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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 7, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm CET

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this is italy news live from berlin on edge u.s. president obama's move to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel sparks hamas to call for a new uprising. as international condemnation worries palestinians protest in the best but west bank and gaza and the israeli
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army reinforces troops in the west bank we speak to a prominent palestinian lawmaker also coming up. can this man solve germany's political woes a social democrat leader martin szell's refused to consider a coalition government with uncle out miracle after his party's election defeat but now in a u. turn his party has said yes to kicking off talks with merkel's conservatives. plus hot dry winds fanning the flames of massive wildfires in southern california people flee their homes hundreds of houses are destroyed and thousands more threatened as firefighters struggle to contain the infernos. also a homecoming for fashion legend karl lagerfeld chanels a german of born designer stages a star studded fashion show in hamburg transforming the city's sparkling new poster hall into a boat could tour catwalk. pleasure
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to be with you in the response to u.s. president donald trump's controversial decision to recognize the roost them as the capital of israel the palestinian group hamas has called for an uprising israel's president lavished praise on president arms assertion but the palestinian president says he's rallying international opposition to the moves which he called an unacceptable crime. it was a day off unrest in many parts of israel thousands of palestinians took to the streets to protest against u.s. president donald trump's decision to officially recognized jerusalem as israel's capital. and in many parts of the country protesters clashed with security forces. israel is preparing
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for more violence in the coming days and is deploying additional troops to the west bank but many fear that the situation could escalate as the islamic militant group hamas its followers to start an uprising a first intifada against israel. we demand resistance in the west bank so we can answer this shameless aggression and i repeat shameless aggression the american decision as an act of aggression against our people addicted aeration of war against the palestinian people and the holiest sites of islam and christianity. after seeing me. yet. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu in contrast while trump's announcement as a historic landmark and said of the countries we're considering following the u.s. lead. we are already in contact with other
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countries which will issue is a meal of recognition i have no doubt that the moment the american embassy moves to jerusalem and even before then there will be a movement of many embassies to jerusalem the time has come. for you. but the u.s. decision also prompted to brought a diplomatic backlash turkey russia and the european union condemned the move saying that recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel and hopes of resolving the conflict peacefully and that it's divided the international community the u.n. security council has an emergency meeting about the matter. declared friday a day of rage and many fear that the conflict about jerusalem could spark a new bloody war in the region.
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and we can get reaction now from. she joins us now she's a palestinian lawmaker and a member of the palestinian liberation organization's executive committee she is in ramallah mr showing very good evening you were an op ed for the new york times today where you call trump's decision a huge mistake why. us it's a huge mistake because he's not on the undermining the trenches or destroying the very foundations of peace is destroying america and what situation when it is justice by finding such appalling clues and we become complicit in the crime is also inflaming public opinion will provoke will people out the region and beyond and we had supporting extremists and this certainly will have its our relentless extremism and violence than we are and of course by giving an example of violating
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international law and you were doing that. all the strings work together but. arab countries that have predictably reacted in horror to this decision but the size the usual condemnations they're not suggesting any solutions do you feel that a palestinian still at the arab world has given up on the palestinians at this stage when we tried very hard that many arab leaders did call donald trump and straighten up to go down. and they're all now that this is going to affect them and the fact that and to get some of the markets standing of course and influence in the early but it seems he was bent on doing a. good chunk of his closest allies in the region he also gender. bending with their own people so everybody has taken representation again. which in
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itself is a good way of sponsibility. in that sense it's not arabs telling and the fact that the u.s. now has exposed. as being in full support of the occupation and of the most extreme right wing hard line very very government and. and in a shadowy palestinian lawmaker in a member of the palestinian liberation organization executive committee thank you. all right and we can go now to d.w. the very own my ass waiter she is in jerusalem for us she joins me on the line right now maya when we talk about jerusalem we talk as if it's a united a city described as the facts on the ground what's the demographic reality of jerusalem. the jerusalem is a very old city that despite everyone talking about it being visible between east
