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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 29, 2017 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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it's. invisible hands. slavery in the twenty first century. starting december second on d w. this is d w news live from berlin a convicted war criminal turns a court room into a crime scene at the united nations tribunals for the former yugoslavia a former bosnian croat general died today after drinking poison just as the judges
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were dismissing his appeal to a twenty year prison sentence also coming up. it is a situation that we will handle u.s. president donald trump threatens north korea with new sanctions that's after young yang tests what it says is its most powerful weapon yet a missile that some say is capable of reaching the east coast of the united states and preventing residents from becoming refugees as the european union and the african union meet in ivory coast to discuss ways of dealing with migration from africa into europe. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us a former bosnian croat military chief has died after apparently swallowing coy's during a. at the un's tribunals for the former yugoslavia slobodan. drank the
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contents of a small bottle seconds after the court upheld his twenty year prison sentence for war crimes in crimes against humanity. slobodan palliate was about to go to prison for what would probably be the rest of his life the judge confirms a twenty year prison sentence and then this. i'm not a war criminal i oppose this conviction stop place. confusion at first and as the judge moves on to the next case calls come from within the court i have taken point. to ok. we suspend the. weezer spent pleas to
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curtains later it became clear that died from the effects of the. no where was the war crimes tribunal more closely followed than the town of must divided during the war years and best known for its destroyed and now rebuilt starry bridge one prominent pro at war veteran had this to say about the tribunals and projects suicide. would do the same it would be hard to serve time in prison while people are mocking you. this verdict will not lead to reconciliation in bosnia and herzegovina as for the hague court it should be accused of being a joint criminal enterprise itself. others held in camps during the war saw some justice in the verdicts. you know they did those things it's bad that they were sentenced for a war crime. but. what all of us who had been in camps expected at least the
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confirmation that this was a criminal enterprise. the tribunals may have finished its work but reconciliation is clearly still some way away over more now we pull in a bag of it from me and. going to need to use today the prime minister of croatia called the rulings at the u.n. war crimes tribunal unjust and unfair why. hi good evening yes exactly creation prime minister and they playing quidditch so they held a press conference for the reporters and said that this verdict was just another thing that wasn't true and that was actually the moral thing from the court to be done that it was the fully moral injustice for all six of the six of them actually the reason why. it is really hard
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to explain because i actually think that this verdict is stunning something about also responsibility of the craig inside. concert during the ninety's and that's why it is really hard to to to accept sometimes the responsibility and the truth from the international court as as i see you why yeah this is an interesting point because that's what the man today who drank poison that is what he was alleging as well saying that he was that he had nothing to do with balls of the crimes i mean when you look at these differences what do they mean for any chance of reconciliation more than two decades after the war ended. well. it doesn't mean anything good i think because in bosnia. people are
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still in some kind of division everything is i think really divided and people are divided on the serbs croats and the boss the x. therefore there for example no bostonians and also the last verdict about that outcome ladder which he also couldn't accept the verdict he also said he was yelling you are lying i'm not the crack criminal and and and so on so it is really hard for them to accept the truth or accept the verdict. i think this will be only a bad thing for the relationship between the ethnic groups in. boston her sick as it can be really bad for the relationship also between the countries of croatia bosnia and serbia for example reactions are really bad and not only for because of the prime minister said it but when something like that comes
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from the prime minister when he said that this was morally in justice for the six for this six were criminals then it is really hard for the common people to understand it and to leave to live their their lives in peace all right. so liberal. service i thank you very much thank you. well u.s. president says that the united states will quote handle the latest bogus to missile test by north korea china has voiced grave concern in called for talks to resolve the issue yang claims that its latest test launches a new type of missile some experts believe it's capable of crossing the u.s. mainland and reaching the east coast including washington d.c.
