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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  November 29, 2017 3:02am-3:31am CET

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the pontiff held talks with senior figures including defector leader aung sun suu chee he disappointed human rights observers after he failed to directly address the persecution of or hinge of muslims which the un and us have just cried as ethnic cleansing. on. in germany what do we and hopes of a new government suddenly share a lethal political poison plus no we're here to speak of hell the pope stayed on message about me in mars refugee crisis by staying psyched i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. for a young kid. i would also like my visit put this to embrace the entire population
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of myanmar the situation in the rakhine has most strongly captured the attention of the world are they having of the old wounds is required to stand on the long standing issues that have eroded cross between different communities and because of this respect for the equal i think ruble. excluded. also coming up the small town german mayor who almost lost his life for giving refugees a place to live. because in this as much as i saw how he grabbed the mayor and held a knife to his neck my son then ripped the knife away i felt the moment. we begin the day listening to the shouts built into the silence of the pope today pope francis met the leader of me in mar on song suchi on stage with both leaders
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they were hinge refugees hundreds of thousands of them yet they weren't seen or mentioned once the pope heated vice not to use the term or hinge or to describe the persecuted muslim minority in me and mar yet his discussion with on songs e.g. was all about the road. the pope spoke of respect for the rights of everyone healing old wounds and not leaving anyone behind and the pope appeared to be well aware that. she's presence at his side on a public stage would have been impossible a short time ago her friends or political state also part of the content of his carefully chosen words spoken and amid we begin with this report. as pope francis arrived in me and ma he carried with him the hopes of millions around the world even allowing for a small stumble as he disembarked this was
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a chance for the head of the catholic church to go face to face with those accused of ethnically cleansing mian mars minority missed from population known as the written job during his meeting with the country's de facto leader and son suchi the pontiff culled for peace but he failed to mention the word many wanted to hear. a town not the country's british leadership project. how mountaineers had erratic ways to keep people and that the future of myanmar must be piece. by sea. peace based on respect for the dignity and rights of each member of society. that. respect for each ethnic group and its identity that. critics say he has caved to pressure from his hosts the church says it feared the country's catholics would face in ten edition the likes of which is known to the
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range of muslims for more than a year hundreds of thousands of them have fled their homes and violence looting and attacks many end up living in squalor later this week pope francis will hear their stories himself when he visits a refugee camp in neighboring bangladesh. the hard thing is in myanmar covering the pope's visit we asked him about the people's silence that seemed so well today. i think the pope was under a lot of pressure in the run up to this speech today there where he was pressured by human rights activists by representatives of the hinge of minority themselves by representatives of other muslim groups they all wanted him to use the term because it gives these people and identity and identity that they're being denied by me in modern military by the myanmar government and also by some parts of the population
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in myanmar so that's why they wanted him to use that term now on the other hand even the cardinal here in myanmar cautioned the pope he said don't use this word because it will it's a very sensitive issue and a lot of emotions are tied to it and it will deepen the divides between the religious religious groups and it will it will make that reconsider the ation of the religious religious groups even harder so in the end it was the pope's decision to make he decided not to use the term maybe because he thought it would do more harm than good our correspondent boston hard to grieve porting there it is important to remember that only one percent of the people in the me and more identify as christians a tiny minority with huge hopes in this people visit. church
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courtyards and yang gone are bursting at the seams this week. hundreds of thousands of believers have flocked from all four corners of the country wanting to see the pope. and many of them are young. teresa fan i is part of a catholic youth group from kitchen state in the north of me and mark. a region that's been plagued by a war between the military and ethnic rebel armies one third of the population there is christian. for teresa and most of the others in the group it's their first ever trip to the big city so they're eager to set out and explore. most of all they want to experience the pope. they hope to return home with the courage to make their country a better place. in our area there is civil war there is no
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place. as almost the whole of present we're here to receive the pope's message of peace and to pray together but i want no need to tell you that i will not and that's important i hope that can bring us peace to name him up will be me to mail and i say to him i don't you know she don't in a country rife's with ethnic and religious tensions many believe the pope's message of nonviolence and understanding could help me and mar overcome its numerous conflicts. and no conflict currently looms as large as the one between the army and the muslim rule hinge a minority that has displaced more than half a million people in just a few months. when isn't in mom in years gone he heads an organization that is working to strengthen ties between youths of different faiths he's aware of the debate of whether and how the pope should weigh in on the sensitive issue of the. for the sake of me and mars muslims he wants
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a clear statement from the pontiff what muslim population hoping from. you know the situation of the northern rock. about the people that have been using the term genocide when a part of the wall where happening this genocide and it is also the time when he the messenger of peace is visiting he must have mentioned about that situation to research her friends have made it to one of the most sacred sites in the buddhist world and me and mars most famous landmark the shwedagon pagoda she says she feels welcome here in spite of her religion she wishes everyone in myanmar could also say that about the country. pope francis can unite the different religions and foster love between people of
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different faiths and this is what i hope and believe me. tonight it's a noble wish but in myanmar's current reality it seems it will take nothing short of a miracle to make it come true. when does a weed killer become a political game changer the european union recently decided to extend the weismann's for the controversial weed killer. now if you're a gardener you might know it as roundup well that decision was possible things to the support of a minister in german chancellor angela merkel's conservative camp sounds rosy so far right well every rose as we know has its own words all that minister failed to consult the other big political party the social democrats in germany's governing coalition and now relations between the social democrats and merkel's conservatives
