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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 8, 2017 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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and outs will for me to abound with profits is more important than my babies will be how do i know how to make the right decision. moon stones in december ninth on d w. this state of the news coming to blog from berlin demonstrations around the world following president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel israeli palestinian violence flares and the u.n. security council meets for an emergency session just skulls trumps contentious
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decision also coming up brock said divorce talks are back on track to a new commission president john paul junker and prime minister of tourism may so the next phase of negotiations can now finally begin. and to use call for a united states of europe but first he has to persuade his own social democrat party to start coalition talks with chancellor angela merkel's conservatives news has an exclusive one on one with s.p.d. leader watching schultz. i'm sarah harman welcome to the show it's good to have you with us one person who has been killed in clashes on the israeli gaza border following a day of violent protests that as the united nations middle east envoy one. and
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about the risk of a violent escalation following the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel he told a gathering of the u.n. security council at the move might trigger you know a lot of the actions which would make a peace deal harder to reach the security council meeting was requested by britain and france and half a dozen other countries. there's a palestinian ambassador to the u.n. riyadh months or to say about trump's titian. going to be really. or do but and is the this decision by the u.s. should be. should be. loosened a monitoring that emergency u.n. security council meeting is to w.'s carson vaughn naaman carson thanks for joining us. carson the closest allies the u.s. were among those who called for this special session one of they've been saying.
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it was quite remarkable even the ambassador of the united kingdom maybe the closest ally of the u.s. on the world stage was very critical saying that his government still believed that jerusalem should be the capital of both the israelis and the palestinians eventually when there is a final settlement and he also criticized the decision therefore of the united states and said britain had no plans to move its own embassy there the ambassador for the united states at the u.n. security council nikki haley meanwhile once again repeated the line of argument of the white house saying that basically the u.s. government was only accepting or acknowledging the reality on the ground that the parliament and the government of israel already in jerusalem so they were just basically accepting that and also she said that israel like any other country had
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the right to choose its own capital of course that point in particular was rejected by a number of members of the security council the swedish u.n. ambassador for instance pointed out that several resolutions of the u.n. security council have stated that the annexation of east jerusalem was illegal and that the declaration of jerusalem as israel's capital was not an void. we had a sound bite i believe from nikki haley she seems to be doubling down as you explain on this decision let's pull that up. the united states has not taken a position on boundaries or borders the specific dimensions of sovereignty over jerusalem are still to be decided by the israelis and the palestinians in negotiation israel will never be and should never be bullied into an agreement by the united nations or by any collection of countries that have proven disregard for
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israel's security as israel should not be bullied what was the reaction to that statement carsten. nikki haley went even further actually criticize the united nations saying that sometimes they had done more harm than good to the peace process and that america would not be lectured by others all that what she said i think didn't go down well with the palestinians in particular and many arabs have been suspecting for some time that the u.s. were not a neutral mediator but actually pretty much on the side of the israelis and what nikki haley said today probably. reconfirmed those suspicions it's not like america is now a pariah was something i actually saw in nikki haley talking to the palestinian delegation just before the start of the security council session but also the palestinians didn't mince their words their ambassador who was also allowed to
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speak said the american decision was egregious and it was remarkable once again to see how isolated the americans here were even countries like ukraine japan always the o.p.o. who depend on the united states for their own security interests didn't mince their words and were very critical of the u.s. you critical of the u.s. that's carson phenomena thanks for breaking down the latest from that u.n. security council meeting. well the u.s. official recognition of jerusalem as the israeli capital has sparked fury and frustration throughout the region people in syria jordan and iran took to the streets to express their opposition. to a familiar ritual burning the israeli and american flags this scene took place in a palestinian refugee camp in syria. across the border in or around a prayer leader urged palestinians to rise up and hundreds of iranians took to the streets. of both countries have a history of enmity with the u.s.
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and israel. but in egypt long seen as a u.s. and israeli ally there were mass protests as well these demonstrators are chanting jerusalem is arab. the alamo a set that i'm woman with trumps needs to know that palestine is in the hearts of all the arabs muslims and every free person in this world and in some sort of you has either. but the outrage spread beyond israel's neighboring countries from the streets of the somali capital mogadishu to the mountains of kashmir. was let alone was. enough and in pakistan trump a decision seemed to trigger a general backlash by the judge that trump is a madman the american people must take a stand and make it clear that they do not stand with trump otherwise we are left
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with no choice but to consider the american people to be anti islam. i proof that the israel palestine issue has not faded in the minds of muslims worldwide i. a look now at some other stories that are making news around the world in congo at least fourteen un peacekeepers and five congo his soldiers have been killed. in a suspected militia attack on a u.n. compound in the east of the country at least fifty others were wounded u.n. secretary general antonio has called the attack a war crime and urged congolese authorities to investigate swiftly. officials say massive wildfires tearing through southern california have destroyed hundreds of homes the blazes have now forced tens of thousands of people to flee for safety major state highways have been closed as hot desert winds are fanning the flames.