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and west actually very hard to divide there's no river or a barrier or a clear road between east and west in terms of demographic there's about eight hundred fifty thousand people who live here around three hundred thousand of whom are palestinian residents of east jerusalem and that is an official legal status they hold a resident of east jerusalem which means they're not israeli citizens and they cannot vote in the knesset elections the elections for the israeli congress so there's quite a presence and there's quite a community here mostly in east jerusalem and today we saw many of them especially the youth of the community out in front of the damascus gate at the old city shouting protesting that jerusalem is the arabs are islamist palestinian and that takes a very much opposed to show we say to this read the declaration from president trump and my own what do you very sorry for interrupting you there what are you hearing about the situation the current situation in the palestinian territories or of
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people being reacting. right so we've heard about these these clashes happening in bethlehem and around the territories and we know that police and the i.d.f. are gearing up for possibly more violence clashes incidents happening tomorrow because it is friday so friday prayers will be happening today in jerusalem if things were fairly calm but tense and we still have a heavier than normal police presence out on the streets there are some police on horseback who have been writing back and forth in front of me and my colleague just sort of intimidating the people in this neighborhood it's it's been a tense day there's been some clashes some scuffles some people arrested one person was injured in front of me not a good situation and likely to depreciate in the next day or so last winter reporting from jerusalem thank you. ari want to get you some more background
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on this and for that i'm joined now by our very own william know our glu craft he's lived in haifa and has reported from the west bank and we're very happy to have you here will to help us understand a little bit more about the situation on the ground in jerusalem we just heard my describe the situation in jerusalem we often hear people describe to say talk about west jerusalem and east jerusalem who lives where and is there a freedom of movement between these two communities of course you know in syria there's freedom of movement there are no laws against you know restricting access freedom of access freedom of movement of course the police and security forces from israel often impose restrictions when they see there's a security threat on the palestinian population there which which of course restricts their movement quite a bit there's also the economic perspective the west western part of jerusalem is the modern part of jerusalem is more built up where most of the israeli jews live whereas the east is more of what most people have in mind of of jerusalem the old city but we see behind us the holy sites and this is where poor people live mostly
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the they're the forty percent of jerusalem of the recent population who are palestinians with a residency but not citizenship. as you know in a reaction has said you know has called for an uprising there and intifada are there any other options for palestinians in jerusalem that they can resort to democratic options that they could use to challenge what's happened now for instance we've had a long history of showing the violence does not work it is bloody on both sides it's tragic and it should always be called out and condemned there are democratic options. with residency status palestinians in jerusalem can't vote for the knesset for the israeli prime they do have municipal voting rights they could theoretically change the political situation in jerusalem if they wanted to of course they have been boycotting since ninety sixty seven municipal elections seeing it as submitting to the occupying power being israel that they don't want to participate in of voting system from what they would consider. the enemy so they do have
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options available to them if they so choose if they if they want to band together and create a new kind of strategy because violence certainly doesn't work and in any case like any liberation movement resistance movement there are economic means. you need to put pressure on the occupying power that you are trying to make a change to get it to affect them. to make your problem their problem until that happens not much is going to change well you've written a thesis examining the minority's position in in the israeli state the position of arabs really is basically israel talk to us a little bit about this decision that's been made now by the us will it actually change the facts on the ground for palestinians living in jerusalem or arab israelis right so of course remember that a quarter of israel's entire population of the jewish state is not jewish and as we said up to forty percent of drusilla's population is not jewish it is palestinian. for them though i mean this is more of a symbolic gesture regardless what donald trump now says what u.s.
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policy is what international law says what the national community thinks israel has been treating jerusalem as its unified capital since one thousand sixty seven so for them i don't think much has changed there it's just one more symbol and symbols do matter but it's one more symbol of of the hopelessness that they feel and sense on the streets every day in their lives and it's a region of course where symbols in hers so very much very briefly if you can well how does this torpedo the peace process or what's left of it you know we've been seeing a lot of headlines that this affects the peace process i wonder what peace process we're talking about there have not been talks for years the palestinian side is fractured from hamas and fatah it's fractured geographically between west bank and gaza with two very different situations there and on the israeli side there's very little interest a need from a political perspective to strike a deal with the palestinians because the israeli side has what they need they have a military power and the economic power and connections to the west. thank you.
