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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 29, 2017 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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this is you tell me news coming to learn from but in a dramatic development at the war crimes tribunal for the former yugoslavia what the defendants drinks from a bottle and claims it's poison he just being told that his twenty year prison sentence had been upheld we get
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a live update also coming up north korea launches another test missile and the white house responds immediately. it is a situation that we know have. been to continental ballistic missile is thought to be north korea's most powerful to date capable of hitting the east coast of the in art of states. and also coming up tackling migration the european union and the african union get together to work out how to deal with the flow of refugees from africa to europe. hello i'm with such a warm welcome to you. they've been dramatic scenes at the u.n. war crimes tribunal for former yugoslavia a former bosnian croat military commander drank a liquid that he said was poison the man a slower than probably ak made the move just off the giant had rejected his appeal
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and confirmed his twenty year prison sentence the court has since said probably still alive and receiving treatment given and he was about to go to prison for what would probably be the rest of his life the judge confirmed to twenty year prison sentence and this i'm not a war criminal i oppose this conviction. stop. confusion at first and then an attempt to move on to other business responsible but as the judge was dealing with the next case calls from within the court. the convicted military chief said he had taken action i have taken poison gradually his claim is repeated. the potential
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gravity of the situation sinks in and court officials move to halt the proceedings and take him for medical attention. ok. we suspend the. place the curtains and for the very latest on this breaking news story i'm joined by our correspondent i'm artis unprecedented scenes at the end the court there what do we know why there is a slobodan probably now. that's a good question there is footage where we see an ambulance escorted by police vehicles leaving the tribunal in the hague and it's suspected that he was in that ambulance there's also talk on social media of a helicopter leaving we don't know what his current health situation is we don't know exactly where he is and we don't know how that liquid that may have
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been poisoned actually came in the room in the lot of questions here on the table is there any confirmation of any sort that that liquid was poison and kill it's really hard to say what i can say is that out or a gs in the hague are treating this very seriously in the twenty four years that this court has been operational they say they've seen all go all sorts of things from the defendants everything from a defendant going to the toilet and then claiming that he has low blood pressure to actually one of the defendants in two thousand and six who committed suicide while in detention and is it no wonder why someone on trial took this step in the court no not that i have any information regarding that aspect but the hearing has been suspended was only suspended briefly the sentence is now upheld and from what i was already have told me there's there i don't see
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a reason why it should be repeated and so indeed it looks that after twenty four years at work in this this tribunal this was indeed the last case of the last day of work for for this tribunal that government is in dresses thank you very much. u.s. president don trump says he will handle the latest ballistic missile test by north korea china has voiced his grave concern and called for talks to resolve the issue pyongyang claims its latest test launch is a new type of missile and some x. experts believe the to be capable of hitting any city in the united states here's more. north korea triumphantly claims it has become a global nuclear power after a lot of over two months it has fired another intercontinental ballistic missile this one flew much higher than previous ones before landing in the sea of japan.
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state media announced the news in a special broadcast it said the launch was a complete success and that the new missile represented a giant leap forward. here on young frames this brings the whole u.s. mainland within its reach a direct challenge to president on the tramp but this time his reaction was more muted than before after meeting with his secretary of defense trump refrained this time from issuing threats. you know what we tell you that will take care of it when you have joe most in the room with us and when all this question although. it is a situation that we will handle. north korea's immediate neighbor was less restrained within minutes south korea responded by firing missiles into the sea to demonstrate its ability to strike pyongyang's launch sites the south korean president said the
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international community had no choice but to continue applying pressure and sanctions against the north. and this action does not only increase tension on the korean peninsula but gravely interchanges international peace and security we strongly condemn north korea's reckless behavior. seoul has warned the situation could spiral out of control the united nations security council will hold an emergency meeting to discuss the situation meanwhile here in germany the government has strongly condemned this latest ballistic missile launch by north korea foreign minister sigma gabriele says he intends to summon it some bastard in berlin for talks in a statement he said in the name of the german government i condemn this ballistic missile test by north korea in the strongest terms it represents another breach of international law the reckless behavior of north korea is
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a great danger to international security the wives of germany's foreign minister this is a look at some other stories making news around the world bali's international airport has reopened after winter bill way ash and smoke spewed out by the volcano flights had been cancelled amid concerns the cloud pose a threat to flight safety it had left tens of thousands of travelers stranded on the indonesian resort island. pope francis has called on me in mass top buddhist monks to conquer prejudice in a carefully worded appeal amid the country's persecution of the most muslim. earlier he held his first public mass in front of a crowd of one hundred and fifty thousand in young gone ethnic minorities to resist taking revenge for the suffering that they had endured. bolivia's top court has struck down constitutional limits on reelection paving the way for president evo
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morales to run for a fourth term the leftist leader took power in two thousand and six and has overseen an economic boom that lifted millions out of poverty but his popularity has dropped amid corruption allegations more than eighty african and european leaders are meeting in ivory coast to in a bitch to promote stability and create more jobs for africa's young and growing population the today's summit opens today as the european union places greater emphasis on its ties to africa largely because of unprecedented levels of migration some estimate that almost two million people are heading for europe in search of safety and a better life for the refugees and migrants come from all over africa they are fleeing war persecution as well as hunger there we often leads them to libya first and from there they hope to cross into europe more than one hundred thousand africans arrived on the shores of the e.u.
