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afro germany starting december tenth d.w. . i'm going to give the don't. tell isn't because of. the famous potato. this is deja news coming to you live from berlin what did the pope say to the
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leader of myanmar the pope was under pressure to raise the van and persecution of men miles and muslim minority in talks today with unsung suchi and she's come under pressure for not stopping the violence we'll go live to our correspondent in me and mom also coming up. in kenya a present who took and jada has been sworn in for a second five year term in office the same it took place in a back stadium in the capital nairobi earlier police have used tear gas to separate supporters of kenyatta and the loser in the election. and it looks like as a fan of the controversial weed killer driver say it is a bot to make it unexpected intervention in the formation of germany's next government can tell you why.
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hello and welcome. pope francis has held talks with the leader of men. in the country's capital maybe door today so just said he. brought a message of strength and hope to the country the pontiff four day visit comes amid violence against a muslim minority group there his trip was planned before the violence erupted and now international rights groups are urging francis to speak out on this issue christians are also a religious minority in the country. we'll go live to our correspondent in myanmar in just a moment but first let's have a listen to an excerpt of what unsung suchi had to say it is the aim of our government to bring out the beauty of our diversity and to make it our strength by protecting rights fostering tolerance and security for our most cherished and ever is to carry forward the peace process based on the nationwide
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cease wide fifty five green meant that this in the seated by the previous government the road of peace is not always smooth but it is the only way that will lead our people to their dream of a just and prosperous land that will be their refuge their pride their joy. joining me now from yang gone is southeast asia correspondent boston hottie boston the pope made an address. made her welcoming remarks. the till the next we don't know what came out of the meeting but can you tell us about what the expectations of the meeting between the two. well. the expectations were as as you said before human rights groups for example were expecting the pope to speak out on behalf of the ranger to use the term will hinder also to make it clear that he is not toeing the line of the me and more
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military of government now he didn't he didn't use the term at all he spoke about internal conflict so apparently he spoke to a sense that she about that in their meeting because i'm censored she of course is trying to push forward the peace process between the myanmar government and the myanmar military and the different ethnic groups now that's a long and very delicate delicate process and it does not include the minority because that is not considered an ethnic minority of myanmar the official standpoint of official perspective is that they are illegal immigrants from bangladesh so this process that on sense that she's pushing forward this peace process that she was referring to does not include there were him he said that there are many conflicts in me and mar and that they have to be addressed and that they can only be addressed by building bridges of dialogue and that this process of
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peace building is a long one and a difficult one and the only way to achieve peace is by respecting the basic human rights of all ethnicities and of all religious groups and he also said that the differences in religion should not be the source of conflict and that. there needs to be a dialogue between these different groups so he did not explicitly mention there were injured but he did include them implicitly in his speech today and we don't i guess that simply will not be good enough for many of the rights activists who were asking him to overtly talk about this issue and what kind of the steps and has the pope been getting in me and my offer as a base historic visit is the first visit by him to the country. well it is the first visit of any pope to me in mars' so this is truly a historic visit and when pope francis arrived here and young gone yesterday many
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people went to the airport to greet him many people thousands of people lined the streets where to which he was driving to go to the residence where he was staying and to wave and to welcome him to me and mar now that's one side and then there's also the other side of the spectrum and that for example you can see on social media where buddhist nationalists are expressing their their anger and and their disregard for the pope frankly insulting him even because they feel like because the pope of course in the past has spoken out on behalf of the ranger and they feel that the he is interfering in internal affairs and they're very angry about that because they of course dislike greatly there were a minority in this country and we don't mohsin heartache in young me and my thank you very much for that. turning now to kenya where after months of election drama who kenyatta has been sworn in for
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a disputed second term as president kenyatta took his oath of office at a ceremony attended by african heads of state and thousands of his supporters the presidential election was a revision of last month. can a supreme court nullify the result of the original ballot but the new votes was boycotted by the opposition which said it would not be free or fair. for more on let's go to our correspondent in nairobi catherine she joins me on the line from there catherine kenyatta was given such a rapturous valka as he took his oath of office but the country is still deeply divided isn't it has he indicated how you plans to unite the people. who are we certainly feel that has just concluded that he intends to be a president for saying that the elections if it takes place on the twenty sixth of the election because he keeps on the eight year elections of not personality but
