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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  November 30, 2017 3:02am-3:31am CET

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hidden in cement from turkey. today a convicted bosnian war criminal stood before you and judges at the hague hoping for a reduction of his twenty year prison sentence his appeal was dismissed what happened next left the court stunned and the seventy two year old defendant dead if they were seated. i'm not a war criminal i oppose this conviction i still believe in war. i bring in berlin also coming up i hope or high and alterman plan to bring peace to the middle east donald trump says he'll do what no other u.s. president ever could tonight i'll ask the president of the american jewish congress
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if he's buying what trump is trying to sell. or we begin the day with an apparent suicide that took place inside a courtroom today at the hague judges at the u.n. war crimes tribunal for the former yugoslavia had begun delivering their ruling a dismissal of an appeal filed by the convicted bosnian war criminal slobodan pro york suddenly the seventy two year old shell that i am not a war criminal and that he raised a small bottle to his lips and swallowed what he said was poison after several moments of stunned silence court was adjourned and the defendant escorted to an ambulance he later died at the hospital. borden was about to go to prison for what would probably be the rest of his life the judge confirms a twenty year prison sentence and then this. i'm not
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a war criminal i oppose this conviction stop police. confusion at first and as the judge moves on to the next case calls come from within the court i have taken point. to ok. we suspend the. spent pleas to curtains later it became clear that died from the effects of the poison. no where was the war crimes tribunal more closely followed than the town of muster divided during the war years and best known for its destroyed and now rebuilt stari bridge one prominent pro at war veteran had this to say about the tribunals and projects suicide but as. we do the same it would be hard to serve time in prison while
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people are mocking you. this verdict will not lead to reconciliation in bosnia and herzegovina as for the hague court it should be accused of being a joint criminal enterprise itself. others held in camps during the war saw some justice in the verdicts. they did those things it's bad that they were sentenced for a war crime. but. what all of us who had been in camps expected at least the confirmation that this was a criminal enterprise. the tribunal may have finished its work but reconciliation is clearly still some way away. for more on that now we want to go across to sell the big a village from a bosnian serb resigned it's good to see you today croatia's prime minister called the rulings at the u.n. war crimes tribunal and just an unfounded why yes
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well creation prime minister and a playing quidditch held a press conference today and told a reporter this that actually what the product did which was a suicide was a symbol of the deep moral injustice for the six both me and croats that was a deed which symbolizes how deeply he was convinced that the thing that he did was the actual right thing for the boston and croats he said actually by this final verdict i c t y also confirmed that crazy show was involved in the conflict of the boston has to go you know during the ninety's and this can bring a lot of consequences for their relationship from the end of boston had to go into as it with ross a massive responsibility and guilt as a country for the war crimes in bosnia and herzegovina and that can be actually
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a reason why the prime minister. stated this today you know i don't see this this speaks to the fact that there remains a lack of clarity when we're talking about culpability in in the war and what does this mean then for any chance of reconciliation you know today i mean we're talking about something that happened more than twenty years ago. well yes actually it happened more than twenty years ago and this verdict or this reaction on the verdict doesn't tell any good for the reconsolidation in boston and i suppose you know and the whole region i have to say i think all the writings are still rooted in the society especially in boston has to go you know people are still ethnically divided into croats serbs and bosniaks and there are still divided schools where pupils from the same class are learning different history depending on from
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which ethnic group are they coming from at the same time a lot of citizens are leaving the country they're not is not employed and this can only versed in the situation in the whole region for example inmarsat which is the biggest which is the biggest city in the boston area they're already officially morning mr prout yak which tells that also in bosnia and croats stare not they're not expecting today's verdict. or north korea has heralded its latest ballistic missile launch as evidence of its ability to deliver a nuclear weapon anywhere in the us president double drunk responded by saying that his country will quote take care of this well that means probably more sanctions north korea says yesterdays are you c b is the first capable of reaching all of the
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u.s. mainland including the east coast and washington d.c. . north korea terrarium fitly claims it has become a global nuclear power after a lot of over two months it has fired another intercontinental ballistic missile this one flew much higher than previous ones before landing in the sea of japan. state media announced the news in a special broadcast it said the launch was a complete success and that the new missile represented a giant leap forward. and well pyongyang fames this brings the whole u.s. mainland within its reach a direct challenge to president donald trump but this time his reaction was more muted than before after meeting with his secretary of defense trump refrain this time from issuing threats but i won't tell you that will take care of it
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when you have general most of them with us and a lot of this question of it. it is a situation that we will handle. north korea's immediate neighbor was less restrained within minutes south korea responded by firing missiles into the sea to demonstrate its ability to strike pyongyang's launch sites the south korean president said the international community had no choice but to continue applying pressure and sanctions against the north. just action does not only increase tension on the korean peninsula but gravely interchanges international peace and security we strongly condemn north korea's reckless behavior. seoul has warned the situation could spiral out of control the united nations security council will hold an emergency meeting to discuss the situation. and for
