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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 7, 2017 8:00am-8:30am CET

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if you listen let's feelings of the instruments that steer us and whoever can control these feelings has great power over us. instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth d.w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin and international backlash grows against president trump's decision to recognize. as the capital of israel in these moments of great thanks i want to make it clear there is no alternative to the two state
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solution the un security council is to hold an emergency session palestinians have taken to the streets israel has walked on the move will go to jerusalem and washington also coming up a senior volkswagen executive gets seven eight years in a u.s. prison for his role in the diesel emissions cheating scandal. and a political opponent of president goes on trial in turkey. leaves the procurators opposition party and his supporters say his trial is politically motivated. i'm gonna go to have you with us widespread condemnation today of president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel the united nations security council will hold an emergency session on friday un's. terry general
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antonio terra saying the move will only jeopardize prospects for peace trump said his decision marked the beginning of a new approach to the conflict between israel and the palestinians. with the stroke of a pen donald trump turned the middle east on its head. i have determined that it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. the u.s. president throwing decades of diplomatic caution to the wind. he dismissed warnings that his decision could light the fuse of one of the world's most explosive powder kegs this decision is not intended in any way to reflect a departure from our strong commitment to facilitate a lasting peace agreement we want an agreement that is a great deal for the israelis and a great deal for the palestinians in jerusalem many israelis celebrated trumps
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announcement it's long overdue the flax of the two allies waving side by side on the old city wall. prime minister benjamin netanyahu praising the move as the beginning of a new era this is a historic day. the president's decision is an important step towards peace for there is no peace that doesn't include jerusalem as the capital of the state of those humans who live but far from all israelis share that optimism but it shows a lack of understanding of the sensitivities in this region and i think it's a dangerous move right now that sentiment echoed by the palestinians top peace negotiator the seasoned diplomat visibly shaken warning that trump's move could play into the hands of islamists i think president tonight this qualified the united states from going to. any or all you know if you support us i think tonight
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he is strengthening the forces of extremists in this region as no one has done before. and there is reason to fear the washington's u.-turn could provide fertile ground for radicalisation many palestinians see them with a in a sense of betrayal. i tell donald trump you're crazy crazy. you've opened hell's gate i'm the white house is set to unveil a peace plan sometime next year but after trump's latest announcement the question is if those needed to secure peace will listen. well let's get some analysis on this story from jerusalem we have our correspondent tanya kramer and from washington. phenomena good to have you both tanya let's start with you the palestinians say this move disqualifies the u.s. as a peace broker in the region how significant is that. was this significant because
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who else would take the lead what you understand his that now on the team you will meeting all the factions will be meeting in the coming days to decide what they will be taken here off the decision and we're also expecting today a general strike expecting was called for demonstrations around. jerusalem also in the occupied west bank and gaza for the next coming days so they have to see i mean people are waking up this morning to this decision and i think you've got to digest saying what has been said that and other people convert you believe that you know you are with them that they want to see the competence of their future state has been taken away from them. in a carson and the us president is saying that nothing here is actually changing and just the address of the us embassy in jerusalem now but some are saying it amounts to a violation of international law how do you square that. well there is indeed criticism
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from many experts in international law but also from allies of the united states that is is indeed a breach of international law the representative for foreign affairs of the european union federica mogul renia for instance set that there is a un security council resolution from nine hundred eighty which condemns israel's annex ation of east jerusalem and she said that embassies should not be moved there until the final status of the city has been resolved in negotiations between israelis and palestinians donald trump on the other hand says that he is simply acknowledging the facts on the ground that jerusalem is the defacto capital of israel also that there is a law from one thousand nine hundred five the jerusalem embassy act saying that the embassy should be moved to jerusalem that law has been postponed the implementation
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of the law has been postponed by several us governments and donald trump says i'm finally acting on that also at the same time he says he is still committed to the peace process and he will continue to work for it tanya what do you make of that donald trump thank you simply acknowledging the status quo why are palestinians carrying a different message than. when i think about posting in said they were listening to the speech by donald trump i mean what they say is basically that he didn't acknowledge their relationship to the city of to respond to the east part of the city and he was talking a lot about his history jewish history the ancient times the jewish nation to the history but he didn't mean to acknowledge that also palestinians lay claim on it that they have a name that every nation to this city we're talking here about the palestinians as a whole but especially also about the palestinian residents over three hundred thousand residents in east jerusalem and they also live there and even asked what
