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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 6, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm CET

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if you listen let's feelings of the instruments that still rests and whoever can control these feelings has great power over us to compatible algorithms instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth on t w. this is the only news live from berlin a controversial move in the mideast with momentous consequences president trump is expected to officially recognized jerusalem one of the world's most contested cities as the capital of israel breaking with decades of u.s.
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policy washington could move its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem one palestinian diplomat has called it the kiss of death for the two state solution also coming up . russian president vladimir putin says he will seek reelection in the country's march elections he's been in power for eighteen years i'll ask our moscow correspondent if he's as popular as ever. and california's raging wildfire spread to los angeles that's as firefighters battle blazes across the south of the state with thousands flee their homes. great to have you along u.s. president donald trump is widely expected to formally recognized jerusalem as israel's capital this fight warnings that could end the mideast peace. process and
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fuel anti israeli and american extremism while trump is scheduled to address the issue about two hours from now palestinians in the gaza strip and the west bank have already begun protesting this potential moons while the issue has unified palestinian groups across the political spectrum arab and muslim leaders in the region and many of washington's allies have also criticized the plans u.s. officials say trump is merely recognizing this store call and current reality. there was little sign of u.s. allies banking trump's move british prime minister theresa may said the status of jerusalem was still a matter to be resolved in peace talks opposition has not changed we our position is he says it's been a longstanding long and is also a very clear one that the status of jerusalem should be determined as a negotiated in a negotiated settlement between the israelis and the palestinians and jerusalem should ultimately form to share form a shared capital between the israeli and palestinian states turkey's foreign
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minister was blunt. with you yet again is going to be a good big mistake if you think it's been nothing and there's nothing we can use but rather how we. but the u.s. secretary of state urged listeners to keep an open mind and to expect more than just an announcement about jerusalem in trump speech what i would encourage people to do is a couple things first listen carefully to the entirety of the speech listen to the for content of the speech the president is very committed to the middle east peace process he has a team that he put in place almost immediately upon hearing the white house that team has been working very diligently all new approaches to the peace process they've been engaged in a quiet way with many in the region. maybe hoping to shake up the mideast peace process days ago the egyptian paper al masri al yelm said he was eyeing
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a plan to increase the size of the palestinian territories through a land swap between egypt and israel. a potential breakthrough if it isn't derailed amid anger about embassies and jerusalem all right it would mark a seismic shift and joining me to discuss this in the studio is nora miller the executive director of the kerber foundation and stefan that leave issue is member of the german left party and the foreign affairs committee thank you so much for coming in welcome to you both i'd like to start with you mr levy where talking about moving an embassy basically going from one building to another what's the big deal. it's the first and only country which has make such a decision it is against you in resolutions and i think it is completely unnecessary because i think mr trump had only his campaign in his mind it was not the interest of the citizens of all the palestinians it is just
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a new chapter of american first and so i think it's completely wrong right now nor describe for us what the what the international community makes of this what has been the position up to now the international community and is there a country out there that is going to follow the u.s. lead i think it's a highly inflammatory move and you can also see that by the international reactions looking at the e.u. for example the you has made it very clear that it's this is an unacceptable step and i think it's not for no reason that the issue of jerusalem which is a highly toxic one if you will has been deferred in the series of negotiating you know negotiations in the mideast peace talks so i think the you consider is the new jerusalem issue as a corpus of parata an issue which is supposed to be resolved as an outcome of negotiated talks that have the the final piece of a negotiated peace settlement between israelis and palestinians and taking this
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move now is highly contra counterproductive and may also undermine the u.s. role as a peace broker in the middle east peace process right so they're taking away the sweetener that's supposed to snuff is the deal i would suggest that we now take a listen to what germany's foreign minister said a little bit earlier on as a reaction we'll continue our conversation after that. she wants a view of germany's position on this issue remains unchanged a solution to the jerusalem problem can only be flown for direct negotiations between the two parties everything that washed in the crisis is counterproductive in these times germany can't afford to wait for decisions from washington or simply to react to them. stephanie i think that's a really interesting last point because you know we're just reacting reacting like germany do in this instance can it do anything i think one important point is that we have to make our own decisions there's no longer like in the past and so united states will go for what we have to follow and it is because of donald trump he