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more on the implications of this latest missile tests we want to pull in lisa collins in washington d.c. she's a fellow with the korea chair at the center for strategic and international studies it's good to have your on this show a lot of people are saying ok another missile test isn't it time for the international community to accept the north korea is a nuclear weapon state and trying to coexist peacefully. so there are experts who do argue that we should do exactly that acknowledgment korea's nuclear weapons state and then deal with the situation and then there are other experts who disagree with that and believe that if we allow that to happen at knowledge north korea's nuclear weapons state it would do great damage to the nonproliferation treaty regime and it would also give other countries around the room and a reason an excuse to develop their own weapons so there are these arguments out there on both sides ok you know there's
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a lot of criticism out there there are calls for more action which means a more sane sions can sink sions get more severe against north korea. i think they can one of the best things that we can do with regard to sanctions is better implementation there's always an argument that china needs to do better with implementing some of the things that have already been passed through the united nations security council and so i think we should follow up on that and there's also secondary sanctions that the united states has been ramping up in recent months i think the trumpet ministration has even announced that there will be some more sanctions probably coming down the line today and so i think more pressure in regards to financial institutions in china and other countries that are facilitating north korea's money laundering and illegal activities are probably what will be targeted next and begs the question you know why haven't these
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sanctions been instituted early you're. and what will it take to make kim jong un take notice and care well i think there are a number of reasons with regard to the multilateral sanctions that go through the united nations security council there are a number reasons why they may not have been as strong in the past and that has a lot to do with china and russia's influence in the voting in the security council and then with regard to you know lateral sanctions on the part of the united states i think in previous administrations the obama administration had really wanted to work with china more closely and was afraid of north korea and saying since taking a toll on the u.s. china relationship and so they have held back on some of the secondary sanctions but we see the trumpet ministration really getting rid of that hesitation lisa call
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ins with the sort of for strategic and international studies joining us tonight lisa thank you very much. well the north korean nuclear threat is just one of the foreign policy crises u.s. president trump faces trump has promise not to allow pyongyang to progress further with its nuclear program see yesterday's latest i.c.b.m. watch near japan trump has also promised to end what he calls the mess in the middle east and from day one of his presidency he has boasted that he will do what no other u.s. president has been able to do so the israel palestine conflict. i would like to see a deal be made i think a deal will be made so i'm looking at two state and one state and i like the one that both parties like it's a complex subject always been considered the toughest deal of all we'll see if we can put it together. who knows stranger things have happened for true words
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there trump is expected to unveil what he calls the ultimate peace deal early next year a foreign policy to bet on or again still my next guest says that trump has proven to be a real friend to israel and he says the disruptive president may just deliver on his promises i'm happy to welcome to the day tonight jack rosen he is president of the american jewish congress he joins me tonight from new york mr rosen welcome to the show i'd like before we start talking foreign policy i'd like to get your reaction first to donald trump's read tweets from today the u.s. president reach we did some very disturbing videos posted by yet of france in the deputy leader of the u.k. far right group britain first theresa may number ten downing street quickly condemning the actions of mr trump saying that britain first is the end to this is
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a decency intolerance how does this sit with the american jewish congress well we are strong supporters of tolerance amongst all peoples in all religions and we think israel is a fairly good example of that arabs and jews and others live in peace and harmony there and it's not a perfect situation but it is a good example of how we tolerate each other. earlier this month you wrote in the jerusalem post that jews in the u.s. are disillusioned and that they want a stronger sign of a commitment to the mideast peace process i mean beyond trump's tweets and his rhetoric what has the u.s. president done to give them what they want. welly has been keeping up his commitments during the campaign to be
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a strong supporter of israel which i think the jewish community strongly believes he's done he's taken action against iran certifying the iran deal as he committed to during this campaign. there's been continued strong rhetoric there's been strong action in the united nations i think he's into you know the first year of his term is a president that rhetoric now needs to turn into action. and introduce you know solutions and i think there's you know time you have to give some time to see how that comes out it's course up to the palestinian israelis as well as it is to america to bring the parties together i want to pick up on the iran nuclear deal you also wrote that the u.s. president's rejection of that deal has been displaying
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displays moral courage now the allies of the united states who spent many years negotiating that deal they would disagree with you how do you square that circle mr rosen you've got germany france the u.k. looking at the us and saying what is trump doing. well i respect the views of european countries and we america and america have our own point of view on that deal i personally in support of an iran deal during the obama administration when i finally learned that in fifteen years rand could go nuclear i sat back and we as an organization decided that you know at a moment when you had iran in a weak position that was not
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a time to sit back and turn the problem of the iranian nuclear nation over to our children. so i think the sunset clause is a serious problem and you know the deal could be improved on so we can make sure that iran can't just push a couple of buttons and become a nuclear threat to the world and mr rose is that what you would want to see the u.s. president do would you like to see him improve the deal or would you like to see him you know decertify and pull out. i'd like to see them prove the deal look the problem in iran is this is the leadership in iran it's not the iranian people there's been a long history in tradition with with iranians and then americans. being at peace with each other and even the jewish community in the arabian community have had a long history of living together. you know and getting along together so an
