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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 30, 2017 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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invisible hands. slavery in the twenty first century. starting december second on d w. this is g w news live from berlin shocking reports of migrants sold as slaves in libya and the plan to stop the whole war here with me when i was screaming can't shouting i want money i want money to be my name again and again want to cry and.
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today european and african leaders agreed on an emergency measure to evacuate thousands of migrants stranded in libya before they go on the auction block will the plan work also coming up germany's two main parties begin talks on forming a possible coalition amid some bitter divisions can they cut the deal and form that stable government that uncle america keeps talking about. and a candlelight vigil to honor a convicted war criminal in bosnia supporters of slobodan prayag gather to remember him a day after he took his own life in a you when court room. i bring coffee it's good to have you with us tonight a plan to rescue the slaves that is what european and african leaders. gathered in
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ivory coast today agreed upon they are calling this an emergency measure to evacuate nearly four thousand african migrants stranded in libya it comes after shocking reports of migrants being sold into slavery in the country the african union says there could actually be as many as seven hundred thousand like brits trapped in libya some waiting for the highest bidder. french president among the lead the way by saying that migrants should be held to leave libya as quickly as possible delegates from the african and european union summit in ivory coast agreed on an action plan and a crisis meeting on the sidelines of the summit it involves increased spending and setting up a task force to facilitate the rapid repatriation of migrants next year the stimulus we must act quickly we must evacuate those who are willing to help him get back to their home countries. he believes in mccomb was talking about people like adam from the ivory coast adam was abducted on his way to europe by people
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traffickers in libya and sold on many times you know off their meetings in ms and. they looked at us and the house was up and then someone gave me a telephone to call my mother he took a knife and cut my leg. while i was screaming he kept shouting i want money i want money we cut my leg again and again want to cried because he pleaded with the rest of us. in the end adams family paid a ransom of five hundred fifty euro's. two weeks ago he was flown back to ivory coast by the international organization for migration. the organization plays a central role in the new action plan it is tasked with bringing the migrants home but according to regional director not in a sham many parts of libya are too dangerous for her workers without the help of the military. mainly have access to detention
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facilities around by the libyan government in the north of course it remains challenging security is still a difficult issue even in those areas. the logistics of this of these operations are quite quite complex however participants in the summit have promised to start implementing parts of the action plan in the coming days according to mussa faqih chairperson of the african union commission thousands of my brits and libya have already been identified. that there is no we haven't convinced our international partners in europe and the united nations to repatriate three thousand eight hundred people immediately with the help of the task force and we're up but you almost it when you saw. libya is the only issue delegates were able to agree on there was no resolution on what was meant to be the main goal of the summit developing a nice transition to help africa's youth expectations have been high but it seems
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africa's most vulnerable have been left out in the cold. or everyone a journalist so a marios quasi has been covering this summit he joins us tonight from ivory coast good evening to us let's start with this emergency plan to rescue african migrants in libya who may already be sold into slavery or headed for the auction block what does this plan look like and will that work. actually. from the leader and looks. footage of freedom even being said i mean being being being. displaced in libya i've been heard maybe a second china before all this you know and hertz i mean the footage there isn't footie so people listen there believe that the freedom leader is not actually
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practicing what they have been pretty full and the thing that the freedom leader is there actually is a free to lead us of people crazy over my christian crisis and other related issues such as these. thoughts he doesn't use act on your feet and leaders turn a blind eye to this action in the media i provide coverage from teach rural across the country not so it will take as i see it more commitment from african leaders to make the planet work and then let me ask you when is that commitment going to come then if not at this summit. i mean during this summit walt people who are out to decide where mir speeches and right now are many representatives of you for guys usually across the continent are gathering are coming together to try to push things to try to get to move think thoughts because they believe that freedom leaders only want me to plan walk unless they haue
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christian from grassroots people and from you for going to zation so this is what many youth organizations across the country are trying to do not so absolutely if i question itself i mean the expectations of their population and it will believe that if this plant is implemented to try to stop let's see many young people too and that long dangerous what you see journalism as a lame audios quasi joining us tonight from ivory coast with details on this plan to rescue migrant stranded in libya thank you very much. well here in germany more talks are getting underway hoping of course to end in a new coalition government the party leaders are meeting germany's president in my air at the palace here in berlin metals conservatives are urging the left of center social democrats not to block
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a last ditch attempt to strike at the chancellor has been trying to put together a workable alliance since september is inconclusive national election the social democrat leader martin shultz at first ruled out taking part in any new coalition government since says that he is willing to talk. artless bull in a political correspondent thomas barrow he is outside the presidential residence view here in berlin where those talks are taking place good evening to you thomas. can anything will anything come from these talks tonight. this is an initial round of talks between the different leaders talks hosted by german president funk. it is unlikely that we will hear concrete results concrete policy proposals from the different leaders it is more likely that we will hear from them that this was an initial round to try and find common ground to set possibly the
