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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 20, 2017 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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population and cannot prove except the book. that. this is d w news live from berlin tonight a major win for u.s. president donald trump both houses of congress have given their final approval to a sweeping tax reform bill that will bring the biggest tax cuts in decades republicans are hailing it as a victory for the american people democrats say only the wealthy will benefit we'll
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get analysis from washington also coming up the european commission follows through on its threat to punish poland over judicial reforms that it says are undemocratic poland's president is defiant signing two bills into a wall giving the government more control over the country's courts and europe deals a big blow to the right hailing company the top court in europe says that hoover is a taxi service not just that difference is huge we'll tell you why. i'm off it's good to have you with those in the united states the most sweeping tax reform in a generation is now the wall of the land the house of representatives has given its final approval to a sweeping overhaul of the u.s. tax code. it had already been approved by both chambers of congress bud's an
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embarrassing procedural error force the senate to send it back to the house for a revote the bill which includes permanent tax breaks for corporations and temporary tax cuts for individuals is the biggest shake up to the tax system in the country in more than thirty years and it's the first major legislative victory for the trump white house and for a president who likes to win this is a big deal as was clear when he appeared before the press as he was preparing to sign it into law. we are going to bring at least four trillion dollars back into this country money that was frozen overseas and in parts in worlds and some of them don't even like us and they had the money well they're not going to have the money long and so it's really. i guess it's very simple when you think you haven't heard this expression but we are making america great
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again you haven't heard. oh yes we've heard that many times including my colleague kirsten phenomena who's on the story for us tonight in washington good evening to you carson so trump first legislative victory a big moment for him how's he going to celebrate was he sort of great to together with the republican members of congress definitely the president was very upbeat even happy today he praised his. colleagues from congress is spotty colleagues from congress for their work and he said once again that this was a christmas present to the american people and that this would mean more money for businesses for hardworking middle class families and that it would ultimately lead to a growing economy and more jobs. yeah the u.s. president certainly very optimistic especially when it comes to companies bringing
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back to the u.s. the money that they have invested in other places let's take a listen to what he said about that at the white house and the image of a kitty but many companies have come forward and say they're so happy and they're going to be doing similar announcements we're going to see something that's going to be very special where bringing the entrepreneur back into this country we're getting rid of all the knots and all the time and we're going to see you're going to see you know to see what happens and ultimately what does it mean it means jobs jobs jobs for right more jobs did the u.s. president has he given us an idea of how these new jobs are going to be created not really basically if the republicans are relying on corporate america to actually deliver on this that they actually use the money that they will save on taxes not for handing out bonuses to the managers and not for the shareholders but
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actually to invest the money to create new jobs and we don't know if that is really going to happen the democrats of course are up in arms against this bill and they say this is handouts to cooperations and very wealthy americans it will not create as many jobs as the president says and they also point to the fact that this creates a big hole in the federal budget and the republicans is also concerning the democrats the republicans have already indicated that they will next year tackle social security welfare and title and programs to actually pluck some of these holes in the federal budget yes so much for fiscal conservatism with the republican party it sounds like you are we know that the democrats have been very critical of this new legislation what about the american people chorused. well according to the polls that i have seen most americans a majority of americans is opposed to this law this might be partly
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because people generally distrust new laws they don't like change but also the coverage about this reform plan has been pretty negative in most of the media and so the majority of people. very distrust for having said that if you look at people who are affiliated to one of the two big parties then you see a very different picture ninety five percent of democratic voters oppose this law but almost seventy percent of republicans think it benefits the middle class so once again we can see how divided this country is carson phenomenon the story for us tonight in washington carson thank you very much. here in europe the european union has launched an unprecedented process that could strip poland of its voting rights in the e.u. the move follows months of tension between warsaw and brussels over judicial reforms in poland but the polish president andre duda appeared defiant today he
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said that he is signing two laws to put the country's courts under political control he said the walls make the judiciary more accountable to regular citizens brussels says those reforms are a threat to the rule of law. a landmark decision was on the table as the european commission gathered in brussels at stake one of the values enshrined at the core of the european identity the rule of law which the commission says is under threat in poland. at the center of the rallies and series of reforms effectively giving parliament the power to appoint judges. within a period of two years a significant numbers of laws have been adopted thirteen in total which puts at serious risk the independence of the judiciary and the separation of powers in poland. the commission has taken the unprecedented step of invoking article seven