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improvement of that deal should allow for some more time to you know change the leadership over the whole of the you know the long run i mean do you believe that's possible. well i think history says that you know these kinds of you know dictatorships and leadership that cause terror and harm in the world. do do and at some point we've seen the fall of the soviet union and in other such situations we see no reason why at some point the iranian people can become a democratic nation and choose more reasonable leadership. and ask you a little bit about what we're seeing going on in the middle east particularly with israel's neighbors there's all want of writing a lot of chatter right now about a cozying up if you will between israel and saudi arabia particularly against iran what does the jewish community in the united states how
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do american jews view this very unlikely alliance that some people say is for me. i think most of us for some time now we've. been advocating for regional solution we've been proponents of the american government getting the gulf states especially and other neighbors of israel. to put pressure on the palestinians so we think it's a very positive move it's it certainly is a moment in time that we should take advantage of. the arab countries surrounding israel and israel have now have a common m. an enemy of our enemies i should say around isis. and as hamas and others and so this is a time where they can come together and and work together to find a peaceful solution to the palestinian problem so what are you saying that israel
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and saudi arabia aren't our allies i mean you know there aren't even any flights between riyadh in tel aviv for example. i'm not saying they're their allies i think they have a common interest common interest often brings together the you know the same goals in this case the goal is to stop iran's nuclear development and their support of terrorism that's an important common goal whether you call them allies or not. i think you know that that certainly trumps if i can use that word the other differences that they have today. and i just came back from saudi arabia you know to our yeah then. i found you know i've been traveling to that region for a while and i'm finding some significant differences of attitude. you know among saudis and atari's i think they're looking for ways to open up dialogue
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open up trade they're working together you know quietly on. an intelligence and other military type of issues so i think there's a there's a real sea change going on and it's up to you know america and the european countries to support that and try to find more common ground to bring the parties together and i think will you know if trump is to succeed in bringing peace to the middle east and i may throw in maybe get a nobel peace prize at the end of this for bringing that peace i think it'll take a concerted effort to put some pressure on him and bring the you know the arab countries along in creating a dialogue with the israelis and putting pressure on the palestinians for peace before we let me ask you do you think the president is doing the right thing by not
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committing to the two state solution between israel and palestine. i think everybody is committed to the two state solution including the prime minister of israel but from has not. said it and not sure that he well i don't he he made a statement i don't know that he's repeated that statement i think it's a it's a given that everybody supports a two state solution nice shouldn't say all people but certainly the leadership in the government. all right jack rosen president of the american jewish congress joining us tonight from new york always good talking with you mr rosen appreciate your time tonight thank you. well how do we ensure residents student one day become refugees that is at the core of a summit taking place in ivory coast more than eighty african and european leaders
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are meeting to tackle the root causes of migration which include high youth unemployment add to that the horrors of modern day slavery in libya misery and death on the path to europe are becoming the main reasons that africans are giving up on their dream of a new life. was younger a date these two can spell the beginning of a new life initially rachel had wanted to try his luck in europe but halfway into his journey into his ear he gave up and returned home to ivory coast international organization for migration gave him a small amount of start up money for his chicken farm. jumping fish should be more of these initiatives to stop young people leaving africa that's his message to the heads of government reason just a few kilometers away most of us are not like to see them spending more money on young people there are so many unemployed young people many of them are highly
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qualified and have plans and ideas something has to change. the metaphor. the topic of migration is high on the agenda at the african and european union summit german chancellor angela merkel said the issue is tied to the fight against people trafficking. in recent weeks there have been shocking reports from libya detailing how african migrants have been sold as slaves. that the theme i would add is a highly emotional element to the issue so i think there is a common interest in stopping illegal migration and instead offering legal ways for people from africa to be educated and study in europe africa. humanitarian critics say there are far too few legal possibilities for migrants but most n.g.o.s are excluded from discussions at the summit an alternative summit for n.g.o.s was cancelled by the ivory coast security services without reason. khadijah
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khanate was one of the organizers she thinks the official summit is undemocratic. it implied it when they get it something like this is good for the governments but not for the people here i really don't think that they concerns will be heard at the summit. even these young artists are not allowed to cross the cordons they say the summit will do nothing to help them. young people will continue to try their luck elsewhere as long as those in power and africa continue to ignore them. is nearly done the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at u.w. news or write to me bring it off t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag in the day every member no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then about.
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germany's educational crisis. crumbling school buildings teaches in short supply and students dropping out of this state waited too long with new investments in education how did it come to such
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a pos and how can germany economic powerhouse catch up on its farm was. made sure thing. d.w. . because they are where they start to divide the country into needs where they start to divide the language of blood will flow difficult the collapse of the soviet union left its constituent nations on the road politically economically. rise and fall of moscow's in fire part two of our series. in forty five minutes on. your children like chocolate. you can't live without your smartphone.
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your tomatoes in the supermarket. as we go about our daily lives june writes fall from the last thing on one minds. invisible hands slavery in the twenty first century starting december second on d. w. . bush . europe's economic engine is a driver of jobs a germany has a reputation for quality.


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