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or to computer in this case. a few years and lots of feelings of the instruments that steer us and whoever can control these feelings has great power over us to the possible algorithms instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth on t w. this is do you have the news coming to live from berlin protests in the streets of kiev after a dramatic escape police arrest former georgia leader mikhail saakashvili but of course to free him by angry supporters now saakashvili is demanding the president
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step down the hear more from the man himself in the explosive interview also coming up german foreign ministers ignore gabrial urges europe to be less dependent on the united states he says it's time for europe to become worse sort of in the world. and sarah harman welcome to the show it's good to have you with us. chaotic scenes unfolding on the streets of kiev today that's after police tried to arrest mikhail saakashvili he's the former georgian leader who's become an anti corruption campaigner in ukraine and a sorn in the sign of president petro poroshenko police detained psychist really but were forced to free him again when his supporters surrounded a van where he was being held our correspondent nic calmly was there will have an
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update from him in a moment but first here's what he saw. early morning hide and seek in the rooms above kiev's my town square except the man being detained by un mark special forces is a former president and one of ukrainian president petro poroshenko is most vocal opponents. as news of the rate spread on facebook within minutes a crowd had gathered on the streets below but still there was no word from the police as to why he was being detained. his arms tied behind his back second really had one last chance to address his supporters calling for president bush and co to face impeachment the but it was one second he was bundled into a car that the confrontation between police and his supporters really got going out . on the. street on a month's rubbish bins even park police cars were all fake game as the crowd tried
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to prevent second feelies forcible departure. in the meantime ukraine's prosecutor general finally got around to answering the question on everyone's lips why no such a big operation and why now many he said they colluded with exiled ukrainian oligarchs was preparing to subvert the country's government. a short while ago our correspondent nick calio spoke with former georgian president and ukrainian opposition leader mikhail saakashvili here's in this exclusive interview nick began by actually asking saakashvili why he was detained for the real reason is that for the last several months i've been having the movement for change in terms of corruption in terms of getting rid of corrupt practices of the president and his immediate surroundings that brought ukraine to be a good situation of being the poorest country in terms of g.d.p. . and. they have been menacing me for some time they have they told me that they
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would arrest me it's what they've been sending me people they told me that they will if they don't find something caught me they will invent something on me that was depression cause right hand man he said when i was kid that told. me your thoughts today publish more times which apparently show you don't need to stick watching i don't know i don't know i don't know who these guys well i don't know them i don't know how he looks i don't know how he sounds and why would i i mean this is this is absolutely fake the feeling is that these people they told me that if they cannot find anything on me they will create it we've been marching peacefully quietly but but in bigger numbers more and more and that's what they were scared of. you know ukraine's willing to to elect to which is someone who was born in the country look i'm not running for office right now i'm running i'm just trying to rescue this nation from absolute oblivion of corruption. well well
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right now i'm deleting the paper progress whatever i whatever it is no future prepares for me to see but because of course i'm going to run for president a footprint for sure thank you. mikael saakashvili speaking exclusively to you saying he is not running for president of ukraine turning now to some other news a spokesman for palestinian president mahmoud abbas says u.s. president donald trump has informed abbas he will move the u.s. embassy in israel to jerusalem it's a move that would be tantamount to recognizing responded city as israel's capital something trump promised during his presidential campaign repeating statements made earlier in the week abbas warned from moving the embassy what in danger of the middle east peace process and provoke. there's a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world spain's supreme court has withdrawn an international arrest warrant for cattle on his
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former leader carles pushed a moment and four of his cabinet members pushed him on has been in brussels and self-imposed exile since october is illegal referendum the court says it withdrew the warrants because the politicians have shown a willingness to return to spain the red cross says at least two hundred thirty people have been killed and hundreds more wounded in yemen during nearly a week of fighting saudi coalition warplanes led at least twenty five airstrikes in the capital sanaa overnight on monday the country's former president ali abdullah saleh was also killed. the us supreme court has allowed president trumps travel ban on the six muslim majority nations to go into force the court's decision lifts injunctions issued by lower courts the ban prevents most travelers from iran libya syria yemen somalia and chad from entering the u.s.
