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see why is the price of a human being why are people to suppose of all and one of the key reasons is because of the global population explosion in the past there were simply not enough people to be enslaved so the price was high it's supply and demand there was a low supply demand was high prices were high today there are we believe about six hundred million people in the world who are vulnerable to enslaved to it to be slaves. of this kind can be dangerous take french journalist. for example. he also researched the cocoa industry in ivory coast. when he arranged to meet a source he was abducted and disappeared without a trace his body was never found. i think that we should all be realizing our should be easy to see that if we leave
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the the world up to to be run by the market it will be run by the people who are willing to be the most cruel and the most brutal. because of course that is the way to make the most money if you don't care about if you don't care about if it's still been making your product of slavery or you know you're ruining the environment or so on i mean of course it's easier to make make a profit from that. we also met up with filmmaker frank pierre sickie polson in copenhagen. another product led him to slavery in two thousand and seven he read in a u.n. report about the links between mobile phones and the war in the democratic republic of congo. it involved call time from african mines which is essential for mobile phones. can make the same kind of film about the shoes that i'm wearing. jeans are the shove the food that we are eating for me this is. just one example of how much
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our way of life is depending on other people suffering. powerful man took several trips to the largest and most notorious mines in eastern d.r. . he spent days walking along a desolate jungle trails a treacherous on the taking u.n. representatives had repeatedly warned him that this could be a suicide mission. and this was the way you know entering the gateways. i've been traveling a lot and the hunters are working a lot in the slums of nairobi and so on and been in war. you know areas with armed conflicts in many places but i've never seen anything like this this was really like hell on earth. five years ago this place was only jungle. today between fifteen to twenty five thousand people live and work yeah. there's
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a lot of them. will come up as joseph conrad once described torture murder and the craze for ivory in his novel heart of darkness it's now the greed for call time from which tantalum is one of the mines a largely controlled by mercenaries and rebel military units. ok. they're coming. down on the ticket. there was no. power for managed to enter the mine shaft with his camera penetrating deep into the dark heart of africa to deliver the material for our smartphones by the.
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way. the armed groups what they do is that the they just to control the mine in that sense that everybody is going in and out have to pay checks you know they call it sex so you have to pay to get in and you have to pay to get out and the life expenses inside the mining area are so extremely high because everything is text all the food everything that is coming in everything is carried out to the jungle from far away so the price of of meal or something to drink is extremely high or even a place to sleep you have to pay so much money so so the people inside the area they can't afford to get out because they have to use all the money they make just to survive. the city is kind of modern day slavery in some minds the workers receive little. just enough for food some of them voluntarily because they have no choice other minds keep them captive as slaves.
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we would see these children come out some of them was you know it was not like small children but it would be like boys of eleven twelve thirteen years old and they would come out of these holes looking like pieces of art because they had so much much under faces and this would dry and then more would come on so they looked like you know really they looked like some statue or something and they were doing like this with their eyes because they came out in the sun for the first time after being down there sometimes for several days at a time. and the holes are constantly falling collapsing and people would nobody would care to take them out. so every month people would die and one. like me stransky who investigated the dark side of chocolate house and found the hardest part was getting an interview with a manufacturer. he tried to contact nokia a company that likes to be seen as
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a shining example of social responsibility. so right this is kind of weird that you can not get. you know for a whole year i couldn't get anybody on the phone who could just discuss the possibilities of getting an interview which is kind of strange when it's a phone company you know that you can get them on the phone. finally after twelve months a nokia representative consented to be filmed. the result the same excuses and promises made by nestle the company said it couldn't control which mines deliver the wrong material but that it would do its best. there are some one hundred forty million mobile phones in germany in twenty fourteen about two billion mobile phones were sold worldwide only the u.s.
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has passed legislation forcing companies to show where they obtain what are known as conflict minerals but the law only make sure that the proceeds of the raw materials don't go towards funding conflicts slave labor isn't mentioned so let's think about a country like gone there we have hundreds of thousands of people in slave mining gold that gold flows directly into the garden a an economy the canadian government the government of ghana makes a lot of taxes from this gold it comes out into the criminal economy. slave gold if you ends up on our fingers in our jewelry and no one's doing really anything about that and that applies to lots of other countries in africa.
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this place bush goes from here to slave like conditions one person has so much control over another person that they can force them under certain circumstances to work on a construction site or in a brothel we say slave like conditions the legal term is human trafficking mentioned. used to be confined mainly to forced prostitution but these days investigators come upon slave like situations in germany's industrial and service sectors most of those affected are here illegally the judicial and customs austerity seem unable to control human trafficking effectively the criminals have a well organized network their victims are intimidated by violence and are unaware of their rights they often refuse to testify. i
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know of cases of slavery from many different sectors in germany the construction industry meat processing factories the food service sector and household and caste services without but other sectors are also affected and they often due to name one example taking nice paper sellers titles. kevin bales has set up a slavery index germany is listed as having around ten thousand five hundred people classified as slave workers only a small percentage come to light in official investigations. the high. thousand and thirteen for example we have fifty one investigations where the final results concerning human trafficking with exploitation and four hundred twenty five concerning sexual exploitation of it's only a very small percentage of the human trafficking in germany and doj land is. false promises confiscated i.d.'s threats of violence some of the victims that get set
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free under ported victim protection remains a political problem although the e.u. has issued clear guidelines. that high from washington isn't even this many.


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