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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  December 1, 2017 3:02am-3:31am CET

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the search for any signs of the sub which disappeared more than two weeks ago with forty four crew on board. earlier this year u.s. president donald trump made british prime minister theresa may his first guest at the white house he even tried to hold her hand on how he's telling her to talk to the hand tonight a lesson in trump diplomacy when he takes to twitter not even a special ally gets special treat i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. the. fact that we work together does not mean that we're afraid to say when we think united states have got it wrong what she said was pretty strong for her i don't think it's strong enough and i'm very clear that we tweeting from britain first was
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the wrong thing to do the mess that we're in is down to the down to treason making tea keen to go to to make friends or to close friends with donald trump look at the way in which she's trying to build a little and humiliate and now she needs to learn the lesson from this which is you cannot be friends with this man and. also coming up take two for uncle americal the german chancellor tries again to form a new coalition government with some very familiar players medical and her magic or a chancellor who's run out of office that's coming up later in the show. we begin the day with a lesson in how to treat your closest friends when you're u.s. president dollar trump tweet whatever you like and tell your friends to mind their business and do that with a tweet too on wednesday the u.s. president reads we did three islamophobia videos posted by the far right u.k. extremist group britain first now one claims to show muslims pushing a boy off
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a roof another appears to show a man destroying a statue of the virgin mary and the third allegedly shows a muslim migrant beating up a dutch boy on crutches now the dutch embassy in the u.s. has already debunked the last video is fake news tweeting facts do matter the perpetrator of the violent act in this video was born and raised in the netherlands he received them completed his sentence under dutch law what's more dutch media reporting that the attacker is not even muslim but it didn't end there the spokesman of british prime minister to resign may publicly criticize the u.s. president saying british people overwhelmingly reject the prejudice of the far right it is wrong for it the president to have done this or trump immediately fired back tweeting don't focus on me focus on that a struct of radical islamic terrorism that is taking place within the united
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kingdom we are doing just fine. well if you hadn't heard of britain first before this week. the alone the tiny extremist group has received enormous publicity thanks to dollar drums re tweets he's got almost forty four million followers dirt read i mean when you read tweets of course you know where it has an impact let's talk though about britain first what exactly are we talking about their own britain first is the far right ultra nationalist party which as you might imagine campaigns against immigration and full of the eradication of islam from british society if we take a look at what they post on social media that gives us more of an idea of what this stand for some videos they've posted muslims burn christmas tree in belgium muslim migrant said girls hair on fire all of these posts accused muslim of violence and of being criminals but a lot of this has been debunked as being misleading or even fake now it's important
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to point out here that britain is a marginal group they claim to have a few thousand members they do quite well on social media on facebook in particular they've got around two million fellows which is huge but if we're talking about success at the ballot box how well they do in elections they are marginal now if you look back at trump's rate tweets three of those videos that he tweeted were originally tweeted by this woman her name is jay de france and she is the deputy leader of britain lost to france and was convicted of abusing a muslim woman and she is facing fear the charges of racially aggravated harassment now as you can imagine trumps free tweeting has given her an enormous during where she went from fifty thousand twitter followers yesterday eighty thousand today we don't know why trump is retreating because he doesn't actually follow her he doesn't follow britain first but what he has done is given this potty
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a big boost and so everyone's talking about them including us we still don't know either if he knew difference and more. tweeted her tweets if you're sitting that's for sure as always thank you very much. i want to go to washington now and bring in our correspondent there michelle michelle good evening to you are we going to see michelle that's the question there yes all right good evening to you michelle first of all let's listen to how the white house is trying to explain this reid tweeting route. whether it's it's a real video the threat is real and that is what the president is talking about that's what the president is focused on is dealing with those real threats and those are real no matter how you look at it so it doesn't matter even take. a look i'm not talking about the nature of the video you're focusing on the wrong thing the threat is real and that was the white house press secretary basically saying that it doesn't matter if the videos are real what matters is the the message there
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i mean is that how you understood that. basically we're hearing it doesn't matter if the videos are fake what matters is that the threat is real. that is exactly what i understood from listening to the video and what she said basically is that you know this regard whether the tweets are accurate or not the key point is that the message donald trump was wanting to send and that is that islam and terrorism is a threat and that whether the tweets are accurate or not is not really that important and this is really not not surprising that the white house uses this tactic given that that they usually you know. say stories that they don't like that they call them a fake newest and that they have also given us the alternative facts so it's not surprising that the white house would use this strategy basically to to deflect
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from from these tweets and we had a new reaction in the united states from muslim groups to the reach we see. well in one word they're shocked the council on american islamic relations deplored tweets basically saying that donald trump was sending a message to his followers that they should hate islam and muslims and a candidate for for congress from new york a muslim american basically called on. to resign and to leave to leave the white house. is getting pushback of course for four for his tweets yeah and there are british m.p.'s now calling for trump's invitation to visit the country next year to be cancelled an invite donald trump we've been hearing a lot of that today if he is there damage tonight to this special relationship between the u.k. and the u.s.