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doesn't ask for advice is he just make his own decisions not even talk to his allies and so what we have to do is to stick to our position to a two state solution and i think the minister is completely right but what can you really do i mean if the u.s. in a couple of hours time says listen to islam is the capital of the jewish state of israel but can you do you can change that you have to fight yes but we have to fight that this will. minority position maybe like with. climate issue because there's only the united states they have isolated themselves so we have to stick together in the european union and in the village community i have heard that the philippines are thinking about following the united states but they are the first ones i think the majority has to go on with. decisions are in honor of palestinians understand we are deeply alarmed by these developments they say as you alluded to
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earlier on the u.s. is speaking size and that means also that they're no longer an honest fair a broker do you think they have any role to play with this could also be a way for the u.s. to force the palestinians to come to the table and give an impetus to the peace talks i'm not sure again i think this movie is highly inflammatory and it may be to violence people talk about a third intifada on the ground and it may also have implications for the wider arab world again i recently talked to a senior arab leader and he told me nor are there is one thing in the d.n.a. and one word in the d.n.a. of every arab and that word is palestine so. there may be a consideration on the pride of washington that the especially the monarchies in the gulf are prepared to somehow trade the issue of jerusalem for a stronger u.s. engagement when it comes to rolling back iran but i'm not entirely sure that this
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calculus on the part of washington is actually correct and i still believe that jerusalem is a highly emotional issue for any error person and any arab leader all to for that matter normal or the executive director of the curb or foundation and stuff on the base who is member of the german left party and the foreign affairs committee thank you both for coming in and spending time with us thank you. all right well next we had to russia where the president there vladimir putin says he will run for reelection next year he made the announcement while visiting card factory workers in the city and see novel grodd opinion polls suggest putin would comfortably win the vote he's maintained popularity among russians despite economic hardships and rising tensions with the west point is credited with the prolonging stability in the country's affectively been in power since two thousand when he first became president all right let's listen in to the moments that president putin announced his decision. by stephen but you're going. to.
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find a better place on moments when i'm just thank you for your support. spicy but it was about use my will be running as a candidate for the post of president of the russian federation. our moscow correspondent emily sure and joins us now for more on this emily vladimir putin running again for president how much of a surprise was it. well this is not a surprise at all the only thing that people here in russia have actually been discussing in the media and amongst themselves is where and when vladimir putin will announce that he will run it's already been taken as a given that he that he would run and it's interesting the occasion that he chose he was surrounded by workers in one of the provincial cities need not going to not in the capital he wants to show obviously that he's still close to the common man
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even after nearly two decades essentially in power and also today he was at another event with young volunteers young volunteers were being honored so he's obviously trying to show that that he is in touch with the younger generation as well and the timing is significant also the announcement comes just a day after the international olympic committee said that russian athletes would be barred from the olympics and that only clean athletes could compete under a neutral flag people here see that as a kind of western conspiracy and that's likely to rally people behind him even more because beyond putin even more well and really a lot of people are very very much in favor of president putin so is this election his for the taken. well people here certainly seem to think so people kind of take it as
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a fact in independent surveys as well as government surveys people say that if they were to go to the polls on sunday between sixty and seventy percent of people say they would vote for vladimir putin and all the other candidates on the list skull score in the single digits there isn't really another option on the stage on the political stage here in russia now there's an exchange of viney an opposition candidate who may be barred from the election due to a previous conviction and then there's kenya sub shop who herself has said that her candidacy is more of a a protest vote for people and then there are a bunch of veteran candidates who run several times and who are also like not likely to get many votes so it's taken as a given not only that he would run but also that he most likely will win. reporting from moscow thank you.
