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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 30, 2017 1:00pm-1:30pm CET

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a representative of the country's ruling zanu p.f. party with thirty five years of bloodshed and was on the economy didn't really exist what business do they have continuing to govern. in thirty minutes w. . welcome to quadriga. a look back there is music are you ready for this political humor visionary and she women's talk long t w love smart women. smart talks like that we broke the record on a smart station fancher the most in the next two books you'll find out just how this what about the. d w made for mines. sustainable protection for the earth ideas designed to preserve our ecosystems and they exist around the world. global ideas takes the next step
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us and whoever can control these feelings has great power over us to. algorithms instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth on t w. visited of the news coming to you live from berlin e.u. an african union leaders look at ways to come up migration with african migrants and refugees still taking dangerous routes to europe they've been debating proposals to improve the lives of young africans and how to stop abuse also coming
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up after north korea's latest myside launch a warning from the united states b. will destroy you if it comes to war kim jong un claims his nation is now a fully fledged nuclear power. and when friends forward out u.s. president dollar trump tells british prime minister to resign me to deal with a radical islamic terrorism in the united kingdom this off to me spokesman criticize a strong for retreating islamophobia videos. of the war welcome to you i'm. addressing the root causes of crises that create refugees and illegal migration from africa to europe that's the focus of a summit drawing to a close in the city of abidjan in ivory coast more than eighty african and european
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leaders were in attendance at the two day meeting i'll talk to a correspondent at the summit in just a moment but first this report. which younger date these two can spell the beginning of a new life and missionaries all had wanted to try his luck in europe but halfway into his journey into his ear he gave up and returned home to ivory coast the international organization for migration gave him a small amount of start up money for his chicken farm. shocking fish should be more of these initiatives to stop young people leaving africa that's his message to the heads of government reason just a few kilometers away. like to see them spending more money on young people there are so many unemployed young people many of them are highly qualified and have plans and ideas something has to change. the topic of migration is high on the agenda at the african and european union
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summit german chancellor angela merkel said the issue is tied to the fight against people trafficking. in recent weeks there have been shocking reports from libya detailing how african migrants have been sold as slaves. at the theme i know that in a highly emotional element to the issue so i think there is a common interest in stopping illegal migration and instead offering legal ways for people from africa to be educated and study in europe africa. humanitarian critics say there are far too few legal possibilities for migrants but most n.g.o.s are excluded from discussions at the summit an alternative summit for n.g.o.s was cancelled by the ivory coast security services without reason. khadija cornett was one of the organizers she thinks the official summit is undemocratic.
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even something like this is good for the governments but not for the people here i really don't think that they concerns will be heard at the summit. even these young artists are not allowed to cross the cordons they say the summit will do nothing to help them young people will continue to try their luck elsewhere as long as those in power in africa continue to ignore them. is covering that summit in the city of abidjan in the ivory coast and he joins me now from there now no lacks the issue of slave trade in refugees in libya has caused a huge amount of concern and a back to the cause for urgent action there what was said. there was an emergency meeting by the leaders on the topic called for by french president in monterrey mccall last night and it did you build some results according at least the french the plan is now to evacuate at least some of the migrants that are in
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these terrible camps in libya of course there are two problems with this first of all. not all the camps will grant access to whoever wants to go there because the situation in libya is complicated and although the official government has said we will help you do that some of those camps are not on the territory of the official government and then who is actually going to do that in one room i call talked about military personnel the germans denied that what they agreed on apparently though is to send those migrants into camps in the niger and child and to process their asylum requests going forward there so you can tell it's still very sketchy plan and lot of those details are still lacking at a fund that is wrapping up now max i mean what kind of proposals were discussed ahead africa's a young vibrant population. it looks like there won't be
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a whole lot of concrete things in the conclusions it's usually about money and the e.u. wants to try to help with what some of them at least call a marshall plan to generate about forty billion euros within the next used it that would involve also the private sector is stepping in which is not a given at the moment and then it also involves a good governance and of course a paddling for fighting corruption in africa something that the german chancellor stressed very much and so you need a lot of cooperation on both sides they will probably say that they're determined to do that but any concrete proposals or commitments so far we haven't seen any in the draft proposals that we see now max elfman homage and i because thank you very much for that. now the united states is war north korea's leaders that they will be utterly destroyed if tensions over the country's weapons program break out into war the still warning follows the test launch of tuesday on tuesday of north korea's
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most advanced intercontinental ballistic missile today. these are the first moving pictures of north korea's latest rocket test analysts say they show the missile is larger and more powerful than anything pyongyang has launched before that's the reason why after an unusually restrained response on twitter on wednesday u.s. presidents donald trump interrupted his own train of thoughts during a speech about tax reform with another part of the north korean leader we have tremendous support for this plan tremendous because these massive tax cuts will be rocket fuel. little rocket man rocket fuel for the american economy. is a sick puppy. but so far the insults aren't demeaning kim jong un's enthusiasm for
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missile tests he praised the launches impeccable their experts canst down on the regime's claims it could successfully fire a nuclear warhead still more strong u.s. rhetoric at an emergency meeting of the un security council a diplomatic solution is preferred a military one hasn't been ruled out if war does come it will be because of continued acts of aggression like we witnessed yesterday and if war comes make no mistake the north korean regime will be utterly destroyed. stuck in the middle east china the u.s. once beijing to use its economic leverage over its neighbor for example by cutting oil supplies to china says the u.s. should give up something to. college and such i know has put forward the suspension for suspension proposal and. namely the suspension by north korea of nuclear and missile activities and the suspension by the u.s.