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well this is obviously not good for the so-called special relationship between the u.k. and the u.s. especially since may and trump had a fairly decent relationship at least compared to the trumps ties with a lot of other european leaders that are really rocky so this is of course is not good for the for the relations between the u.k. and the u.s. having said that. those ties are historic and have been tested before and so i'm pretty sure that they will survive the latest tweet storm by the president and what about on capitol hill i mean will this raise even more questions about trump's you know say being fit for the job and his competency to be the u.s. president. well quite frankly i don't think so i mean a lot of people by now in congress and beyond know. what they have been president and that he is you know given to these kind of actions so those people who feel he
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is unfit for the office and there are many many on congress in congress and beyond that only confirms their view but as long as as republicans continue to stick with the president this will not have any real consequences all right our correspondent you see how can you go on the story for us tonight in washington which i thank you very much. a new government before christmas that was the goal after national elections here in germany last september and today the first christmas trees arrived at the office of german chancellor angela merkel but she has no new government to put under that tree well that could be about to change tonight the leaders of germany's two main parties are meeting to discuss possibly joining forces yet again in a new government now they've done this before in fact the past four years but another go with what's known as a grand coalition will be not as easy as putting
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a present under the christmas tree. the two get along well and respect each other. and a foreign minister. if it were just up to the c.d.u. chief and the former leader of the social democrats negotiations for the grand coalition would be rather straightforward but many s.p.d. members are still reeling from the poor election results they now want the conservatives to pay a high price for a new edition of a grand coalition one of the core demands is that the states spend more money on social welfare programs. in a bid to combat old age poverty the s.p.d. wants to increase state pensions with more tax funds and they want to limit temporary were contracts something the conservatives have fought against there's also disagreement when it comes to refugee policy the s.p.d. wants to allow close relatives of wall refugees in germany to join them but so far the cd you see as you has blocked this plan the social democrats in turn reject the
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c.s. use demand for an opera limit on the number of refugees allowed into germany the s.p.d. and the conservatives have few differences when it comes to foreign and e.u. policy. would like to remain foreign minister and even conservatives agree that they sometimes abrasive has been an effective foreign minister. the only difference is that the s.p.d. sympathizes with the french president's idea on e.u. reforms such as a common european finance policy the conservatives reject many of my calls plans but say they're still willing to talk the new addition off the grand coalition is not a sure fire success but analysts say negotiations should not take as long as those for the previous jamaica coalition years of working together have led to a certain family have pretty. everyone and now van are upon thoughts he is
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a professor of political science in dresden he's a leading researcher in the country when it comes to populism and populist trends in politics here it's good to have you on the day let's talk about the far right party they had a sharp strong showing in the national election they're now the third largest force in parliament are these talks tonight to possibly form a new government are they really aimed at ensuring that the far right doesn't become even more powerful well as a mentor effect a grand coalition with leave open free space for the a if it's the right wing of the political spectrum and see if laura a great coalition will be quite beneficial for the a.f.p. so if there's oh should democrats want to fight against the if the they should not enter a grand coalition but our top politicians are so concerned with a stable government that they are willing to pay the price for this grand coalition
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and form off giving kind of a life insurance through to a fifty i mean mr broad so that's quite a strong indictment that you're making there about what we're seeing here so you're saying that the politicians would rather let the far right become stronger than to go maybe another month another two months without a new government. indeed indeed see there are two different it in the protection why the a if d. has risen to the strongest party in the parliament the one is the theory of a chain of of a representation gap which i have been referring to that days the great coalition left open space at the right side of the political spectrum the competing theory is there's a christian democrats have taken to far right positions during the last four years which gave laws have been a teacher of the positions of the a if the c.