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have become as politically prickly as a berlin briar patch. that paid my life it's eight has long been a controversial topic it pits the e.u. commission against citizens' rights groups the chemicals industry against all got a. critical scientists against supportive scientists now the week has become toxic to germany's acting government and it could lead to a new one in the. e.u. member states twice before fail to agree whether it's a life or say over extend its license no decision was reached because germany abstained both times. gemini social democrats environment minister wanted a band due to suspicions that the weekend there was cost in the genic animates biodiversity the agriculture minister from the conservative c.s.u. favorite continued use of. the lack of cabinet consensus meant beilin abstained on
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the previous votes until monday when germany suddenly voted to extend the license. i spoke by phone with my colleague mr schmidt today at twelve thirty and made it clear that i was sticking to my no and that therefore germany has to abstain on this issue and cannot agree to the extension. this is and this is a serious breach of trust within the acting government i have to ask myself in light of this god alone decision whether mrs merkel has her own people under control. but. with talks on a new grand coalition just germinating the time could hardly have been worse but the agriculture minister say he gained important concessions in exchange for his yes vote. i feel it is my duty in the government to take decisions that need to be taken. but i also decide based on the facts and nothing else that. under. the voters' bitterly divided the acting grand
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coalition the e.u. decision to permit use of life for sake for another five years cannot now be revoked what ever the possible dangers no one doubts glyphosate is good at killing weeds the concern is now that it could kill off any chance of germany forming a new government. all right from the fields into the studio i'm joined now by yours if you want to he's head of the berlin office of the european council on relations he's a brussels and berlin insider mr young it's good to have you on the show so how in the world of this happened how can a decision on a weed killer be a breach of trust inside the halls of political power in berlin where you see that the caretaker government doesn't have everything under control in america so i tracked and a lot of discipline is lost in this government because it's against the rules of the government germany should have abstained because there's an ongoing conflict between two ministries which merkel has not decided we should she would have to do
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at the cabinet table hasn't happened she's distracted she's distracted clearly and this now becomes a sort of a political game in the process of the two large parties you know kind of watching each other as their change positions it's fascinating you know yesterday we reported on sudden hope of a new grand coalition between the conservatives in the s.p.d. is that is that hope dead now because of this weed killer story it is now that we can a story makes a bit more complicated because both sides you know demand jesters the christian democrats want the social democrats to actually send a signal that they are ready to seriously negotiate the source of democrats when the christian democrats to actually tell them they are ready to accept a high price for the social democratic turnaround so neither side wants to be the first to move and that's what's what's going to happen and then secondary
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information becomes becomes a top story take a listen to what miracle said about the minister who created this i'm calling it a cactus quandary and for. this did not conform to directives prepared by the federal government in terms of the issue itself and contrast to hendrix i'm more on mr schmidt signed by the behavior does not correlate with what is stipulated in the government's rules for the procedure. that's miracle there cracking the political whip right saying this will not happen again but still it is it is just about a lack of discipline and how does a minister not consult a coalition partner knowing that this is a contentious issue he did consult actually directly but he did on the day but he didn't get resolution right he didn't get resolution and so he should have been clear on that he had to abstain. actually by the way germany is one of the big of
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staters in the council because of such conflicts between coalition partners and between the federal level and state level now this is not good over the long term as such but in this particular case it has been i think it has been used now i think this is not accidental it is a sign also of ac is you mina's is that you do this on purpose there and we we have power and don't forget that that's fascinating so where does this lead us what's the most like the like least outcome here you believe we're going to have a another grand coalition when all is said and done well the president very much once the parties to not walk away from the election result so he will press for them you see that the sea is you is already. expecting a grand coalition so they want to make no everyone known that this is a three party because you see if you that's the bavarian sister part yes and her
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christian schmidt is is a member of the syrian sister party the social democrats know that it could be a disaster for them if they refused in this moment to contribute to building a stable government in the christian democrats no american is finished if she doesn't get this right that's right mr young it's always good to have you on the show fascinating insights thank you. german chancellor angela merkel has condemned a knife attack on a small town mayor police say the suspect may have been motivated by anti foreigner sentiment fueled by an increase in the number of migrants and refugees in the country a small bandage on the mayor's neck covers the superficial wounds he suffered during a knife attack on monday evening and today asshole stein was in this case bob shop when he was approached by the attacker a fifty six year old german man that's just done it in order so he came up to me
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and asked are you the mayor. then without another word and he drew a knife. he said will you let me die of thirst yet you bring two hundred refugees to out and. then he was standing behind me with his knife at my throat because two years ago the city of alternate through its mayor decided to accept one hundred more refugees than germany's distribution plan requires for this mayor host on was awarded the national integration prize by german chancellor angela merkel state prosecutors are treating the case as a politically motivated attempted murder they say the suspect has psychological problems and was drunk at the time but when the woman in the scene so far we have not been able to identify any connections to the right wing extremists. that is any involvement with the organized extreme right. mayor hall stein announced today that he will continue as before fighting for his open door policy. well the reporter