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and south korea of large scale joint military exercises. a little also create they have managed to agree on some sanctions in this room what's clear is so far the having little effect. joining me now is jason strother he's covering the story falls from the south korean capital so the strong winds from the u.s. ambassador is there not in the united nations is so wide that these kind of threats could become to pitot but doc to have. been a concern of south korea's president moon j.n. ever since he took office back in may and just today his unification minister this is the official who is in charge of relations with north korea expressed concern that upcoming joint military exercises with the united states that are scheduled to take place around the time of the winter olympics in south korea could further cause tensions to rise so certainly the war of words is something that south korea
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feels that it's stuck in between and just undone the trunk has once again called on china to do or it can to isolate north korea but the relationship between the two allies is very close isnt it. it's always been described as close as lips and teeth of course that came back from when china pretty much rescued north korea during the korean war from the advancing american army relations aren't quite as close as they used to be of course china is north korea's biggest benefactor much of its oil supplies come from china but that doesn't mean that beijing is ready to turn off the tap so to speak a cell phone call to korea has been completely on detail by sanctions and the deal the outrage why right well you know this feed into north korea is world view actually i mean any resolution or sanctions at the u.n.
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security council just reinforces young's. ideology that it is alone in the world that hostile enemy nations are out to get it in particular the united states and it only causes the north korean regime to. make more inroads with its own people it gives the regime legitimacy to have sanctions placed on it so what was said at the u.n. security council does not mean that it will bring north korea back to any negotiating table and to its latest myside don't want to believe to be the most advanced so far what all the options from washington to deal with what many view as a major security threat. and north korea's always been described as the land of bad options and this is no exception the u.s. doesn't have a lot of options right now of course there always is this specter of america
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launching a preemptive military strike something that the trump administration alludes to invade terms but that certainly is something that south korea does not want to see president moon has said that if the u.s. were to consider preemptive action it would have to go through seoul first. and it is certainly something that has resonated with the south korean people normally south koreans are fairly apathetic to what happens with north korea whatever north korea says or launches a missile but ever since president trump came to power there have been many more conversations here about what's going to happen if if trump were to act jason strother in so thank you very much for that and u.s. president dark times try to have a south african to to be doing the relationship with one of the u.s. is closest allies the u.k. it started on wednesday van tromp shed three anti islam videos posted by the leader
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of the u.k.'s far right extremist group britain fust one claims to show muslims pushing a boy off a roof. another sensibly shows a muslim man destroying a statue of the virgin mary and a third allegedly shows a muslim migrant beating up a dutch boy on crutches. the dutch embassy in the u.s. has already debunked the last video as fake news treating facts do matter the perpetrator of the violent act in this video was born and raised in the netherlands he received and completed his sentence under dutch law what's more dutch media is reporting the attacker is not even a muslim but it didn't end there the spokesman of british prime minister to resume publicly criticize the u.s. president saying british people overwhelmingly reject the prejudice of the far right it's wrong for the president to have done this trump been well
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a mediately fired back treating don't focus on me focus on the destructive radical islamic terrorism that is taking place within the united kingdom we are doing just fine now for more on this and what this means i'm joined by our london correspondent big mosque welcome to get of this is all quite unprecedented what has been the reaction there to president trump's directory to prime minister to resign me telling her to basically mind her own business. well it's a huge story here in the u.k. and what president trump has been doing is alienating many people who would normally babys be seen as allies people who are more conservative maybe more leaning towards republicans for example the t.v. personality piers morgan has a huge following on twitter was calling on president has been calling on president trying to undo his tweeds also we've had. who is
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a prominent government minister and he's been very outspoken he said that president trump has endorsed the view of a violent going to zation that hates people like him it is it is a muslim and he refuses to let it go and say nothing so it's a huge reaction here in the u.k. people are taking it seriously also the house of commons has tabled an urgent debate on it so this will go on at least throughout the day. is of course a big no one for a spontaneous an unorthodox with but how much of a setback would this be in what was always viewed as a very special relationship especially with drugs had looming. well of course with bricks and looming one of the objectives of the u.k. government is to have an even more special relationship to the u.s. but of course behind the scenes there would be realising that this is not going to be plain sailing however they will try and go ahead with this reason me has been
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quick for example to russia and visit president trump just after his election much more quickly than for example angela merkel and other leaders who have been much more cautious however the british government does need to somehow not lose touch with the u.s. and diplomats here in the u.k. for example the retired diplomat sara jeremy greenstock they have been saying well the special relationship doesn't only refer to president trump it refers to the history of the two countries it refers to the shared values and also to the american people so they're basically trying to well see how much and how close they can get because of the brics it they will have to somehow stay close to the united states that was the london correspondent a big mass let me bring you up to speed with some other stories making news around the wild body remains on high alert for volcanic activity at mt flights have
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resumed after a three day airport shutdown on the indonesian island thousands of foreign tourists have been stranded there but a shift in the wind direction blew away ash and smoke that had posed a threat to the aircraft protesters in the philippine capital money to have held a rally against president got bigger tertius plans to launch an unconstitutional crackdown on his opponents the protest was organized by various rights groups they also condemned the possible return of police operations in detail it is war on drugs. joins me now and does the world economy need to steal itself against another trade war. conference today is successful yes trade ministers from g twenty countries have.


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