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tv   Made in Germany - The German education system  Deutsche Welle  November 29, 2017 1:30pm-2:01pm CET

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with d.w. . any time any place. with or with jo jo and her friends. exactly. i miss you but since it's particularly because i work with friends all over the world. online and interact to. german to go. learn german for free with v.w. . pick. europe's economic engine is a driver of jobs and germany has
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a reputation for quality but why does it continue to score so low in education as more governments look to international comparisons and how education and hence its prosperity made in germany takes a look at why this business powerhouse can't get its act together when it comes to schools teaches a well paid in germany but there just aren't enough of them it's especially a problem at the primary level for costs show in the next decade the shortage of teachers at state schools will just get worse expect twenty four thousand job vacancies almost all german states of frantically looking to fill positions a great opportunity if you're looking to switch professions. it's the first lesson for these kids that they couldn't avoid primary school in berlin the third graders are learning english their teacher is a guy she's a career changer in other words she didn't originally study to become
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a teacher she previously worked as a translator but is now in the process of retraining as a teacher a process that's heavy on theory and practice. she's been in the classroom for about six months now the learning curve has been a steep one. have a lot on my plate we have about ten hours of seminars a week and i teach nineteen hours on top of that and of course you have to prepare the lessons and grade homework. plan excursions and it's a lot. the thirty three year old also teaches german and math she has a mentor at the school an experienced teacher. the system is known as a professionalisation concept it's one that's now common and berlin. career change employees teach and learn from their first day and often without any sort of supervision they've often not completed any sort of internship and some
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don't have any other teaching experience so they need support from colleagues at the school or. the career changers are being hired to fill the huge number of positions and. like any other german state many more children in the capital are currently entering the school system them were predicted so many in fact that this year more than half of all primary school teachers hired to cover the shortfall don't have to grease an education. we asked the press secretary from the responsible department how planning could go so wrong . foot you would have had to have started the. says ten years ago with the universities to now have those teachers in the school. and why did that not happen that's now you'd have to ask those responsible at the time you could say at the time we didn't anticipate what was coming in terms of population growth. that
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growth helped sabina pender who originally studied music to land a job as a teacher three years ago she's also a career changer but i like my job really and every day a bit more because now after three years i have the feeling that it's working as noise unlike those who have studied teaching the former piano teacher was thrown in at the deep end from the first day as it is and that it would be a different thing if i could be in a class for half a year with the class teacher by my side to give me feedback and support when i needed it. because when you have to stand completely alone in front of a third fourth or fifth or sixth grade class and it's like ok time to teach math you can imagine what it's like. i think it was absurd i found it completely absurd absolute compared to. berlin isn't the only state in
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germany to hire a career changer teachers across the country more than twenty thousand teaching staff are needed but we should come gone only has to complete an eighteen month training program before she'll be eligible for a permanent position and will be paid like a normal primary school teacher but without career changers like her the school system across germany would eventually break down. i think like being thrown in at the deep end which was the case when i got to germany i was long time ago but it took years to understand the germans and their culture besides learning the language the school system is a little different too. there are around eight point four million students in germany attending a total of thirty three thousand five hundred schools foreigners are often surprised to learn that the german federal government doesn't regulate the school system it's up to education ministers in the country's individual states to set the curriculum and hire staff this complicates the enforcement of uniform guidelines
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nevertheless common standards do exist all children must attend four years of primary school after that students enter high schools or secondary schools after attending a secondary school for six years they can opt for vocational training this is organized into a dual system that includes both practical work at a company and theoretical study in a vocational school students who want to attend a university have to finish eight years of the high school completing a full twelve years of school in all germany spends about one hundred thirty billion euros a year on education this may sound like a lot but the figure puts germany in the bottom third of all o.e.c.d. countries it represents only four point three percent of the country's g.d.p. by comparison portugal spends five point eight percent and norway spend six point one percent.