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all right want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. the european union is taking the czech republic hungry and poland to court for failing to take their fair share of refugees on their twenty fifteen plan all the countries have taken in almost no refugees in the past two years despite an e.u. agreement to relocate some one hundred sixty thousand people from italy and greece their governments accuse brussels of limiting their national sovereignty. with only two weeks to go till catalonia holds new elections more than forty thousand pro cattle and protesters have gathered in brussels to urge the e.u. to support their drive for independence from spain they're also voicing support for their deposed leader has put him off he is currently in brussels and says he will stay in belgium because he is afraid he'll be arrested if he were turns to spain. turkish president richard tiber erdogan is going to today official visit to greece
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the first by a turkish head of state in sixty five years the two neighbors have normalize their tense relations in recent years but there are still disagreements over major issues like the island of cyprus control of parts of the agency and the migration crisis. and we've got some breaking news to report right now coming in germany may be one step closer to forming a new government the country's social democratic party has just voted in favor of opening talks on continuing the governing coalition which chancellor angela merkel's conservatives for the next parliamentary term party chairman martin shields asked his fellow social democrats to give the green light for preliminary talks schultz initially ruled out the option after the party performed badly in september's general election will now says the success of these talks will depend on what parts of the party program can be adopted as government policy. all at last to discuss and thankfully we've got to charlotte
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a pot who is at the convention what does this mean will it be a new government in germany so. well we're one step closer but actually no when near having a new government in germany of anything this they showed that it's going to be a very lengthy process and the devil really liason the details let me walk you through so basically today the social democrats voted that they are going to attend preliminary talks with manacles conservatives to form a grand coalition after that there in a circle will vote on going into so-called exploratory talks and then they will have another party convention where they will decide to go into coalition talks and in the end they will have their hof million members of the social democrats vote on whether to adopt a final version of these coalition negotiations and then in the end will head into an new government so a very complicated process that is going to take
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a long time and the social democrats won't make it very easy for conservatives i've talked to deputy party leader before and he confirmed that. what are the main conditions set you are asking what do you need the christian democrats to do to make a grand coalition work for you or a grand coalition is not what we were really have as the aim or we should just seek whether there are other possibilities as minority government changing majorities or things like that but it depends on the issues we definitely need to change our european policies much more active fathers towards europe anti-nationalism more progressive. more growth oriented already and it's also we have to secure that in the digital time labor is good labor so that people can. live off on their own what they're earn and we need changes in our pension
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system we have to do something about health care there are a lot of social issues we have to change we have to do something about global justice the same issues as mr cobb in the dresses them or to door bernie sanders in the united states those are issues young people are excited about and we need more young people to join the parties and to become more political and to do something against the right wing problem isn't which we have all over europe. therefore we have to have many changes and the problem is in the conservative party is very weak and they have recourse in the leadership. and the very end part of the conservative party but also and i'm going to project and therefore i think the chance would be very high that we would be able to get lots of these things through and be successful with that and i hope my party will be smart enough to follow the
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path. that we at least try it we might see a continuation of the grand coalition mistake not very much thank you very much for this interview. so what i heard there were a lot of red lines it will show so i'm going to go along with all this. well the demands are pretty bold from the social democrats but we have to say chancellor merkel really wants to make this work she doesn't want a minority government which would be an option if the grand coalition fails she has already said that that is an unstable option and she just want to prevent that she also does not want new elections and actually that is a sentiment that is basically echoed across the political aisle nobody wants to go into new elections so she will move towards the demands of the social democrats and the positions on not so difference with each other when it comes for example to the topic of europe or other issues but the social democrats will make it very
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difficult for her and for her conservatives and the question is even if machall says she agrees with the social democrats on some issues will the party will her conservatives go along with that so it's going to be very tough negotiations ahead and as i said in the beginning we're nowhere close to having a new government in germany at this point to be continued charlie potts reporting thank you. you're watching the news we saw a lot more to tell you about here is what's ahead. firefighters in california battle to contain major blazes that have destroyed homes and sent thousands fleeing more on these brutal wildfires coming up. but first have your is here with the bill is and an ugly word in the world of business one that causes jitters everywhere leyla it's the word restructuring when you hear it you can almost always link it to job cuts general electric has confirmed it's axing twelve thousand jobs at its global power business it's trying to become
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a more focused company and if this story sounds familiar look no further than here in germany. g.e. decided on the currency it says to save over a billion euros in twenty eighteen the company's stock has plunged forty four percent this year and the downturn is not only affected g.e. rival siemens is cutting about six thousand nine hundred jobs its power and gas division has also been hit by the rapid growth of renewables like wind and solar the worldwide trend is towards finding renewable energy solutions like this wind park in china which generates clean energy and doesn't contribute to climate change . and solar has become a more realistic alternative since the dawn of battery storage solutions to store daylight energy the u.s. company says it expects dwindling demand for fossil fuel power plants to continue g.e. said the job cuts would primarily take place outside the united states but nearly a third of the company's swiss workforce is set to go and sixteen hundred employees