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i want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world . poland's ruling law and justice party may will place their prime minister in a government reshuffle next week that's after she tweeted what many interpreted as a farewell statement saying quote whatever happens poland is the most important thing on the move is thought to be aimed at securing the party's future ahead of a string of elections starting next year. a man has appeared in court in london on suspicion of plotting to kill british prime minister to resign prosecutors say the islamist plot involves an attack on her official residence one other man was arrested in connection with the case security officials believe it's the ninth islamised potential attack tortured by british police this year. the british government says it's not yet formally assessed how leaving the e.u. will impact the country's
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a convo briggs it minister david davis told parliament session on alice's wasn't needed until later in the divorce process all the comments are likely to inflame criticism of the government to go with brussels have stalled in recent days over the status of the irish border all right now a new wildfire has broken out in los angeles as firefighters struggle to contain blazes across southern california authorities have declared a state of emergency and ordered almost two hundred thousand people to evacuate well that's proving difficult enough as these pictures attempt to show and local media reported that one person has been killed in a car crash while fleeing the area others have seen their homes and gulf by the flames. and hope to save this house now gone up in flames one of hundreds of homes destroyed by wild fire
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at this point all the firefighters can do is stand and watch. the biggest fire burning right now in california is here and ventura county northwest of los angeles some neighborhoods have been spared others now just smoking piles of ash and debris authorities warn residents to get out while they still can. so we want to be really clear with folks we have lost structures we have not lost lives do not wait leave your homes. hot dry winds have whipped the flames across more than eighty kilometers nearly to the pacific ocean twenty seventeen has been one of the worst years on record for wildfires in california. the state fire chief blames climate change for spawning more and bigger blazes. and warns that this wildfire could continue on its path of destruction for several more
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days. all right and turning to what looks like a major success story but coins. looks like it but the jury is still out on that the big cone corn roller coaster actually seems unstoppable the cryptocurrency broke through twelve thousand dollars this morning soaring from less than one thousand dollars at the start of the year but analysts warn the price surge is based on nothing but a speculative frenzy and the bubble is poised to burst that's not stopping some stock exchanges and futures markets from joining the party. bitcoins may be a mystery for most people but many are intrigued by the crypto currency bitcoins are mind in massive data centers such as here in china the currency only exists online there's no bank or financial institution behind it the cash flows are anonymous and there's little oversight and yet big coin is currently enjoying an unusual run. at the start of this year one bitcoin was worth one thousand dollars
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but for weeks there's been a lot of hype surrounding its more recent surge in value on wednesday its price reached a record high of over twelve thousand two hundred dollars that means bitcoin has jumped in value by over eleven hundred percent an unparalleled rise. it's even called the attention of the reputable trick cargo commodities exchange which announced plans to begin trading becan futures investors will be able to buy and sell bitcoins at a fixed rate this will make the currency much easier to trade even japan's on board bitcoin is listed on stock exchange now the once g.b.'s crypto currency is well on its way to entering the financial mainstream. and kind of blows in our financial bond and in france a card you're not been talking about bitcoin a lot in recent weeks now you can buy it officially at the cargo strange.
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be able to buy bitcoin at the frankfurt stock exchange. your heart you will never be able to really trade bitcoin itself here frankfurt exchange the whole concept of those crypto currencies is based on big freedom of too much control of classical market operators or of central banks but also this idea of a future contract on the big car and like the one that the chicago market operator came up with here you know i talked to guy at. the market operator here and he said they're looking into this but they still have many questions is too if you want to create and run a future contract which is basically a bet on falling or rising prices of an asset the underlying asset the big calling here must be very liquid it must be traded a lot it must also be transparent and. you know there must be.
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it must be allowed by the supervisory authorities but our bathin here in germany the financial supervisory authority is very very critical of because it has said it's not even a currency because it's not given out by a central bank so there are still there's still a lot of discussion going on and it's not happening here in frankfurt yet. the big call in is called block saying it's a complicated way to encrypt transaction makes them secure it's a new buzzword really other german authorities missing the boat here. oh you know the block chain technology is very active in frankfurt many people here in germany's financial center are working on this technology for example itself is using block chain technologies in several projects one project it's running with spank you can use the block chain technology in many regards when it comes to
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handling money not only with bitcoin cannot be used in frankfurt thank you. the u.s. canada and mexico are locked in an increasingly difficult negotiations over the north american free trade agreement all sorts of sectors could suffer if the deal is dropped which is what u.s. president donald trump has threatened time and again mexico has been busy growing millions of these poinsettia plants known for their large bright red leaves an especially popular around christmas in many parts of north and south america now these flowers exports are a million dollar business. the so-called christmas stars or christmas plants adorn squares aves and living rooms around the world this christmas mexico plans to grow and sell more than sixteen million flowers hoping for export to the plant to top one point two million dollars the main destinations of the united states in canada . the exports of the flowers go to a lot of countries in europe to major cities to the united states to asia and
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africa. lot of them for the not yet when a flower which is also called the christmas flower the point setter or the flower of love this flower represents the face of mexico to the wild. the future of the trade of course is unknown with enough to negotiations underway it's hoped officials ensure mexico's flour was continued to bring holiday joy to people not of the border. there's one for the boys lumber gainey plans to release a hybrid super car in the near future the italian luxury common a factory says the first off the line will be its new sports utility vehicle the us chief executive builds it as the world's first super s.u.v. the hybrid will reach a breathtaking top speed of three hundred five kilometers an hour.
