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tv   Doc Film - Alls Well - A New Life in Germany Part 1  Deutsche Welle  December 16, 2017 4:15am-5:01am CET

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may for mine. look.
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this. is how my came to germany with my mother and my brother and drama things are good in macedonia it's not goats don't you know what happened in macedonia all the kids hit me. under a lot of kids would go lightly this. the
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whole also pot is a big park here there's everything a school a football pitch macedonia has nothing. and then you are steps john is always causing trouble every day and when johnny goes outside for instance and i'm not with him he picks fights with other kids i tell him stop don't fight can fly.
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to move unless. you're willing. to go through. my making use of all my my children are right. if they go to school with german kids they learn german so that i can make money the teacher will talk to them it's not like that in macedonia they discriminate they treat gypsy kids roma kids and macedonian kids differently the teachers work with the message dani and kids but not the roma ones. i'd hate for advantage of it and i think he's at a muscle the three hundred sixty. than a heart johnny has had
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a tough time i want him to settle down he shouldn't be fighting with other kids if you can go to school with other kids maybe he'll feel better that. that's it. i did it very.
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well my lords papa are you doing us at. the loss of what's your heart's desire. when you get here you can pick out something for yourself. but. you know the past nine months have felt like an eternity. i'm constantly worried about my wife and children. who don't look at me every day i fear i'll lose them you know i want them to arrive here safely that's all i wish for. usually when they're here i'll do everything for them so that's i mean and then you know.
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i did i just is ma did didn't you want to come to the school so for your child come on. hello hello everything ok. you can have a look at the school and you want to write yeah yeah. that's not so what do you like math or reading reading reading ok a new sports star sports ok.
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my mom was a four if you look usually i know in advance how many of them will be coming in with how much i have for them and more or less what their needs are in this case i didn't know how many children there would be or where we should put them. john oh ok john oh you'll be joining class to be. there. i'm not what was going on and mahmoud it's now you're clear whether you're go to this school or to a special school for kids who still need to learn more germans. like to do that then i want to be with kids or no german i want to speak german with them. or you can you read in my german you know ok ok that's exactly the issue so i think a welcome price would be good for you for now. you know ok so we'll see you'll be starting soon maybe if you know you know your brother. i'm going to tell you we
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still have to figure out which school is best for you guys yeah i know. but this we need the right school. is sad now her. i want that with tiger. no this one. let's go. oh. what do they turn around see very nice i'm not going to your school. what if you're not on the watch about ten. people i don't know unfortunately there are regulations
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which measure it's not that i don't want you to come here but you know a lot of catching up to do with reading and writing in the fourth grade the kids can read and write really well but i can read and write german and offer you just. but you just thought there's another school where you can learn all of that good by . now but you're welcome to come and visit us i wouldn't outsource months on from the. more. i go to school here. do we are yes you'll come here. come. dance run off without me.
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to comfort it's good reason to stay to see just me you must see to conceive it is usually you will be often if you don't what was not there must look at how the syrian people are suffering i wish i was sort of the monitor. that i was with everything is destroyed the poor kids. nor everyone asks what do you subject yourself to this and then i see him and more that so many people die when fleeing across the ocean at the inlet or about to die in syria anyway. there's no big difference michael had his dad on the fears people have a chance of. you know she's not going to disengage to get my son off and see this
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one also be in my. life i don't. know. or how can you but i see my family every day in my dreams you'll have to speak with him in my thoughts before you know i can barely reach them on the phone though that show my heart and i have taken them with me through the sahara across the ocean. it would have been their death. my kids were too young for like us so. but actually we had no other choice one had some of us it was just. it was just. like.
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come on then. it's good to see. so good how you doing out of your good thanks but not only good as i have a problem with my wife my family they're in beirut they've been waiting for five months that it's a problem that's very long. on my face and it's dangerous for my family in syria it's just my family has no harm us. out there living on the street yeah please help me with him me and him the school will have to see if we can get the refugee advisory office and all toner involved for good as the one handling the case and most if you want i'll call there and make an appointment and maybe maybe next week or in ten days all the other.
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advantages of being naturally like most fathers that he wants to hurry things along he'd like to settle here he wants everything to make a life like the one he had before in his homeland he had a good job there he had a house and he's lost all of that and now he's trying to rebuild that safe and sound world for his family here. and of course that's not going to happen the way he imagines all of that means we're going to have to put the brakes on a lot of his hopes and wishes and say you just have to be more patient. to do it.