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in germany are also likely to lose their jobs. if there is one lesson learned from the financial crisis it's that taxpayers shouldn't be bailing out banks after years of haggling central bankers and financial supervisors have come up with a new rule for lenders so called battle committee reaching the compromise u.c.b. chief mario draghi calls it a major milestone until now banks in the e.u. were allowed to assess themselves on how much capital reserves they need to survive a crisis the central banks only performed stress tests now it will be up to the central banks to determine the necessary buffer most of the rules not only this one but the other ones that were agreed on come into effect from twenty twenty two. now it's not an easy task we spoke to our financial correspondent in frankfurt contact bosun and asked how difficult it was for regulators to find common ground. well of course this is a compromise and long lasting comp a compromise where took
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a long time until it was really forged out of course you always find pundits who will tell you this is not enough who will tell you that for example the capital of buffers of banks should be higher but also i think we shouldn't forget that this compromise was forged out by supervisors and central banks of twenty eight different jurisdictions you know the eurozone america china countries like singapore turkey switzerland i think it's remarkable that they ended up finding a compromise this is not a given in a time where many governments think that national exit ism is more important than finding common ground. that was kind of was in frankfurt i'll be back with more business later on for now it's back to you all right thank you so very much harvey are people on twitter are fleeing virtually to germany this week to take advantage of this country's anti hate speech laws it's all thanks to a tweet from an american journalist who advised people to change their twitter
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location to germany to avoid sin content from neo nazis and our very own karl from our social media team is on this story this is fascinating who is this journalist and what did she tweet so her name is virginia heffernan she is a an expert on digital culture she is journalist with a big following online and let's just show you the message that she sent to her twitter followers this is what she wrote in this was really catching on she says public service announcement for anyone be set by nazi and brown shirt bots i changed my twitter address to germany at the suggestion of a shrewd friend and they vanished germany as stricter hate speech laws just to clarify she's talking about brown shirts nazi bots these are basically automatic automated twitter accounts and they tweet out extremist content this is a big problem lots of people complain about this on twitter while this tweet this was shared by tens of thousands of people it seems like it's really catching on to the point that we're even seeing many people on twitter saying that they took up
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her advice and they gave it a try this is a another journalist here and he writes a pro tips i switched my twitter location to germany and my twitter experience seems much better after just one day this isn't new this strategy has been discussed before but hate speech just continues to be a problem on twitter oh we're both on twitter we both see a lot of this so it seems this twitter hack is gaining some momentum now but i mean is there something to it i didn't know that something is changing your location does it change what you see and your face yes the n.f.l. thought about this either so we decided to try it out and see if there is anything to it does this really work so here's what we did we went to twitter here in berlin we logged on with our german settings and we searched. for national socialist and it brings up several self-proclaimed white nationalist a neo nazi accounts but as you can see about half of them here are actually blocked in germany fact they come up with a message that says this account has been withheld you can see right there well
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went to my profile settings on my account change the location from germany to the us and there's a big difference take a look at this we have the search results and there are a lot different all of these accounts are not blocked the right there including that account that we showed you before it's open you can access it so of course there's still lots of fans of content on twitter in germany but there is a big difference i mean you see there's content that's blocked in germany but not in the u.s. so does this mean that twitter handles this content differently in germany it seems like it doesn't really what we think the big difference is we reached out to twitter they didn't respond to us yet but there's much stricter hate speech laws in germany compared to the us including a new law that was just in acted in october and this is probably having a big difference and take a look at this law this is the basics here it's called the network enforcement act and it requires social media sites like twitter to remove blatantly illegal content which does include hateful speech
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a holocaust and nazi iconography and sites have twenty four hours and to respond to reports of illegal content or face a fine of up to fifty million euros that's a lot of money and this has people in the u.s. saying hey look if twitter can do this in germany if they can block neo nazi sites why can't they do that in the u.s. or wherever they want i mean it's a private company they can make the rules as strict as they want. i think this really has to do with resources i mean it takes money it takes time you need people to really scan these accounts so they have people going through the content of these these reports come from users but you need someone to respond to those reports check it out is this really offensive content is it not that's a big task to take on and unless you have a law. like in germany telling you to do that i'm not sure is going to happen in the u.s. very resource intensive but a good move anyway for those who want to change their locations in germany all right karl as one thank you so much greatly appreciate that almighty we've got a lot more to tell you about here's what's ahead. in the soccer the europa league
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reaches a fevered pitch tonight we visit one swedish club preparing with the swan lake. they're not going to want to miss that or stay to. go along as a figure out of jewishness artificial. in the first place the role of time but over the centuries its character changed it inspired artists as well as scientists. fundamental questions about.