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as well as some travelers from north korea and venezuela. well returning to europe now german foreign ministers of more ground will hazard she's country and europe to become more assertive internationally and less dependent on the u.s. ties between berlin and washington of soured since trump took office at a foreign policy forum here in berlin gabriella's of the traditional view of the u.s. as the world's policeman is now beginning to crumble. let's them. the u.s. will nonetheless have to remain our most important global partner there's no doubt we will need and will cultivate this partnership in the future but it alone will not be enough to protect our strategic interests of the us withdrawal does not stem from the policies of a single president and the situation is unlikely to change even after the next election so there should be no doubt that germany and europe will need to do and risk much more than in the past. or with me in the studio is sir julian king he is
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the european commissioner for the security union surgery and thanks for being with us today actually interview we just heard gabrielle there calling for a loosening of foreign policy ties with the united states not just for germany but also for the e.u. what's your reaction to that you were at the forum where he made this announcement or this speech traditionally european security has been quite closely aligned with washington the second change where he spoke quite powerfully about the role that the e.u. can play in the world and it's true the is growing faster than the u.s. or japan or latin america at the moment do you mean population wise know the economy and he spoke about the role there for the e play as a poll for the stability and we see that at the moment people are coming knocking on the door in brussels for the trade deals. people are coming to talk to brussels about climate change in the lead that we've been giving on climate change including of course representatives of various states and cities across across the us but he
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also underlined the need for europe to be willing to step up and play a security role in the future and therefore i think it's very welcome that we've taken some decisions to build the capabilities that would be needed for europe to play that role in security and on defense what do you mean specifically what could well we've we've just taken some decisions the twenty three of the of the member states of undertaken commitment. it's to build capabilities in the defense field and we've come full military special military capabilities and we've come forward with some plans for funding that and helping the member states to build those capabilities both research and procurement in something called the european defense fund which is starting small thought is going to mobilize some serious money after twenty twenty and those are the practical steps that i think he was pointing to. at the same time terror attacks are a very real threat in many parts of the world including in europe and it's been just a year since the christmas market truck attack in berlin can european commission
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security union really do anything to reduce the threat of terror attacks reduce the threat yes completely eliminate the threat to live a zero risk no i think that's a misleading ject to put out there but what we've done them in brussels in the commission is come for with a serious proposals to help the member states who are in the front line in dealing with these threats whether it's terrorism or indeed cyber threats so we've we've worked for the member states to squeeze the space the terrorists have and deny them the means that they use we strengthen controls on firearms we've strengthened controls on explosives we've come forward some proposals for strengthening public spaces where people gather the targets of some of these attacks and we're working with the big online platforms to try and spot and take down the kind of radicalizing propaganda that in particular so-called islamic state of been using to try and radicalize vulnerable young people across our countries what about intelligence sharing because that's something that's been criticized in the past on
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a european level that individual countries aren't sharing the necessary intelligence with each other well information sharing so police forces sharing information law enforcement information is going is going well we've built a big e.u. why database called the shannon information system and more and more is being shared on that between police forces nor enforcement agencies the amount of information shared last year went up forty percent it was consulted four billion times last year and it's not actually the case that there's no intelligence cooperation between our intelligence agencies if they go to headquarters outside of the hague where intelligence agencies from across europe all european countries sit together every day and work to help and support each other. let's talk about the bumpy road of broxtowe here for a second assuming that a deal between the u.k. and the european union is done in the u.k. leaves in march of twenty one thousand one of the implications going to be there for security well i don't speak on breaks and i have
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a colleague michel barnier who does that ok but on security both the british government and the representatives of the other governments in the you have said whatever else happens in the brics it because the asians they think that on these issues countering terrorism countries serious on the organizers crime and tackling cyber threats we should find a way of continuing to cooperate unconditionally we need to see what that means in practice but i take it to mean that that everybody recognizes that on these challenges we have better working together and that's true today it's true the next eighteen months to be true after twenty nineteen as well right time will tell sir julian king is the european commissioner for the security union thanks for being with us on day one thank you well here in germany the foreign minister signori gabriele has urged his country and europe to become more assertive internationally and less dependent on the united states ties between berlin and washington are
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soured says u.s. president donald trump took office at a foreign policy forum here in berlin gabrial said the traditional view of the u.s. as the world's policeman is crumbling. well also in germany police have raided left wing activists linked to rioting at the g twenty summit in hamburg earlier this year officers searched twenty three properties used by the so-called black bloc seizing computers and phones there were no arrests but the move shows that hamburg is taking violence by anarchist activists seriously. reigns on left wing extremists police searched flats and meeting places linked to the scene in a german states in the early hours of tuesday night a special commission in hamburg called black block after the far left movement it's targeting is investigating what it says is a violent mob. now we have to present background information disclosed structures from known traitors and of course in so doing come
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a little closer to the core of the story terry and wing autonomy that had previously been the case. follow members of the left wing scene and guard are shocked and outraged by the police operation. yet no one spoke with us here the police were masked they were they used extreme violence this is not a communication this is repression of. hamburg on the first day of the g. twenty summit this summer. left wing radicals were filmed throwing stones and firecrackers and police authorities crack down hard but the situation got out of control. five thousand militants opponents of the summit rioted in the city the one hundred sixty five member special commission is still examining videos photos and other material all together there are three thousand investigation proceedings and it's becoming clear that the violence was planned in minute detail. as
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investigators that these militant activities did not happen by chance that no one there simply got caught up in it coincidentally our findings indicate that there must of the discussions on. computers and cell phones were seized during the raids now there is hope that additional information about germany's organized left wing extremist scene will be revealed. you're awesome dude on the news still to come on our program donald trump's banking records have been subpoenaed in germany's largest bank deutsche a bank that story is coming up with get hard next monday to. see that. every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word.


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