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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 30, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from violate the european and african leaders agreed to take action after shocking reports of migrants being sold as slaves of war the father while i was screaming he kept shouting i want money i want money she he cut my leg again and
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again want to cry it made as a nice sunny burgess a plan to evacuate thousands of migrants stranded in libya so what is response on the ground. also on the program germany's two main parties began talks on for me a possible governing coalition and but i'm it spits a divisions so can they cut the deal and form a stable government i'm going to medical keeps talking about. the candlelit vigil and all of a convicted war criminal and croatia supporters of slobodan the took his own life in a un courtroom yesterday to remember him. also coming up u.s. president donald trump's accused of promoting islamophobia after he tweeted that video made by an extremist group also got him into a ride with britain's prime minister.
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i'm phil gayle welcome to the program. a summit gathering of european and african leaders from more than eighty countries has ended in ivory coast with plans for the immediate evacuation of nearly four thousand african migrants stranded in libya the decision comes after shocking reports of migrants suffering atrocities and even being sold into slavery african union officials say there could be as many as seven hundred thousand migrants trapped in the african and european leaders agree that they share joint responsibility to resolve the crisis. french president a man on the court led the way by saying that migrants should be held to leave libya as quickly as possible delegates from the african and european union summit in ivory coast agreed on an action plan and a crisis meeting on the sidelines of the summit it involves increased spending and setting up a task force to facilitate the rapid repatriation of migrants. next year the stimulus we must act quickly we must evacuate those who are willing to help them
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get back to their home countries will be diligent mccall was talking about people like adam from the ivory coast adam was abducted on his way to europe by people traffickers in libya and sold on many times you know often we don't see him is on. the look and a house then someone gave me a telephone to call my mother he took a knife and cut my leg. while i was screaming he kept shouting i want money i want money we cut my leg again and again want to cried because he pleaded with us. in the end adams family paid a ransom of five hundred fifty euros. two weeks ago he was flown back to ivory coast by the international organization for migration. the organization plays a central role in the new action plan it is tasked with bringing the migrants home but according to regional director might be an ashram many parts of libya are too
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dangerous for her workers without the help of the military. who will maybe have access to detention facilities around by the libyan government in the north of course it remains challenging security is still a difficult issue even in those areas. the logistics of these of these operations are quite quite complex however participants in the summit have promised to start implementing parts of the action plan in the coming days according to mussa faqih chairperson of the african union commission thousands of my brits in libya have already been identified. that there is no we had convinced our international partners in europe and the united nations to repatriate three thousand eight hundred people immediately with the help of a task force and now. libya is the only issue delegates were able to agree on there was no resolution on what was meant to be the
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main goal of the summit developing a nice transition to help africa's youth expectations have been high but it seems africa's most vulnerable have been left out in the cold. journalist asylum barriers or quasi has been covering this summit and joins us now from abidjan welcome to day w. . do people there expect this plan to work or is this just a grand gesture after two days of talking. surely many people cheering because not only now because all the african leaders gather here at the summit. result of this summit and they believe it's going to walk even if it does take i mean even if. everybody you know was really focused. and believe that. right now.