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i went to the camille. monadic it's not that easy to make the bed for my wife and me. this is something the nowhere man would do. we let of a bit. mike
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and my children are coming tomorrow. so have i seen them for a year. my wife and children. you have seen is living. in. but you don't. know the school. the god.
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is in your class and they are i'm a teacher here at the school that i am to teach a class to be. janice is joining the class and there are twenty three kids in the class at the moment john it will make it twenty for. me there are a few more boys than girls with gender we have fifteen boys and nine girls. thank you now as to be we can go in now.
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for national good morning class. and let's say an extra good morning to janet. so i let everyone look at the board frontier his can tell me what's written there. r k ok we've already got part of the on certain class two being me. john i was johnny you raised your hand as well would you like to say i just i mean did you have an idea. john not really owner is still thinking about it all right once again and jonah you join in are.
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you. do you know what comes next. it. by. john asked john a repeat after me everyone was. more. in my. slack than half open your books and find the page then we can start so i mark john i get a special exercise for me. i was color in a ease i use a k. b m here you have to add an a and then happy the whole thing over and here.
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i think i'm done for. now raise your hand what does raise mean you put your hand up when she comes over. vanished good fairy good it's vice versa if you weren't good reasons i don't know how much he's been towards a lot of things are unfamiliar to him like raising your hand or settling down when the sun is made to be quiet so we can then ask the things you start learning in first grade it's a challenge for me to integrate him and continue to maintain the good dynamic we have in the clones. i. who knew. who she might be in. thanks. yeah right one second janet yes now you have the chance when i say go get your
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breakfast. or stick. leno will choose a helper and together they'll pass out the cake and for. the hour. the show was. there how. do you all just find it and go oh. we're just now and that to. everything in the school. what are you. oh my gosh everything
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so my. jenna how are you. i know. i don't. like jana did it. maybe he doesn't know you shouldn't have your plate like that in other countries as
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he's supposed to know you're not allowed to do that there are refugees in other classes and some aren't so nice and but he's nice i think he's really nice and even if you weren't nice you should treat him kindly and then he'd be nice but that . long.
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divided yes janet was so happy when i heard he would be allowed to go.
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there they met and he even got his own backpack. doesn't know when he came home he was so happy. i. know. that because. i don't want to be a bad mother i want my children to have rights. here in germany all children are equal. and. if that's not how it is a nurse a donia all munda i'd like to stay here in germany we were doing badly in macedonia just there was no school for my children and no work for me jealous me your
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children went hungry. john check your mail. swampy area my my my family. my family my family might be hungry when they arrive. it's.
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now six or six fifteen years. the plane lands at nine fifty. but three hours now and they're in the air and. it's my for. ya. do you see if this is your cesspit on the you know he was sleepy or some of them and bought him a little teddy bear yeah. i don't know this is girlfriends better than me my only daughter my treasure sort of as you know . this if you don't want to use loves cars i bought him a couple of this with c.n.n. you can. have one and i feel there are two and i bought
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a mistery bear to be his friend and on their feet on the market of show saw you know the war took all his friends away heat michael no one if he had one hundred lot of votes. here he learned how to swim. i got a me so he doesn't drive. oh
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my little brother. will ballet for me in the.
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you know you're. right you know what i'm. saying yes. i mean your money you have a lot. of the you know you well it's well you know. you did for me you know something about why you should have been. saving this yeah. and i thought it was up to my children live here now to know that i was you know their future is here. but we won't be returning to syria but on . cinematheque i want them to assimilate quickly the muslims to my home.
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oh wow wow. wow. wow. wow. wow. wow. wow wow. wow ok a round of applause. so before we have breakfast we're all going to do worksheets not oh. oh oh oh oh oh my dear man. oh
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wow wow. you. oh. oh. absolutely. you know you you. you. you smart i'm. sorry.