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argentina's former president cristina fernandez to care center has said treason charges against her a politically motivated as after a judge in argentina calls for lawmakers to drop her immunity to arrest she's accused of allegedly covering up iranian involvement in one thousand nine hundred ninety four bomb attack on a jewish center in buenos aires. the european union and britain averaged an agreement on brocks it which means they can now progress to the next round of talks british prime minister tourism a and european commission president jean-claude juncker said they've agreed on key issues like rights for e.u. citizens in the u.k. and guaranteeing no hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland now they'll move on to negotiations about trade relations. both sides are calling it a brick sit breakthrough capping off a week of drama british prime minister to resign may arrive early at the european commission goal saving the talks on her country's exit from the e.u.
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a short meeting with the european commission president john claude juncker followed and then the two emerged to make the big announcement. news of all. philip or. we've been able to make sufficient progress to ensure that we can now move into the second phase of the negotiation between the united kingdom and the european union of twenty seven so it. may say there's been progress on a major stumbling block how to manage the future border between the u.k.'s northern ireland and the e.u.'s republic of ireland has been a particularly tricky subject many fear a hard border separating the two with border guards could plunge the north back into turmoil by undermining the belfast agreement which ended decades of sectarian violence in the region in northern ireland we will guarantee there will be no hard border and we will uphold the belfast agreement and in doing so we will continue to preserve the constitutional and economic integrity of the united kingdom but the
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e.u.'s chief brecht that negotiator michel barnier says sorting out this the money issue will need special talks. until now northern ireland's democratic unionist party had stood in the way of an agreement their support is vital to may's minority government now despite reservations the d u p has agreed to move ahead with this part of the deal it means trade talks can now get underway that's if e.u. leaders sign off on the deal at a council summit next week. german social democrats are meeting in berlin to consider what he issues they want to take into talks as anglo-american on forming the country's next government party leader martin schulz stressed the role of germany in europe pledging to push for reforms that would have. lead to a united states of europe. delegates voted on thursday for coalition talks with merkel's conservatives will start next week after more than two months since germany's elections to w.'s thomas sparrow spoke exclusively with martin shields
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and asked him if that wasn't a bit too we'll. many countries in europe and indeed around the world are looking at germany and wondering when there will be a formal government and now the social democrats have agreed on a procedure that could take weeks if not months can't germany afford to be so long without a government there is first of all a government in office by the way. composed by the christian democrats and the social democrats that are going to america less chance to see my god where this first chancellor saw germany for the time being as a rule by a next thing government and therefore the government has a parliamentarian majority we have no need to speed up especially looking to the fact that the so-called john mica allies crèche completely with the negotiations. they took two months after the election after the vote. to disagree they
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needed two months to disagree of the about everything so. two or three weeks time to check if it makes sense to build to continue on the basis of a system of program incorporating i think that's justify them and where justified for us. one of your key proposals is that idea of a united states of europe but wouldn't it be also important to focus on a united s.p.d. given the fact that so many delegates here seem to be against that idea of another grand coalition i think. proposal tables yesterday by the bureau of the party unanimously adopted in the bureau of the party for the opening of negotiations first of all about content to improving the internal situation the best execution in germany improving the situation of the european union and got an overwhelming
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majority of the around i think ninety percent of the delegates voted in craver that open. a way for negotiations with an open learn yes for sure between early elections and grand coalition of the american is possible but it depends from how we are able to agree on quantum that's the most important point for us and how confident are you mr shows that the conservatives will actually also be interested in that idea of yours of a united states of europe i think this is a proposal of the israelis since nineteen twenty five. to discuss how to improve especially of the brakes of the remaining twenty seven member states how they can improve the basis of the cooperation that's the lisburn treaty which is a visibly not sufficient for solving a lot of problems we have internally and in international relations and that's what i mean with the united states of europe that will not be
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a kind of united states of america or european soil we can transform a friendship in the california you know german and six alien it's impossible national sovereignty if he is strong and we remain but to deepen the transnational corporations that's what i mean with the united states of europe thank you very much for this interview mr schultz. and that was martin charles first of thomas and watching that everything is coming to live from berlin or small on our website that's t w dot com i'm sara harmon from the whole team here thanks for spending your friday with us often with the top of the hour for more. on this germany is a strong country. we have achieved so much we can do this and if something had to resign we must overcome it in the.


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