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they think about it so i think this is what is important to palestinians that. they are here and what cost and said it is international consensus that this is an occupied part of the city and it should have been part of final status negotiations and that is what the president would like to have acknowledged as well so of course i'm not so this forward now what happens next when trump sends his foreign policy team including to the middle east to unveil the u.s. peace plan early next year. we don't know that because we don't know what is in that plan and that was a main point of criticism in the discussion here not so much the effect that donald trump wants to move the embassy in that so once again there is a law has been a law for twenty two years demanding just that there is consensus here that eventually the u.s. embassy should be moved to jerusalem but it's the timing and it's the fact that
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donald trump got nothing in return for this move nothing to balance the potential negative impact of his decision and also another point of criticism here that he has obviously done this to please his base the conservative pro israel lobby and their allies among the christian evangelists groups within the republican party this all seems to be some moves that has been motivated by a domestic concerns and not so much by a grand design a grand plan for the region so we don't know what the plan is going to be tanya just briefly is israel bracing for violence in the coming days. that is kind of expected and we know that the security forces here on high alert but it's probably not the only way c.t.'s into islam in the occupied west bank in gaza also demonstrations possibly in jordan and turkey already seen some late last night so obviously i mean there is the fear that this might escalate. into these
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that correspondence tanya kramer there in jerusalem and cost and phenomena in washington thank you both now european leaders have joined the outcry against president trump's decision that britain's prime minister said the decision was unhelpful while president marcotte france called it regrettable germany's foreign minister said my gabriele warned of a risk of escalation in the israeli palestinian conflict. let's go over to see focus this i believe that this decision really carries the risk that an already difficult situation in the middle east the conflict between israel and the palestinians could escalate even further. for good reasons we haven't in the past had any other country in the world say they accept jerusalem as the capital that fantasist this represents one hundred eighty degree turn in american policy and that worries us. we hope that those concerns will prove unwarranted but this
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about face is a big problem. and will split in now to some other stories making news around the world russia's vladimir putin has announced he will run for a fourth term as president in next year's elections opinion polls suggest he would easily win the vote putting him in power until twenty twenty four put in is popular in russia despite rising tensions with the west and allegations of corruption authoritarianism. time magazine has named its person of the year as the silence breakers of the me too movement against sexual assault and harassment their stories and thousands more flooded social media under the need to hashtags the global outcry has highlighted sexual misconduct by dozens of high profile men and media business and entertainment. and hot dry winds have been fanning massive wildfires in southern california the blazes have destroyed hundreds of homes so far north threatening thousands more firefighters are battling to get the fires under control and reach the hardest hit areas so they can assess the damage. now it is
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a decisive day for germany's efforts to end the political deadlock and form a new government the social democrats are holding a party conference where they're expected to decide whether to hold talks on forming a government with chancellor angela merkel's conservatives though also be doing some soul searching on why they did so badly in september's election the party has been in a coalition with merkel's conservatives for the past four years and for many social democrats that is part of the problem the social democrats banner may flutter proudly but it party headquarters threw some certainty why did the s.p.d. do so poorly at the polls for party chief it's a question that has yet to be answered. why are we not able to make it clear that these old traditional values of respect solidarity dignity and justice are actually the most modern political offer that can be made at this time. we must ask this
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question today and certainly tomorrow at a party conference. originally ruled out entering a rerun of the grand coalition but some in the party have since had to rethink. anything which needs to a stable government and with this doesn't seem to be possible and so we have to in one way or the other to cooperate with the christian democrats. international guests also want the s.p.d. to become part of the government in the interests of europe. we don't have this in government. then we cannot influence the european debate and the signals this is the problem. former longtime party chief sikh manganiello feels that the grand coalition was not to blame for the s.p.d. xp or election results even some but i firmly believe that the crisis within german
