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connected to the who will. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and trialling services. biala gassed at frankfurt and bought city managed by from. this is due to be a news live from berlin pope francis breaks his silence on the plight of the right hinge out calling for decisive international action on the refugee crisis the catholic leader has been celebrating an outdoor mass in bangladesh where more than
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six hundred thousand mahindra are now living having fled violence in the and more he said to meet some of those refugees later today also coming up just on the machall needs a potential partner as germany's president tries to break the country's political deadlock can the former coalition become the new coalition government. plus the countdown to next year's world cup in russia begins with excitement growing ahead of today's draw for the tournaments groups. i'm brian thomas welcome to the show pope francis is in bangladesh where he's praise the south asian nation for giving shelter to re-injure refugees fleeing in mar the pontiff but an open outdoor mass for some one hundred thousand roman catholics in. bangladeshi capital dhaka but he did not directly mention the ethnic
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identity of the me and my muslim group francis is stayed away from allegations that me and mars army is waging an ethnic cleansing campaign against the road the pontiff will meet some brilliant refugees later today and following the pope's visit for us is our a photo islam from did have used bengalis service our fertility catholic minority in bangladesh has been under immense pressure how important is the pope's visit for that it actually experienced a trauma charts in buying of this has gone missing it isn't the end he was also said at the local missionary school in northern bottle of this and accused intruder was hacked to death in the same area last year and that tax on minute is that if you're going to numbers to majority country. let's think that you know if you have to be behind. didn't get.
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laid by the pool at a historic walk. this morning ok now you're on your way again to the refugee camp and cox's bazaar where many of the range all right now what are they hoping to hear from the pope. and you just mentioned. you've got to introduce me to the park and it. is but there are many a lot of people that they have high hopes that. will get them on the bottom back to. me and. that group includes sixteen people who are out at only six hundred if you do it's ok we're going to you're going to have to leave it to o.t. that the line is breaking up we're going to have to leave that uplink to bangladesh cox bazaar in our fit to islam joining us from there from our gali service. well
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here in germany last night the country's president brought together a chance for all america on the leader of the country's social democrats martin schultz with the aim of breaking the impasse over the formation of a new government for the country meeting at the presidential palace bellevue here in berlin lasted more than two hours afterwards the party leaders left without making any formal statements council on a macro has been trying to put together a workable alliance since september inconclusive elections the social democrat leader martin scholtz at first ruled out forming another coalition with michael's conservatives but the pressure is building on him to reconsider that position. so how things go last night joining me now to talk about that is our correspondent all over celica morning all over to you you know after the first meeting do we have a sketch now of what we can expect for these talks but we don't know for sure if there will be any other talks at this point though so rumors basically right now we
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are waiting for any official confirmation of that of course what we know is the talks lasted laying longer than expected and this was quite a historic situation really when the president called in all leaders of different german parties here in especially yesterday the social democrats and the christian democrats here to sort of like fight set the basis for possible exploratory talks later today there will be a press statement very likely of martin shields reason a very complicated situation because he would have to perform a u. turn he promised several times that he would not go into another coalition there with. christian democrats now and because of that what we can expect if these exploratory talks would start if there will be this process continues what we could expect there is that they would put up a high price tag on continuing to cooperate ok so so what happens next where does
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this go from here. well the next step certainly will be that we will have to hear an official statement of march in seoul so as germany wakes up right now the whole country is excitedly awaiting any further steps your phone from the social democrats because americans party certainly is ready to negotiate here it's all eyes on the social democrats right now and even if he says yes let's continue then we will certainly have to wait for their party convention they will have to ask the voter base because of this huge turn and i've just that i've just described he will have to ask his party base for permission this will happen by the end of the week ok so first we have to wait for marshals to say something there's a big if right there and then it goes to the s.p.d. the social democrats base they have to vote on it over here is that the young social democrats are not particularly in favor of going into talks with the christian democrats with all americans so the big step really is this vote by
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the social democrats coming up i mean that's fair to say isn't it fair to say i mean there's not only the young social democrats who really oppose this move they were weakened by the recent election was historic election defeat for the social democrats martin chills the s.p.d. leader is very much weaken and they fear that going into another grand coalition would weaken them any further ok oliver stone thanks very much for that this morning. now to some of the other stories making the news at this hour here at the w. . argentina's navy says it has given up all hope that the forty four man crew of a missing submarine will be found alive efforts to locate the vessel will continue in the ocean off argentina's coast as believe an explosion on board caused the submarine to saying more than two weeks ago. riot police in hundred doors have clashed with supporters of the main opposition candidate in the presidential election after you use the electoral court of fraud delays in releasing results