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if were only if the christian democratic union and hold of course in the center of the party the spectrum this would fights down they have unfortunately most of the gemma political class of the second into protection which i think to be absolutely wrong and so in your opinion then what would be the best outcome from these talks we're seeing tonight should they collapse and force a force search for another coalition or snap elections and what do you think should happen we'll see in politics it's quite often the case that you have not really a good choice and you have to take the least worst choice you might have so the best would have been that the john mica coalition could have been formed because. i apologize for that we're having some technical problems there that was very possibly a professor in political science in dresden talking with us about those possible
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collision thoughts taking place tonight here in berlin he is of the opinion that another grand coalition in germany will strengthen the far right in the country. still to come on the day shocking reports of modern day slavery thriving in libya today african and european leaders announced an emergency plan to evacuate thousands of stranded migrants in libya before they go to the highest bidder that's coming up later on the day. in sweden a group of winners of the so-called alternative nobel prize have read out a letter of protest to the eyes are by john government now they are calling for the journalist dijon is my you know to be allowed to leave the country she and three others will be awarded the right livelihood award which is also known as the alternative nobel prize in stockholm tomorrow the award is for courage an excellent
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it's in fields not recognized by the nobel committee. is my alone and will not be there due to a travel ban a travel ban that she says was imposed on her after she criticized the government in eyes or by john one of this year's four winners of the right livelihood award of that alternative nobel prize is collin gunn solve and he is a human rights lawyer from india he was among the protesters in stockholm who delivered that letter protesting the government in azerbaijan. my running away from their embassy so fast they said. well the week on see you we said we're coming in any case at about three o'clock in the afternoon and we know that your embassy stays open till six in the evening to which they said well be a closing much before that and when be open and then be closes of business
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than our business alone so we read nevertheless we went and tried to give them. a kind of a protest. so either they were there they didn't open the door or they had to bend in your office to avoid meeting us but it was a simple that pretty they didn't have reacted the way they did it was a simple democratic activists had to global or a protest letter and asking them to please allow to come for the ceremony tomorrow which they could have done and that was call them gonzales as they are he will be one of those receiving the right likelihood of words there's awards take place tomorrow in stockholm ga bell is a media partner and will be giving you complete coverage of the awards right here on. what's a night a plan to rescue the slaves that is once european and african leaders gathered in ivory coast today agreed upon they are calling this an emergency measure to
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evacuating nearly four thousand african migrants stranded in libya it comes after shocking reports of migrants being sold into slavery in the country the african union says there could actually be as many as seven hundred thousand migrants trapped in libya some waiting for the highest bidder. french president a man on the court led the way by saying that migrants should be hauled to leave libya as quickly as possible delegates from the african and european union summit in ivory coast agreed on an action plan and a crisis meeting on the sidelines of the summit it involves increased spending and setting up a task force to facilitate the rapid repatriation of migrants next year the stimulus we must act quickly we must evacuate those who are willing to help them get back to their home countries will be diligent mccall was talking about people like adam from the ivory coast adam was abducted on his way to europe by people traffickers in libya and sold on many times you know often you don't seem as though
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. they look or sound a house which happened more than someone gave me a telephone to call my mother he took a knife and cut my leg. while i was screaming he kept shouting i wanted money i wanted money we cut my leg again and again while i cried cause he pleaded with us. in the end adams family paid a ransom of five hundred fifty euros. two weeks ago he was flown back to ivory coast by the international organization for migration. the organization plays a central role in the new action plan it is tasked with bringing the migrants home but according to regional director might be an ashram many parts of libya are too dangerous for her workers without the help of the military. who may have. detention facilities around by the libyan government in the north of course it