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w. on twitter on facebook. he tells us storing stories. it makes us laugh. and cry. and smile. magically which. emotion did no. good to see every hand on g.w. . good to have you back with us you're watching the donors on leyla rock n roll and this is our main headline right now. israeli troops have used tear gas in the west bank as palatinate palestinians protest u.s. president trumps recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital the palestinian group hamas has called for
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a new uprising against israel. were raging wildfires in california have prompted authorities to issue a purple alert that's the highest level warning ever issued in the state i mean what's being called extremely critical fire weather tens of thousands of people are under evacuation orders and nearly two hundred homes and buildings have been destroyed that's as firefighters struggle to contain the fires that number is expected to grow. a wind whipped inferno that shows no signs of stopping the ferocious santa ana winds are forecast to hit one hundred thirty kilometers per hour on thursday for their fuel for this fire in ventura county that's already consumed hundreds of homes. greatest threat is and will always continue to be the wind if the wind dies down we'll get a handle on this we're going to know all week long red flag condition were not done
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. the wildfires have surged right into the heart of los angeles here at the luxury neighborhood of bel-air. a vineyard belonging to billionaire rupert murdoch one of the million dollar properties under threat. fire crews struggling to contain the flames for a handful of homes it was a losing battle. and darkness revealed shocking scenes on the four o five one of the city's famed freeways which barges go way now on the freeway. need to get out of here. about two hundred thousand people have already evacuated a number that's likely to increase if wilder winds ignite even more fires. german chancellor angela merkel has met with the libyan prime minister to talk about stabilizing this north african country in resolving the refugee crisis there all this after the u.n. condemned the sale of migrants into slavery in libya saying it may amount to crimes
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against humanity recent footage of africans being sold as slaves in libya turned a sharp spotlight into the plight of refugees attempting to reach europe. having survived the treacherous journey across the desert hundreds of thousands of african migrants find themselves trapped in a cycle of neglect and abuse after proof of modern day slave markets in libya emerged three weeks ago the shock waves also reached the e.u. african union summit in ivory coast on the spot european and african leaders agreed a nine point plan the libyan government promised international access to the camps while europe pledged more funds with french president emmanuel mccall going as far as suggesting military action. visiting german chancellor merkel to discuss the details libya's prime minister fire seraj was quick to rule out any european boots
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on the ground. not them i say we discussed this with my call and i was on but we don't see that there could be a military solution to this it's a more fundamental problem but it. libya's prime minister stressed that he would not tolerate the abuse of migrants but he admits that his government only controls part of the country the german chancellor says she's committed to improving conditions while keeping a firm on europe's borders. there's a lot that needs to be done to improve the humanitarian situation in libya. but one precondition for us is helping train the libyan coast guard and that we can save migrants rescued in the libyan waters should be returned to the mainland this should come under the supervision of the international organization for migration so we know that the conditions are acceptable. and.
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the german government just pledged an extra one hundred twenty million euros to put the e.u. african union plan into action germany says it wants to play its part in easing the plight of migrants in libya for that berlin has pledged significant funds but the big question remains how much stability it will get in exchange. mechanical reporting are you watching the news we still have a lot more to tell you about here's what's ahead. this square is really hot favorite at this year's european film awards being held this saturday right here in berlin by the now from our culture desk will join us for a look at the front runners. but first have your is back with more business and they need your retailer is in trouble that's right it's a retailer with a lot of brands it's europe's second biggest furniture company called steinhoff and it is in the hot seat over insider trading and manipulating company results the
7:36 pm
chief executive and the head of the african subsidiary star have stepped down over the news now it's certainly a turnaround for the company two years to the day as we're seeing right now it listed on the frankfurt stock exchange but today there's a far more bleak picture than what we had then because no one was counting on this i want to take a look at how the share price has plunged over the past few days as the accounting scandal came to light down eighty percent in incredible fall there and the retailer is considered to be the biggest rival to ikea so just to give you an idea of the scale and has postponed its upcoming financial report indefinitely it has its operational headquarters in south africa and our correspondent from helder is joining us now from cape town in order to give us a little bit of light on this story thank you for joining us it was good to see you now we know that german authorities had been investigating this company for a few months now and that the company had also made references to irregularities in
7:37 pm
their financial reports even in twenty fifteen so do we know the scale of this problem. well actually sign up has given little detail on the counting issues as well as now broaden pricewaterhouse coopers to investigate and i sure said they've now delayed to the nth year results indefinitely and that's also a really bad for investors confidence i mean as you say that the stock price has been crashing and it's very important that they give them clarity as soon as possible in the meantime it seems that the company is planning to set a long core assets to create liquidity now what about the reaction from south african authorities we know that the company has a major operation and its operating headquarters there yes no definitely major reactions here as well mainly as well from to johannesburg stock exchange the day as the where also to share a surprise has been crashing actually today was a bigger brawl bought as they call it here and then yesterday one of the directors of gary's c.s.