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rebecca my own went to the town of all ten and spoke to us outside of that shop where the mayor was stand. all of them are united in saying that the violence against their mayor is absolutely uncalled for but some were less surprised than others about the attack in this and this quiet town some have said they're very that they've been very disappointed with the policies that the mayor has put through not only with refugees but also they feel that he has not been able to revive this sleeping and and demographically dying town one of the mayor's main goals by by taking on more refugees than than the quotas actually were supposed to give this town back in two thousand and fifteen was to help boost the demographics and get more people into the empty apartments here but two years later now the
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residents are saying they're not seeing the changes what was one of the more interesting things also about this case was that in the stone a lot and where in the in the shop where the mayor went into two workers came and rushed to his aid one of them was the owner of of the shop and as well his as his son and they both sustained injuries as well the mayor himself came by and delivered a large bouquet of roses to the two men who are credited with saving his life from the sale and who has been detained that was due to be reported back wire reporting . well in many german small towns it is just under pressure to come up with real solutions on how to manage this new reality tomorrow she'll attend an e.u. africa conference aimed at finding those solutions. the european capital was trying to send out some positive vibes at a number of events ahead of the summit in abidjan and at the european parliament
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high ranking politicians were also trying to find solutions for better cooperation between the continents is opening up the people in the past the europeans had a tendency to look to the east towards russia and china they haven't done enough in africa sure we invested and we are committed but i think we need to strengthen our strategy not just throw money at the problem may. by the know that. the wake up call for europe was the migration crisis more than one hundred thousand africans arrived on the shores of the e.u. this year alone and some estimate that two million more are on the move towards europe the e.u. has been working on a plan to curb the influx and will try to sell it at the summit one of the key aspects of the plan is to fight the root causes of migration in some countries like if yo pia those are political in others like nigeria the main reason is poverty the
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e.u. also wants to destroy the business model of human trafficking smuggling africans to europe has become a multibillion euro industry. to keep migrants from making the dangerous trek across the mediterranean the e.u. would like to beef up so-called reception centers in the transit countries and finally the e.u. is hoping to reach agreements with the countries of origin to take back those migrants who made it to europe but were not granted asylum. many african countries want something in return mainly money and. legal migration alternatives for their citizens. females you know we just lack the funding and we have the will to change things but this will needs to be supported with resources our economy is mainly informal to change that we need foreign investment a. bellyful men he knew full. day he did business his
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mom it was a. european countries are we really though they have sunk a lot of development money into africa over the decades like here in chad often with no noticeable improvement but for many on the continent the blame is clearly not entirely africa's. the biggest mistake is that aid doesn't always come with conditions attached and the red carpet is being rolled out for dictators that are starving their people and corrupting elections while enjoying the respect of the european countries. it could be easy to live his big. money in return for migration control most likely that will be the defining narrative. the europeans hope that this africa e.u. summit will yield tangible results. and that was.
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when reporting max also spoke to the european commission president jiang called younger ahead of the summit younger says he is shocked at recent reports of modern day slavery in libya. i can't sleep easy when i think about what's happening to those people who went to libya to try to improve their lives they found themselves in health. a compelling interview there you can catch max's interview in full at d.w. dot com. well how do you turn an event to honor native americans who helped the us defeat the japanese in world war two into an episode of racial when you in those with pocahontas and the president at the center well donald trump i have the answer watch and listen and i just want to thank you because you have very very special
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people you are here long before any of us were here although we have a representative in congress who they say was here a long time ago they call or pocahontas but you know what i like you because you are special high cringe factor there will trump was referring to democratic senator elizabeth warren now he has referred to warren as pocahontas many times in the past that nickname is supposed to highlight and mock warren's claim that she has native american heritage but native americans they don't get the president's point even when the white house press secretary tries to explain. i think that most people find offensive center a warrant line about her heritage to advance her career and she said even you are useful for her she said was a racial what is your response to that i think that's ridiculous response. i'm
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president trump has been taking a lot of heat on social media republican senator john mccain wrote our nation owes a debt of gratitude to the navajo code talkers politicizing these genuine american heroes is an insult to their sacrifice you tweeted our president joked about pocahontas in front of navajo code talkers behind a portrait of andrew jackson where are all the people who said taking a knee was disrespectful to our military veterans our native americans not american enough well as for elizabeth warren. she says president drums repeated pocahontas jabs will not shut her up well the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at the news or write directly to me brit off t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag the day and remember no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see that every.
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at full speed.
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but always on the move. mobility today and in the future. tried. washing hands of these kids. now a development project is teaching them home here in the thames a new capital of. clean water supply. there's lots of. is helping to counter the effects of living with waste sources. close to forty five minutes on. what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you how german soccer
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made it back to the top. in our web special. dot com. football in germany. climate change. pollution. isn't it time for good news. africa people and projects that are changing our environment for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's check. the going to be environment magazine. d.w. . alone we're going to drive with the motor magazine on t w this time we.


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