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of the e.u. treaty theoretically that could lead to sanctions like the suspension of poland's voting rights but it's unlikely to come to that hungary as already promised a veto such steps. nevertheless it's a highly symbolic move one which will probably only increase tensions between brussels and. the polish government says it's being singled out for unfair treatment. in fact the point is to punish poland for having an independent policy and for the fact that being the meek obedient country it was when the previous government was in power. the ruling justice party has made judicial reform one of its key priorities it says the current system has too many vestiges of the communist era inefficiency and corruption but
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critics say the legislation is a bed by the leader of the rightwing justice party. to enhance his power. over recent months tens of thousands of poles have taken to the streets to voice their concerns up the legislation government remained for. now the e.u. has given three months to consider changes to its plans it seems unlikely that it will stand down. well here is i'm of the other stories that are making headlines around the world of britain's deputy prime minister damian green has resigned he's been under fire after a cabinet office investigation found he had lied to the public and m.p.'s over viewing pornography at work this is a fresh blow to prime minister to resign may's embattled government to germany's two main political forces until americans conservatives and the social democrats
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have agreed to hold exploratory talks about governing together those talks are scheduled to begin on january seventh and the parties will announce five days later whether or not they'll start formal coalition because she ations germany has been waiting for a new government for three months ever since the inconclusive elections in september after three days of fractious debate uganda's parliament has passed a controversial bill to remove the presidential age limit the new legislation will allow president yoweri museveni to stand for reelection in two thousand and twenty one on wednesday police arrested several opposition lawmakers as they tried to enter the chambers. and me and mara fish will have barred a senior united nations monitor from entering the country and she had been planning to assess alleged human rights violations against the muslim minority meanwhile pressure is mounting on me and martha words to release two reuters journalists are arrested more than a week ago they have been investigating the military crackdown on the written job.
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committed to reporting the truth now they're held captive thirty one year old y. lone and twenty seven year old just so who are described by friends and family as bookish and warm while alone joined reuters news agency over a year ago born to a family of rice farmers he'd always dreamed of becoming a journalist he's also written a children's book co-founded a charity to promote tolerance among me a mars ethnic groups and worked with orphans. on the. well known is a good husband to me he's a hard worker and devoted to learning he's not a politician he's a real journalist. i believe he wouldn't do anything wrong. that's why i want him to be freed as soon as possible.
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chose so who wrote poetry before turning to news writing after violence broke out in his native rakhine state but the two reporters coverage of the military crackdown there which has forced more than six hundred fifty thousand rohingya muslims to flee has cost them their freedom the two reporters have been missing since last week after they were invited to dine with police officers in yon gone mian mars ministry of information released this photo of the two reporters the ministry says they had illegally obtained documents they plan to share with international media foreign governments human rights groups the un and the e.u. have all condemned the arrests we expect them. to ensure the food with the action of their rights and to release the journalists as quickly as possible freedom of the press and media is the foundation and the corners. the cornerstone of.
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the me and mar press council a joint industry and government organization has now offered to mediate. me and martha already say police have nearly completed their probe of the two journalists before a court case against them begins. there have been several protests across europe against now around five thousand taxi drivers took to the streets against it were in bucharest they blocked traffic in front of the government buildings there you see it right there they call uber and illegal transport company and are protesting against unfair competition but today europe's top court room that is not just a digital out connecting drivers with passengers instead it says it is a transportation company and it needs to follow the rules. a few clicks with an app is enough to find a quick ride at a reasonable price that's the hallmark of ride handling giant goober the company's drivers own their cars and riders can choose their service provider but goober will
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have to give up his business model in europe if authorities get their way europe's top court has ruled that guber should be regulated as a transportation company that means the ride handling service will be treated like a traditional taxi company. professional taxi drivers across europe say the ruling was long overdue hooper has been a thorn in their side because it has not had to comply with taxi regulations that has led to repeated protests throughout europe the ruling could put an end to what the taxi drivers believe is unfair competition. that cannot be the case that the industry that professional in the city has to abide by the rules and days in the other part which is often exactly the same so it is the different light there are no rules at all but representatives of the computer and communications
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sectors say the ruling is a step in the wrong direction they fear it could weigh heavily on cross border innovation. right after this judgment what might happen is that we would have more uncertainty. that innovates us might face more legal uncertainty with respect to the business model as transportation services the ruling means super and many other private firms are likely to face higher costs. and europe today with the news for all of us here thanks for the company will be back at the top of the hour with more world news. what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you how to german soccer made it back to the top. in our web special. dot com.
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