7:38 pm
set like we are in touch with sign off we want to know what is happening also to order the watch dark inside africa your bible says that it needs to soon and then also for example the government and to use pension funds these people are very worried because they have made a lot of investments in their insane health and civil servants are afraid that they might not get their pension so a lot of responses here also on social media a lot of responses of course as well about one chris yost of the c.e.o. to resign and he has said africa and here people don't mince their words they actually already saying that he's a scammer of news of frauds and they're not waiting for the investigation to happen a lot of outrage there and now too many of our viewers tired of might not be that well known because it has a lot of brands how big and how important is the company in south africa. oh very important it's called here sign off the africa retail store and actually it's not just south africa it's southern africa it has present in twelve different
7:39 pm
countries we're talking about five thousand outlets one of the biggest is a brand whole pet where does a store that's kind of quaint at the lower income markets mainly sending cheap clothing but they have also stores where they sell bags they have stores or they sell home appliances and even have stores what are so thin before carpentry so it's a massive player here in southern africa as also massive player if you know going to employment so that's also a worry here on the side of the world are giving us the picture about this ongoing story thank you very much the world bank says the vast majority of miners around the world work in unofficial mines and are totally depending on the proceeds the unregulated industry can be dangerous and would benefit both workers and economies if governments made efforts to recognize it until the end of the remained a thorn in the side of regular mining companies. in this wasteland on the outskirts
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of kimberley close to ten thousand informal miners are eking out a living by sifting through the waste of the area's diamond mines locally they are known as some azzam as meaning keep on trying the local zulu bank which kimberley is situated in south africa's northern cape province and was once the world's diamond capital but the boom is long over many of the mines and supporting businesses closed or downscaled and working as a zama zama is the only work available. with the do it is the i didn't see sometimes a. queue of they'll put able to. receive a lot of this land deal take us able to sell us all we have this way. from mining affected communities to action is trying to help his n.g.o.s fighting to legalize the work of the zama zamost and to lift the country's blanket ban on
7:41 pm
informal mining though the government seems willing to negotiate it's the mining industry that blocks the move. interested in helping his amazon mess they're even decided to pull out of the meeting that we are with them. they'd be. better off mean that our interests and also the provisional government aren't here to pull out of that meeting they're not interested in us they are only interested in profit making. it's estimated that close to one hundred thousand people in south africa depend on artists in a mining generating minerals worth four hundred million euros per year yet this is only zero point one percent of south africa's money economy. what we are dealing with the. question of greed versus need so often we see that. in fifty one companies control eighty percent of six hundred billion then market and they are denying people the opportunity to put food on the table even though
7:42 pm
our legislation requires requires the state to make these the resources available to ordinary south africans if formalized there could be tangible benefits for the south african economy and for social cohesion in one of the most unequal societies in existence but for now artists will miners operate in a shadow economy and are only able to sell their non-certified diamonds on the black market. they're filling. their shops. so days no. days. in crime or. then. yeah we failed to get those schools. who put the weak local poor weeks we're now off. if no permanent solution for two
7:43 pm