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i firmly european perspective i see i see germany taking in migrants and suffering because it hasn't got the infrastructure and it didn't make sufficient plans transplant that into the libyan situation where you have a government that cannot even exert its authority across the territory you have valid on one hand you have a whole host of other countries who have problems from which these migrants have tried to escape it sounds like a recipe for disaster no matter how well intentioned. i tell you this is a problem it's a problem many leaders and you should present it to andy this east summit race think he's right no you don't i mean the central government in libya ease really in charge i mean legal not terrorist but people believe that there are ten being the people and authorities are ruling fatah sleepy are can be able if they join and if
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they also call me to helping african leaders and their european counterparts right it's like those left trying to leap. so we heard the horrific reports and seen the reports about the slavery and horrific conditions actually in libya the president of the european commission described conditions there as how given those hellish conditions one wonders from the comfort of a studio in berlin one wonders why people still keep coming. yes i tellee what i said as i said before watching the reports the law won't present people from i mean traveling to europe and going to leave via the denise many use of free can no longer trust a government that thing that attending the life they won't leave where they can obviously career and bitter future for themselves and their family east europe and
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many young people no longer trust a government they have been accusing the freakin leader also see all that it might recent crisis and other related issues such as this option the top end in libya it's only the only way to go all the only place they can i mean fulfill that dream east europe so we have to work together i mean african leaders and they grew up in culture but up to look to be able to deconstruct this mentality all the wise that might exist be able to allows in the campaign to try to stop that regulation i'm not sure that will make it a nice to have to deconstruct it mentality of that youth about immigration before they can reach the very success that went reached but in order to deconstruct about batman tahmasebi idea of a better is a battle my for them here in europe you have to provide a better life for them where they are not was one of the things that this summit absolutely failed to do. yes the thing
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is it is true that african and european use today many challenges in common i mean such as a limited access to resources asian employment a long way from social discrimination like in decision making and consider the solution but we've seen the free got itself these differences i mean differences between countries very excited bt and the country itself is not addressed in particular already the uniqueness of every single african country so when you take more than sixty african country together the problem is on a very big skates so the this summit itself failed to address the particular rooty i mean the uniqueness of every single african culture so this is why the end of the day. i mean this summit called not to leave her and sailed up to this petition particularly for young africans so i miners quasi in abidjan thank you so much. thank you pope francis has become the first pontiff to visit bangladesh in more
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than thirty years the ranger refugee crisis is set to dominate his visit other countries hosting thousands hundreds of thousands of ranger who are living in makeshift camps after fleeing miramar arriving in bangladesh pope francis calls for decisive international action to solve the crisis but once again in deference to me and he avoided using the term. pope francis's asia tour has taken in two sides of a desperate humanitarian crisis. on the one side me and maher accused of systematic ethnic cleansing of the ranger. and on the other bangladesh rolling out the red carpet today has welcomed almost a million of those who fled addressing the bangladeshi president the pope heaped praise on his host but again disappointed observers when he chose not to say the name revenger. in recent months of
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generosity and solidarity which is a whole mark of bangladeshi society has been seen most vividly in its humanitarian mission to a massive influx of refugees from rakhine state providing them with temporary shelter and the basic necessities of life of. their own. where the pontiff goes so goes the church's followers by any means necessary amid the excitement ahead of the pope's mass tomorrow high hopes that his visit will bring a solution to the crisis. there. the visit will be fruitful for bangladesh if he comes and solves the problem about the ranger refugees. the port ended up part of a paying his respects to the assassinated founding father of the nation. on friday he will come face to face with her hands. at least i'm. not sure some of the other
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stories making news around the world the white house says secretary of state rex tillerson continues to lead the state department this after reports by u.s. media that president trump is considering firing him if true it would be the biggest ministration shakeup that since he took office the relationship between mr trump and the tillerson has reportedly been strained for some time. human rights groups in the philippine capital manila have organized demonstrations against president rob rico deter tapes plans to launch an unconstitutional crackdown against his opponents they also condemned the possible return of police operations in the president's war on drugs. flights from bali have resume to the indonesian holiday island remains on high alert for further volcanic activity from mt algo the airport was closed for three days stranding thousands of foreign tourists and changing wind direction blown away the ash and smoke that had been posing a danger to aviation. and here in germany the pressure is on to form
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a new coalition government after weeks of stalemate for the first time in post-war german history the president from valve the shimei is actively mediating between political parties this evening present time i will be hosting talks between chance of metals conservatives and martin shows his sense of left social democrats the aim is to kick start negotiations of a grand coalition between the country's two largest parties that would be a huge turn for mr sharon some originally said the social democrats would not be available for another such coalition meanwhile germany's interior minister has reassured the country that the current to deadlock in building a new government will not have a negative impact on germany's security. a stable government is always good for the security of our citizens but no matter what german security services will continue to conduct their daily operations and i'm grateful that under the current legislative powers they govern the security agencies we can continue to do this night and day throughout christmas and new year's. schedule from d.w.
