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tv   Faith Matters - Women in the Driving Seat - Revolution at the Vatican  Deutsche Welle  December 3, 2017 12:30pm-1:01pm CET

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since i was a little girl i wanted to have a by cycle of my home but it took me years to come by. finally they gave up and went to buy me and my cycles but returned because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for girls than writing advice and no i want to meet those women back home who are boned by their duties and social rules and inform them of oded basic rights my name is dave out of the blue and i were needed. thank goodness thank you. it was so noble magical go with the crew see this place is magical it's higher than all the museums in a radius of seven kilometers that you can see vatican city from here with its
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gardens and hills mike st peter's on the colony. and it towers above row i let my go people city which is my hometown and that's why it's my favorite spot. and it visits v.t. for the appointment of a woman like barbara to have the museums with overdue there's no reason at all not the slightest why the vatican museums have to be run by a man do you. live. with. the round of ramadan but when a woman climbs that high in the vatican it's a reason to celebrate well if she can succeed. it was she thought.
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was really upset with you. but the. appointment was a sensation a year ago she was named director of the vatican museums the collections contain nearly a quarter of a million treasures administered by a host of historians curators and conservatives traditionally. an art historian and trained. to watch for years in charge of the prints and drawing
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section at the vatican library at first she was one of only three women. at amman look at them in the muscular say it was a male dominated world who people in the secular museums i had worked in there were more women. on the other hand when i left the vatican library twenty years later about half the staff were female. the papacy adapted to social reality and it was inevitable but mainly with that particular bit of function. the first woman to head the vatican museums still faces enormous challenges six million visitors pass through these hallowed halls each year as many as thirty thousand on a good day and all of them want to see the sistine chapel with its famous michelangelo frescoes.
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extended opening times haven't days the pressure. now. is trying to reroute the stream of visitors. to chill nicole chilling new book and i look at windows and there is only one and turns to the sistine chapel visitors have to pass through the map galleries and the room and listen to torah that. we're working on an alternative so that the chapel can be reached from various sides but whether that could be equipped with them it's complicated because of security considerations is that when i would handle but the vatican is being supportive to the support that it. believes in modern style management. goals are better cooperation between departments digitise asian and targeted conservation although she was surprised by her appointment she's not
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blind to its significance. let me and all me know if it hit me in the bus when i got it same. an important message to the world at large that pope francis wants to break down old patterns. there were six candidates at first then three and i was the only woman. maybe that was what struck him and he decided to appoint me. that. the austrian born journalist goodman sila has worked at vatican radio for the past fifteen years since pope francis ordered a shake up of the church's communication structures the hierarchy at the vatican broadcaster has leveled out. there are more women working at the vatican than most people think of the one hundred sixty or so journalists employed by vatican radio about half are women. they say they're
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respected by their male colleagues and treated as equals. when you talk to certain bishops or cardinals they're well aware of the problems many women in the catholic church are turning away because they don't feel they're taken seriously. women want to be more visible. this isn't in different parts of the world white church there's a growing sensitivity to that desire and it's also reaching the vatican only. becoming more visible is part of the challenge anybody sees walk i was on behind the walls of the vatican. bought a quarter of the staff are women many more lay women the nuns and many of them highly qualified. was editor in chief of the french section of vatican radio for twenty five years looking back she remembers how difficult it was
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at the beginning how some cardinals thought have been dignity to be interviewed by a woman and simply ignored have. also said. as soon as i left the studios to interview somebody at the vatican it was dreadful when i was in a larger group of men i always had the feeling that i was somehow invisible when i asked a question the cardinals would reply to my male colleagues not to me. although i was holding a microphone and had everything they needed to recognize. this mentality of pushing women to the margins of the workplace still exists everywhere women are supposed to be mothers brides or nuns they may work but they shouldn't want a career. unfortunately that's what many women also think that it's wrong to seek too much attention to ask for too much.