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i'm break time break time. which is john and i'm giving him another place to work because you disturbing the other children some with things. to thank him are just as if your answer that's why for. you i think he acts the way he does and certain situations because he feels frustrated and overwhelmed aside from the fact that he probably needs time to get used to everything i also think he needs clear instructions. it's a balancing act or doesn't mean i talk to the children and many said they know the behavior from their younger siblings and when they want to have attention yet they then suggested that we try to remain focused and not get distracted and then maybe janet will see that he's not going to get any attention and he should just go along with what we're doing right or she. finished. i'm going to have aged
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out during lessons he needs a lot of help from whoever is sitting next to him quite yet. i don't know if it would be better to give him more help or later on get used to the rules one by one over time. and survive from what i understand he was given the basics with the admission and doubt that he's not really acquainted with how things are done in school because that's the commute on time and now it turns out that he's having trouble fitting in how do you enjoys being the class clown and occupying a special position. on the. show you. know fighting john asked. for jakob was teasing janet janet didn't do anything at. all i get to give
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a tear you want to get it. myself esteem some understand it and others not so well they say why is this refugee kids getting special treatment so you have to ask those children how they would feel if they went to a new class it's as no one knows whether he'll need half a year or just a month and more. we have now has clothing for us and can we just had a case where a child from macedonia was deported her first of all i'm a bit afraid that that could happen again. but the school authorities instructions are claire every school aged child has to attend school from the first day to the last one and i basically support that idea. i'm going to follow if you say this child is going to be deported anyway so it's not worth sending him to school. then we'd have lots and lots of kids running around doing god knows what. and we have if
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you see right from the start here he's going to be gone soon anyway and then you never properly integrate him into the school so much so we have to act as though these kids are just like any other and will be attending school here for four years and. you know. that if you were to leave again in three weeks there's not much you can achieve. the child is left with is distress and spiced ration and empty hope. so i hope for his sake that he can stay here for a while and. laying out a long. time
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in syria i was always top of my class and a a b. and a. class participation agent behavior a. bid so here's one example of how much i see not as long as we live here in the camp we won't be at home because some of the listeners it's only when you go home to your own apartment after work that you've truly arrived. as long as we're living in temporary housing we refugees are still on the money seekers they were going to park my children with them or live normally again. at examination.
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the stuff that's. true and i have to go back to syria was actually a oh my it's
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a no it wasn't even though it's nice there fish straight first of all how do you like our life here in the county on the water like germany the daughter of mormon martin marcus welby she doesn't have to listen to. the fact i don't have to be a fright there's a thousand we have a difficult time i had a mess i made my mother i mean i think we can manage together. well make it looks. to me.
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forever and mr shore star he wasn't always so aggressive because now there are complaints about him almost every day but first it had pushed me out in. the street i think that's a shame and it went by and that is happy and i often helped him out but now he's so angry with me he's done. of. the it really hurts me a lot. i have for you everyone's afraid of him everyone i work for but i know why he's so aggressive i know because in the past he got hit a lot right outside of the kinds of question out of water. everything keeps getting more aggressive not even the teacher knows what to do she has to be tough this year then. as if in
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trying to get laptop this i think it's nice that it worked out that we can meet like this if you come up with a way to try and help him i mean. you know helped we had another situation that led to a lot of complaints which makes it clear a lot more needs to be done. nor do i think that's very important if. if these conflicts andre's old then they keep building up and yes it does as a teaches we can't run around trying to fix things during recess my can are yeah the other kids say he has to learn to be nice so that hits the nail on the head. i don't think he really knows how to play nice what to do to get along with other people. as a school you always have the option of saying he can't be taught we have to keep that in mind when thinking of ways to help him with this issue in a minute would be nice if we could resolve things that easily yes most there's now
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another temporary learning group in our turnaround but it takes at least nine months to get him i thought. and in this particular situation. i'm guessing he's not the only refugee child to behave like this because he's been traumatized. so i says there's no way of making special arrangements for all of them. i'm pretty pessimistic. consequences i have this thing on the one hand we have john but on the others someone like my son. he's pretty tolerant that's why i raised him that i can see how angry he is. he told our veterinarian that there's a refugee child in his closet who always had his head. and the vet said i'm quoting him to get them to buy him a ticket to fly back home. as an example when he told me that i just thought oh
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great. actor he picks up on stuff like this. and i can't help but think what are our children going through. what opinions are they forming. this is part of their political education what impact is that having on them. practice. and then to shop around for some final. african-american women are stocking up on guns out of fear of growing racism.
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firearms give them some confidence as they have lost face that the government protect our. three. thirty minute w. . what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you our german soccer they didn't. back to the top. in our web special w dot com football made in germany. looking for action and artistry. edge of the seat drama. eleven joy and jubilation eleven we've got it all the pundits legal highlights. to go. double.
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migration and asylum seekers remain hot topics in europe. but european politicians struggled to provide answers while those who fled wait for what might come and worry about family members back home i feel very shame because i am too german to save europe and the refugee crisis incites outlook's phantoms of the past. this week. after some late night host trading republicans in the u.s. congress has finally unveiled the huge tax reform as a president yesterday if tax reform passes taxpayers will see more money in their paychecks beginning in february with support from republican.


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