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political correspondent thomas sparrow who is outside the presidential our residential spell where the three party leaders are due to arrive welcome thomas i suppose it's something of a victory just getting these parties into the same room given the feeling that they got burned by being in a coalition last time what can we expect from tonight. you can certainly feel interpret it that way tis an important event that these different leaders meet here at the presidential residence that's something that the president fund projects time i certainly achieve what we can expect tonight in initial talks between the leaders to see if there's any possibility of finding common ground any possibility of forming another grand coalition a grand coalition that has already been for the past four years here in in germany what you probably can't expect is today a lot of content it's not about precise policy proposals or precise projects it's
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really about seeing if there's a possibility to set a framework of a possible future grand coalition forces like couples counseling we all get together and see where our. mutual interests are and this would be the second time around for these unwilling the wedding partners what's likely to be different if they can reach a deal and doesn't together. well there will be similarities are something else that you have to stress these leaders that know each other they have worked together the different parties they know where the different priorities are so from that perspective you can clearly say that for example in foreign policy there could be continuity but there are all the silly and concrete ideas from both parties from both the conservative bloc and the social democrats are trying to make this in somewhere least different from the past four years the past four years although many saw the most positive also saw that in the september twenty four elections
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brought results for both the groups for this conservative block on the social democrats and from that perspective for example the social democrats have already insisted that they would like to have a bigger focus on social justice topics or something that they will try to present if indeed there are conversations among the parties but again this is still an initial conversation to see if there will be exploratory talks if they are exploratory talks then they will be discussing the content on the proposals on both sides and briefly thomas if you wouldn't mind why is the german president getting so actively involved here because he's the head of state because he has to get actively involved when germany faces moments of instability and that is precisely why he is mediating now that is precisely why he as someone in a capacity who's above political parties can try and find common ground if there is one person in that capacity here in germany then it's the president front part that
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. well we wish him and you very well tom aspirant thank you. our breaking news now with the humphrey over the bricks it bill yes that's right phil the reuters news agency reporting that the european union has agreed to britain's controversial briggs it devolves spill the agency says a senior official confirms that the offer has not been officially submitted but that it was expected to go through now earlier this week various british media report that london was prepared to pay up to fifty billion euros now twice what prime minister may outlined in her florence speech in september the sums to cover investment and infrastructure projects the u.k. agreed to before the in out referendum that you had said it would only agree to talks over future relations and trade once that departure bill had been settled. now oil is currently over the sixty dollars mark in opec member states are hoping it will stay above that level for the next nine months that's the aim of their
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latest deal to extend a cap on global supplies agree to in vienna a review is possible in june if the market ends up overheating or saudi arabia believes the market has yet to rebalance the wounds it's premature to talk about exiting the cuts at least for a couple of quarters opec members also decided to cap nigeria's output but have yet to agree on a cap for libya both countries were exempted from cuts during previous rounds of talks due to on rest and lower than normal output. well just prior to the news of the deal coming through we asked analyst spencer welch if oil prices are likely to rise as a result of an extension. no i think we'll see very little change in the oil price because they the markets are expecting the deal to be to be rolled over so so that's already built into the market price price of the moment is around sixty
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three dollars per barrel we actually expect a little bit of a weakening of price through the through this winter period that's quite normal and demand for oil tends to be a little bit lower and production the united states is going up fast so so we expect the oil price to maybe age just back down into the into the fifty's high fifty's so so no not much change in price expected market unless spencer welch that i mean while still producing nations have agreed to dismantle market distorting subsidies to twenty ministers have been meeting in berlin to avert a trade war over steel i have the capacity has been causing international tension but deep divisions still remain. expectations were low from the outset the interests of the participating countries were just too varied the goal of the summit was to put the brakes on steel production worldwide to reduce crippling overcapacity but in the end that mission remained impossible there was at least some agreement as to the cause of the problem though it can and you know it
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finished members recognize the need to make sure that the market forces are working better and that means agreeing that there should be a reduction of steel subsidies that are distorting the market so. that agreement is not binding though the o.e.c.d. says currently the market is flooded with an extra eight hundred million tons of steel around five hundred million tons of it comes from china by far the largest oil producer in the world but europe is also producing too much and the u.s. is threatening further punitive tariffs and complaining of dumping prices. that i have to fill now in that dramatic final curtain at the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia seeing many voices now. thank you yesterday the lawyer for the former bosnian croat general who took his own life for the u.n. war crimes court yesterday says she does not know how he brought in the fatal
