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which breastfeeding is often frowned upon and adults will formula abound with profit is more important than my baby's well being how do i know how to make the right decision. moon starting december ninth on d w. this is d.w. news live from berlin a surprise announcement from the leader of germany social democrats the party that holds the key to breaking the political deadlock after september's elections martinsville says he is no longer ruling out
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a coalition with chancellor angela merkel's conservatives but it is far from a done deal. also coming up pope francis breaks his silence on the plight of the rohingya he is calling for decisive international action on the refugee crisis he's been celebrating an outdoor mass in bangladesh for more than six hundred thousand warheads are now living after fleeing from violence and me and mom. and on world aids day we meet a woman who is fighting to break the stigma associated with the disease she's speaking out about living with hiv in india in a bid to end the social isolation that often comes with aids. i'm susan what's going to thank you for joining us we start right here in germany where the leader of the social democrats martin schultz has said his party has decided not to rule out any options for a new government. although shell's denied media reports that he'd agreed to
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coalition talks with chancellor angela merkel that you know conservatives his statement is a softening in stance after the september election shuls ruled out forming another governing alliance with merkel's party as a so-called grand coalition has governed germany for the last four years. as governor of a. song but there was broad support for not ruling out any options when it comes to forming a government we have an active government in place we're not under any time pressure so i poke. their party forced out this video out of the s.p.d. party leadership will discuss on monday which recommendation we will give to the party conference not us like big event. debbie is political correspondent all of us how it has been following this story for us all day hi oliver so martin szell saying there is that broad support support for not ruling out any options what do you make of this well yeah no news when it comes to the political stalemate in
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germany but we've just seen a very emotional and upset martin schulz and if it's true what he said the conservative party deliberately gave wrong information to the press and the certainly draws many questions on on the mutual trust and even in spite they worked together they cooperated in a grand coalition for four years now and they did so quite successfully certainly arises the question how are they going to cooperate in the future with this breach of trust that has also happened a couple days before in smaller other issues and shoals as you said says now all options are on the table again including a minority government so it's not set in stone that that there will be another grand coalition of course and we'll certainly have to see how this is going to how this is going to develop. controls was responding to reports that had come out
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earlier today that the s.p. day that he had given the green light the party members that the party leaders rather had given the green light to talk about a coalition with a chance for america and he was very clear on that let's listen to exactly what he said. the marriage will. be here and i confirm he denied the headline green light for grand coalition because she ations it's simply wrong this seems to have come from union circles or something i've just talked about very mrs merkel and i've told her it's unacceptable you know. rhenish that we watch because i don't want to speculate who from the union want to damage him with this for me one thing is clear he has spread false news destroys trust. paul so he is destroyed talk about destroying trust they're all over and martin chills himself has been in a difficult position he's had to change his position a few times what do you think all of this means for his political fate that's right
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india he had to first of all he had to do this u. turn or he would do a u. turn if he came back to the negotiating table to sort of like start exploratory talks he's held accountable for an historic election defeat so he's very much weakened in his position of course bought a new government would be in his interest if there were new elections for instance if you follow the scenario then he could not under those circumstances be the top candidate for the s.p.d. party ever after having or after being held accountable for this historic election defeat of his own party so he's in a very difficult situation right now but of course he also is trying to any decision that is coming in following now he was trying to put this on solid grounds and this is why he wants to get his voter base approving this decision and he wants time for that to get the best deal for his party to negotiate social democratic
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policies with the conservative party. views all over salat covering this for us are all over thank you very much for your insight moving on to some other news now of pope francis is in bangladesh where he has praised the country for giving shelter to row hinge on refugees fleeing man mark he broke his silence on the muslim minorities plight by calling for decisive action to stop what the un calls ethnic cleansing the pope's visit though is aimed at reaching catholics in bangladesh in the capital dhaka he led an open air mass for a crowd of tens of thousands. even though catholics make up less than one percent of the population it felt like most of them had turned up here during mass the pope or jane sixteen new bangladeshi priests that's a sign of the relative freedom the church enjoys here but this freedom can't be taken for granted christians are often persecuted in this region which is why for
