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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  December 12, 2017 9:30pm-10:00pm CET

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the things that i was a student i wanted to build a life for myself at least to totally but suddenly life became elish and sob. providing insights global news that matters d.w. made for mines. migration and assign him c because remain hot topics in europe. but european politicians struggled to provide answers while those who fled wait for what might come and worry about family members back home i feel very shame because i was given the save europe and the refugee crisis insights outlooks in terms of the power. this week on. the deep south of the u.s. tonight is where the world is watching america's tribal politics a u.s. senate race that has republicans against democrats republicans against all drop and
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accusations of sex crimes and racism and don't forget us the mainstream media now we've been put on notice for pushing an agenda that speaks to the world i'm broke off in berlin this is the day. you in all that me are part of the opposition party you have an agenda you have a global such and they try to destroy donald trump and they try to storyboard more you were alabama. mr moore i want to turn the question will you tell your users if you don't believe in my care. don't vote i'm not going to worry about the fact that roy moore has been kicked out of office twice what people in your own party say they won't support you that's a big giveaway i think it's time we say no. to putting people
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down it's just time we say no more. welcome to the program everyone we begin the day you suddenly part of the political potion or poison in american politics as voters in the state of alabama choose a new u.s. senator the man who used to whisper in president trump's year the architect of tearing down the system steve bannon is stumping for the republican candidate and he's pointing the finger at us in an interview with g w news is alexander phenomenon steve bannon has accused g.w. along with the rest of the mainstream media pretending to report the truth while pushing what he calls a globalist agenda take a listen. the media is they're just another advocacy group in fact fake news is the least bit didn't call them i combed the opposition party i mean that's absolutely
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not true but information today is part of political warfare just because it will kind of answer is that i'm not a politician that means you're not the political process you and all the mainstream media are part of the opposition party you have an agenda you have a global suggest you try to ram down stories and try to ram down there is a dance down down down down you know you tried it about it no no no no i say from day one right partly we are strongly partisan ok we're strongly partisan but we say upfront we're part of the news organization ok it doesn't mean we're not fair we think we treat people very fair but there's a definite angle of attack that we don't make any pretense like you in the rest of the mainstream media you make this pretense of this false objectivity it's total nonsense every understands is told nonsense you're getting out every day and there was steve bannon there and you know i have to defend my colleague alexander for nominee who's talking to him but we are not politicians as alexander said and we are part of the political process it's our job to get the information out to the
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public and that's what we do every day we're going to do that right now with another member of the opposition party and steve benen says senior political reporter erin blake at the washington post and even erin so for our viewers watching around the world i mean you know maybe you can help me help them understand what steve bannan is actually accusing the pushing and peddling a globalist agenda what is there. well it's basically an argument that the trump administration has been in thing at or of very long time that essentially all the forces within the american government leading the intelligence community which have said things that trump doesn't like that you get year in which has made rulings that trump doesn't like the mainstream media which has been on president trump and his misstatements eight basically cast this as kind of a. concerted campaign to undermine him as president to cut into his
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legitimacy as president and this is by the way a good way to explain the many controversies trunk found himself in that any misstatements that he's made as president and also explained by the way the russian best a geisha and then why that's turning out to be a pretty problematic set of circumstances for the president so this is kind of a a large catch all that allows the administration and its allies to explain a lot of different things that may be more difficult to explain these attacks in the media when they're taken straight from the trump playbook what about the these accusations of sexual misconduct the the republican candidate roy moore he's accused of inappropriate behavior with teenage girls he denies those allegations and yet trump the u.s. president has indorsed him and if you believe the polls it could be a winning strategy how does that happen. well a couple things one is that the president has made this endorsement in spite much
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of his national party not making the same decision senate republicans were almost united in opposition to roy moore hoping that they could get a different candidate into this race late on but the president had other ideas clearly he signaled or more rather early on. be the fact that it might wind up turning out to be a winning campaign i think owes one a lot of the state which is this is happening alabama's a very conservative state very polarized along racial lines with white voters tending to vote overwhelmingly for a look and black voters voting overwhelmingly for democrats it's just really difficult for a democrat get thirty five percent of the boat or forty percent of the vote to the majority that they would need in order to win the and so this was always going to be a difficult situation no matter what kind of allegations came out against remark and