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rather competing visions it will almost like he was giving an olive branch is saying that you know severe or not he was there for anyone trying to unite the country and he will try and refute the constitution but ironically eyes he is making this statement we're getting reports of two people who've been shot dead in soweto which is a close to larger kuranda where the taking place where we were there has a hard task ahead of them and what the opposition candidate and i know he had boycotted the election redone is issuing any going to willing to accept any out as reelection. it doesn't seem like he will all quit whether his drum up edition supports his will as well in fact the weeks have been saying that this inauguration process is actually a carnation incumbent presidents a good. idea they haven't recognized to send a check and they also ring and all the branches the sense that they're saying
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they're ready to say that conditions especially prime minister. prime minister i now think i need contention is there must be credible elections for them to move forward to this country to look forward and then he said no credible elections then there is no point because that case because it leave the issue right now i'm standing outside i need to tell you because there's a crowd of people outside the stadium waiting to see president looking at an event that seems to be cologne chanche police are trying to keep the crowd under control and what i can see is a crowd gathering and they are basically like now i'm speaking of your ingenuities of a country is can we think of the next step being what the leaders who say this. kathleen london in nairobi outside the stadium with the inauguration of kenya has just taken place thank you very much. a european union decision to extend the license for the controversial life to say it's good and the complicating. efforts to form
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a new government in germany and the problem is that a minister in america is conservative blog made it a go go it alone decision to vote for the license extension without the support of the party currently in coalition with them confused let's explain. typhus eight has always been a controversial topic it pits the e.u. commission against citizens rights groups the chemicals industry against organic farmers critical scientists against support of scientists are the weed killer has become toxic to germany's acting government and this in danger in the prospects of forming a new one. e.u. member states twice before failed to agree whether to bond life was saved or extend its license no decision was reached because germany abstained both times. germany social democrat environment minister supported the bond due to suspicions
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of the weed killer is carcinogenic and is killing off too many insects the agriculture minister from the conservative c.s.u. is on the side of the farmers and favored continued use of life was saved the lack of cabinet consensus meant berlin abstained on the previous votes until monday when germany suddenly voted in favor of an extension. i spoke by phone with my colleague mr schmidt today at twelve thirty and made it clear that i was sticking to my no and that therefore germany has to abstain on this issue and cannot agree to the extension. this is and this is a serious breach of trust within the acting government i have to ask myself in light of this go it alone decision whether mrs merkel has her own people under control for america. i ignored or not i'm kerf at. the head of talks about a new grand coalition between the s.p.d. in the conservatives the timing could hardly have been worse. but the agriculture minister says he gained important concessions in exchange for his yes vote. if you
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let me finish i feel it is my duty in the government to take decisions that need to be taken. but i also decide based on the facts and nothing else that. he's under the vote has bitterly divided the acting grand coalition the e.u. decision to permit use of life or say it for another five years cannot be revoked whatever the possible dangers no one thoughts the efficacy of glyphosate when it comes to killing weeds the concern is that it could kill off any chance of germany forming a new government. in staying in germany in the bland christmas market targeted by an islamist attack a year ago has opened for the festive season twelve people were killed and many more injured when an attacker drove a stolen truck into the crowds on the nineteenth of december. for some course in the attack the memories of pain for. it's one of the german capitals most popular christmas markets last year it was also the target of
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a terror attack we're at berlin's by child plots. this is what the christmas season in germany is all about enjoying a glass of wine at one of the many christmas markets but can that be possible to enjoy when everything reminds you to those who lost their lives in last year's attacks let's find out. that any commercial survived last year's attack just he was selling mild wine to a customer when the truck smashed into his stall leaving him badly injured. and kept in a garden wolf we talked to comes in i just saw the truck approaching us to know how to suddenly collapse. i can't remember anything after that i woke up as rescue workers were pulling me out of the wreckage. and yes. the fire veiled you know
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it's real sicko among its ruling on. the truck had already hit a group of people before reaching the nice hot twelve people were killed in the carnage dozens more were injured. a year later security at the market is tight more police officers are on patrol than usual. this is the place where the truck plowed into the christmas market steering directly into a group of people these concrete barriers were set up now to protect the visitors but they also keep reminding everyone of the current danger of further attacks. it's a danger that has become normal across europe. on that ice it's a different feeling it's not the way it used to be we were here the day before the attack and then it happened it's terrible. for us i'm next to this
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bus here that's. my great with many others we can't hide after an attack like this it's a christmas market we have to come back in that some guy got smart yeah obviously i am as valid celebrating the fact that we're alive and we still have each other we won't let them frighten us. the loss of those nice yes. those who died are being remembered at an as yet temporary site an official memorial will be unveiled before christmas. coming up the future of virtual cash the bitch gone with. david as.


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