snow miners like manya is found their future looks bleak. going out for a jog in the city is a healthy practice just not in delhi where a day out is a quibble into smoking forty two cigarettes pollution has gotten so bad people are installing air filters in their apartments but only few can afford it most residents are left to choke on the dirty air. cricket fans hope they'll still get a chance to watch a match that if they can see through the delhi small the sri lankan team temporarily stopped play in the test series against india earlier this week because of the pollution india's capital has had a toxic air quality level for weeks with doctors urging people not to go to school or work and residents haven't seen play skies for a long time believe that they are actively will come here every day for a walk near the presidential palace there's
7:44 pm
a lot more small can we can breathe properly when we're walking around here that i thought. or aspire to be here he was governor probably. data from the meteorological institute confirms that the situation is continuing to worsen. the illusion index is five times higher with worsening and quality values usually reaching two hundred ninety to three hundred parts that means exercising running or even walking at these levels can cause irritation. institute has even measured dangerous than use of nearly one thousand parts a big reason for the small gives farmers burning off their plant stubble after harvesting their crops added to that is exhaust fumes from dilapidated old trucks delivering goods to markets in the city and delis estimated ten million cos. i had a fever and a cough my eyes and throat hurt and it was difficult to new york but i still had to
7:45 pm
muster the courage to work for my children very much that yeah i'm going to manage to get it. authorities in delhi a trying to tackle the problem about on vehicles that don't meet emission standards is due to come into effect next year and burning plastic will soon become illegal but few believe that the new rules will be enforced. tougher business it's actually less shocking forty two cigarettes a day less than that can you imagine that and say no to smoke and i say this one thing aren't well to football now and now brussels has lost the right o's games at the euro twenty twenty following the liaison the development of a new stadium you with us is the format just set to be played in brussels will now be moved well to wembley stadium in london wimbley is already scheduled to host both semifinals in the final euro two thousand and twenty is a ten european showcase event with matches being played in twelve different countries. and the europa league group stage wraps up today this year's
7:46 pm
surprise club is. already left tonights upon his head to berlin in their wake in advancing to the knockout stages in the tiny team from central sweden set itself apart not only with its success on the pitch but also for its work in promoting intercultural dialogue. the strings from the they sing together. take literature classes and they even dance together as the sions f.-k. are prepared to do plenty of unusual things to promote integration. hall when i came to the club this summer and we started practicing this show where we were supposed to dance it was different. this year they're working on swan lake and also rehearsing a musical performance. this week dishcloth has more than fifty percent foreigners on their books mainly from africa and the middle east one of the secrets of their success is the strong bond within the squad. as
7:47 pm
well you get a better understanding for other people in the beginning a lot of things are weird but then you get used to it. as the show and in central sweden is a winter sports stronghold but the multicultural side has won over a lot of new fads. you know and a you have it's wonderful indeed they really fit in the boys are great it's fun and great for integration. the harmony in the team is also lead to success on the pitch they've already booked their place in the knockout stage in the europa league. and they finished fifth in the swedish leave. a great group and i like it here we are all new and yeah like family we do everything to get it right now they're big goal is to keep the european dream alive and see how far the journey will take them.
7:48 pm
all right some high fashion now for you chanel's artistic director karl lagerfeld has returned to his birthplace hamburg to stage a glittering fashion show while the fashion legend picked this northern german city's new concert hall as the venue turning the into a catwalk and in a very personal touch every guest received a gift bag with a book about his hometown. she has an invitation he has an invitation and so did these people hamburg's elde feel how money a concert hall oscar winner until the swinton twilight star kristen stewart your vision song contest winner laina and twelve hundred other guests with high expectations this is chanel's first fashion show in germany and of course it's in the birthplace of creative director karl lagerfeld.
