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or to computer in this case. a few years and lots of feelings of the instruments that steer us and whoever can control these feelings has great power over us but you can bet. don't go rhythms instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth on t w. this is d w news live from berlin a surprise announcement from the leader of germany's social democrats the party that holds the key to breaking the political deadlock after september's elections martin short says he is no longer ruling out a coalition with chancellor angela merkel's conservatives but it is far from
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a done deal. also coming out pope francis meets with rohingya refugees in bangladesh apologizing to them for the world's indifference but that's after he failed to to raise their plight publicly on his visit to myanmar. i'm so me so much kind of thank you for joining us we start with the political crisis here in germany the leader of the social democrats martin schultz says all options are still on the table for forming a government a speaking earlier today she said party leaders will consider the options and present a recommendation for you at a party conference later this month the s.p.d. membership will have the final word on whether to start talks with the conservatives shuls have ruled that out after september elections but he has come under intense pressure to help break the deadlock in forming
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a government. let's listen to what martin schultz had to say discover the. song if you are in but there was support for not ruling out any options when it comes to forming a government we have an active government in place we're not under any time pressure so i poke. there part time for a start there's plenty of up and your party leadership will discuss on monday which recommendation we will hear if the party conference. didn't correspondent all of us how it has been following the story for us all day hi all a very so martin shields saying there is that broad support support for not ruling out any options what do you make of this well yeah no news when it comes to the political stalemate in germany but we've just seen a very emotional and upset margin scholz and if it's true what he said the conservative party deliberately gave wrong information to the press and the
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certainly draws many questions on the on the mutual trust and even in spite they work together they cooperated in a grand coalition for four years now and they did so quite successfully it certainly rises the question how are they going to cooperate in the future with this breach of trust that has also happened a couple days before in small or other issues and as you said says now all options are on the table again including a minority government so it's not set in stone that that there will be another grand coalition of course and we'll certainly have to see how this is going to how this is going to develop. controls was responding to reports that it come out earlier today that the s.p. day that he had given the green light the party members that the party leaders rather had given the green light to talk about a coalition with the chancellor merkel and she was very clear on that let's listen to exactly what he said. the marriage will. be
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here and i can family tonight the headline green light for a grand coalition negotiations it's simply wrong this seems to have come from union circles or something i've just talked about re mrs merkel and i've told her it's unacceptable. rhenish that we watch because i don't want to speculate who from the union want to damage with this for me one thing is clear he has spread false news destroys trust. paul so he is destroyed talk about destroying trust they're all over and martin chilton south has been in a difficult position he's had to change his position a few times what do you think all of this means for his political fate that's right india if he had to first of all he had to do this u. turn or he would do a u. turn if he came back to the negotiating table to sort of like start exploratory
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talks he's held accountable for an historic election defeat so he's very much weakened in his position of course. new government would be in his interest if there were new elections for instance if you follow the scenario then he could not under no circumstances be the top candidate for the s.p.d. party ever after having or after being held accountable for this historic election defeat of his own party so he's in a very difficult situation right now but of course he also is trying to any decision that is coming in following now he was trying to put this on solid grounds and this is why he wants to get his voter base approving this decision and he wants time for that to get the best deal for his party to negotiate social democratic policies with the conservative party. oliver salat covering this for us are oliver thank you very much for your insight. to some other news now and the pope francis
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has asked for forgiveness from rohingya muslims for the quote indifference of the world the head of the catholic church met with a small group of refugees during his tour of bangladesh he held hands with them as he listened to their stories there were hinges and just a few of the more than six hundred thousand to have reached the country after fleeing their homes in me and maher the united nations has described their persecution as ethnic cleansing earlier pope francis praised bangladesh for giving shelter to working to refugees and called for decisive action to end the humanitarian crisis his visit though was aimed at reaching out to catholics in the capital dhaka he led an open air mass for a crowd of tens of thousands. even though catholics make up less than one percent of the population it felt like most of them had turned up here during mass the pope or jane sixteen new bangladeshi priests that's a sign of the relative freedom the church enjoys here but this freedom can't be taken for granted christians are often persecuted in this region which is why for
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fear of their safety francis has walked a diplomatic tight rope over a growing humanitarian crisis more than half a million people have fled here to escape persecution in neighboring myanmar these range of muslims aren't even recognized in that country forcing the pope to balance diplomatic niceties with his moral imperative. on thursday after meeting bangladesh's president used his sharpest language yet on this trip but again avoided identifying the ranger by name. is imperative that the international community takes decisive measures to address risk grave crisis not only by working to resolve the political issues that have led to this must displacement of people but also by offering immediate material assistance to bangladesh in its efforts to respond effectively to urgence human needs. francis is in shuttle to visit this
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refugee camp close to the myanmar border but nonetheless the focal point of his trip is a meeting with a range of delegation in dhaka. today is world aids day a time to take stock of the fight against hiv thanks to better treatments of people with aids are now living longer and with a better quality of life than ever before one of them is mona an indian woman who tested positive eighteen years ago she dreams of a world where people affected by hiv are treated without discrimination. mona bologna is one of the few women in india who speak openly about being infected with hiv she's lived with the virus for twenty years the husband and son both died from complications of aids the government h.i.v. program started just in time for her medical treatment and free drugs have saved her life lesson for us living with a. group of men i couldn't dance but my wife has to and then.