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liquid probably back drank a substance containing a deadly chemical after his guilty verdict was held in croatia opinions are divided muslim victims of the war voiced hope that the verdict would help reconciliation but many croats feel the guilty verdict is unfair. hundreds of person in croats gathered for a candlelight vigil in central must one of the keep battlegrounds during the former yugoslavia as years of civil conflict they came to mourn a man the international community called a convicted war criminal for his one time comrades the former general slow but proud jack was nothing short of a war hero who gave his life for an ideal real me as a child you know such a man. he was a true soldier just like all of us who fought for croatia we never attacked anyone we were defending our homes i was defending muster in shocking scenes on wednesday probably drank poison shortly after the judge at the international was tried bunol
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confirmed he would serve a twenty year sentence he later died from the effects of the poison for other birds near as his action confirmed his guilt. if not and i think this was an act of a coward he couldn't face the truth of the verdict he shouldn't have done it but the court has confirmed all the allegations that probably is a war criminal. in creation's parliament in zagreb lawmakers observed a minute's silence the prime minister clearly unhappy with the court's verdict. so we don't we're sorry for the events that occurred yesterday in the courtroom for moral reasons he took his own life he has sent a message on what he thinks about the verdicts in our opinion also it is unfair pre-x. suicide ends his own chapter in courageous troubled history but a wider reconciliation still seems a distant prospect britain's prime minister terry survey has responded to they can
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traverse in surrounding donald trump's read tweets mrs sell face to twitter backlash from the president but she stayed clear of deepening the controversy. front that we were together does not mean that we're afraid to say when we think united states is going to rome and to be very clear with them and on very clear the retreating from britain first was the wrong thing to do. this was about a donald trump every tweeting islamophobia videos from a british rights group the videos from britain first before to show muslims assaulting people and damaging christian symbols on the twitter mr trump said mrs may i shouldn't focus on him but i was he called the destructive vatican islamic terrorism is taking place within the united kingdom with the tribes also facing criticism from american muslim groups they accuse him of selling division and putting muslim lives at risk. we hadn't heard of britain first before this week you
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wouldn't be alarmed that they're telling me extremist group that they've received enormous publicity from donald trump's or between bearing in mind that he has almost forty four million followers federica budget from a social media desk is a welcome federation. so explain to us that who are they britain first what they stand for so feel britain fust is a far right alter nationalist group in the u.k. they campaign against immigration they say they want to ban islam from the country and you can understand much of their agenda by just looking at the kind of content that they share on their social media platforms here's an example a video with a caption most things but on christmas tree in belgium another example misty migrant sets girls' hair on fire so all of these posts and videos are essentially accusing the stems of violence and being criminals but a lot of these a lot of this stuff has been debunked as misleading or even fake and britain first
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is a marginal group they claim to have a few thousand supporters or members in real life on the social media they have a much bigger following. they have close to two million followers on facebook which is pretty huge but in terms of success at elections they really are a marginal voice not going back to the tweets that the videos rather that trump retreated yesterday and they were nice only posted to twitter by the deputy leader of britain first a data data friends and she calls herself a soldier of christ and you can see her there she's been previously convicted convicted of abusing a muslim woman now trump's retreating has given friends and a huge boost in followers she went from having more than a little more than fifty thousand followers on twitter to over eighty thousand in just one day now isn't it directly following her or the group and we don't really know exactly what his link has to britain first but what's clear here is that he is
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giving them a much bigger voice and this is all the first time that the president has been linked to white supremacists no fail not even a year into his presidency this is beginning to look like a pot of a bigger pattern of a bigger picture and let me give you some examples after the deadly white supremacist rally in charlottesville in the summer retreated white nationalist and well known conspiracy theorist jack pose a big for instance then during his election campaign he has retreated several people tied to white genocide which is a movement that believes white people are under threat and you might remember that the former leader of the k.k.k. the ku klux klan had endorsed trump and trump was rather slow in rejecting his support that this is a president who talks a lot about faking news but he's often accused of spreading it himself and
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yesterday was no different in fact one of the videos that he retreated a video that claims to show a muslim migrants beats. a young man on crutches that video was promptly debunked as a fake news and the dutch embassy in the u.s. posted this message on twitter saying facts do matter the perpetrator of the violent act in this video was born and raised in the netherlands he received and completed his sentence. law and beyond that the dutch media also reported yesterday that the attacker in that video is not even muslim and of course the outrage of this incident the issue has even attracted the attention of the un where the top human rights official today has condemned what he described spreading hatred through tweets he didn't refer directly but he was clearly hinting at this incident so that we could budget thank you. this is data still to come the man responsible
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for gladiator and a host of other iconic hollywood films turns a single take a look at they their life and career but his film director ridley scott. well how about sound more of the day's out world news sports and culture in just a minute. the fallen come losses. but don't you buy gas being branded as dangerous prank and find billions. kids struggling to regain its credibility. now for
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the first time ever the executive level opens its doors to journalists. and the talk manages respond to the question how dangerous it is. in forty five minutes. it's all about the moments that right before. it's all about the stories in so. it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us and do so fired by distinctive instagram or others at g.w. stories new topics each week on instagram. your children like chocolate.
