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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 30, 2017 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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i p t twenty clique a book i don't think. tells them to and. i feel them telling the famous potato. this is data we're news live from but then the top level agreement when people smuggling in libya the european union and the african union and to stop refugees risking their lives crossing the mediterranean just migrants and refugees facing abuse will be evacuated from libya also on the program pope francis arrives in
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bangladesh and urges the world to act on the right hinge of refugee crisis once again without mentioning the right enjoyed by next. u.s. president donald trump is accused of promoting islamophobia after he returned with some video made by an extremist british group it's also got him into iraq with britain's prime minister. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program. the african union and the european union have agreed on an emergency plan to dismantle people smuggling networks and repatriate stranded migrants in libya as a two day summit and is in the city of abidjan in ivory coast the un recognized government of libya promised to allow u.n. agencies a to access. to refugee camps in areas under its control it said it would
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also investigate media reports of migrants being opened office slaves you countries have promised to pay for the rape repatriation of migrants and refugees from libya to the home countries elsewhere in africa j w correspondent max hoffman is in abidjan conference about summit welcome max tell us what came out of the closing press conference. well there was a lot of back patting a lot of thank you a general will for more cooperation but if you really look at the conclusions there's not a whole lot in there there are no numbers for example how much does the european union really want to invest in africa we're hearing the number of forty billion to forty four billion euros within the next years but that would require the participation of the private sector so that's not a given and also it seems like the african union or some african countries at least weren't willing to give commitments for good governance for example or for the
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control of migration flows so what we're seeing here are the old front lines only difference might be that there is a larger will because of the migration crisis with the european union to really change things and the issue of end for slavery and human trafficking was high on the list of priorities we'll talk about that in a second first of all is the french president emmanuel macro. this is human trafficking carried out by africans against africans and the situation must stop what the african union the european union and the united nations have decided this evening is to act decisively first and foremost with extreme urgency to evacuate from libya all those who can and want to be evacuated and help them to return to their country of origin. we will stand in solidarity with others in this emergency operation which will be conducted in the coming days and weeks. it's often it's an interesting choice of words those who want to be a documented because it does seem to promise to stand people back to the very countries whose horrors they've just spent their life savings trying to escape. yes
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but if you talk to some of those that came back from libya for example from here from ivory coast and we did that in the past days many of them are completely disillusioned they said had i known what awaited me in libya i would have never gone up there so they are being made promises they think that the better life will be easy to achieve for them and then they find hell i mean we talked to the head of the e.u. commission the president of the u. commission and he put that pretty precisely he said you have these people trying to find a better life and what they find in libya is hell so most of the people coming back from libya aren't that unhappy to come back from there such agreement that has been over the last two days appears to benefit you are a few immigrants knocking on their doors how the african countries besides perhaps live in libya benefited from that the last two days. well in one word very shortly and that's been the same for the last decades it's about money it's
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about investment and the european seem to be quite serious about wanting to invest more in some specific african countries of course their countries of origin for example where most of the migrants come from to give them a future in those countries of course the dilemma is always the same how exactly do you invest so that makes a difference for those countries but you know like i said at the beginning phil there seems to be this willingness with the europeans maybe for the first time ever because they really have something to lose here because if the demographic development continues as it as it is predicted in africa and the economies just don't follow then there will be much higher migration numbers that we're experiencing at the moment max hoffman and abidjan thank you. pope francis has become the first pontiff to visit bangladesh and more than thirty years the rohinton refugee crisis is set to dominate his visit the countries hosting hundreds of thousands of rangers were living in makeshift camps after fleeing million man
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arriving in bangladesh pope francis called for decisive international action to solve the crisis but once again in deference to me and the avoided using the term. pope francis is asia tour has taken in two sides of a desperate humanitarian crisis. on the one side me and maher accused of systematic ethnic cleansing of the hanjour. and on the other bangladesh rolling out the red carpet today has welcomed almost a million of those who fled addressing the bangladeshi president the pope heaped praise on his host but again disappointed observers when he chose not to say the name revenger. in recent months of generosity and solidarity which is a whole mark of bangladeshi society has been seen most of vividly in its humanitarian mission to
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a massive influx of refugees from rakhine state providing them with temporary shelter and the basic necessities of life of. their own. where the pontiff goes so goes the church's followers by any means necessary amid the excitement ahead of the pope's mass tomorrow high hopes that his visit will bring a solution to the crisis. there but. the visit will be fruitful for bangladesh if he comes and solves the problem about the ranger refugees. the port ended a part of the paying his respects to the assassinated founding father of the nation . on friday he will come face to face with the range of lose limbs. on his take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. media say the white house is considering replacing secretary of state rex tillerson with the current head of the cia reports say it's unclear whether president trump