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base for another grand coalition as we know a grand coalition was in power here for the past four years there are many commodities between the leaders but there are also many differences between the leaders again for now this meeting happening behind me is a meeting in which the leaders are trying to simply find common ground and see if a grand coalition is at all a possibility as we know that this grand coalition neither side wanted this the social democrats they've been vocal about that even as late as last week they said no to another grand coalition so it's safe to say that they're going into these talks to tonight and willing to compromise margin mean how might that affect these negotiations. yet the social democrats have been very vocal that they didn't want another grand coalition and there's a reason for that french they had a very bad result in the election the september twenty fourth again blamed those
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bad results on the fact that they had belonged to the grant her leisure in the past four years but after the german president spoke directly to mr schultz the head of the social democrats they decided to at least sit down leaving all options open and so it is still unclear whether they will have those exploratory talks with the conservatives for a new government if they do that they will certainly try and present and past some of their proposals if there is another grand coalition. if we can using the word if a lot when we're talking about german politics are we now in an error of instability when it comes to germany and i wouldn't call it. i wouldn't call it an era of instability just certainly the case that there is a period of instability and that is certainly how this situation has been portrayed internationally but here in germany and we've asked that to many politicians they say that germany even if there is only a caretaker government still has in place
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a series of institutions and a series of rules and procedures that make sure that they can be a stable order in place if you will and they see this only as part of a democratic process where leaders are trying even though it's very difficult to find compromises and to define those compromises we've seen the german president from voters during my really play a big role in bringing these parties to the table again i mean why is he doing so much to make these two talk with each other some describe his role as ceremonial but i would describe in this case everything but ceremonial he's also the head of state here in germany a head of state that has the task of setting the direction of political debates who is above political parties and such who has the obligation who has the task of intervening when there is a period of instability when there is doubt about the future government of the
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country and he is the one who has to try and find that common ground between the different parties to try and bring those people together at least at the same table and that's why in this particular case hung by this time my high state such an important role right correspondent thomas spear on the story for us tonight here in berlin thomas thank you very much. here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world israeli tanks and warplanes have struck palestinian positions in the gaza strip the israeli army says it acted after palestinians fired mortar shells at one of its military posts near the border there are no reports of any casualties pope francis has urged the world to act fast to solve the were hindu refugee crisis the pontiff made the call from bangladesh shortly after arriving from neighboring me and maher but he again did not mention the row him by name there are currently over six hundred thousand muslim or hindu refugees in bangladesh francis is due to meet some of them on friday riot police in
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ukraine it clashed with protesters on the anniversary of the two thousand and thirteen pro european uprising police made a number of arrests in the capital kiev amid chaotic scene the protests four years ago lasted months and led to the fall of the then president viktor yushchenko. investigators in the hague are looking into how a convicted war criminal was able to bring a deadly chemical into a u.n. court room on wednesday former bosnian croat general slobodan probably jack dramatically took his own life by drinking the substance of poison after his guilty verdict was upheld in bosnia and croatia the response to his death has been mixed many bosnian muslims say he's avoided justice wow a lot of cruets feel the guilty verdict was deeply unjust. hundreds of person in crowds gathered for
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a candlelight vigil in central must one of the key battlegrounds during the former yugoslavia as years of civil conflict they came to mourn a man the international community called a convicted war criminal for his one time comrades the former general slow but jack was nothing short of a war hero who gave his life for an ideal it was in order to know such a man he was a true soldier just like all of us who fought for creation we never attacked anyone we were defending our homes i was defending mostar my city i have taken in shocking scenes on wednesday drank poison shortly after the judge at the international war crimes tribunal confirmed he would serve a twenty year sentence he later died from the effects of the poison and for other persons his action confirmed his guilt if not and i think this was an act of a coward he couldn't face the truth of the verdict he shouldn't have done it but the court has confirmed all the allegations that probably is
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a war criminal. in croatia's parliament in zagreb lawmakers observed a minute's silence the prime minister clearly unhappy with the court's verdict. we are sorry about what happened in the courtroom for his own reasons perhaps moral reasons general probably took his own life it's clear what he thought about the verdict in our opinion also it was unfair tri-x. suicide ends his own chapter in croatia's troubled history but a wider reconciliation still seems a distant prospect. we'll see you again at the top of the hour. my first vice was a sewing machine. where i come from women are bound by this notion to remember something as simple as learning how to write a bi cycle isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to.


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