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the catholic church teaches that humility and modesty are virtues pope francis himself is critical of career minded priests and he often speaks out against traditional power structures that may be why he wants to see more women taking leadership roles people like the director of the vatican museums. the catholic journalist placed on a floor him welcomes this development she says it doesn't go far enough she has recently written a book demanding more power for women in the catholic church. is this why is it considered inappropriate for women especially for women to raise the question of power when they raise this question which i also do in my book they're always told the church is not about power the church is about service and humility but that's not true it's also about positions of power the person who decides has power the
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person who can say you can't come in here or as a woman you can't be a priest has power. baba yaga takes a different view she doesn't speak about power she will sit as a manager and historian and conservative or she runs an institution with a staff of more than one thousand considers herself fortunate alongside her administrative responsibilities she works in a field that has fascinated her since she was a child. by this you know sort of my mother's restoration. my sister was also a conservatory of paintings and still you know my grandmother was a painter i watched her making about pictures of in rome. that was the environment i grew up in and maybe genes and the family do play a role that we need. growing up in rome baba yaga was always fascinated by art she has also learned the skills of
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curating an exhibition her entire life revolves around. god and religion. she is currently working on an exhibition about the history of catholicism in korea the vatican took an exhibition to solve this is its counterpart most of the objects of being exhibited outside korea for the first time. is complementing them with items from the vatican's own collections. yatta would like to see more international exhibitions held especially shows that have relevance to the vatican's collections she says she'd even be prepared to loan out more of the vatican's treasures. almost but i salute you and your new single but it will be there what i mean is that they will have an exhibition is more than just a collection of art orks every loaned item involves work with the administrators
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conservators and curators put on it but they keep out a i let me to even walk on the infinity but it's all very important that we participate in these projects when they're academically interesting or promote ecumenism. a fanfic i think most of all anyone adventure has ation is the focus as in the korea exhibition i could even get at the tunic with that with a look at it will of the it be cuisine. south korea is one of the catholic churches success stories this exhibition documents the beginnings how in the seventeenth century diplomats from china brought the catholic faith to the korean peninsula. this chapter of church history is being shown at the vatican for the first time and the turnout is impressive cardinals and senior bishops some of the vatican's most powerful men are here today.
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is in her element explaining the structure of the exhibition catholicism was introduced into korea by lay people impressed by the jesuits in china. at first they had to operate in secret. they baptized each other because there were no priests in korea many women were drawn to the new faith perhaps because it promised justice and equality. the young church was actively persecuted as recently as the mid nineteenth century the exhibition chronicles this history of suffering and martyrdom and it also documents the strength and confidence that characterized the beginnings of the korean charge a korean version of the virgin mary a clear indication of how deeply the koreans internalized catholicism. even today many korean catholics draw inspiration and strength from commemorating this history of courage and perseverance through the dark days of persecution. how
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. the korean church is very focused on equality and has always throughout its history encouraged women to get involved. that can be observed from the beginning from the first days of the founding of the church women have played an important role. pope francis commands women for witnessing to the faith and he champions the course of women. like his predecessor benedict and. paul the second he has a deep devotion to the virgin mary the catholic icon of womanhood. but francis is also a pope who understands lives are not simply an embodiment of ideals.
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he reaches out to each individual passenger. this is a pope who encounters men and women and children with the same warmth compassion and respect although at some general audiences you might think he was simply a pop star being mobbed by his fans. the pope's deputy spokesperson polo mogul c.e.o. of a hero explains the special report that he seems to have with women. from the squad to see the pope francis grew up surrounded by women not what looks
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revolutionary in the vatican is really quite normal the pope always close his grandmother rossana he had sisters his mother and close female friends his right hand in buenos aires was a woman his private secretary who died a few months ago. it is. perhaps it was this female environment in which jorge bergoglio grew up that makes him more receptive to the role of women in the church. he wants to make sure the church is accessible to everybody. he has already done a lot to make that happen in nearly five years in office he has appointed five women as undersecretaries the third highest leadership level at the vatican.