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from sunday's election raised suspicions of vote manipulation with ninety three percent of dallas now counted incumbent president won orlando hernandez holds a slim lead. videos showing prison guards appearing to torture inmates have sparked an investigation in brazil prosecutors have opened a probe against three prisons the state prosecutor in charge as the incidents are evidence of the chaos installed in the prison system earlier this year a number of prison riots left dozens of inmates dead. a panel chaired by japan's prime minister shinzo abbay has agreed a date for the country's emperor to abdicate akihito will step down on april the thirtieth two thousand and nineteen with his eldest son the crown prince naruhito taking the throne it's the first abdication in about two centuries in japan akihito eighty three years old and has suffered ill health. and emergency plan has been put
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together at a summit of european and african leaders in ivory coast in response to the shocking reports of slave auctions in libya the emergency measures will see the evacuation of some four thousand migrants stranded in libya but the african union says there could be actually as many as seven hundred thousand migrants trapped in libya a good number of them at the mercy of the highest that are. french president a man on the court led the way by saying that migrants should be hauled to leave libya as quickly as possible delegates from the african and european union summit in ivory coast agreed on an action plan and a crisis meeting on the sidelines of the summit it involves increased spending and setting up a task force to facilitate the rapid repatriation of migrants next year the stimulus we must act quickly we must evacuate those who are willing to help them get back to their home countries. mccall was talking about people like adam from
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the ivory coast adam was abducted on his way to europe by people traffickers in libya and sold on many times you know often we don't see ms and. they looked at us and a house was up and then someone gave me a telephone to call my mother he took a knife and cut my leg. while i was screaming he kept shouting i want money i want money we cut my leg again and again want to cried cause he pleaded with us. in the end adams family paid a ransom of five hundred fifty euros. two weeks ago he was flown back to ivory coast by the international organization for migration. the organization plays a central role in the new action plan it is tasked with bringing the migrants home but according to regional director not been a sham many parts of libya are too dangerous for her workers without the help of
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the military. we may have. detention facilities around by the libyan government in the north of course it remains challenging security is still a difficult issue even in those areas. so the logistics of these of these operations are quite quite complex. however participants in a summit have promised to start implementing parts of the action plan in the coming days according to mr faqih chairperson of the african union commission thousands of my brits in libya have already been identified that there is no usable we have convinced our international partners in europe and the united nations to repatriate three thousand eight hundred people immediately with the help of the task force. but you always did when you saw. libya is the only issue delegates were able to agree on there was no resolution on what was meant to be the main goal of the
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summit developing a new strategy to help africa's youth expectations have been high but it seems africa's most vulnerable have been left out in the cold. more let's go straight to ivory coast indeed have you correspondent young philip schultz he's in operation for us young fellow first of all can you tell us more about this emergency plan and the task force to help rescue the african migrants in the slaves in libya right now . mainly a. french president might draw and the outlines were discussed during an emergency meeting at the summit john from what we know at the moment it's mainly contains two aspects first of all more money for organizations involved in the rescue operations which is mainly the international organization for migration and then secondly the creation of a task force that force post to be made up by intelligence units and police units
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and they are supposed to find out more about the human trafficking networks in the desert and then eventually mesh those networks it's hard to say at the moment of the plan will really be successful it's definitely an important initiative looking at those terrible reports about the conditions in libya but people that work on the ground say that it's impossible to operate in a lot of those areas unless they have a very strong military and this suspect the military aspect is left at the splenda at the moment and certainly will need to be discussed no doubt now have these reports that you mentioned coming out of libya the slave markets to networks the terrible conditions have they been affecting the flow of migrants into libya are migrants now trying to get north via other routes instead. no not really i think where n'est work of course is an important aspect and the information about those dangerous routes. they have to get oh it's but i've talked
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to a lot of migrants on their way and i think a lot of them are quite aware of the risks involved but they think there's this general feeling ok it might happen to others i've heard about it but it won't happen to me and of course the level of desperation is quite high no matter people to leave from conflict all from poverty generally from both perspectives i told even met people that went through hell and live you know or parts like. on their way to europe then they went back home and they even want to try it again ok now this summit was supposed to address some of that lack of perspective you just talked about did it come up with a. no it definitely didn't it was quite disappointing disappointing there was this initiative by france but apart from that there were
