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it's very deliberate. yes wanted to build a totalitarian state of prisons and torture are part of the methods used in totalitarianism it's just a toilet of us was i met many tens of isis members there isis prisoners they were isis members are telling me that what they want and how do they act and they were finding all these killings and all this. torture they were find it useful. his two hundred eighty days in captivity were spread among six eye as torture chambers.
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the kurdish people's protection units tried for months to get the journalist out. the men and women fighters from the syrian minority number among the i.a.s. is her sister adversaries. finally in september two thousand and fifteen my suit akil was free as part of a prisoner exchange. he was the first kurdish civilian to emerge alive from the i.r.s. his prisons in syria he had to leave the country immediately. the risk of falling into the terrorists' hands once again was too great. in late two thousand and fifteen like hundreds of thousands of others he fled to europe reaching austria first and then germany. even before you arrived became a suitor keil realized that i.a.s. was also active in europe carrying out attacks in brussels and paris. he started researching and writing
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a book about his experiences in the torture chambers. in vienna he made with journalists in an effort to market the book. he followed events in syria closely communicating with his contacts there daily. i says. this because of him there are some people but the people who doesn't know anything so we can't. use my suitor keil collected all the information he could concentrating on tips leading to terrorist supporters from the i.r.s. is prisons. and it didn't take him long to find them often right on the internet. once in europe e devoted his days and often and tire nights to his research. he made a shocking discovery some of the eye as members he'd met in prison were now living
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in europe. among them is this man masquerading as a refugee. for to. refugees they are that same criminals. black people people who had to hold the people who had to join. groups islamic radical groups over people who had their crimes against this in syria or iraq. you know. the president of germany's domestic intelligence. agency hans-georg mohsen explains why they're in europe. this could be. their is the group of biased terrorists who have come to europe with the task of conducting terror attacks. and then there's another group of science fighters who perhaps just want to remove themselves from the fighting they're still dangerous because they totally believe
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the ideology lives even if they haven't been commission to carry out an attack at this time. kiel put together a list of names for the police must suits list augmented by information from the kurds in syria i have a source from the kurdish forces and other members of that islamic radical groups i meet in the prison. this man is alleged to be an i a supporter who served prison time for a minor infraction. he's reported to be living in switzerland. with the. big enough and almost as we believe that in many cases this information from refugees is genuine and reliable or anything to be investigated. there is of course also information which we believe is incorrect or just can't be proven and he
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doesn't. but in this case the refugee my suitor keel claims to know from one of the prisons actually lives here. and he believes him to be an iowa sympathizer. if you ever been in prison. you have. said that. there were i asked people from her saka. who kidnapped me because i used to take part in demonstrations against the regime of. the man's claim that he had previously been tortured by the household regime comes as a surprise is he more a victim or a perpetrator. at all. most are killed thinks the
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man's claims are not in the least believable but then he seems to have second thoughts he said that. people are there is because i refused hold a gun in the demonstrations. against isis was on the ban and we believe well over eighty percent of the tips from refugees are reliable. but skeptics such as middle east expert quito steinberg sound a note of caution i think underscores the title a lot of the information provided by refugees is incorrect and simply aimed at defaming others so you have to treat these accusations very carefully if you were sure that he was right oh that's nice and oakum that you were so sure he was talking about that nobody have this kind of evidence which the authorities. we can't as i told you we can't bring their fingerprints from there after here the debate over how valuable tips from
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refugees are in finding iowa's members in europe is just beginning masuda keeley is hoping law enforcement will follow every lead and bring his torturers to justice. thanks. to the london residential areas it's. got a real plague in cape town. that. mitchell fences are to protect the housing estate and acoustic hardship for the impudent piece of. advice effective without turning. a go at africa
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