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you can't live without your smartphone. to work to make jokes in the supermarket. as we go about our daily lives human rights fall off and don't last long. invisible hands. free in the twenty first century. starting december second g.w. . this is day two of the news that life from the not done and on for gala top story at this hour the european union i may african union have agreed on emergency plan to evacuate thousands of migrants stranded in libya degree mccain at the end of a two day summit in ivory coast and follows recent revelations of slave trading in
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libya. pope francis has become the first pontiff to visit bangladesh in more than thirty years he began his a visit by urging the world to take action on the injured refugee crisis but once again did not mention iraq they rot in jail by night. now in sweden more than fifty winners of the so-called old turners have a nobel prize of wrote out a letter of protest to the azerbaijan a government they have as their e embassy demonstrates this cold for the journalist. to be allowed to leave the country she and three others are jews to be awarded the alternative nobel prize is a ceremony in stockholm tomorrow. is currently under a travel ban led to a suspended sentence and she says she received about a criticizing the government originally known as the right livelihood award the prize is so for courage and excellence in fields not recognized by the mainstream
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nobel award. i'm the one of this year's off for witness is coming comes out comes out vassar he's a human rights lawyer from india welcome to you and congratulations. now we've seen you previously amongst protesters in stockholm we saw the pictures of you just now how did this area embassy respond to your demands. by running away from their embassy so first they said that. well very we can see you we said we are coming in any case at about three o'clock in the afternoon and we know that your embassy stays open till six in the evening to which they said well be a closing much before that and when be open and when be closes our business than our business the law and so we read nevertheless we went and tried to give them. a kind of a protest letter so either they were there they didn't open the door or they had
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abandoned their office to avoid meeting us but it was a simple act really they didn't have reacted the way they did it was a simple democratic act of handing over a protest letter and asking them to please allow her to come for the ceremony tomorrow which they could have done. it tell us about this of this war the right livelihood of what is the significance i wonder who pays attention to it well i think a lot of people in the world and a lot of people in my country pay attention to it so when it was announced i did receive a number of calls and letters from people right across india. and it's perceived not just as an award to a particular organization or a particular person it's seen as as an act of solidarity and encouraging meant for people who struggle to protect the human rights of the poor and to expand the human
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rights of the working people and so in that sense all of us who struggle unitedly against the system of restriction of human rights which has developed in india over the last one year very acutely we see it as a kind of a nudge. an act of solidarity and a kind act of support for those who struggle under very difficult circumstances in india let us talk about about the awards that the two received the award jury said that you have secured fundamental rights for india's most vulnerable citizens to many outside india the world's largest democracy it might seem odd that people like you are necessary perhaps you could tell us a bit about your work. well you know india is seemingly a democratic country and people in the west feel that india is an ideal democracy with a free press functioning parliament and
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a functioning judiciary but if you follow india's developments particularly over the last three years india is a country with massive human rights violations for example is the case in the supreme court all the disappearances and extrajudicial executions of one thousand five hundred people from one state on the economic rates for around seventy percent of india is below the poverty line a few dollars a day can you imagine seven hundred fifty million people going to bed hungry so india is has all the appearances of a democratic country but to be in india use the term maya or illusion which is that you appear like a democratic country but terrible human rights violations the thing is. interrupting your. against the background that you have described there what is it that you do. well be
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a band of lawyers some two hundred strong in the country who use the constitution and the indian constitution has been interpreted in a very unique way to allow for public interest litigation or a very vibrant class of class action. where you can file a case where anyone can file a case on behalf of a thousand people ten thousand people or liken the right to food is on behalf of three hundred fifty million people for their fundamental right to food housing health care and education so it's a very by rahul in the indian supreme court has come up with perhaps a thousand judgments against the state for thing the state to spend billions of dollars in forcing fundamental rights well congratulations again on winning the right livelihood award coming cause calling comes out comes out as a thank you so much for joining us say here at d w e which is actually given