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by the way the republicans in alabama they haven't bought into these allegations also that the best majority of them either have their doubts or don't believe any of these accusers who have said that roy moore did these things thirty five forty years ago it's true i think the less numbers i saw was fifty three percent of white female voters in alabama do not believe the accusations and plan to vote for mr moore let's take a listen to what moore said about the women who are accusing him of sexual misconduct when they were teenagers take a listen they said these women. had not come forward for nearly forty years. but they waited two thirty days before this general election to come forward. if you don't believe in my character. don't of. ok i mean when he says they of course he's referring to you guys the
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washington post with your reporting on that fourteen year old and he also mentions the word character what does character mean in american politics today. well it certainly means less and less than it did before voters are much more polarized it being a party party almost without fail especially when it comes to federal elections for president or united states congress they're a little bit less polarized when it comes to state offices governors things like that but when it comes to selecting one vote out of one hundred senators people tend to do the math that a republican vote is going to vote or republican legislation and the think that that person may have done their personal life just aren't as big a. the consideration this are those votes go and if you look by the way at presidential elections united states
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a lot less time is spent by these candidates on trying to appeal to voters in the middle who made vote for either demo them oppressed or republicans and that because they're simply less of them to be had much more fruitful for candidates to focus on turning out their party base is make sure a lot of voters that are predisposed towards them are going to come out and vote and so this is kind of a culmination of a long progression in american politics towards polarization and certainly this is one of the most extreme cases you're ever seen yeah i mean we've been hearing time and time again ever since the campaign last year for the white house that donald trump is an anomaly in u.s. politics but it's hard to believe that when you look at what is happening in alabama it almost seems that this is just the next chapter in the tribal political world that is america now. yeah you make
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a great point i think that there is some thought that the president came out of nowhere you know redefined american politics in a lot of ways the writing was on the wall or the rise of somebody like trump that the the bill ords him being elected president at least in retrospect was pretty clear having started with polarization in american politics the tea party movement of the early part of this decade in which people basically in the republican party even turned on their own republican party establishment there was a real market for somebody who was going to come in and was going to you know fight against the institutions of american government in a way that president trump did and we may not have seen it coming in real time but if you look at exactly the things that are happening in american politics in recent years the president's election is maybe not as big of
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a surprise should have been and in alabama right more's attention really weathering this storm of allegations is something that was certainly within the realm of possibility in this new age that we find ourselves and we've got a little over half a minute here let me ask you if roy moore if he wins this race we've heard a lot of pundits say that it's still going to be a lose lose for the republicans is that how you guys there in washington see it. they republicans would not lose a vote in a closely divided senate they currently have a fifty two forty eight majority and they would have a fifty one forty nine majority if they lose the seat so i think that would be considered a victory but certainly right more is a uniquely extreme politician even aside from these allegations and he's going to cause all kinds of heartache for republicans in ways that he has throughout his political career by taking rather extreme positions. all right senior political
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reporter erin blake at the washington post tonight sitting in the opposition chair with us this evening aaron thanks very much for present your insights you. know donald trump promises to make america great again french president manuel micron is taking that pledge to a global level in paris president says he wants to make our planet great again any plans to do it with american expertise at the start of the one planet summit dedicated to finding answers on how to finance climate change research named thirteen u.s. researchers who will move to france and pursue ways to further climate change technology all expenses paid mr trump by the french state. it's a goal that and manuel mccrone is taking very personally the paris the cold was the pride of fronts two years ago but the french president is taking pains to place