7:49 pm
there's no pomp and circumstance this year it's the concert hall that's the star of chanel's annual show and it's all done with nordic cool normally they're held in places with some connection to the fashion houses founder coco chanel recent locations includes out spork rome and paris. but this year it's all about lagerfeld for him the elbe feel how money is the cathedral of the century. for you know for me and i've never been here talking of the whole building and it was a breathtaking i'm sure. it was very moving and i didn't expect expected to be impressive in this place but i was really touched also because i saw that this is a homecoming for him and his references to hamburg and to germany are so strong. enough to stocks and he's been looking for many years for a way to to reapproach to make something in hamburg and when he saw this
7:50 pm
building he he realized this was a new gateway. at the end applause for the maestro it seems this show was not only a gift for others but also for himself. this is a scene from the square a satire on satire on the art world which is the hot favorite for a number of prizes at the european film awards being held here in berlin this weekend. all right and our one of robin merrill is here to tell us more about this so what's this best old up well this is the if you like the european phone wards of the european equivalent of the oscars now they don't have the reputation of the oscars with the public but in the industry it is indeed very important and you will
7:51 pm
find that on saturday night not only the great good of european cinema will be have at the be some hollywood moguls as well checking out the european film scene in fact next week nominees fold the oscars for foreign language film will be made and you bet that one of two of these films at least will be in the nominees were there when we'll have to have to wait till next year anyway open your minds now let's see a bit more of the square and a few other of the likely contenders this year in the european film awards. what are the biggest challenges. from your concept real so in its present swedish director who as the square follows a respected museum curator and the publicist he's surrounding the venues latest installation the squares in the music marsalis take down the lessons of which can be applied to contemporary society as
7:52 pm
a whole how often would you say that you take women that you don't know very well. and have sex with them you know their names yeah so what's my name. on body and soul is a hung jury on love story directed by a deacon and u.t. the film follows two characters a physically disabled man and a woman with asperger's syndrome they share the same dream every night but the real world proves more difficult for them than their dreams. in. the killing of a sacred year starring colin farrell and they called hitman. the most direct that this deeply unsettling tale. of a surgeon was blackmailed by
7:53 pm
a teenage boy and automatically has to make an impossible sacrifice the film starts with my discomfort and at the point of no return i have a right in my night children should i write. is the only thing i can think of as close as yes. maybe that's going to get. the benefit of all of. the other side of hope as a quirky melancholic finish comedy drama but i keep. the film follows two people were. a syrian refugee the other a middle aged man both looking for a place to call home. but i'm older. robin interesting range by the way there we won't know who's going to win because you know will be announced at the festival but on a really awards will also be handed out yeah and the we know the winners of those
7:54 pm
it's like another film awards as well the julie delpy the french american actress she's going to get the european achievement in world cinema award she's possibly best known for her performance with ethan hawke and richard linklater is before trilogy of films that she's made over a period of years what's not so well known is that she co-wrote some of these films and indeed received two oscar nominations in the screenwriting category over the years now she's also more recently written directed and starred in your own movies including one she's done with chris rock she really is an all around town and now the other one is of course a lifetime achievement award and this year it goes to the russian director alexander soccer off his film we see here russia is actually a film made with an edited. throughout the entire film an idea that's been copied in recent years but he was the first one to do it is all the film this one you see
7:55 pm
here from. another great work by him and it won the gold mine at the venice film festival in two thousand and eleven so these two will both get their awards they know but they all the others have to bite their nails until saturday exam who do you think is going to be doing really well on the side well most years are we give a big hit because it's kind of but this year it really isn't clear who's going to win the big prize the square takes a lot of boxes it's got five nominations it's going to win something but whether it wind the film on body and soul also you're like that where we're watching that lovely film. you know the love story set in and which is saying i'm the one that actually won a best film of the day this year and then this carries makis film as well which has this absurd. that he always has i quite fancy that one actually lots of humor actually this year which is good we all need a bit of human enough humor and we've got so many good movies to pick from so it's
7:56 pm
actually a choice yes thank you so much arriving greatly appreciate that all right before i let you go i want to remind you of our main headlines right now. israeli troops have used tear gas in the west bank as palestinians protest u.s. president trumps recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital the bouncing group hamas has called for a new uprising against israel and germany social democrats have agreed to hold talks with chancellor on gluck merkel's conservatives are continuing the governing coalition. all right thank you so much for watching brenda is up next.
7:57 pm
goanna as a figure out of jewish. artificial. at first it played the role of protector but over the centuries its character changed it inspired artists as well as scientists. fundamental questions about.
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the legend of man. in fifteen minutes. crime fighters the new season of radio crime thrillers. cyber crime and human trafficking for investigative cases that keep you on your toes the. stories of the base idea ever so every young person needs to listen to crime fighter and share. fighters don't miss it. i'm a mother like two billion other mothers around the world i have one wish the best for my child. but in a society in which breastfeeding is often frowned upon and adds well for me to abound with profits is more important than my baby's well being how do i know how
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to make the right decision. no starting december ninth on d w. they know like. they know what we think. and soon they'll even know how we feel. i'm not a real person i'm still just a. scientist around the world working to measure our emotions. hopefully i can be a helpful piece a song. a virtual person as a therapist board. a robotic as a teacher neither would have human empathy what does a machine need to do to create empathy and a medical context when i disclose more information to a person or to a computer in this case. a few years and lots of feelings of the instruments that steer us and whoever can control these feelings has great power over us even
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possible algorithms instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth on t w. this is d w news live from berlin tonight germany's political stalemate may be near and then in a u. turn these social democrats and their leader martin's old have said yes to kicking off talks with uncle.


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