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hunt is a leading expert on education with such a germany he'd like to see a transformation of the school system but says it has to come down to the schools all from the schools themselves why first of all can't jump in and get the system right. oh that is a difficult question to answer actually began it's a kind a question of a tradition that we have a federal state with sixteen education ministries so that the alignment between all these different actors is very difficult why doesn't germany leave it up to the german government then why does it leave it up to the states this is a constitutional question actually so in the german constitution this is put down that the lender the federal states are responsible for all education. what needs to change that the constitution the constitution that says i won't go that far i would go that far it's more a question how we change the actual classroom situations the quality of teacher
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education the quality of teaching in schools so you might know from the research from australia actually from john heavy it what counts is the teacher personality and the teacher professional you've also said that the director the school director is all in or the school director is the actor in the whole system that has to align what's coming from outside tissue and what's going on inside schools that means in the classrooms so the modern school leader is someone who has to be instructional that he has or she has the classroom in mind and also be distributive in his way of leading and guiding his colleagues it sounds more like a typical c.e.o. yes actually part of the work of school leader is a c.e.o. word but the payment isn't sometimes germany. should germany be doing more to
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shake up the system. definitely yes it should be more innovative in the way that it gives more opportunities and room for those schools who actually do completely different things than the usual schools like to do and to foster and to give reduced resources to these kinds of pilot projects resources may means money time and also a positive everly ation of the job of teachers in itself ok back to you in a moment hunt first of all we like to go to a vocational school that is getting a bright the elizabeth is obituary in the city of hama and it was given top boxes germany's twenty seven thousand school of the year we wanted to know its recipe for success. we're starting in two minutes get the meatballs ready sauce and meatballs they will be in the kitchen classroom practice sessions with a former chef the students here have
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a secondary school education and this is where they experience the practical side of their future profession are the potato croquettes getting some color not really enough yet but the guests will arrive any minute. the future cooks have a lot left to do tonight they also have concrete plans for the future. i want to take over the family business and i'd like to work in a hotel i've always wanted to buy for a month if you have a desire to learn you can learn it all here. but first they have to get the food on the table students teachers even the director all eat at the school canteen it provides a daily opportunity to practice and not just balancing plates it's also about interacting with guests can i get you some water over one of our coffee specialties . almost two thousand students from more than thirty countries are learning a profession here the elizabeth said but school in the german town of hamann is one
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of the best in the country. it received a prestigious prize this year. one reason for its success systematic quality tests but also we look at the numbers in terms of who graduated how happy they were with their experience how satisfied the teaches ah and with these results we've collected we can see which projects and goals we want to have we implement those plans and then we evaluate them over a couple of years to see if we achieve the goals will not if the plans have had the desired effect they go into the lineup. and how many gets in the new to become part of the line up means to be taken up in the school system like independent work . the students are given specific tasks and deadlines but where in the school building they. perform them and whether alone or in a group is up to them. the teachers are mentors and counselors there are grades and reports of course but for teachers as well as students. ones
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just as the teachers evaluate us we evaluate them for example in terms of how they structure the lessons and you get the chance to off a suggestion like i noticed how often she says and maybe made her aware of it and basically it's the same thing teachers do when they judge our presentations some conceives lines of an awful lot of. the teachers say they're grateful for the feedback and that it actually makes their work easier. if i have a problem with the class because for example i come too late for a lesson all the grading system is unclear or it's not clear what the lesson is about then there's a problem with the relationship then you can try to teach them all day long but it won't work they want to absorb anything don't come from. a focused learning environment and practical exercises are key especially when it comes to professions
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that demand a lot of interaction specialist knowledge is just one aspect of the training equally important is putting yourself in someone else's shoes. back to the custer on a me students it's the end of the day feedback time on a scale of one to ten how do they rate their own performance. i give myself a nine because i did what i was supposed to do and helped out a lot. give myself seven points because i was a little too loud but aside from that i did ask if anyone needed help and so on. time to clean the kitchen and have a laugh at the end of the day. and some of the school is perfect it's certainly a lot of fun here that's. just the way a school should be. then enjoy your evening oh yeah.
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yeah yeah yeah. so apart from having fun what can we learn from that example so what we can learn is that many vocational schools in germany half now entered a line where they perfectly combine elements of practice enough theory in learning for their pupils do you see this elsewhere in the world. we see that in a lot of countries actually so the vocational system is thought to be very good in germany compared to other countries but we see that in the general school system also in the south east asian countries a lot more than we do see that here in germany but what about china you've also been there shanghai for example shanghai is very interesting it's very in fissioned in terms of what students learn the chief meant is very high but at the same time it's very scary to me to see how it works on a very very tight schedule
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a very tight way of teaching but what's scary about it the class size is on average like forty five to fifty students in the class and that only works embedded in the culture where discipline is one of the amazed valued things ok what about when it comes to spending what should germany be spending a lot more on education i would say definitely yes it's not they had a c. a for everything in the quality aspect but it's more talking about how important education is for a country like germany and compared to what actually is spent on that and a topic we'll get to in a moment why aren't there more german women studying something like engineering in a country like germany i think that has a lot to do with this self concept that is kind of implemented during the first school years so we know that women or. girls of better in
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science but they feel that they were not as good as boys are so it's more a psychological reason thank you very much for coming in today thank you for having me. well germany is known for its engineering prowess why then do so if you women here study engineering don't use christine of course as i did to find out what's causing the under-representation and the consequences of not dealing with this deficit i can't believe it hardly any women study engineering science he said your money universities things like information technology for instance. time and again i hear talk about more women wanting to work in ninety. yet only one in four sitting here is a woman why is that do we have to reprogram society girls have been for her and boys wearing things for a while now. but when it comes to studying the professions they still live in
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different worlds. professor yanez egoless is trying to tell us that i do to women only. why are women not interested in one thousand pounds and women are interested they just don't know it yet they deal with it every day but they don't realize it's i tane when they use their cell phone when they use a ticket machine when they drive a car how do you bring women to study id you know that we attract them by saying that we start at zero other subjects do that too but it has more credibility in an environment where only women is studying and it lowers the inhibitions that students have when they think there are prerequisites for studying i-t.