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remains challenging security is still a difficult issue even in those areas. the logistics of this of these operations are quite quite complex. however participants in the summit have promised to start implementing parts of the action plan in the coming days according to mussa faqih chairperson of the african union commission thousands of my brits in libya have already been identified. that there is no we haven't convinced our international partners in europe and the united nations to repatriate three thousand eight hundred people immediately with the help of the task force and without but you always did when you saw. libya is the only issue delegates were able to agree on there was no resolution on what was meant to be the main goal of the summit developing a nice transition to help africa's youth expectations have been high but it seems africa's most vulnerable have been left out in the cold. war we want to pull in now
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a journalist so a mario squads say he has been covering this summit he joins us tonight from ivory coast good evening to us let's start with this emergency plan to rescue african migrants in libya who may already be sold into slavery or headed for the auction block what does this plan look like and will that work. actually. from the leaders make decent looks. footage of me one being said i mean being being being. displaced in libya being aired maybe actually going to china before all this you know and harriet's i mean the footage there is in footie so people listen there believe that the freedom leader is not actually practicing what they have been pretty full and the thing that the freedom leader is is
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a free to lead us of people crazy over my christian crisis and other related issues such as these the tree fall off he doesn't use it to your feet and leaders turn it around i took this action in the media i provide coverage from to eat up rural across the continent so it will take as i see it some more commitment from african leaders to make the planet work and then let me ask you when is that commitment going to come then if not at this summit. actually doing this i meet people her to decide with me yes and right now i have many representatives you for guys usually across the continent are gathering are coming together to write things and try to get one thing they believe that only just only will walk on a list of how christians from people and from you forgot his age and so many youth
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organizations across the country right now so i ask what if i christian. i mean the expedition to pollution and it will believe that land just meant to try to stop . many young people. and that long dangerous. journalist as a lame audios who wants you joining us tonight from ivory coast with details on this plan to rescue migrants stranded in libya thank you very much. and finally tonight an update on that shocking story that we brought you yesterday the a warrior for a former bosnian croat general who drank poison at a u.n. war crimes court yesterday says she does not know how he got the deadly talks and past security so bad on project took his own life after his guilty verdict was up
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helped in croatia many feel that the guilty verdict is unfair. hundreds of person in crowds gathered for a candle lit vigil in central must one of the keep battlegrounds during the former yugoslavia is years of civil conflict they came to mourn a man the international community called a convicted will criminal for his one time comrades the former general slobodan prayag was nothing short of a war hero who gave his life for an ideal it was an honor to know such a man. he was a true soldier just like all of us who fought for creation we never attacked anyone we were defending our homes i was defending mostar my city. taken in shocking scenes on wednesday drank poison and shortly after the judge at the international war crimes tribunal confirmed he would serve a twenty year sentence he later died from the effects of the poison and for other persons his action confirmed his guilt if not and i think this was an act of
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a coward he couldn't face the truth of the verdict he shouldn't have done it but the court has confirmed all the allegations that is a war criminal. in croatia's parliament in zagreb lawmakers observed a minute's silence the prime minister clearly unhappy with the court's verdict. we are sorry about what happened in the courtroom for his own reasons perhaps moral reasons general probably took his own life it's clear what he thought about the verdict in our opinion also it was unfair. yaks suicide ends his own chapter in croatia troubled history but a wider reconciliation still seems a distant prospect. well the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues on long will see if they.
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can go for. independence some criticize. and try to go on fat chick upsets me controversial. new video evidence
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