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not a lot of clear outcomes of the summit i think it has several reasons first of course of all of course the trafficking issue dominated the whole. there were obviously also some tensions between european and african representatives basically the africans. yes we want. but we don't want those permanent lectures about the europeans only once to get financial assistance when they are commitments to policy improvements and good governance young fellah feels for us and obvious john thanks very much. this is due to the news still to come on the show the countdown to next year's football world cup in russia begins with a side wind growing ahead of today's draw for the tournaments groups. and their hearts here now with news about a real milestone on i'm just finishing this terror on i'm just finishing this text
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message actually this whole. this texting the texting revolution actually started exactly twenty five years ago this coming sunday tiny strings of words traveling from one mobile phone to another in a flash that's the short message an s.m.s. by now humanity is generating well over fifteen million text messages every minute that means we're sending about eight trillion on the bus or see you later around the world every year that's a lot of communique communicating no matter how you look at it and these numbers do not even include apt messages. and that text message i sent her lawyer was of course to our tech editor you're killin it to come into the studio give us some perspective on that communication revolution and what's in store for the future and guess what here is it worked. how have text messages changed our lives
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with text messages have saved our lives sometimes a room marriage is texting has helped organize demonstrations to topple dictators text messages have also made telecom companies awfully awfully rich and since the original text message was limited to one hundred sixty characters only i remember that yeah yeah people came up with their own slaying called text speak and i have a few examples for you and i one of you can guess them still go to some of some of them are still used today so you might find it easy others you might find difficult here we go before. great years or see you and the war don't get me wrong i don't know if the yam yet another meeting oh another. you know there may have been easy it in two thousand and three a girl is student a thirteen year old student in britain was asked to write an. essay about her
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summer holiday and this is what she wrote and i wonder if you can guess that it's a lot more complicated. summer holidays yeah whatever that means before we used to go to new york to see. ok no i mean this is far too old for this show ok i can still get it and it's my summer holidays were complete waste of time we used to go to new york to see my brother his girlfriend and his three kids face to face i love new york it's a great place good tutoring for children for old people like me you mention the telecommunication companies made a lot of profit from text messages can you explain that well text messages you know were limited to one hundred sixty characters and it was also limited to one hundred twenty eight bytes and it used to cost nine hundred cents to send one of those old text messages and in order to put that into perspective i figured something out and
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here we go charging at the same price per byte is six hundred fifty megabyte music cd would cost sixty thousand u.s. dollars texting the original text messages were a goldmine for telecommunications companies but the. gum companies are not making that much money anymore they kind of with the advance of what's happened other. exactly if you want to you know find an exact year when the original text message died it would have been two thousand and nine when well what's app was founded but you know they're still still other ways to make money and there are some companies which have great ideas for the future what are they very briefly well texting a message into the future maybe the future imagine getting a voicemail from your grandmother who died years ago or if you eighteenth birthday you get a video of your dad rocking you to bed as
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a baby as an in app called incubate which is offering that service it's a time delay messenger and some find it creepy others love it would rather spooky you're in there thank you very much. and for more the history of text messaging and how it has changed our lives check out our website e.w. dot com slash business now who does a city belong to the citizens you might think but for an increasing number of them living in the city has become an affordable i can berlin property prices have been rising for years in many big cities that's why investors from all over the world are buying large apartment blocks converting them into condominiums and selling the single units for a higher price it's a good deal for them but less so for tenants many could be driven out of their homes because they can pay the higher rents we have this report from berlin. every time and in berlin every time and if you're paying rent you are at risk.
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if you pending there is no right that guarantees everyone can live in city centers . of course the city must be there for those who live and work in it otherwise it will stop being a city of. who does a city belong to and who can afford to live in it a common topic among berliners in the working class quite spec district many residents live on modest incomes so they're upset about the current push towards modernization which could end up doubling their rents but that's the plan for real estate firms like phoenix play house the tenants so they can re rent flats or sell them. big companies don't like to be named and shamed the shareholders don't like it. the government and the senate who are doing nothing about this need our votes and we need to shout more to them about doing something about it to the mix.