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fear of their safety francis has walked a diplomatic tight rope over a growing humanitarian crisis more than half a million people have fled here to escape persecution in neighboring myanmar these range of muslims aren't even recognized in that country forcing the pope to balance diplomatic niceties with his moral imperative. on thursday after meeting bangladeshis president used his sharpest language yet on this trip but you can avoid it identifying the ranger by name. is imperative that the international community takes decisive measures to address risk grave crisis not only by working to resolve the political issues have led to this must displacement of people but also by offering immediate material assistance to bangladesh in its efforts to respond effectively to urgence human needs. francis isn't sure jewel to visit this refugee camp close to the myanmar border but nonetheless the focal point of his
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trip is a meeting with a range of delegation in dhaka. let's bring in d.w. south asia expert center pictures and she just returned from a reporting trip to bangladesh and she's here with us in studio hi sandra you did visit some refugee camps in bangladesh what did you hear what did you see there i mean the sheer dimension of these camps which are all in the south of the country around the city of cox bazaar is just mind blowing if you walk through the camps you see that the influx has been very very sad and we spend quite a bit of time in below kali camp which is the second biggest after a long and this part of kali camp at the moment hosts about three hundred fifty thousand which you know very sudden influx so you see how it's made of bamboo and plastic you see you know open sewage running through the camp water sanitation is a big big issue you see latrines being set up right next to hand pumps you know or bore holes to get. drinking water but the drinking water if you take samples about
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eighty percent that's what we heard a contented with e. coli bacteria leading to infectious diseases like acute watery diarrhea and there's also a drive you know to immunize people like cholera and it's spreading amongst children and just to keep in mind more than fifty percent of those refugees are children status children because there are neither a tony m r nor in bangladesh talk about a very dramatic situation facing those refugees and it comes at a time when the pope is visiting bangladesh and catholics there have also been under pressure how important is this visit then for them i mean for them it's the first visit of a pope since the mid eighty's and there are a tiny minority in bangladesh i mean below zero point five percent actually and there have been. attacks against christians as well as against other minorities and of course there is fear where does this hatred you know the hatred against the
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other come from who are the people behind the rise of intolerance that we've seen bangladesh on a political but also on a religious level we've heard that the pope has had to be very careful in how he can address the refugee situation although he has condemned the plight facing where he has not said the word for him to for example what can he do to help i mean a lot of people see him as a messenger of hope as a messenger of peace and yes he steered away from using the word. calling them what they are a stateless people for diplomatic reasons i assume but i mean he did draw attention to their plight he did ask the international community to step in even more you know to accelerate their help because bangladesh alone simply is not coping and he also very diplomatically asked for a political solution because that is what is really needed to give these stateless people a home and the only home they have known for you know decades is rakhine state in
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one market and you said that bangladesh is struggling to cope six hundred thousand were going to refugees have crossed into bangladesh can bangladesh support this community alone no i mean these six hundred something thousand has been the influx of the last three months alone there were other huge refugees you know entering the country for that so you know if you look at the overall figures we're looking at over a million people that need to be supported and of course being stateless being refugees it means you have no access to schools to health. let alone talking franchise or anything like that so really they are totally dependent at the moment on international help and they hope that is given to them by the people of bangladesh . views asunder pictures money has just returned from reporting in bangladesh sandra thank you for your insight. now to some other stories making headlines around the world argentina's navy says it has given up all hope that the forty four
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man crew of a missing submarine will be found alive efforts to locate the vessel will continue in the ocean off argentina's coast it is believed an explosion on board caused the submarine to sink more than two weeks ago riot police in honduras have clashed with supporters of the main opposition candidate in the presidential election after he had to use the electoral court of fraud delays in releasing results from sunday's election have race especially a vote manipulation with a ninety three percent of ballots counted incumbent president won orlando and mundus holds a slim lead. a panel chaired by japan's prime minister shinzo i.v. has agreed on a date for the country's emperor to abdicate ok he took will step down on april thirtieth two thousand and nineteen with his eldest son crown prince not a veto taking the throne it is the first application in nearly two centuries akihito is eighty three and in poor health. now an emergency plan has been drawn up at a summit of european and african leaders in the ivory coast in response to the shocking
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reports of slavery auctions in libya the emergency measures will see the evacuation of nearly four thousand people stranded there but the african union says there could actually be as many as seven hundred thousand migrants trapped in libya a good number of them at the mercy of the highest better. french president among them are let the way by saying that migrants should be hauled to leave libya as quickly as possible delegates from the african and european union summit and i'm very coast agreed on an action plan and a crisis meeting on the sidelines of the summit it involves increased spending i'm setting up a task force to facilitate the rapid repatriation of migrants. next year the stimulus we must act quickly we must evacuate those who are willing to help them get back to their home countries will be diligent mccall was talking about people like adam from ivory coast adam was abducted on his way to europe by people