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and it will be more on his last trip to colombia at the pope's state of them women should play important roles in society and in the church we represent fifty percent of the population. he says why should this resource be neglected why shouldn't we view women in the same way as men and all of us benefit those. but gender equality and the role of women are not at the top of the agenda everywhere in the charge. is that. there is still an immense gap between the vatican and the secular society when it comes to promoting women for instance by means of employment quotas. although pope francis never tires of saying that women must be given more
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responsibility they are still woefully under represented at the vatican. then if you compare him with his predecessors especially benedict the sixteenth and john paul the second i think it's clear that he goes further his predecessors would never have said something like that they had a very clear idea that the main duty of a woman is to serve the family as a wife and mother of god and if women go out to work then only in social professions when done the idea that they should do every job that men do was beyond their comprehension. in that respect francis is pretty advanced that is why. it's in the wide. agrees she has studied the situation of women at the vatican for years and has written books on the role of women in the charge. she believes
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pope francis might soon go even further. i was personally disappointed that for instance in a new vatican agency for the laity family and life the under secretary is a priest he could have been a lay person. maybe the pope couldn't find a suitable woman who was prepared to take the job. when a woman has exercised managerial responsibilities for decades in catholic organizations and then has to change to a number two position at the vatican it might not seem so attractive. when seiler is meeting with her former vatican radio colleague from elder found out how they are founding members of donna in vatican the fast organization representing female staff at the vatican that has about one hundred members who made one some month to discuss issues of common concern however these women don't want to be labeled feminists networking is that. their club is
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a registered association which means they have official recognition and transparent structures. people are still afraid to set up an organization and express themselves. when you talk about a women's group people immediately think it's about women being admitted to the priesthood. all those issues that are still taboo in the catholic church. and that our society doesn't promote ideas like that. these women are not demanding anything they are simply expressing a desire to make progress together in the church. christiane a flaw in bats not enough. women working in the vatican or in the catholic church in general have to proceed diplomatically. they can't raise the question of power
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as such why do only men or ordained men have the right to make all the decisions. forty years ago even twenty years ago there was an aggressive generation that fought for ordination admission to the priesthood as well as to the diaconate where police the. days of the void today these women are either disillusioned and have left or they've resigned. or they've left the church altogether because. both have strong opposition in many places to admitting women to the priesthood a quick survey of tourists in st peter's square suggests that european and north american catholics are generally open to the idea.
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of good pants and for my time as a traditional it's easier for me to accept a man as a priest but at the end of the day i think the situation will change not soon but some time maybe. if you're through with leave i think it wasn't busy but the clergy might benefit from a bit of femininity. the female aspect could open up new horizons and we talked of no. it's not about positions of power whether male or female it's about serving the individual person rank is not important whether somebody is higher or lower the real task is to serve i would love to have a roman catholic priest that like women are good managers. and i suspect the vatican needs managing. institutions like being just as great as they may be they really should be much more inclusive and i'm sure promote women not only
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because they're women but because they're really good at what they do. that i mean if you want to abolish the patriarchy you should start with the church and that would be a tremendous signal for believers. i mean really but is it good but by the this i hope has initiated positive changes. he has modernized the church and we believe he will complete the task but he needs time. we have full faith in french stream holistic catholics and as argentinians you know the name of jesus. many catholics believe that pope francis will succeed in reforming the church but he has stated clearly that he will not admit women to the priesthood the church has a long tradition of reserving the top jobs for men priests bishops and cardinals. the church as patriarchal structure is a sentry's old tradition and tradition is one of the benchmarks of catholic
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theology. relatively speaking pope francis is liberal he wants to give laypeople more responsibility so it seems quite likely that he will appoint more women. to managerial positions. so far she has only met the pope wants he hasn't yet visited the museums. but she's hoping he will. she knows he has a force but then so does she without efficient planning and the support of her husband this mother of three would never be able to manage the job. you'll miss a lot again it's at that and it included organize my life well gaddafi could of course it's more difficult with the children but we divided up the household chores the young lady you know what i mean that wasn't very common thirty years ago not that that given that up it's gone i was lucky than that and then the fact one though i was able to combine family and work at that but i think i've managed my
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children are wonderful but in the end what about me must be great for me and what if i give shadow with the one of those and getting upset it would appear. barbara yachters simple positive way of accepting things stems from her face. if she didn't believe she wouldn't be able to walk in the vatican. and religion are inseparable here and as with the korean exhibition the focus is often the universal charge. by the minister.
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and. the method said that if i could hear him but i never intended to have a career at the vatican even the idea of it is strange i just tried to do my work as well as i could to the very man that would have a problem angel in need one of the did it. it was i with the gun you could call the director of the vatican museums put a lot of responsibility on my shoulders. but it's also a privilege it is i'm very conscious of the fact that i work for the holy father and for the conservation of this tremendous world heritage. month with the lid on that but the hmong ok well but i'm one of the one that. is director of the vatican museums. project but it. is the
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collections representing. christianity and fountains of you.
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