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himself at the avalanche guyand to reinvigorate the spirit of that deal after all he's well aware of the criticism that progress is far too slow. if we are not fast enough and that's what's dramatic we are not going fast enough if we carry on this slowly towards our goal an average of one point five degrees there will actually end up it too will three degrees that's no wendy our original commitment and when i say that we are losing the battle today i want you to realize that there are heads of state and governments here who agree. it's hardly the first time he's presented himself as the leader in the fight against climate change mccrone has taken it upon himself to directly intervene in the u.s. pulling out from the cold back in july treating trump to a fancy meal in the eiffel tower itself wooing him into seeing the french point of view on the environment at this week's summit it's clear microphones hopes line not just in big governments but in the finance and science sectors he spoke to
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engineers scientists and entrepreneurs developing innovations to improve energy efficiency france has pledged to spend millions of euros to support the work of eighteen scientists most of them from the us on the condition that they work in france in the future of roof to shoot you but i want you to figure out what is the most radical innovation fundamental research applied research all the projects that you are pushing the technological research that will allow us to win the battle against climate change. or for now though micron summit is using star power to raise the profile of the climate goals once more underlining their importance to the younger generation and he wants company heads involved two firms will need to raise the bulk of one hundred billion dollars annually from twenty twenty for climate protection and
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adapting the planet to climate change even with the powerful on the chrome side slow progress and an uncooperative u.s. president means achieving the climate goals will be anything but smooth sailing. can imagine that inside the oval office they did not like this news tonight i'm joined now by journalist and. paris is going to see you again so we've got trot donald trump dropping the leadership ball that president obama tried to carry is it wrong for the rest care now. well to some extent matt hall who sees an opportunity and has seized it. had a kind of open road suddenly between the fact that trump was giving up on some international programs and that chancellor merkel has got so many problems at home and that britain is all busy with rights it and so france has had this sort of international diplomacy this is that what you're seeing now is the climate change
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and there have been diplomacy but we've had friendship glimmers in the middle east would have failed to produce in europe and. metal and of course in africa which is a fracture addition i think not hold himself beliefs that there's an opening for france to. a sort of have a moral leadership in the political leadership but you just you were just saying that the white house would not like this i'm actually not suit sure about this because. as you mentioned has received president trump very well and best till date and he has impressed president truck which is not something everybody can do mrs mason each failed to impress him and he has this very cold view about this he thinks the president of the united states is a powerful person there are ways in which france and america can work together and there are ways in which we are going to be a bit cynical and certainly very practical and know that we can we know for
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instance some at all who start ivanka trump has expressed several times. design for friends to get back into for america so to get back into the parents of course. this is something that michael probably will use so what you're saying here is that president he still believes that president trump will see the white about climate change. i think he is aware of that from the current point of view of the paris agreement gives too much to western countries especially america and not enough to the will lotus to do to china. the point of view of the american diplomacy is that china is now. a developing country it is a developed country with a great deal of economic might and given them twenty extra years where they can more or less pollution as they want is he sees this is askew to cool it is going to
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be interesting to see how france which has demonstrated that she is committed to to climate change to fighting climate change tom possibly usher in a different. approach as always fascinating insights there on the subjects will take on the story for us tonight in paris thank you very much. it is a blistering report on migrants trying to reach europe from libya and the misery that they encounter any do work amnesty international is accusing the european union of being complicit in the abuse carried out against migrants by libya's coast guard and police amnesty says the e.u. has turned a blind eye to dangerous detention facilities and alleged brutality by the libyan coast guard of refugees held in libya are fleeing civil wars persecution and famine in africa the e.u. has been working with libya to curb migration across the mediterranean more than
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one hundred thousand of them have arrived on the shores of the e.u. so far this year. well joining me now here at the big table is ruben noise about where he is with c. watch and the german nonprofit organization which is conducting search and rescue missions in the mediterranean sea and you also helped amnesty for peer this report so i take it you agree with the report you know we are told me agreeing with this report what we see at the moment is that the european union is paying off libyan militia they called the libyan coast guard to do the dirty work for them because what we see there at the moment is mainly european interior policy so when you say paying off what do you mean so the e.u. is giving money to the libyan coast guard its money and its training that they are giving to the libyan coast guard that is using this money into boats for example like the equipment they get from europe to push back people basically to intercept