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traffickers in libya and sold on many times you know often we don't see ms and. they look at us and a house was up and then someone gave me a telephone to call my mother he took a knife and cut my leg. while i was screaming he kept shouting i want money i want money she cut my leg again and again while i cried cause he pleaded with us. in the end adams family paid a ransom of five hundred fifty euros. two weeks ago he was flown back to ivory coast by the international organization for migration. the organization plays a central role in the new action plan it is tasked with bringing the migrants home but according to regional director might be an ashram many parts of libya are too dangerous for her workers without the help of the military. we may have access to detention facilities around by the libyan government in the north of
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course it remains challenging security is still a difficult issue even in those areas. so the logistics of these of these operations are quite quite complex however participants in the summit have promised to start implementing parts of the action plan in the coming days according to mussa faqih chairperson of the african union commission thousands of my brits in libya have already been identified. that there is no we haven't convinced our international partners in europe and the united nations to repatriate three thousand eight hundred people immediately with the help of the task force. but you always did when you saw. libya is the only issue delegates were able to agree on there was no resolution on what was meant to be the main goal of the summit developing a nice transit aid to help africa's youth expectations have been high but it seems africa's most vulnerable have been left out in the cold. all right well ben is here
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now with more in a problem that we face daily bana that's bumping into people on the street while texting it can be hazardous yeah definitely how many times if you bump into someone these days when someone comes walking towards me texting away i stand there that's usually me walking toward. me but imagine doing it with a phone like this wow is this really a cell phone it's an original nokia it's very heavy it's extremely heavy you need to hands to use one of these basically but what i'm getting at is it can be very dangerous these days while texting walking down the street driving especially there are lots of positives about texting as well to talk about the texting revolution started exactly twenty five years ago this sunday tiny strings of words traveling from one mobile phone to another in a flash that's the short messaging service or s.m.s. humanity is now generating well over fifteen million texts
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a minute on an annual basis that would be about eight trillion i'm on my way and see you later is around the world that's a lot of communicating no matter how you look at it and the numbers don't even include apt to apple messaging we'll get to that in a moment first let's talk about the communications revolution with york yelling it from our business disk who's also here to give us a glimpse into the future as far as communication goes york let me just put this phone down it's extremely heavy. how have text messages change the world of text messages have saved people's lives they've ruined marriages they've helped organize demonstrations to topple dictators and they have made telecommunications companies really really rich they've also changed our language you know the first messages were limited to one hundred sixty characters only and in order to say a lot of people came up with new abbreviations a new slang and it was called text speak and i have
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a few examples for you we can bring them in and now one of you can actually tell me what they mean i'll try my best these ones are easy for later great see you. don't get me wrong and it's not easy on me you know it i mean it's something that we all love it's yet another meeting oh yet another meeting another like them either now you mentioned gold mines how much of a gold mine have text messages before being full telecoms companies. you know the amount of data of an original text message was limited to a hundred and twenty eight bytes that's very very tiny and i've come up with a calculation and. charged at the same price per byte you know a six hundred fifty megabyte music cd would cost more than sixty thousand dollars and that's assuming when
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a text message used to cost nine hundred cents so for communications companies it was not just gold mines text messages were diamonds for telecommunications companies so for those of us who thought it was a cheap way of communicating it was actually quite a lucrative one for the telecoms companies now of course you can dictate your text messages these days which is pretty cool how's it going to develop are we going to be able to text what we think at some stage i mean that could be dangerous that could be but imagine another service and it's already here that service you can send messages into the future how does that work imagine you know you get a voicemail from your grandmother who passed away years ago or if you eighteenth birthday you get a video of your dad rocking you as a baby to sleep so seriously people are already doing this yes i mean i know people who've stumbled across old messages from people who've died passed on but people as seriously organizing themselves like this yes they do that on purpose and the
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episode called incubate is a time delay messenger some find it creepy some love it wow and it's actually catching on and they're making money out of it of course yes they are commercials anything else on how text messaging is going to change our lives will continue to change our lives well let me see let me find my i phone so i can check what else is this possible you know the future seems to be texting it seems to be. it will be possible one day to text to go to the moon and how is that possible well next year there's a certain moon is mission coming up and a few companies will put up a cell phone network there so yes you will be able to text to the moon next year you are given a thank you very much for coming in and filling us in on the history of text messaging and the future and more on how text messages have changed our lives check out our website e.w. dot com slash business from one revolution to the next could the doona kababs days