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the announcement comes as governments try curbing carbon emissions and comic has brushed electric vehicles to the line. back to the island some reprieve for stranded refugees in libya. hundreds of migrants stranded in libya on their way to europe have been repatriated home to nigeria the u.n. is stepping up efforts to fly migrants out of the country after an outcry over reports that many are being sold into slavery well those arriving in nigeria shared harrowing details of their experience. to. relief to be on home soil again. arriving back in nigeria hundreds of migrants repatriated from libya their dreams of reaching europe were properly cut short many were imprisoned tortured and sold as slaves by smugglers.
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you didn't lock you in the room you hardly eat. he did. he did good. morning and you see three days in the you'll be seen beating just so you can see the money on this plane loaded for chinese as part of an international repatriation program that's been wrapped up in recent months these efforts follow a global outcry spotfire pools of migrants including girls sold in slave auctions or even if i'm pretty sure that when i see it that's in here or would it be one fourteen year old girl said to doesn't know how many men. have stepped up for the count many describe the hell of conditions and libya's detention comes over four hundred thousand african migrants languish but despite suffering atrocities many
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are still likely to re attempt a perilous journey to europe risking death and to peace all over again. are w.'s young philip schultz is in lagos in nigeria. after all that these people have been through i mean some hellish hellish witness accounts that we've heard there why would they want to go back and do this again. yes it's very difficult to believe but i have talked to a lot of migrants that really went through hell in libya and they actually want to try it again i think the level of desperation is very high here in nigeria at the moment no matter if people flee from poverty or conflict or general lack of perspective and a lot of them are even aware of some of the risks on the journey but they think ok maybe it happens to us but hopefully it won't happen to me when i see what this young fella because you just talk to a lot of these nigerians that have arrived back home what did they tell you more
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about their experiences in northern africa yes at the moment we are talking a lot about the slave trade and libya but the migrants tell me that the conditions are horrible all along the way in sub-saharan africa and all the way up to the mediterranean sea i was myself and i got just recently. human trafficking up in the middle of the sahara desert and even then you find people that prison that are charts that even sold as slaves so those conditions they are on main migration routes in africa and is nigeria doing anything to do incentivize young people from embarking on such a perilous journey no not really a lot of the migrants are even encouraged by families to try the dangerous journey and i think also a lot of government officials actually quite happy that so many young and
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unemployed and actually often quite frustrated young people leave the country and try to find employment somewhere else we have to keep in mind that nigeria is going through a very bad economic crisis at the moment and those remittances from overseas they are an important source of income for a lot of families right young philip schultz in lagos nigeria thank you. time magazine has named the silence breakers of the me two movement against sexual assault and harassment as its person of the year a few hours ago the magazine released its famous annual cover featuring prominent women who spoke out about their harassment their stories and thousands more flooded social media under the need to hash tag as part of a global outcry against assaults and discrimination she's known for her dinner plates picturing vomiting aristocrats and for out calling any punches when it comes to britain's colonial past while now. has made history as the first
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woman of color to win the u.k.'s most prestigious art toward the turner prize well the judges praised him it for what they called her quote uncompromising tackling a tough issues like lonia lism and racism at sixty three m. it is the oldest artists to receive the twenty eight thousand year old prize after organizers scrapped a rule requiring nominees to be younger than fifty. what if i let you go and remind you of our top story this hour u.s. president donald trump is expected to announce plans to move america's embassy in israel to jerusalem palestinians and arab states warn it could threaten the mideast peace process and russian president vladimir putin says he will run for another term in office he's been in power for eighteen years and will seek reelection in elections next march. on iraq in berlin on behalf of all of us
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here thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us we'll be back at the top of the hour. the young entrepreneurs eager to tackle the big challenges in our series founders. in this episode in bangladesh for a child discovers a working room full of extremes i don't fuck with you didn't he meets people with
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ideas to improve that if we don't do anything who's going to do it then the star post the star of the. next. entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful for years now australia has faced the powers of criticism over its treatment of refugees now it has a seat on the un human rights council and the for. is intensifying my guest this week is alexander downer the country's high commissioner how does he justify a policy so widely condemned around the world. in sixty minutes by d.w. . with different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters
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w made for minds. i'm a mother like two billion other mothers around the world i have one wish the best for my child. but in a society in which breastfeeding is often frowned upon and outs will for me to abound with profits is more important than my baby's well being how do i know how to make the right decision. mil starting december ninth on d w. i would just.


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