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has given his final approval but if true it would be the biggest administration shakeup since he took office the relationship between mr trump and was to tell us that has reportedly been strained for some time. protesters in the philippine capital manila have held a rally against president of brodrick and deter plans to launch an unconstitutional crackdown against his opponents the protest was organized by rights groups who also condemn the possible return of police operations in the president's war on drugs. prosecutors are investigating the suicide of a boston crime leader as u.n. war crimes tribunal they say preliminary tests show the substance he drank was a lethal chemical. drank from a small bottle seconds after the judges upheld he's twenty year jail term for war crimes later died in hospital. and a lawyer for a former bosnian croat a general who took his own life at the u.n. war crimes court yesterday especially doesn't know how he brought the fatal liquid
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as i said slower than drank the substance containing chemical after his own guilty verdict was upheld in croatia opinions are divided muslim victims of the war voiced hope that the verdict would be would help reconciliation in bosnia but many crimes feel the guilty verdict is unfair. hundreds of person in croats gathered for a candlelight vigil in central must one of the keep battlegrounds during the former yugoslavia is years of civil conflict they came to mourn a man the international community called a convicted war criminal for his one time comrades the former general slobbered and proud jack was nothing short of a war hero who gave his life for an ideal. as a charlatan oh such a man. he was a true soldier just like all of us who fought for croatia we never attacked anyone we were defending our homes i was defending muster in shocking scenes on wednesday probably drank poison shortly after the judge at the international war transcribe
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you know confirmed he would serve a twenty year sentence he later died from the effects of the poison for other person eons his action confirmed his guilt. i think this was an act of a coward he couldn't face the truth or the verdict he shouldn't have done it but the court has confirmed all the allegations that probably is a war criminal in croatia as parliament in zagreb lawmakers observed a minute's silence the prime minister clearly unhappy with the court's verdict. so we don't we're sorry for the events that occurred yesterday in the courtroom for moral reasons he took his own life he has sent a message on what he thinks about the verdicts in our opinion also it is unfair probably x. suicide and his own chapter in courageous troubled history but a wider reconciliation still seems a distant prospect. the british government has revealed to us president donald
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trump for the tweeting islamophobia videos from bush's far right extremists videos from the group calling itself britain first for to show muslims assaulting people and damaging christian symbols was the trump responded to the criticism again on twitter telling britain's prime minister theresa may she should focus not on him but on what he called the destructive valley call islamic terrorism is taking place within the united kingdom and strong is also facing criticism from american muslim groups of selling division and pushing muslim lives at risk. but you haven't heard of britain first before you bought the i love this tiny stream we screw person received enormous publicity from donald trump's retreats true it's got nearly forty four million followers that think a budget from the social media is welcome federici federica so tell us that who britain first one of the stars so feel britain first is a far right alter nationalist party in the u.k.
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of the campaign against immigration they say they want to ban islam from the country and you can understand must all their agenda by just looking at the kind of content that they share on their social media platforms such as this video here with the caption muslims burn christmas tree in belgium another example muslim migrant sets goals hair on fire so all of these videos and posts accuse muslims of violence and being criminals and a lot of this stuff i feel has been already debunked as misleading or even fake and we should keep in mind that britain for us is a marginal group they claim to have a few thousand members in real life they have a bigger following on social media especially on facebook but they do remain a marginal voice at the three videos the three races videos that trump said yesterday where i knew shelley posted to twitter by the deputy need. there of the group data franzen you can see her now she calls herself
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a soldier of christ and she has been previously convicted of abusing verbal abusing a muslim a woman not trying to retreating has given friends and of course a huge boost in twitter followers she went from having fifty thousand to almost eighty thousand in just a day and trump isn't among these followers interesting lee and we don't really know what he is to britain first exactly what's clear though is that he's given them a much bigger voice. brings problems a choice to make a return to his control to say on those that read tweets but she did stay clear of deepening the controversy front that we were together does not mean afraid to say when we think the united states to go to rome and to be very clear with them on very clear retreating from britain first was the wrong thing to do.
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so fredricka that statement just repeated what downing street said yesterday but aside from being the wrong thing to do the videos themselves have been described as yes that's right phil one of the videos in particular the one that claims to show a muesli migrants a beating up a young man on crutches that has been promptly debunked as a fake and you can see here a statement by the dutch embassy in the u.s. they posted this message on twitter saying facts do matter the perpetrator of the violent act in this video was born and raised in the netherlands he received and completed his sentence under dutch law and beyond that the dutch media also reported yesterday that the attacker is not even a muslim and so feel the issue has of course caused a huge debate it has also attracted the attention of the un now and the top human rights official there has to day said that he has condemned what he describes the spreading spreading hatred through tweets fredricka about your thank you. this is
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day w. news is still to come produce a group opec agrees to extend output cuts spent zealand will be out talking to an analyst and i'd start whether we will save the tying goal at the petrol pumps. we'll do that and your business update which is on the way i'll be back at the top of the hour with all of the day so well just to self a good day. every journey begins with the first step and every language but the first word i looked in the. rico is in germany to learn german why not learn a simple online on.


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