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. north korea to right am finitely claims it has become a global nuclear power after a lot of over two months it has fired another intercontinental ballistic missile this one flew much higher than previous ones before landing in the sea of japan. so let me state media announced the news in a special broadcast it said the launch was a complete success and that the new messiah represented a giant leap forward so i don't know that. here on young things this brings the whole u.s. mainland within its reach a direct challenge to president on the tramp but this time his reaction was more muted than before after meeting with his secretary of defense trump refrained time from issuing threats. you know what we tell you that will take care of it we
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have general most of them with us and i'm going to want a discussion about it. it is a situation that we will handle. north korea's immediate neighbor was less restrained within minutes south korea responded by firing missiles into the sea to demonstrate its ability to strike pyongyang's launch sites the south korean president said the international community had no choice but to continue applying pressure and sanctions against the north. you know. just action does not only increase tension on the korean peninsula but gravely into angels international peace and security and we strongly condemn north korea's reckless behavior from you . sold has warned the situation could spiral out of control the united nations security council will hold an emergency meeting to discuss the situation. and for more on the implications of this latest missile tests we want to pull in
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lisa collins in washington d.c. she's a fellow with the korea chair at the center for strategic and international studies it's good to have you on the show a lot of people are saying ok another missile test isn't it time for the international community to accept the north korea is a nuclear weapon state and trying to co-exist peacefully. so there are experts who do argue that we should do exactly that acknowledge north korea is a nuclear weapons state and then deal with the situation and then there are other experts who disagree with that and believe that if we allow that to happen north korea's nuclear weapons state it would do great damage to the nonproliferation treaty regime and it would also give other countries around the room and a reason an excuse to develop their own weapons so there are these arguments out there on both sides ok you know there's a lot of criticism out there there are calls for more action which means more
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sanctions. get more severe against north korea i think they can one of the best things that we can do with regard to sanctions is better implementation there's always an argument that china needs to do better with implementing some of the things that have already been passed through the united nations security council and so i think we should follow up on that and there's also secondary sanctions that the united states has been ramping up in recent months i think the trump administration has even announced that there will be some more sanctions probably coming down the line today and so i think more pressure in regards to financial institutions in china and other countries that are facilitating north korea's money laundering and illegal activities are probably what will be targeted next and begs the question you know why haven't these
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sanctions been instituted early you're. and what will it take to make kim jong un take notice and care. well i think there are a number of reasons with regard to the multilateral sanctions that go through the united nations security council there are a number reasons why they may not have been as strong in the past and that has a lot to do with china and russia's influence in the voting in the security council and then with regard to you know lateral sanctions on the part of the united states i think in previous administrations the obama administration had really wanted to work with china more closely and was afraid of north korea and saying since taking a toll on the u.s. china relationship and so they have held back on some of the secondary sanctions but we see the trumpet ministration really getting rid of that hesitation liza collins with the center for strategic and international studies joining us tonight
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lisa thank you very much. well leaders from across europe in africa have pledged to do more to tackle illegal migration amid an international outcry over migrant slave markets in libya and germany's chancellor angela merkel and some eighty other european and african leaders are taking part in a two day summit in ivory coast tackling the root causes of migration is a top priority as is promoting stability and more jobs for africa's young people and the rapidly growing population. well corresponding next hoffman is after some joins us now from ivory coast good evening to you max why is europe suddenly so interested in africa's young people. you just said it brant because the population is rapidly rising it's the population
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with the youngest of the continent with the youngest population but at the same time the continent with the. highest rate of youth unemployment and this is only going to get worse if the economies there don't start lifting their fair share so the europeans know that at the same time they have the migration crisis on their hands and so the thinking is if they don't do anything about the situation help the africans do something about the situation then the migration crisis is just going to get worse so that's the simple explanation for why the european union they'll suddenly seems to care about the youth of africa and briefly max we run out of time aren't european leaders though really are they just more interested in keeping refugees and legal migrants out of europe. they are in the short term interested in that but they know and many have said that including the german chancellor i get a macro that they won't be able to do that if they don't help the african countries
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to get up to speed with their economies because as long as people here or in some african countries at least look for that into the north to europe for their future then the migration crisis is only going to get worse on our max hoffman tonight at that summit in ivory coast max thank you very much. you're watching the news live from berlin on the deck at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day i hope to see of that. does not germany is a strong country. and we have achieved so much we can do this and if something hinders us we must overcome it in the.


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