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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 1, 2017 4:00am-4:03am CET

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and here is toddlers being hit by his mother. breaking at last. his child sleeps in the streets because her family through her. here. online billing. pushes a teenager over the edge. just because you can see violence against children doesn't mean it isn't there make the invisible visible of us might violence against children disappear. the e.u. and the african union have agreed on a plan to dismantle people smuggling networks and repatriate stranded migrants in libya the plan was drawn up during
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a summit in ivory coast hundreds of thousands of migrants have crossed the sahara on the mediterranean trying to reach europe. german chancellor angela merkel has met with leaders of the social democrats to discuss a possible coalition government s.p.d. leader martin originally rejected the idea but he changed his position after michael's talks with two smaller parties collapsed. pope francis urged the world to act fast to solve the right engine refugee crisis the pontiff made the call from bangladesh shortly after arriving from neighboring me on maher he praised bangladesh for taking in so many roads francis is due to meet some of them on friday. navy says it has given up all hope of finding the crew of a missing submarine alive international teams will continue to search for any signs
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of the sub which disappeared more than two weeks ago with forty four crew on board . the cost of crude rises. will rival u.s. companies. also coming up global trade ministers promised to tackle. but they can't agree on much. as they say what. well over tariffs and dumping prices. and tensions in between kenya and tanzania over cattle owned by the mass people who graze their livestock on both sides of the border. this is your business update on how it all free in berlin thanks for joining me about.


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