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this year alone the block is hoping to reach agreements with the countries of origin to take back the people who made it to europe but were not granted asylum. because on mark's hoffman joins me now from john in the ivory coast he's covering that summit for us welcome max so what is the main aim of the summit from the european perspective is it to stem the flow of refugees coming into europe or are they genuinely interested in the future of africa and improving the lives of the people living there through investments and so on. it's hard to separate those issues nowadays because as many people here would also acknowledge on the european side the migration crisis was the wake up call that got everybody interested in africa again and put it on the top of the us gender is one of the main reasons why we're having this summit here right now in abidjan but with this also came the
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realization that you need to invest in africa that it's important to get the economy is here going to give people a perspective especially the young people you just mentioned and with the demographical situation the way it is meaning that probably the population in africa will cross drupal until two thousand one hundred this is more urgent than ever so that's the focus mainly of the germans by the way try to find out what can they do to get the economies in that african countries really up to speed and that's that was an outrage after the recent reports of a so what slave trade among refugees and migrants in libya what can we expect from the leaders there to deal with this issue. this is really on top of the informal it gender because it wasn't on the official agenda but the africans really wanted to talk about that they were very emotional about it understandably so and german chancellor said she was appalled by what had happened and she understood completely the african side on this this was
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a crime against humanity that's what the french president mccall said but now the question of course is what can the europeans do against that and you know behind closed doors some diplomats told us this is actually a chapter seven united nations case meaning chapter seven would enable the u.n. to go in with military force and establish a humanitarian corridor but i'm afraid i'm reading we're very far away from something like that how many of the africans actually are there looking not for more aid but they're looking for more trade and fair trade get me expectable that partnership to evolve at the summit between the european union and the african union do you think. that's something many n.g.o.s and by the way also many economic experts have been asking for now for decades open up the free trade market let african goods come to europe and not only european goods come to africa because the african countries are dependent on that course europeans are making good money with that but it's not really helping the african economies it's hard to say how far
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along they are everybody knows this is probably something that needs to be done but it seems like we're pretty far away from it actually happening at the moment myself on the john in ivory coast thank you very much for that. tuesday marked the first anniversary of the at plane crash that claimed the lives of the entire topic lanes a soccer team on a flight to colombia seventy seven people only six of i nine hundred players and staff were killed the brazilian team was ordered to play its first ever south american tournament final but its plane crashed a memorial was held in colombia to honor the victims. are now. the memorial ceremony in colombia began with the playing of taps a traditional call performed at funerals flowers replaced at the site as well one year ago the lumia airlines flight the players were on ran out of fuel but was
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instructed to wait to land and ultimately crashed into a hillside near met i.e. the airline subsequently lost its fly license due to the pilot skipping a refueling stop the president of the team shoppach a window was supposed to play in the final added a handwritten letter to a time capsule commemorating the tragedy that has deeply affected both nations. when we have love you nothing and affection and a very close relationship with their chap eco friends friends who were always very close to. a plaque dedicated to the victims and survivors of that ill fated flight was unveiled to the ceremony. finally from me mongolian sumo grand champion her room recently assorted a friend who risked a while out at
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a restaurant in japan has decided to retire from the sport following the incident the pellets related made his announcement at a press conference stating he felt the need to take responsibility as a grand champion for hurting a junior wrestler which had resulted in a head fracture he also apologized to so many fans everywhere four g. has won nine grand tournament's in a one. year watching the news coming to you live from but instead with us this is coming up with ben shortly. your children like.


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