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them on our second slogan is please ask questions we encourage our female students to question everything and it works the atmosphere is much more interactive than in our coed study programs as students aren't as afraid to ask questions as the man told him if women don't get into programming we won't be able to shape the world what effect would that have done it a matter that would be drastic because our lives are governed more and more by id there will be hardly any areas in it where i t. doesn't play a role when women help develop it they have more of a stake in it and they are more qualified for the professions that will be left if women don't help shape their shutting themselves out i questioned on van hollen doesn't maclagan done few things if he thought about you know. i think so few women are the civil engineering and i t they think it's not their world i want to live in a world in which women develop the knowledge is in which women also have their future.
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christine of course there to a nation sandwiched between its powerful neighbors china and russia a huge expanse of a country with so few people mongolia home to on the three million many of them nomads half the population lives in the capital with. so many young people leave for abroad after studying never to return there are exceptions of course german entrepreneur if each off day it's never found one for us. from traditional nomads to urban rappers the pace of globalization has faster in mongolia than just about anywhere else in the world eight thousand kilometers separate hamburg from. for food you off that's not their worlds apart and.
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i want to better understand how the world works in different places to see what's different than in germany and how people in other countries succeed in. the german entrepreneur has taken a year off to meet business people in other countries people like. she started mongolia's first organic cosmetics business. so the mongolian market is probably not so. yes. we need to go. we have to in order to be sustainable in the long term so that was kind of no question for you like. the vision was from the start to create a brand and a product that can be acknowledged and recognized anywhere in the world. getting to that point has been a struggle. started out making soap and her parents' kitchen learning by doing she
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built up her company very gradually today she has over fifty employees most are women training and promoting women is part of her mission. it's a natural so one so the cure for. it's almost like. ok so. we don't want to be. overnight success that eventually faded away and disappeared once you have a team your and your dream of all these bubbly sky cloud things turn into reality because then you have to think about how to keep your salary constant and how to always every month give your salary because you know that people depend on you and you know that these people have had families. so i think.
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it's hard for startups to gain trust among potential employees and financer is alike in a country that's traditionally relied on the mining industry would never have been given a bank loan without her parents' support her company wouldn't have survived. it's a chance to find co-founders who want to do the same thing you're doing and there still aren't very many of these people. that's also the impression i got here. and you have to. the country has three million inhabitants and half of them live here. that means you have one really big city and a huge country where a few people actually live you need to build something here that quickly functions in another market. something you can quickly expands. the few startup founders in the country tend to concentrate on international
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markets many ambitious young mongolians move away. studied in germany and the us. haven't lived here for twenty years but there's always something that they draw . and i think the country has just this magical special energy that kind of pulls you back. when she came back to mongolia she had trouble coping with the small and pollution she developed a skin rash and started looking for cosmetic products that were chemical free. studied international energy management she worked on the construction of mongolia's first wind turbine. park. so you've
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been studying being abroad gaining lots of experience in this sector here. why did you kind of. going through a complete different direction course medics the main thing that i started thinking is what is my internal driving force and my driving force was. really to use everything i've learned with all the experience with living abroad with even this sector because i think our going to renewable energy is the same it's the same and it's just a different means because it's using natural forces it's using what nature gives us and putting it in the most efficient and effective way into an end product that serves the people. she's reminded of why she's made the decision she has every time she drives out to the step to meet her suppliers. loves the vast expanse of
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land rolling towards the horizon and the nomadic lives of the herds people. and. this is. this is me and they're saying that it's very dry this year. so that's why the. so that the area and generous. mongolia has made quite an impression. it's exciting to meet founders on my travels and to meet people like. they think in very similar ways. people come from very different cultural backgrounds but the way they solve problems is the same one that they're not easily thrown off course and they always keep trying to get ahead no matter where they come from i think that's
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terrific. the next stop on his journey couldn't be more different hong kong. travels in the detail he's here he's found his valley go to our website. with three.
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