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the trucks are helping me to live a normal life her oldest son mohit is a child of a negative but has still suffered other children were not allowed to play with him he also feared losing his mother for mona the social exclusion is almost as bad as the illness itself. he saw my fight with this is safety he saw my fight with myself because he is the witness since childhood. whole i am suffering with my health something. i am struggling with my and my health and my. duties or my family. just over two million people in india a living like mirna with hiv the government is making a concerted effort to combat the epidemic with some success the number of people infected with hiv has hard since two thousand and ten one reason for this is that
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india does not recognize the peyton's filed by western drug companies more than half of aids patients receive free medication produced in india i want. to so i think india believes in access to treatment for everybody and therefore whatever is necessary good quality treatment is available generic drugs are of course. takes part in a support group in delhi she tells young h.i.v. patients they need not fear for the future with treatment they can even have healthy children. i lost my. because i was not aware that i hope best. during my pregnancy or after my. so it was. the battle against the h.i.v. virus is certainly not been won in india but there has been significant progress
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thanks to people like mono bologna. let's move on now to some other stories making news around the world argentina's navy says it has given up all hope that the forty four man crew of a missing submarine will be found alive after it's to locate the vessel will continue in the ocean off argentina's coast it is believed in explosion on board caused the submarine to sink more than two weeks ago. riot police in honduras have clashed with supporters of the main opposition candidate in the presidential election after he accused the electoral court of fraud delays in releasing results from sunday's election of raised suspicions of vote manipulation with ninety three percent of ballots counted the incumbent president won orlando and mundus holds a slim lead. a panel by japan's prime minister shinzo abbay has agreed on a date for the country's emperor to abdicate akihito will step down on april thirtieth two thousand and nineteen with his eldest son the crown prince not he to
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taking the throne it is the first application in nearly two centuries and he too is eighty three and in poor health and the world's largest a lithium ion battery has begun feeding power into south australia as electricity grid the american tech company that built the battery tesla says it can power thirty thousand homes for up to an hour. friday is a crucial day for football fans with only about two hundred days till the world cup kicks off in russia next year tonight the competition groups will be decided by the luck of the draw at a star studded ceremony in moscow did abuse emily sure when has been out gauging the mood among russian fans. it's minus seven degrees celsius in moscow but that doesn't stop the amateur football team. they play at least once a week no matter what the weather. on the morrow he has been playing with the team
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for two years he's a school sports teacher but on and off the pitch soccer has always been his passion . here in russia football is the game of the people you have to strike shoot beautiful goals we may not be at the world cup but we definitely try to play an elegant game over seven hundred thousand tickets to the world cup in russia have already been sold so far about half of them have gone to the country's own fans including. there are reminders of the upcoming event dotted across moscow even a countdown to the kickoff. and the majority of russians feel positive about hosting the world cup this coming year. because it's in the it's a good thing of course a lot of tourists a lot of guests will come and we're always happy to have guests. it's a serious major event and i know that a lot of people are already buying tickets online people here are definitely
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looking forward to the world cup. the world cup has given a boost to the infrastructure of cities like russell. and wonderful stadiums have been built now the guest just have to arrive. just to. the city of moscow has been feverish lee preparing as well investing one and a half billion euros to improve pedestrian zones and roads. in cooperation with the city has even given one of its metro trains a make over it will be spreading the soccer spirit across moscow until the end of the world cup. but alexander and his team. mates won't be needing any encouragement when it comes to the soccer spirit today they're watching a game at a teammate's local bar. alexander has been an avid football fan since he was six he'll of course be back in his home
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team at the world cup and will be watching the draw closely. with the hosts so the main thing is for us to at least come in first or second in a group we hope that the russian team will end up in an easy group but the whole country is hoping for an easy group. the russian national team currently is the lowest ranked of all the world cup participants but no matter who wins fans like alexandre can still enjoy a month of the beautiful game. now twenty five years of texting ban is up in one minute with the history of the text message and the future stay tuned for that. where i come from we have to fight for a free press i was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just.


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