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tomorrow deb we will be following that throughout the day thank you. thank you very much now. rival palestinian groups fatah and hamas say they've agreed to postpone the handover of power in the gaza strip until the tenth of december the transfer was originally shadows for tomorrow friday as part of a reconciliation deal i was ending a decade of hostility between hamas and president mahmoud abbas is a fattah movement which runs the west bank palestinians living in gaza have had to enjoy years of hardship and hoping for better times by the two young women you're about to meet two years to get out and experience the world beyond the gaza's borders. just how the a twenty and from gaza. it's a beautiful day and the twin sisters are heading out to make another video. on you tube then known as the holy twins. video.
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good morning. culture people food traditions the subjects are diverse their mood always positive a dedication to making the world a better place. and considering how depressing life is here it could come across as naive or as propaganda for the radical islamist group hamas which until now has governed the territories but that would miss the point entirely asma and such are well aware how hopeless life can feel on the poverty stricken strip of coast and how much it can stink literally the local electricity crisis means surge here flows directly into the sea. for twenty years.
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like i had enough all the. wars you yourself. thirsting for us for yourself first and then and that's. how our you do was standing for that thing. you want to. go on for whatever her dream was. very dreamy is to ride along the beach. what might seem simple is a pretty crazy idea for women and girls as macho islamist society. and such are studying architecture their father is a university professor education is a recurring theme on that channel they emphasize it's important especially for women. and like many young women they left shopping too
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but it's worth noting that their family is both well off and not involved in politics at all. that sat the twins blame israeli politics for the squalor in gaza and they accuse the palestinian hamas and fatah groups of expediency and a lack of interest in the widespread suffering. in their port of gaza video they simply have to feature this photography exhibition. there are a thousand photos on this play documenting life in the ten years since hamas seized power and israel imposed its blockade. it's called the looks of thousands miles and a fan and tears of those dreaming of freedom. the twins like the title because although they might appear to be extremely positive they are only too aware how closely linked joy and sadness are. they're still haunted by these images.
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the most recent war in gaza was in the summer of two thousand and fourteen. sodje had just finished school the long carefree summer months may have. but then came the bombs. a life lived in constant fear traumatized them. this war for me was the point i turning point in my life i was always going to love you or an idea to join those all of the school but after that i gave up. because i myself. and i cannot like the. photographer is a kindred spirit for them he too is an irrepressible optimist determined to find beauty in the darkest of experiences the three convinced that at least when it
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comes to rot the struggle for survival is a gift it nurtures creativity. i really i kind of care is i'm really happy for you and. very inspired to pursue my like every project excelling. despite their apparent extroverted nature particularly as must the two young women regularly they take time out to meditate it's a way of focusing inwards and away from what is happening around them. with. this. new video the a. until it becomes possible they'll keep sending their videos about gaza into the world. the free movement of cattle is becoming
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a flashpoint issue in east africa how the house vote yes that's right can have very serious consequences when people fight over land of course when cattle are a lifeline and diplomatic tensions between kenya and tanzania threatening to flare up over postures for cattle belonging to the masai people who live on both sides of the buddha tanzanian president john martin freeze keen to implement a live stock ban saying his country is not a grazing land for the neighboring countries cowles and the struggle for regional power is being felt in the daily lives of east africans mary mitty is a worried woman the tanzanian widow and mother of one to the business with that is left to devastated. in early november hideo chicks were burnt alive by her country's authorities in among a town on the border between kenya and tanzania. i thought i'd try out the poultry business so i took out