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social democracy has less to do with the governing alliance with the conservatives here in germany than with the completely altered conditions for social democratic policies everywhere and that's why we think there have been such difficult election results in those countries where there is no grand coalition. but the s.p. these youth organisation and use those fully rejects a new edition of the grand coalition. i don't think you can speak of a clear mandate to govern or a clear carry on as before after such a drastic loss at a federal election. many s.p.d. members no longer want their party to be part of a grand coalition they fear that their party permanently aligned to the conservatives will soon be consigned to the scrap heap. of history. you're watching d.w. news still to come a political opponent of president area one goes on trial in turkey today so had ten democrats leave the pro kurdish opposition party his supporters say his trial is
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politically motivated we'll be hearing from one of the supporters. but first i have to a prison sentence for one a v.w. executive over the company's dirty days old scandal christopher have more on the sony we're talking about seven years behind bars that's a price to pay for lying to consumers over dirty diesel emissions a u.s. court has sentenced former fox wagon senior executive all of us to the maximum possible time in jail but he's quite possibly the only high level figure at the carmaker whole face legal repercussions in the u.s. . schmidt was the head of u.s. environmental compliance at fox wagon which made him the key focus of investigations over diesel gate now a federal judge has ruled that he violated the clean air act and conspired to defraud the united states handing down the heaviest possible sentence. folks falcon has admitted to installing software devices which trick lab testing tools making
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emissions to lower than they are under normal conditions the company has admitted to installing six hundred thousand such devices in u.s. vehicles around eleven million worldwide eight out of the eight managers charged by u.s. prosecutors six are yet to be arrested they fled to germany from where they cannot be extradited. all of the schmidt was not the mastermind behind diesel gate but simply the decision maker authours he's caught up with now he's paying the price while his bosses walk free. all right daniel wynter my colleague from business desk here with us daniel why such a hefty prison sentence well it's clear they want to make an example out of him and that they did in court all of us mint bro. down crying explaining how heavy this is been for his family the judge said that all of the schmidt used the the diesel cheating as a way to work his way up the corporate ladder now in the end the sentence is
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actually just five years because part of the sentences run concurrently and to men in jail is a lot fewer than there should be for a fraud of this size still city managers will be looking at this case and think twice before ripping off u.s. consumers again now what about the german investigations here why are they so far behind what authorities in the u.s. are doing well just to make it clear there is independence between politicians in the judiciary in germany and politicians so far have openly meddled in any cases but it is a vital industry in germany bringing in about four hundred billion euros in revenue a year and politics and the carmakers are very close cozy and they don't want to be seen as chipping away at the foundations of the german economy still trades have been made but public pressure has not been put on the car makers by politicians and
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that would really help to move things forward in these of the investigations the big question hanging over all of this though is whether what folks are going did is actually even illegal in europe now it is definitely in the u.s. but of course the consequences are different in the u.s. folks aren't can't just fix the cars that's why they have to pay out huge sums but in europe they say we can just make software updates because the requirements in europe emissions requirements are a lot less so essentially they are getting away without massive investigations of massive prosecutions like there is in the u.s. now you mentioned the software updates in europe has cost a billions to settle the case in the u.s. could the sentencing of all of it be the end of the diesel gate scandal for folks like. i highly doubt it now make no mistake this thirty billion dollars in fines and rebates and so on that they're having to do is just a drop in the ocean for them if you look at last year after paying all of these fines their shareholders still made five billion dollars in earnings it won't be
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the end of things but things are calming down and you look at folks logon and you see that their sales are hitting record levels last year looks like it's going to be that way this year as well and some would say with two prostrate prosecutions the bulk of finds out the way that folks like ms actually got away with this scot free daniel wynter thank you so much. the international monetary fund says china need to do more to protect its banks against possible financial risks the i.m.f. says china's largest four banks pass stress test for the rest of the problem the i.m.f. says three quarters of them were under-capitalized one stand or not china has relied on debt fuel investment and exports to drive its tremendous economic growth but the i.m.f. says that model is no longer feasible. now the trial of turkey's pro kurdish opposition party leader begins
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a non-corrupt today so i have seen damage tosh has been accused of links to kurdish militants and a cases supporters say is politically motivated the leader of the people's democratic party was first detained under the state of emergency that followed last year's failed coup in turkey they were tosh was widely seen as a major political rival of president rajapaksa now he could spend the rest of his life in prison. for more on the story we have air con air to one with us here in studio he's the executive committee member of the procurators people's american democratic party b a h d p here in berlin mr atwan thank you for joining us at the turkish government says that the h.e.p.a. has ties to the outlawed p k k what are the ties between these two is to appease a democratic party in turkey it's the biggest group in the talks argument it is no ties with this sort of claims it was asians and the citizen there was action also other m.p.'s of d.p.