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migrant boats in international waters which is the key way elation of international law and this is you and i talked about this before what is the libyan coast guard what are they supposed to do they're supposed to rescue people just restore us to rescue people in distress but what they do is to bring them back to libya which is a violation of the reform in principle because if you are escaping war which we have in libya if you are escaping torture which we have in libya you have to right to do so and we know when you for example if you rescue someone in libyan waters how do you know they are trying to escape libya how do you not how do you not know that they're trying to escape another african country i'm talking actually at the moment about international waters there for example we had to get you know how do you know they're fleeing libya i mean they could be from other african countries it's not that easy to come with a rubber boat from another african country to need to have them in my point is if they're coming from libya it doesn't mean they're fleeing libya it means that they
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may be fleeing a crisis in another country maybe to flee in a crisis in another country before but when they're. coming from libya they have faced torture they have faced. kind of slave slave for conditions over there which was just revealed. and so so it's very obvious that those people that are in that boat so there is cape being discounted and they tell that to us we have those people on our rescue missions what would happen if the libyan coast guard were not there if the libyan coast guard would not be there someone else would need to be there to rescue people but if there are going to be like libyan coast guard is not doing rescued there's several cases where the libyans actually caused the tragedies that we have in the mediterranean sea for example we had a case that is also mentioned in the report that came up by misty which is the sixth of november when we had a rescue mission there was an italian helicopter that was a french warship and it was to see what sri all equipped. capacities for search and
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rescue and what the libyans did they just drop in with a fast speed boat kind of crashing onto the boat of the migrants crossing a panic situation causing people to jump on to into the water in once they rescued it and if you rescue someone and if you want to rescue someone you are supposed to treat him like a person in distress what we have seen on that but i want i would just see in the picture let me just before i time to how we can but you're saying europe is culpable europe is complicit in this so are you saying you were. complicit because they give money to the coast guard for it to have working ships. it's complicit in a way because if you use it it isn't indict and if you're a big indictment to say you're a month before someone's abuse yet it's true because that's actually what do your opinion one stand to do so they are there to send people back that that's quite obvious because otherwise you could give them wessels that
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a suitable for search and rescue those vessels they get them they are not even vessels you would normally use for search and rescue to a military patrol bethel's and they are there to shut the border down and that's what they paid and so do you think when the e.u. approves for funds to be give it to countries like libya do you think that that the intent by all the members of the e.u. is for that money to be used for migrants to be pushed back in abuse do you really believe that i believe that the european union is trying to shut down this central mediterranean route by any means necessary and i mean it's a simple decision it's a decision you have to make whether you want migration control or whether you want human rights and europe has taken a clear decision and this is to support to libyan cause got to push those people that aren't really knowing about it with sea watch for you coming in will be talking again soon i'm sure thank you very much. well now a follow up and an unexpected development in
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a story that we reported here yesterday the video of a young boy in tennessee keeton jones who simply asked his mother how his schoolmates could be so cruel and bully him you remember right there went viral the emotional video of course prompting an outpouring of support from celebrities all over the u.s. and around the world and now the mother of the boy kimberly jones is facing some tough questions after photos of her posing next to confederate flags surfaced on facebook. the mother has since denied accusations of racism to a c.b.s. news reporter calling the photos a joke. or the photos have sparked anger on social media aimed at the mother and we consider important that the young boy not be caught in anger or hate that he certainly does not deserve here when people are defending the boy california based
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twitter user mike hill writes keaton's family have ignorant believes but it's not a reason to turn a blind eye to what's happening to a child bullying is wrong perhaps the loving compassion shown to keeton by people of color would change the views of his family fight hate with love be the example another man and no child or person should be punished for their parents. the u.s. state of alabama is voting in senate elections republican candidate roy moore is up against democrat doug jones in a race that is too close to call if the democrats win it would reduce u.s. president donald trump's slim majority in the u.s. senate stay with the news we will let you know it soon as the results come in a u.s. senate race that has all the hallmarks of trump tribal politics we'll have the results for you right here in d.w.
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news. well the day is nearly over but the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either or you can write directly to me. but we could use the hash tag of the day and remember no matter what happens between now and day tomorrow is another day we're seeing it in africa.
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