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a loan of about three thousand eight hundred euros i bought the chicks in kenya to sell them here and russia but when i got to the kenya tanzania border point in another manga they said the chicks had to be destroyed because they could have bird flu all six thousand four hundred of them were killed here for their communities living in east african border towns usually move freely from one country to another some families even split their time between two countries mary thought this was an asset for new business. tanzania banned the importation of livestock from neighboring countries in two thousand and seven this year it's had an extra push in november alone government confiscated eleven thousand three hundred cattle from kenyan ugandan and rwandan herders optioning them prisoners thirty euros each we had to a large stock market on the kenyan side of the border of the traders who managed to make it to the market at the tanzanians who end up making the most money their cows
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are cheaper and seem healthier the residents here say that on a normal market day you wouldn't even find space to stand in this enclosure but the recent spat between kenya and tanzania seems to have obviously affected business here in brazil near the kenya tanzania border. there's a lot of pressure on kenyan traders most of dealing with a severe drought and now that they can't trade in tanzania beginning to get agitated. and. depend on these cows for everything if trading with tanzania is going to be difficult then we'll take matters into our own hands and if this issue is not resolved then we'll block the tanzanians from entering kenya. where these rules are very stupid. kenya has since written a protest new to tanzania through the east african community but president seems
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undeterred insisting rules of rules have of these rules a great li affecting business and lives of those at the grassroots level. government is vowing to pressure to crack down on banks behaving badly prime minister malcolm turnbull says an independent inquiry will help restore confidence in the sector following a string of scandals australia's banks stand accused of providing misleading financial advice avoiding life insurance payouts by using outdated medical definitions as well as rate rigging and failing to follow anti money laundering rules now australian prime minister malcolm turnbull is heeding calls by other parties as well as members of his own government to start an official inquiry. deserve and expect the highest levels of service and accountability and for the vast majority that's exactly what i receive. since the financial crisis however
7:47 pm
there have been examples of misconduct by financial institutions some of them extremely serious and that's demanded a response from the institutions themselves and from government australian treasurer scott morrison wanted to dissipate any fears about an inquiry by sending investors a positive message. astride his banks are unquestionably strong nothing that we've announced today china has this or gives any reason to question this on the part of the government the investigation will take about a year's time banks across the globe have been handed ever tougher regulations perhaps in australia those rules weren't tough enough. now what goes up must come down and with bitcoins it seems to have happened sooner rather than later after reaching an all time high of almost eleven and a half thousand dollars on wednesday the cryptocurrency dropped to eight thousand dollars today so that means if you bought that core into the top of the market
7:48 pm
thinking the sky's the limit you've already lost at least thirty percent of your investment it is of course one of the most volatile currencies out there but it could still rebound all depends on your nerves. but if you rode the bitcoin wave at the right moment you might have been able to afford this next item fail and in fact yes queen britain's queen victoria probably one of the world's most recognizable historical figures a woman who shaped an entire era now i scrapbook album containing personal mementos from her childhood has just gone under the hammer here in baghdad it dates back to eight hundred forty one and sell for thirty seven and a half thousand euros identity of the buyer has not been revealed. known as one of the sternest monarchs in history queen victoria reigned of a great britain and its empire for sixty three years and had a death in one one thousand. the scrapbook auctions and berlin was compiled by her german governess baroness leighton covering the tories childhood teenage years and
7:49 pm
marriage to prince albert the album includes locks of hair dried flowers drawings and photographs. it's a reflection of a very close relationship you see it in the hair from victoria as a toddler and you see it in the piece of her wedding dress worn during her wedding to prince albert and you see it in the correspondence and letters and in the masterful pictures made by the young victoria. of particular interest to historians is the memorabilia relating to the young victoria's marriage to prince albert of saxony in one hundred forty this week of course another royal engagement between harry and meghan has been making headlines. queen victoria is a legend prince harry is still to become one his engagement is exciting for our time but what i'm holding here is a piece of cultural history. it is not yet know who bought the items but the
7:50 pm