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in the city. when investors are lured by internet ads if you realize that others are losing their homes and it's not only the real estate that's being dressed up the publication of the paradise papers reveal that phoenix prey had concealed rental income to the tune of millions of euros many berlin homes are registered to subsidiaries in new jersey a tax haven. in the past few years berlin real estate prices have risen steadily people from around the world want to invest here the austrian company asimo ogg a started buying up houses and commercial properties in the city more than ten years ago this is even though it still quote unquote cheap compared to other metropolitan cities and we forecast that berlin will make this legion so if you believe it will happen and you compare it to other major cities then you'll see there's still a long way to go. for urban ologists this conflict between
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investors and renters is detrimental to cities in the long term that's busy and as to things that have yet to what we're seeing is that these exploitative strategies are diametrically opposed to the city's interests and needs and that the solution is relatively simple limit those market forces. some say cities should belong to everyone because houses aren't just investments they're people's homes. now this friday is a crucial day full football fans by and i imagine has to be a lot of texting about that gary hart you better believe it with only about two hundred days now until the world cup kicks off in russia next year tonight the competition groups will be decided by the luck of the draw at a star studded ceremony in moscow did obvious emily sharon has been out gauging. the mood among russians that it's thirty it's minus seven degrees celsius in moscow but that doesn't stop the amateur football team. they play at least once
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a week no matter what the weather. on the morrow he has been playing with the team for two years he's a school sports teacher but on and off the pitch soccer has always been his passion . both around the world and here in russia football is the game of the people you have to strike shoot beautiful goals we may not be at the world cup but we definitely try to play an elegant game of over seven hundred thousand tickets to the world cup in russia have already been sold so far about half of them have gone to the country's own fans including alex on the. list there are reminders of the upcoming event daughter it across moscow even a countdown to the kickoff. and the majority of russians feel positive about hosting the world cup this coming year. it's a good thing of course a lot of tourists a lot of guests will come and we're always happy to have guests but i think. it's
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a serious major event and i know that a lot of people are already buying tickets online people here are definitely looking forward to the world cup. the world cup has given a boost to the infrastructure of cities like russell. and wonderful stadiums have been built now the guest just have to arrive. the city of moscow has been feverish lee preparing as well investing one and a half billion euros to improve pedestrian zones and roads. in cooperation with the city has even given one of its metro trains a make over it will be spreading the soccer spirit across moscow until the end of the world cup. but alex on that and his team mates won't be needing any encouragement when it comes to the soccer spirit today they're watching a game at a teammate's local bar. alexandre
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has been an avid football fan since he was six he'll of course be back in his home team at the world cup and will be watching the draw closely. with the hosts so the main thing is for us to at least come in first or second in a group we hope that the russian team will end up in an easy group but the whole country is hoping for an easy group just on the top of the russian national team currently is the lowest ranked of all the world cup participants but no matter who wins fans like alex on there can still enjoy a month of the beautiful game. modernize . the top stories we're following for you here d.w. pope francis is in bangladesh at this hour where he's led an open air mass for some one hundred thousand catholics in that country. he praised the country for giving
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shelter to refugees fleeing me and maher but stopped short of calling that minority group by name. just on the macros met the leader of germany's social democrats with the aim of breaking the deadlock over forming a new government for the country the meeting at the presidential palace bellevue in berlin lasted more than two hours party leaders left without giving any formal statements. well don't forget you can always get the news on the go just download or on from google player from the apple store and that gives you access to the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for breaking news you can also use the app to send us photos of the us. and don't forget there's always plenty more at our website as well dot com you can also follow us on twitter and facebook for now though for me brian thomas in the entire news team thanks so much for being with us.
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designed to make decisions by bundesliga referees more transparent and that sarah. but it doesn't. kick off next. more intrigued the international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week following a new african union summit europe and africa work together as equal partners to do young africans a brighter future on their own that's our topic this week on quadriga join us. in sixty minutes on. every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word published in the. nico is in germany to learn german why not learn
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