad. just. zoop in the am tours a lawyer by training and prefers focusing on domestic politics but he gets on well with he's an obvious. let me interrupt this when you hear you've got to wear it of course sure i wear. even take off the german flag then today.
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i will guess i'm still wearing a yellow ribbon that means a lot to us. and both agree a stable germany is needed in european and world affairs. and it caught. it's important that germany makes its views heard in light of european developments on december sixth the european commission plans to present its ideas for an economic and monetary union package but we can't leave everything to my core and the others. we must get involved. in other words i'm told once i'm going to hold to remain chancellor and who knows maybe the social democrats will agree and help michael stay in office. would welcome that.
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