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are only being. accused of because because of their speeches they made because they were supporting the democratic opposition interview so we reject all kind of tying ties between h.t.t.p. and terror so you are pro kurdish parties never supported or aided the p.k. k. obviously not i mean to he was defending the peace process we were all this saying from the very beginning that to. of to question turkish guard and beach occasionally come to the negotiation table and vishal told about the issue in order to bring democratic and peaceful solutions is deemed a terrorist group by the government and by other governments as well you have some the past of what we're seeing in turkey right now it's a lack of democracy that people who are depending on peace and democracy they are being persecuted in turkey including us allowed to touch we'll talk about them in a moment but more than a year ago there was a coup attempt in turkey there have been various attacks on at the hands of the p.k. k. isn't it is right to try to reestablish the rule of law. obviously they had the
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right to do that but what we saw after the face military coup was a complete first of all kind of democratic forces in turkey and i have to say it's not only the target was also sort of democratic opposition including democratic suicide or going to say sions including trade unions all sorts of positional joining the so we see a purge of democracy and the restructuring of the state was also including restructure restructuring of the judicature system so he'd be an outlaw himself was ordering the court cases against say that an imitation feeling sick and against the . members in the parliament so we could begin that cold turkey a democratic country in a more obvious or because i guess ok well let's talk about saleh. he is being accused of belonging to a terror group he's facing a hundred and forty two years in prison for terrorist propaganda he was detained a year ago why has it taken so long for his trial to get started over this will be
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answered by the court and by total thirties but he's having the first hearing in the court after three hundred ninety nine days this is always the. this is just showing that he was put into prison to isolate himself from his party from his voters they must have she's a representative of six million people so how this can be imagined to put an m.p. of a party to prison and wait for more than one year to have the first hearing of the court and the court itself is being done in a very small room with twenty people until they said that and then with us from not even be brought to the court. so his basic right to defend himself is being well is so you're saying this is not a fair trial but the party's co-leader see again you said doc is also in jail prosecutors want to put him behind bars for eighty three years with the two leaders
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of the party. of facing these charges where does this leave the h.p. . it should be if you look to do the imposed he still has around ten percent so there is a fence in the democracy interview but democratic opposition and democratic response is also going on and he's part of it but it's not only should he be generals or the democratic forces and i want to just underline that if you go and can maintain its power only because it's international support on these democratic attitudes so i think europe and germany should support the democratic opposition but not the oppressive governments where the clear message there from her to one is executive committee member of the procrit ish people the matter democratic party the h.g.v. here in berlin mr atwan thank you for joining us in our studio thank you now for a bit of sports of the champions league group stage wrapped up on wednesday five
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time winners liverpool sealed their place in the last sixteen with a seven zero thrashing of spartak moscow shakhtar donetsk also went through after a two one win over manchester city who'd already qualified but the news wasn't so great for a german side our real life sick their champions league debut ended in a two one defeat to group winners. they have to settle for a place in the europa league leipsic will be joined in that competition biber said dortmund bought only jest they lost to three children real madrid christiana rinaldo scoring for rail to equal no messi as group stage scoring record. now the europa league says giant killers in action tonight they've already left tonight's opponents head to berlin in their wake and advancing to the knockout stages this tiny team from central sweden has set itself apart not only with that success on the pitch but also with its work promoting intercultural dialogue to stay strong the they sing together. take literature classes and they even
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dance together as the sions f.-k. are prepared to do plenty of unusual things to promote integration. but when i came to the club this summer and we started practicing this show where we were supposed to dance it was different this year that working on swan lake and also rehearsing a musical performance. this week dishcloth has more than fifty percent foreigners on their books mainly from africa and the middle east one of the secrets of their success is the strong bond within the squad. there from monitors more you get a better understanding for other people in the beginning a lot of things are weird but then you get used to it. as the show and in central sweden is a winter sports stronghold but the multicultural side has won over a lot of new fads. you know today you have it's wonderful indeed they really fit in
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the boys are great. it's fun and great for integration. the harmony in the team has also lead to success on the pitch they've already booked their place in the knockout stage in the europa league. and they finished fifth in the swedish league. great group and i like you all hype you we're all new and yet like family we do everything together. now their big goal is to keep the european dream alive and see how far the journey will take them ok. ok. ok. reminder now for our top story at this hour the united nations security council is to hold an emergency session as international condemnation grows the president trumps recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel palestinians have taken to the streets israel has welcomed a move. thanks for watching do that we were back at the top of the hour.
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