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be numbered we're talking about a very meaty sandwich sold on every street corner in berlin a turkish invention covered in garlic the european union is considering banning phosphates in durness that's what holds the meat together the plan has kabob shop owners in a spin. but reese don't mezzo owns a journey kabob shop in the busy mitten neighborhood of berlin and he does a good business here but kabob shop owners around germany are up in arms about a new e.u. regulation that would ban phosphates from germany. not to mention the stuff also so i expect a small bit of damage to our business. but i'm convinced that the dearness is a stablished enough to survive it. it's trendy it's part of berlin so i think this small issue will not be the end of the journey kabob. just got the bike on with us and you know the. recent health reports have linked phosphates to cardiovascular
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disease but the kabab industry says phosphates are needed to keep the meat juicy and consistent but don't miss the shop won't be directly affected by the ban he doesn't use meat containing phosphates. we only use one hundred percent of rio and no minced meat. and his customers are happy without phosphates to. the standard doesn't even have phosphates and because it's not made of means i eat that's why i eat my dinner here and not somewhere else is that your human to know and one that's without phosphates germany's favorite guilty pleasure might just get a little bit healthier. and i'll have a full fifteen minutes of business for you next hour back to sue me and it's world aids day that's right then it's on the stage in particular the people who take stock of the fight against hiv now thanks to better treatments people with aids are now living longer and with better quality of life than ever before one of them is mono an indian woman who tested positive eighteen years ago she dreams of
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a world where people affected by hiv are treated without discrimination. mona bologna is one of the few women in india who speak openly about being infected with hiv she's lived with the virus for twenty years the husband and son both died from complications of aids the government hiv program started just in time for medical treatment and free drugs have saved her life lesson for us living with aids they were the main business. men i couldn't dance but my wildest woman being with the trucks or helping me need to live a normal life her oldest son mohit is a child of a negative but his still suffered other children were not allowed to play with him he also feared losing his mother for mona the social exclusion is almost as bad as the illness itself. he saw my fight with this is safety he saw my
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fight with my soul because he is the witness since childhood. whole i am suffering with my health something. i am struggling with my vote and my health and my. duties of my family. just over two million people in india a living like mirna with hiv the government is making a concerted effort to combat the epidemic with some success the number of people infected with hiv has half since two thousand and ten one reason for this is that india does not recognise the peyton's filed by western drug companies more than half of aids patients receive free medication produced in india i want copy because . the so i think india believes in access to treatment for everybody and therefore whatever is necessary good quality treatment is available generic drugs
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of course drastically. takes part in a support group in delhi she tells young h.i.v. patients they need not fear for the future with treatment they can even have healthy children. i lost my younger son. because i was not aware that i hope best. during my pregnancy or after my delivery so it was lack of knowledge. the battle against the h.i.v. virus is certainly not been won in india but there has been significant progress thanks to people like mono bologna. time for some sports now and in football in the bundesliga this weekend the coaches the two of germany's biggest clubs are feeling the heat darkman spit out bush hasn't led his team to a league win since september well cologne haven't managed
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a victory all season both need results this weekend or they could be out of a job come monday morning. well received in dire straits off to rival child care came back from food bill down to the drew in the rue a doggy serious questions are being asked about coach peter portions future. that's perfectly normal i wouldn't expect anything different i saw it happen to my coaches when i was a player and you know i'm a coach myself and know that to top a necessity i don't waste any thoughts on it because that would get me nowhere. about this brinkman it's but bush isn't the only bundesliga coach on the brink. with just two points from thirteen games to none have made the worst start to a bundesliga season in history it's enough to put even a popular and long serving touch like peter stirred under pressure but the sidelines from the club's boardroom has been deafening. i just think that
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clarity would be a very valuable thing. it would help if we had some clear statements like it's. perhaps he just stood there should be careful what he wishes for with cologne up against high flying childcare and don't wind facing leverkusen this weekend could see the fate of both struggling coaches sealed once and for all. surfing now and tyler wright has retained her world a surf league title after a fighting performance at the maui women's pro in hawaii the australian tamed two metre high waist to hold off the competition at honolulu a bank right came into the event in second place overall but showed great skill and composure to beat the wild card race to hennessy in the quarterfinals and clinch her second consecutive title american porcupine lodge world title hopes were dashed for the third year running after she lost out to nicky then died. thanks for
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watching we'll be right back here at the top of the our. international. journalists discuss the topic of the week following a new african union summit. africa work together as equal partners to give young
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