sellers had expressed a wish that queen victoria's childhood album returned to england where it come from one hundred and fifty years ago. british film director ridley scott's turns eighty today is the man responsible for these blockbusting and iconic hollywood films. i. think. and they were very down to talk about ridley scott says robin merrill from our culture desk out welcome robin so what do we have we have a dns bladerunner gladiator there. seeing those claims he begs the question where
7:51 pm
does he stand the man himself ridley scott where does he stand in the pantheon of great film directors i mean right up there i think he's also instant in more recent years become a great producer is well produced and a very good reputation ridley scott's great producers well we'll talk about that a bit later but just tell you about those three clicks alien revolutionized the science fiction genre and then three is later he revolutionized it again this is before digital film by the way with blade drama the most incredible visual film wonderful film in another genre gladiator what can we say about gladiator when it won five votes oscars in including best picture he's never won best director which is almost criminal in my opinion he really is right up there i think as one of the great film directors i mean his more of is a lustrous chris starting with his very first film. i and it's
7:52 pm
you unless. god. the nine hundred seventy seven film stars keith cash. and harvey keitel tell it's about an ongoing feud between two napoleonic offices. the judas once gone best a buick can and saw him praised for his remarkable cinematic r.-i. scott went to art school in england where he says he learned to see beauty in everything in industrial landscapes beauty in drama. in nine hundred seventy nine deep space the tough talking crew of the battered commercial spy ship faced imminent disaster in the form of an ever growing monster. isn't just.
7:53 pm
if the film would prove to be scott's commercial breakthrough. you're in here with me scott is also famous for his visually stunning advertisements like this one thousand nine hundred forty landmark apple commercial advertising as a form way instant atmospherics and the order of the day and scott famously goes to enormous lengths to make that happen. that super human scott's nine hundred eighty two masterpiece bladerunner would change the look of science fiction forever. i don't get it commerce is our goal here at tyrell more human than human is our motto. now eighty years of age ridley scott shows no signs of slowing down how much would you pay to release your grandson if not seventy million
7:54 pm
dollars nothing the best on the business is most recent work the money in the world the. robert that film we just saw in the force all the money in the world kevin spacey starred in it but he's gone now he has indeed because of the revelations of course about his sexual legit revelations i should say about his sexual misconduct funnily enough ridley scott originally wanted christopher plummer in the role but the hollywood money want to kevin spacey because he was big box office which perhaps isn't anymore anyway he has now been replaced by christopher plummer playing the richest man in the world john paul getty this movie is based on the true story of the kidnap of get his grandson back in ninety seven to three and obviously he wanted a ransom and instead the scot has also
7:55 pm
a reputation generally for working very fast they managed to recall the film and get christopher plummer to star in very it very. in the films coming out on schedule just before christmas he also has a reputation for creating strong roles for women this is thelma and louise are in their ways a classic example directed by ridley scott susan sarandon and gina davis in town on the way in alien sigourney weaver's role was meant to be was originally written for a man but the disco one has a strong woman it's going to be we've got more recently i did mention that he's become quite a big producer in hollywood and more recently he did a big netflix series called the goodwill wife starring judi on i'm a goodish as a lawyer whose husbands involved in a sex scandal she struggles to find her own voice in the series but eventually he comes out as the strongest person in the series i haven't seen is the end i know you. but anyway there's jessica it's just
7:56 pm
a nose while in the marsh and she's the heroine in that he's very nice to have lots of strong women in his movie so happy birthday ridley scott moral websites absolutely because he's still very very busy thank you robin merrill just time to remind you of our top story the european union of african union have agreed an emergency plan to evacuate thousands of migrants stranded in libya the agreement came at the end of a two day summit in ivory coast and follows recent revelations of slave trade in libya. that sets you up to date of the.
7:57 pm
back. and find. it struggling to regain its credibility. for the first time ever executive level opens its doors to
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outstanding shopping and dining offers and triallists services. biala gassed at frankfurt airport city managed by for. this is g.w. news live from berlin shocking reports of migrants sold as slaves in libya and a plan to stop the horror of the body that while i was screaming he kept shouting i want money i want money to be cut by leg again and again want to cried. today
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european and african leaders are go.


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